Gum Disease: 10 Awesome Tips on How to Cure

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A few people wrestle with Gum disease today. Is that why you are here, or you just want to learn how to prevent gum disease? Whatever brought you here, be sure that the tips discussed below will address both needs. 

Recently, a friend of mine told me that his gums were swollen and reddish dark. Immediately, I recalled that at one point, I read a piece on Gum Disease that explains that when gums start to swell and become reddish dark, it’s no other symptoms than gingivitis-an early stage of gum disease. 

Out of love, I advised him to see a dentist promptly. His reply makes me feel bad. He said: “I couldn’t afford their services.” Yes, he was honest with me. Then, I lent him some money because he was undergoing severe pain. What’s the point? 

Sadly, just like my dear friend, a lot of people cannot afford the services of a dentist. Folks like these might not be fortunate to get a friend to lend them some money to visit a dentist. But is that the only way out? Can you recall the title of this article? Yes, it’s going to discuss how to or tips to treat gum diseases without seeing a dentist. To ensure that you get value from this piece, I did valuable research. To prepare the ideas and the process in a simplified manner, I’ve embedded in it, tips that can help you treat gum diseases without visiting a dentist. 

Gum Disease: Tips on How to Cure without a Dentist


1. Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

You might be wondering, “what will be the first line of defense in treating gum disease?” It is maintaining good oral hygiene! This is the first line of defense against gum disease. If you do not take good care of your teeth and gum, in a short while, you will develop gum disease. However, the following tips are remedies that will help you maintain good oral hygiene.

Tips on How to Maintain Good Oral Hygiene to Treat Gum Disease:

  • Brush and floss twice a day.
  • Brush and floss after eating any meal If possible.
  • Reduce your amount of sugar intake.
  • Do not smoke or chew tobacco.
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Note: All these tips must be duly followed! However, if you have the fund, invest in an electric toothbrush. The function of the electric toothbrush is to enhance the cleaning effort. It saves you time and does it effectively. 

2. Make Use of Saltwater

This concept might not be new to you. Why? It is widely known that salt has disinfecting qualities. Furthermore, studies have also shown that water mixed with salt can aid in the healing of gums affected by gum diseases. Therefore, using saltwater for treating gum disease is a practical and cost-effective option. But how could that be accomplished? Let’s see below: 

Tips on How to Use Saltwater for Gum Disease:

  • Regularly gargle water mixed with salt
  • Gargle for about 30 sec with salt water and spit it out
  • Repeat this process about three times daily

Note: This is especially important if you are treating gum disease presently. If you aren’t treating gum disease, but you want to prevent it, doing it just twice a day is fine. You could do that in the morning before or after a meal, and do it at night after the meal. 


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1. Make Use of Mouthwash

As highlighted in the first method, salt water is an effective way to solve gum disease. But in the event where saltwater failed to do the trick, maybe due to the severity of your condition, an advance option is sought. This treatment is called mouthwash. Below are the tips to follow to use mouthwash. 

Tips on How to use Mouthwash for Gum Disease:

  • Regularly gargle mouthwash
  • Gargle for about 30 sec with mouthwash
  • Repeat this process about three times daily

Note: Do not drink mouthwash nor swallow it. It isn’t healthy to do that. To avoid the mistake of swallowing it, do not entirely tilt your head up when gargling. Slightly tilt and spit the mouthwash after gargling. Read labels to read instructions on what to do if you mistakenly swallow. 

2. Make Use of Oil from Lemongrass

The first tip under method two might make you think, “what if I still can’t afford to buy mouthwash?” Well, I understand, and that’s why this point is placed immediately next to the use of mouthwash to treat gum disease. Oil derived from lemongrass is an alternative mouthwash. They are super effective too, and natural! 

Tips on How to use Lemongrass for Gum Disease: 

  • Mix the oil gotten from lemongrass (3 drops) with water (a glass).
  • Gargle for 30 sec and spit the lemongrass oil out.
  • Repeat this process about three times daily

3. Mouthwash Obtained from Aloe Vera liquid

I grew up to know that there are many benefits one can derive from the application of Aloe Vera. And it’s interesting to note that in the treatment of Gum disease, Aloe vera plays a vital role. Studies have shown that Aloe Vera liquid is as efficient as chlorhexidine in combating gum diseases like plaque and gingivitis. So, these are the following tips to help you apply the mouthwash gotten from Aloe Vera 

Tips on How to Apply Mouthwash Gotten from Aloe Vera for Gum Disease: 

  • Gargle the liquid for about 30 sec
  • Spit the liquid out
  • Repeat this process about three times daily

Note: Some individuals are allergic to aloe vera. Are you one of them?  Then do not make use of the liquid gotten from Aloe Vera. You can choose the next treatment option that will be discussed next 

4. Guava Leaf

Unlike Aloe Vera that you might need to ask around if you don’t have, getting a guava leaf isn’t an arduous task. It’s readily available. Studies have also shown that Guava leaves aid in reducing the forming of plaque (bacterial coating on your teeth) and curing gum diseases-gingivitis. When we were little, we chew this for fun, and we enjoy the feeling in the mouth. You might have chewed it before, but let’s get a better way to apply it. 

Tips on How to Apply Guava Leaf for Gum Disease:

  • Slice about six leaves of Guava into small parts.
  •  Add sliced guava leaves into a glass of boiled water.
  • Leave it for about 15 min.
  • Gargle the mixture for about 30 sec.
  • Spit the guava leaf mixture out.
  • Observe this process about three times daily.

5. Mouthwash Oil Tea-tree

According to researchers, oil gotten from tea-tree reduces gum bleeding caused by gum disease. The use of mouthwash oil tea trees to treat gum disease might not be a common one. However, it works perfectly like the previously mentioned natural remedies. 

Tips on How to Apply Mouthwash Oil Tea-tree for Gum Disease:

  • Mix oil obtained from tea-trees with water (a glass).
  • Gargle for 30 sec.
  • Spit tea-tree oil out.
  • Observe this process about three times daily.

Note:  The following bullet points are supplementary information for the application of mouthwash oil tea tree for Gum Disease. 

  • You can mix tea tree oil (1 drop) with your toothpaste.
  • If you are new to using it, make sure it is appropriately diluted because an increased concentration will cause rashes, slight burning sensations, and allergies. 
  • Tea-tree oil also causes interactions with herbs, drugs, and so on.


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Being the third method for treating gum disease without visiting the dentists, this method is based solely on the use of oil-pulling. Are you new to this process, don’t worry, you will get needed clarifications as you read on. The method of oil-pulling involves gargling oil for 30 min; this process aids in reducing bacteria and eliminating toxins. Listed below is a  type of oil-pulling.

1. Oil-pulling Obtained from Coconut

Oil gotten from coconut contains properties that reduce plaque formation and symptoms of gum diseases (gingivitis).

Tips on How to Apply Oil-Pulling Obtained from Coconut for Gum Disease:

  • Take two teaspoons of oil obtained from coconut.
  • Gargle for about 30 min.
  • Spit the oil mixture out after gargling.
  • Gargle with water and spit the water out.
  • Clean your teeth by brushing.

Note: Coconut oil pulling shouldn’t be consumed. This is because bacteria and toxins from tissue are present in the coconut oil-pulling, and consuming it could be fatal. 

2. Oil-pulling got from Arimedadi

The oil obtained from Arimedadi stops plaque formation and reduces the symptoms of gum diseases. It also aids the strengthening of the teeth and gum. If you can get this in bulk, it will be fine. You don’t have to worry about the cost, they are cheaper in the market. 

Tips on How to Apply Oil-Pulling Obtained from Arimedadi for Gum Disease:

  • Take two teaspoons of oil obtained from Arimedadi.
  • Gargle for about 30 min and spit the oil out.
  • Gargle with water and spit the water out.
  • Clean your teeth by brushing.

Note: There are exceptions when it comes to the use of Oil-pulling Obtained from Arimedadi. Therefore, you shouldn’t use this oil if you are suffering from sinusitis.


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Hopefully, all those mentioned above will work for you. But in the event of an allergy or it didn’t work for you, then, this last one should. Applying topical gel or cream on your gum has proven effective for many, it can be for you too. 

1. The Use of Gel from Turmeric

The gel from Turmeric can efficiently cure gum disease and hinder plaque formation because of its anti-inflammatory qualities. Turmeric aids in reddening the gums and stopping bleeding. This natural remedy is something cost-effective and readily available for treating gum disease. 

Tips on How to Apply Gel Obtained from Turmeric for Gum Disease:

  • Brush.
  • Gargle thoroughly.
  • The gel should be rubbed on the gums.
  • Gargle with water after 10 min.
  • Spit gel mixture after gargling.
  • Repeat this process twice daily.

Note: Turmeric contains Curcumin, do not use it if you are allergic to it.


This article has provided a detailed guide on how to cure gum disease naturally without the intervention of a dentist. However, if you notice no improvement after two to three days of applying any two tips here, please speak with a dentist. Your dentist will present other types of cost-effective medical treatments. 

Are your gums in good condition, it’s nice that you read this post. Often try your best to apply the tips above, it will fight the tendency of developing gum disease. Additionally, the moment you notice gum disease, start the application of these treatment options. When gum diseases are treated on time, you will have a better chance of making a quick recovery, but if left unattended, there is a very high chance that your gum and tooth will be severely damaged, which can also lead to other health problems. 

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