How To Be a Good Girl: Learn 10 Simple Tips

We live in a morally degraded society!

Regardless, being a good girl is still a virtue. 

Take, for example, the majority of young ladies want to be dubbed a good girl.

Well, what defines you as a good girl?

The good qualities you display!

Of course, numerous qualities will offer you this rank.

But this article will only examine ten roadmaps on how to be a good girl. 

To ensure the effectiveness, practical tips will be listed under each. 

Switch off all distractions, and let’s unveil these tips on how to be a good girl. 

10 Tips On How To Be a Good Girl

1. Be Polite 

When someone says of a girl: “She’s a good girl.” 

What comes to your mind? 

Well, I asked a few friends this question before writing this.

One quality was typical in all their answers. 

What’s that?

They all said she must “be polite!”

I couldn’t agree more. 

And that makes being polite to be the first quality a girl should cultivate to make her a good girl. 

To be polite means to be well-mannered, both in words and action.

What words and actions will make being polite a reality? 

  • Say a greeting to people you meet, especially older ones.
  • Use words like ‘Please,’ ‘Thank You,’ ‘Sorry,’ and ‘Excuse me’ often and appropriately.
  • Offer help even though little.
A girl who has learned how to be a good girl is wearing a decent dress

2. Dress Nicely

Another aspect of how to be a good girl is to dress nicely. 

You do not need the most expensive clothes to dress nicely. 

There are many online shopping sites you can visit to get beautiful clothes at the lowest price.

It is commonly agreed that the way a person dresses affects how they will be addressed. 

And to date, nothing has changed about that phrase. 

Being a good girl therefore, involves dressing in a right, decent way.

At this point, moderation is of high importance. 

How do you attain moderation? 

  • Dress attractively but not provocative.
  • Fashion trends do not last; avoid being enslaved to them.
  • Wear neat clothes, practice tips for maintaining your clothes.
  • Learn how to combine clothes appropriately, ask friends for help if need be.

3. Be Modest

Although some maintain that a measure of pride is healthy for self-confidence. 

However, constant bragging about who you are or what you have accomplished can be irritating and annoying.

And you know, that tends to ruin your quest to be a good girl. 

These are tips on how to be modest:

  • Avoid talking only about yourself when interacting publicly with others.
  • Be quick to apologize when you are wrong.
  • Treat others with respect.
  • Accept compliments, but do not let them get into your head.

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4. Be Principled

Good girls have moral codes and stand by them.

This is a reputation you should create for yourself. 

Being principled prevents others from taking you for granted. 

If you check the last tip under “be polite,” you might say: 

People will take me for granted if I am always ready to help them.” 

Frankly speaking, it can only happen consistently if you have no moral boundary that guides you.

If you do have, you will undeniably be respected and loved. 

Take a closer look at these: 

  • Learn to say ‘No’ when need be.
  • Set moral limits for yourself and others around you.
  • Express yourself when others offend you.
  • Don’t harbor resentment; speak with sincerity.

Being principled does not negate being friendly and polite. 

You can always practice the tips above while you maintain your politeness.

5. Be Friendly

Why will I feature this tip as a solution to how to be a good girl? 

Hold on! 

Are you friendly? 

Take a moment and access yourself. 

What did you find? 

If you aren’t sure where you are, here’s an excellent tip to help you attain the rank of being identified as a good girl. 

Friendly people often create unique impressions at first sight. 

And first impressions, they say, last longer.

Being friendly puts people around you at ease. 

It creates a happy atmosphere wherever you are and makes you approachable.

Now back to the tips that can make you a friendly person 

  • Wear a pleasant smile as often as possible.
  • Be free with people when they approach you.
  • Joke with others; be moderate, though, so you do not offend them unnecessarily.

6. Be Helpful

One of the ways to show politeness is to offer help when possible. 

But you’d noticed that I didn’t expatiate on being helpful. 

Well, understand that you aren’t a superwoman, so set a responsible limit for being helpful.

But what does being helpful entail? 

It’s being analyzed below.

But be assured that helping others comes with a bonus. How? 

Helpful people are often respected! 

Remember that the world doesn’t revolve around you, and you may need people’s help in the future. 

Yes, that’s one sound truth!

These are what a helpful person does: 

  • Help others when it is within his or her power to do so.
  • Give generously.
  • Ready to help even when not asked. 

7. Be Considerate

In this me-first world, being considerate is a rare quality. 

Just think about it, how many individuals are quite ready to put others first? 

Likely, the idea might even be strange to you.

An illustration will place us in a more precise form here: 

Let’s say you are standing alongside a stranger, an older woman. 

You both are waiting for a bus. 

You’ve been waiting for quite a long time, and then suddenly, one bus stops.

On checking, it has only one space. 

What would you do?

Allow the older woman to enter the bus, then wait for another turn? 

Or, will you go in and allow the woman to wait? 

Although there isn’t a rule for this, but trust me, only a few can do the former. 

Nevertheless, a girl who does the former is a rare breed, a good girl.

The application of being considerate can come in so many ways;

But let’s see a few: 

  • Be consciously thoughtful of others.
  • Think from other people’s perspectives.
  • Treat others as you would love to be treated.

8. Be Hardworking

If you feel like relaxing on some days, you have done no wrong. 

We need it. 

That’s why I wrote on sleeping tips.

And even if you feel like you wouldn’t rest, the world itself will frustrate you, and would just feel restless some days.

And if you aren’t careful, it might become habitual! 

No, that shouldn’t be you or anyone. 

I’m sure you still want to be a good girl. 

So, stay hard working. Examine these points below: 

  • If you live under someone, regularly help out with chores.
  • If you work secularly, be punctual and active.
  • Work hard to stay organized.

The article on staying organized is enough to teach you vital skills to help you stay organized. 

Do well to check when you are done with this. 

A toothbrush with paste

9. Be Neat and Clean

Who would want to settle down with a dirty girl?

Only a few guys would. 

Mature and decent guys would love a girl who is neat at first sight physically.

It isn’t just about her look; it involves her apartment, too.

If these conditions are met, it will win added respect from them.

Therefore, even if you apply all the points above, your being a good girl will not be complete if you are dirty. 

It will also repel others from getting close to you.

 Being a good girl involves having good personal hygiene.

Do these then: 

  • Arrange your stuff neatly.
  • Practice good personal hygiene.
  • Give a measure of attention to your dental health.

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10. Develop Yourself

This is the last lap on how to be a good girl. 

This point involves striving to get better as a person and at everything you do. 

Good girls don’t stay stagnant; they always try to get better.

And interestingly, there’s no stopping point. 

But there’s a stage you’ll attain that would give you 85% of development. 

Thus all you need to work on will just be a few things. 

Practice these:

  • Read a variety of educational books to increase your knowledge.
  • Stay updated with current issues; it enables you to contribute meaningfully to discussions.
  • If you are a student, strive hard for good grades.
  • Develop new skills.
  • Never stop learning!

Final Thoughts

Glad you made it to this stage. 

It did show your commitment to be a good girl. 

Like every other thing, being a good girl requires conscious efforts. 

But the efforts are worth it. Think of the benefits: 

  • You’ll be proud of yourself
  • Your parents will be proud of you, and so will your siblings and well-wishers. 
  • The inner satisfaction alone is a boost! 

Don’t wait! Start applying the tips on how to be a good girl right away! 

But hold on, which of the tips do you think will be easier to implement? 

Note them down now. Then, start the application gradually. 

Do you exhibit some of the traits before?

Keep applying them. 

Girl, watch your growth in a few months. You will be glad you did make some corrections. 

Continue applying these tips on how to be a good girl, and don’t forget to share it with others!

Welcome! I’m Trust. I’m a writer, public instructor, and mobile photographer. I’m passionate about an organized and productive life and have keen concern for folks living with ADHD and those having a slow processing speed. Join me on this journey as we live an organized and productive life!

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