About Tomvad

Hey there, sweet friend!

I’m Trust, and I’m so excited that you’ve found me and my blog!

I’m a writer, public instructor, and mobile photographer.

I’m passionate about living an organized and productive life.

Are you or a loved one living with ADHD? Do you have a slow processing speed?

Do you simply need tips to help you stay organized?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, I’m glad to tell you that: You can juggle tasks in an organized and productive way!

Does that probably sound like a soothsayer?

Well, It ain’t.

This is who I am

There are two things you can’t help but notice about my room 85% of the time:

  • Organized
  • And my Adorable Journal—I don’t joke with it!

Over the years, I’ve learned that an organized life makes life more meaningful.

I’ve seen that staying organized is central to attaining your goals, irrespective of who you are.

Staying organized comes pretty naturally to me, yet it’s not solely dependent on chance or fortune.

I also work for it.

I continued to read extensively and do research, and as a result, I became increasingly passionate about this lifestyle.

Coupled with being certified as an instructor in 2006, it became more apparent that I have much to offer.

Granted, there’s still room for improvement, but I’ve gained a lot in my journey so far.

And it brings me genuine happiness to help others, too– especially those with ADHD and slow processing speed.

Hence, I’ve created this blog to share heartwarming tips that have worked for me and some other experts I admire in this field. 

Since I love to engage readers, I will thrill you with my conversational writing style.

Thus, every article is always a conversation between ME and YOU. 

Yes, we can be friends through my basic, fluid, and easy-to-read articles. 

Most of the time, I am persuasive, but they come with indelible facts! 

With these, I can assure you of value. 

Oh yeah! The word “value” points to the inspiration behind the name–Tomvad. 

You wanna know?

What Inspired the name–Tomvad?

It was indeed a struggle to come up with a simple name coined from my desire for value. 

I devoted a full week to making this discovery. 

I drew inspiration from my last and middle name, yet it still stays void because nothing stands for value in it. 

So, how do I find a name that will constantly remind me that I need to offer value?

It was answered after beautifying and completing it with “Va.”

That was it! Tomvad was formed!

Each time I pronounce the name Tomvad, it reminds me of the need to offer value. 

Do you love the sound of that name? Thank You!

It’s for you. I want you to identify with something fancy and succinct. 

I’m fully convinced that this is an appropriate name.

You’ll always enjoy your time around here. 

Oh! Wait, I don’t write all the time.

When I’m off the desk, I love to read, explore beautiful scenery, hang out with friends, and watch comedy skits. 

And I love catching up on Soap Operas. I love to unwind when I need to.

Now you know more about me, where should you start?

Where You Need to Start

I only specialize in two specific areas of interests−Organization and Productivity for everyone, including those with ADHD and slow processing speed.

So if you want something specific on these areas of interest, click on these below:

Get Organized

Learn how to stay organized at home, work, school, and business.

Stay productive

Learn tips to help you stay on task, prepare well, and avoid distractions. 

I will Help You

My primary goal is to help you repeatedly fall in love with your life, feel happier, and be super organized.

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I do not frown at sharing.

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Thank You!

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