Cheap Online Shopping for Clothes: 10 Quality Sites

Buying new clothes can take a significant bite off your budget. But there is savior.

This strategy will help you buy new clothes and save more. 

How could that be accomplished? 

We have listed 10 best cheap online shopping for clothes below.

These ones will let you stretch your dollar.

But how is this article structured to get you tips?

Each cheap shopping site will have: 

  • Detailed Review
  • Pointers to Shopping on it 
  • The pros and cons

These are the 10 cheap online shopping for clothes you must check out

1. Amazon

Amazon has higher-end clothing.

But did you know that they have affordable clothing too?

Yeah, the site is an excellent spot for cheap online shopping for clothes. 

These are the tips to keep in mind when you are shopping for affordable clothing on amazon: 

  • Validate authentic reviews by checking only reviews with pictures; Be conscious of paid reviews.
  • Be sure of your measurements. To save yourself from frustration, measure yourself. Then check it against the size guides you find.


  • Amazon has free returns 
  • You can find affordable clothing for top brands too. 
  • Always take advantage of Amazon Prime. 


  • Reviews can be paid 
  • Sizes of clothing vary from brand to brand


If you seek a way to cut clothing expenses while shopping online, you will not go wrong with Target. 


You can purchase affordable, stylish clothes.

This online retailer does it by keeping up with the latest trend.

This enables you to get timeless attires for both casual and official use. 

They are continually clearing clothes for brands and seasons. 

So you do not have to worry about finding cheap clothing online. 

What should you not worry about when shopping at Target? 

Size: They have dozens of plus size clothes. 

Delivery: Orders are shipped directly to your doorstep

Returns or Exchange: If you find an item not desiring, you can get a refund or an exchange by visiting the nearest shop.

Free Delivery: This is mainly for orders that are either $35 or above. 

Target credit or debit card: You will have an extended return policy, two-day shipping, free shipping, and in fact, 5% off your purchase. 


  • Can utilize store card for extra perks 
  • The threshold for free shipping is shallow 
  • Free refunds and exchanges 


  • Fewer perks if you don’t own a store card. 

If you reside near any target Store, they are an excellent option for cheap online shopping for clothes.


If you need affordable and trendy clothes for your family, Rosegal is your ideal pick.

It is one of the best online websites for shopping for affordable costumes. 

What do you get from Rosegal? 

  • Women’s wear 
  • Men’s Wear 
  • Children Clothing
  • Plus-size clothing 

If your category is among these four, you are on the right track with Rosegal. 

But as a bonus, they have deals in various types.

These include: 

  • Hair
  • Bags and shoes 
  • Home
  • Accessories

Well, there are other things you would need to know about this online shopping website. 

What’s that? 

Their price ranges!

It stems from as low as $5 to $50. 

Although you can find some items to be over $50, but they are very few. 

Rosegal gives incredible treats to their new customers. 

For their first order, they receive 15% off and give them free delivery for goods over $45.  

Additional details to know about Rosegal: 

  • Shipping can last up to 25 days. 
  • Processing time is within three days.
  • If you aren’t pleased, you have 30 days to request an exchange or refund upon receiving the item. But the label must be intact, it mustn’t be unwashed, and the original package must be intact. 

There are items not available for refund. These are:

  • Sales items 
  • Swimwear
  • Lingerie 


  • Every new customer receives a 15% discount on first order 
  • Exchanges and refunds are available for 30 days 
  • Each day you check the website, you earn points for a discount
  • There are lots of discounted clothing items 


  • Clothes are unwashed 
  • Item ship from China 

Note: Rosegal is a fantastic option for buyers who want to purchase quality clothing at a discount.

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This Old Navy isn’t the common one many grew up with. 

This online retailer is doing great by keeping up with trends with lower prices. 

For folks who want to engage in cheap online shopping for clothes, this is a spot that qualifies.

As a classic store, they will always keep up with fashion trends. 

And you can get your specification, either you are: 




It is also remarkable to note that they are always running a sale. 

You might have heard people say, “my family and I like to shop at Old Navy.” 

How can you purchase clothes? 

Buy clothes from 30-60% off. (You can even find a dress for $1.)

It is fascinating that their clothes are cheap yet functional. 

You can also get a refund or return a clothing item if it doesn’t meet your needs. 

All you need to do is go to their nearest local shop and return with no hassle;

As long as you have your shipping receipt with you. 


  • Free exchanges or refund both in-store and online
  • Free shipping for any order of $50 or more 
  • A wide variety of sizes 
  • Clothe items are excellent for kids, workwear, and athletic  
  • Never run out of sales 


  • Shipping isn’t efficient 
  • Size of clothing can run relatively large


Yes, this spot has timeless, affordable, and classic pieces that could be worn for many years.  

Uniqlo sells items that could be worn for winter so you could be kept worn.

Sure, you don’t have to worry about the price. 

And if you live in an icy region, you’ve got fantastic clothing items on Uniqlo for you. 

But that isn’t the whole trip. They have extended sizes for:


Kids clothing 



It’s quite interesting to know that shipping is free, making your quest for online shopping for clothes a reality. 

Additionally, they have a robust and fantastic exchange and return policy. 

I’m proud to say that this policy is relatively better than the previous stores mentioned.

For example, their exchange and return policy are (60) days. 

And this could be done either in-store or online. 

Delivery is super-swift! 

You’d get your items just within five to seven days. 

Oh! I’d not forget to highlight that shipping is free on each order in the U.S., irrespective of how low your total cost is. 


  • You can get clothes for the whole family 
  • They have a fantastic return policy 
  • They offer free and fast shipping 
  • Clothing is appropriate for cold weather 


  • Items on Uniqlo are pricier than other stores we’ve reviewed. 

If you reside in the U.S., this is a fantastic option for you! 

However, they could be a little more expensive than others. 

But they are still cheaper and would meet the needs of those living in cold regions.

It will still offer long-lasting pieces. 


Just like the previously mentioned stores for cheap online shopping for clothes, ASOS is a website that fulfills buyers’ needs. 

What is the list of affordable items that you can easily find? 

  • T-shirts 
  • Simple dresses 
  • Jeans. 

Also, you can find:

  • Quality formal wear at a low price. 
  • Items for special events. 

These items range from:

  • Tall options 
  • Plus-size options 
  • Petite options

The ranges will make any buyer feel comfortable in buying their clothing online.

Although this retailer does roll out coupons and sales frequently, their policy is stringent.

So here is a caution:

A buyer can’t stack discount codes or coupons with clearance and sales items. 

As a result, if you own code for free shipping, you won’t be able to merge it with any other offer.

Nevertheless, they have an outlet section for you to find affordable clothes very quickly. 


  • You have a 45-day return policy 
  • Swift shipping 
  • Amazing customer service 


  • They have a stringent discount code policy. 

For essential staple clothing online, an affordable option is ASOS. 


If you read meanings into the site’s name, you might likely worry and say, why am I placing this at this spot?

Well, I did for good reasons.

Why? That’s just its spot! After all, it’s still under number 10! 

Clothingunder10 does not have all clothes under $10. 

Why the name? 

They have an excellent clearance and sale section with clothes as cheap as $3. 

Thus, they are an excellent option for cheap online shopping for clothes. 

If clothes made in the USA matter to you, you can choose the section “Clothing Made in the USA.” 

However, shipping isn’t free! 

Nevertheless, at $7.00, which is the standard rate, you can receive your order within ten days. 

It’s good news that the return policy is straightforward. 

If you aren’t delighted with the piece you get, you can get a full return. 

With a useful return portal, you can do all you want to do online, and yes, it’s also stress-free. 


  • They offer clothe made in the U.S. 
  • Clothing under $20
  • They have a return policy portal. 


  • Slow shipping 
  • There’s no free shipping 

If you desire to do a little clearance and have some patience for obtaining your order, this is a sweet spot. 

8. 6 PM

Quite frankly, 6 pm is a footwear retailer. 

But this online store also sells affordable clothing. 

As a cheap online shopping for clothes spot, you can also use their service in purchasing affordable heels, sandals, and tennis shoes.

But how do they sell at an affordable price? 

They take on inventory that hasn’t been sold at Zappos. 

Heavily discounted, you can get a deal on shoes that are still in vogue. 

So, they win, you win! 

Sadly, they don’t have a fascinating return policy. 

The shipping fee has to be paid if you’d want to return an item that didn’t please you. 

And I’m sure you know why?

They are an outlet store, to give a guarantee will be impossible because they don’t even know each item thoroughly. 

Thus, they don’t also offer an exchange. 

You can still use them due to their massive discount, just be mindful of the return policy. 


  • Swift Shipping 
  • Designer Shoes


  • No free return shipping 
  • Just refunds, no exchanges. 


Desire a fashionista paradise to get cheap online shopping for clothes? 

Then, Boohoo is the door to knock. 

It’s not just one of the best online retail outlets that keep up with current trends.

It also provides cheap:

Athletic wear 

Kids clothing 


Boohoo is also an incredible place to shop if you have issues getting clothes in your original size.

There are Plus-size options that run through 4x or 5x. 

As an overseas retailer based in the U.K., items can take a longer time to get to the United States.

Also, it shows that their sizing can be a little bit different. 

Therefore, ensure that you check for your measurement on the U.S. Version on their site. 

Their return policy isn’t pleasant:

  • Only give 14 days to return an item 
  • Only refunds, no exchange 

But interestingly, returns are free. 

They have discount codes that could be combined with sales prices. 

You save big when you shop on Boohoo, which causes you to have free shipping and 30% off. 


  • They always have sales 
  • Affordable items for a variety of activities
  • Plus size clothing


  • Just refunds, no exchanges 
  • Long shipping time 
  • Short return policy 

10. TJ MAXX 

A few folks might not know that they could buy clothes online from T.J. Maxx. 

If you are one, then it’s great you now know. 

Their prices are also low online.

And that’s why it’s an incredible option for cheap online shopping for clothes.

Well, it isn’t the cheapest online store on the list.

But it is still a fantastic place for shopping for more than clothes. 

The website has a section that offers shopping items. 

T.J. Maxx doesn’t offer free shipping. 

But they can do it when there is a deal running. 

Then, shipping could be high, running from $8.99 to $9.99. 

The actual amount is based on the total cost of your order. 

It isn’t also the quickest because it can take up to 10 days. 

The returns are super easy, and they could be exchanged at a local store. 

Additionally, never fail to go along with your receipt.


  • Smooth return policy 
  • Affordable designer options 


  • Shipping is expensive 
  • Shipping time is long

Beyond cheap online shopping for clothes, you can also get home appliances for a low price. 

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Final Thoughts

Cheap online shopping for clothes shouldn’t be a daunting task. 

The above list should help you in making your best selection. 

However, after purchasing your cheap, lovely, and adorable clothes;

Master tips that will help you maintain your clothes. 

The list of retailers above will make cheap online shopping for clothes a reality. 

Whether you are purchasing for a family or yourself;

These options give you exciting ways to spend less and enhance your wardrobe.

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