4 Excellent Tips for Men Personal Hygiene: Part I

Men Personal Hygiene! Have you sometimes sat beside a male folk whose body oozes so bad? How about a young guy with a suffocating mouth odor? Rich experiences you’ll say? The answer is obvious. But what if that person is you?! Sad huh? I know.

But you see, naturally, a perfect little scent is excellent, because your body isn’t odorless, however, when that ideal scent or fragrance starts to irritate people and to scare them away, then, you have a problem to solve, and you can solve it.

Okay, you might say, that’s for the body and mouth. Alright, how about your general well being, your room, toilet, kitchen and the clothes that you wear? Now, take a trip back to your house. What do you see? How would you describe yourself? On a scale of 1-10, where do you fall? Come back home. This article isn’t written to judge you. I used those above to help you peer into what you are.

Well, it’s unfortunate that it takes real courage for someone to meet you and say, “Hey, your body oozes,” or probably ask you “don’t you think you have mouth odor?” Or tell you, “you are dirty.” The fact that most people wouldn’t tell you that your natural scent has turned sour mandates that you give careful considerations to your hygiene.

If for quite a long time you’ve not gotten a firm grip of your hygiene, or you want a concise and straightforward routine to keep you right on track, the following points are quite essential. Packed with tips for men personal hygiene and “how-to,” you will attain good personal hygiene.

Men Personal Hygiene: How to Maintain Good Personal Hygiene

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1. Change Underwear Daily

This is the first essential thing to note when it comes to men personal hygiene. Underwear for men includes briefs, boxer shorts, and trunks. Additionally, sleeveless shirts, also identified as undershirt or singlet, are also worn by men as underwear.

Underwear generally, is known to get dirty quickly, and when not cared for, it can start to give off an unpleasant odor. These are what you can do to avoid that.

Tips on Changing Underwear Daily:

  • Buy more than one boxer shorts: Minimum of five. If time permits, wash them every day, if you can’t, wash them every week. Ensure that you don’t wear one brief or boxer short more than a day before you wash.
  • Buy more than one undershirt or singlet: Minimum of six. Wear one per day. Resist the urge to wear one for two days. If the colors are white, soak with bleach before you wash (it saves time and stress, and you can be guaranteed of sparkling white.)
  • Buy more than one socks: Minimum of three. After each use, spread out in the sun. It will be helpful to wear each once, but if you can’t, then at most, twice. But be sure to spread out in the sun first before wearing again.

Summary: If you have all these already, then stick to these patterns and enjoy freshness and retainment of pleasant fragrance. If you are considering cost, start saving now and add it to your budget.

Also, use stain removal before you wash. Whatever you do to protect you from embarrassment well worths it. Top of it, you deserve excellent hygiene.

2. Bath Regularly

Another important aspect of men personal hygiene is bathing regularly. One of the good motives of bathing is personal hygiene. It washes off dead skin cells, dirt, limit the spread of diseases, and gets rids of body odor. What is needed to have a good bath?

Tips on Bathing Regularly:

  • Wash With Soap: Each morning, before leaving for work, bath with soap.
  • Apply Sponge: While you may use your hands and soap to wash some part of your body, address pubic hairs, underarm hairs and other hidden parts of the body with sponge.
  • Rinse Your Body Well: You will need enough water to do this.
  • Brush Hair First: Before you get your hair wet, brush it first.
  • Apply Lotion Immediately After Bathing: Don’t wait a long time before you apply lotion. Do it immediately after you take your bath.
  • Care For Your Heel: Don’t entertain a cracked or dirty heel. Use pumice stone as appropriate to smoothen your heel and get rid of dirt.
  • Cut Your Nails: Soak your fingernails and toenails in water before you trim. Use nail clippers for even trimming.

Summary: Regularly wash your towel, don’t go a month without washing, then if you have access to warm water, that will be cool for your face.

3. Keep a Fresh Breath

To improve your breath and keep your teeth and gum healthy doesn’t require Herculean tasks. It is pretty easy!

Tips on Keeping a Fresh Breath:

  • Brush and Rinse Regularly: Brush twice a day. Floss at least once. Use mouthwash to get rid of bacteria. When you brush, always scrape your tongue.
  • Stay Off Food That Sour Your Breath: Onions and garlic are typical examples. If you must eat, let it be when you have returned home in the evening. Don’t eat before leaving home for work or to see a friend.
  • Chew Sugarless Gum: Chewing sugarless gum produces saliva for the mouth, which is a natural defense for dry mouth, plaque acid, and mouth odor.
  • Take Mints During The day: It enhances fresh breath.
  • Drink Plenty of Water: Drinking water keeps your mouth moist and discourages mouth odor.

Summary: Don’t take tobacco. Don’t brush too hard. Always walk with mint, and use it when you have the feeling that your mouth is dry. Always frown at dry mouths. See a doctor if your condition doesn’t change and if you want to get rid of plaque by scaling.

Note: For the removal of plaque some use blades. If you’re going to use that, be extra careful.

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4. Keep Your Room Clean

The final point on men personal hygiene is keeping your room clean. A cleanroom can make you feel relaxed. It makes you organized, keeps your clothes neat and arranged, and gives your room a pleasant scent. But if it seems hard to do, below are what can help.

Tips on Keeping Your Room Clean:

  • Pick Things up: Pick up clothes from the floor, take out garbage, clear off plates and utensils, and clean your desk
  • Keep Clothes Separate: Keep Worn clothes separate from washed and ironed clothes. That might demand that you have different places for keeping clothes. One for keeping washed clothes, one for keeping ironed clothes, and the last one for worn clothes.
  • Sweep Your Room Every day: Doing this will help you return things to their rightful place and get to arrange your room once again.
  • Make Your Bed Every morning: Make it an attitude to make your bed every morning as you stand up.
  • Hang Clothes: Hang worn clothes separate from others. Put dirty clothes inside the laundry basket. If you don’t have now, purchase one.
  • Arrange Your Shoes Neatly: You might need to clean your shoes before you take them inside your room. Then arrange them in a shoe rack neatly.
  • Get Rid of Clutter: Identify stuff you rarely use and get rid of them.
  • Return Things to Their Rightful Spot: This requires self-discipline. But it makes sense when you learn the habit of returning things where you picked them from; you can learn to be organized.
  • Iron Clothes After Washing: After packing your washed clothes in, arrange to press. Make a stable arrangement and stick to it.
  • Develop Reasonable Cleaning Habits: Each day, make a list of daily chores. Before you reach out for your phone, write down a to-do-list of duties you need to do. More to the point, design a weekly routine.
  • Do laundry When it’s Full: Don’t pile up dirty clothes for weeks. Wash clothes every week.
  • Keep garbage Can: Keep a garbage bin in your room for housing litters. But don’t throw moist trash in it. When it’s full, take it out.

Summary: Don’t put off cleaning. Always add ironing to your weekly routine, so you ’won’t have to wear squeezed clothes. Use room fresheners if you aren’t allergic to it. If you have lapses, pick up and stick to your routine. Have a jotter or note pad for weekly chores. And finally, set a reminder.


Undeniably, you will agree that changing your underwear, maintaining fresh breaths, bathing regularly, and keeping your room clean will enhance your hygiene. When it comes to men personal hygiene, every male must pay careful attention to it.

While you wait for the part II which will explicitly highlight how to keep a decent beard, how to remove hair from private parts, the practical tips to keep a clean face, and how to make your kitchen, toilet, and bathroom clean, it will be helpful to start applying these four tips explained above.

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