How to Prepare for NYSC Orientation Camp: 12 Great Tips

Written from personal experience, you will find all these twelve points on how to prepare for Nysc orientation camp indispensable. 

Of course, the monthly allowance calls for excitement, but that shouldn’t cloud your preparation now. 

So, you shouldn’t toil with these tips below. 

Well, here is how this nysc camping checklist is structured. 

It discusses: 

  • Things needed for nysc camp 
  • What to expect in nysc camp 
  • What to do after leaving the camp

Now, let’s start the ride! 

How to Prepare for Nysc Orientation Camp: Things Needed for Nysc Camp 

After your registration, your preparation should start. But you might wonder, what’s next?

The following nysc camp kit list answers that.

1. Get Your NYSC Gears on Time 

Your NYSC gear can enhance your experience in the Camp. That is the first thing to think of!

The reason for buying your gears on time is to avoid purchasing these gears at a later period. 


You will pay more if you are buying during this period. Yes, the cost would skyrocket. 

Therefore, as soon as you’ve confirmed your name on the senate list and you’ve been asked to register, get all your gears.


  • Research all the necessary gears that must be purchased
  • If you depend on your parents, start buying them bit by bit, don’t wait to buy in bulk 
  • If you are a hustler, set aside a small fee from your daily or weekly pay and start purchasing small items. 
  • Use any spare money that you have at your disposal. 

 It would be advantageous for you to get minor provisions like toilet-roll, cardigan, soap, sponge, and so on to avoid borrowing. 

Yes, these items will cost you less, so you can start with them first. 

2. Have all the ID cards and Documents Ready

Another essential tip on how to prepare for the NYSC orientation camp is to get your credentials ready. 

NYSC officials are keen on your documents.

They must be up-to-date; all must be intact and complete.

If you aren’t with the proper document, your registration would be halted. 

Worst-case scenario, you won’t be granted access into the NYSC camp.


  • After your registration, write down all the documents that you are expected to go with 
  • As you get each document ready, tick it, and label it “gotten.
  • Ask a friend what other files you will need, or do further research online. 
  • Visit forums and hear from folks, join the NYSC Whatsapp platform to familiarize yourself with the scheme.
  • Purchase a file holder to keep all your documents
Documents Needed for Nysc Camp are:
  • You should have a file holder to put all your documents.
  • Statement of results.
  • 10-15 passport copies.
  • Call-up Letter
  • Green Card 
  • Valid identity school card.
  • Medical fitness report (to show that you are fit) 
  • Medical Report (should you have health issues and you want to relocate)

Make sure your call up letter isn’t laminated. Doing so can get you out of the NYSC camp. 

You are expected to arrive with photocopies of the 2nd, 4th, and 5th bullet points. 

3. Traveling to the Orientation Camp

After making sure that all your gears and documents are complete, you will have to go wherever you are sent. 

But you could wonder why it is making the list of tips on preparing for the Nysc Orientation camp?

You could decide to travel alone, and if where you are traveling will be a bit far, you could choose to go in the company of others. 

You might even be fortunate to find someone in the same park heading to the same destination. 


  • From the NYSC Whatsapp link, ask anyone heading to the same Camp
  • If you find, decide if you can both meet and travel together
  • If there is none, ask for directions online from those who know, perhaps those who have been there. 

Traveling a day before the official day will get you one of the best bed spaces.

You won’t be stopped from entering the Camp if you get there earlier, a day before. 

All camp officials and soldiers will be there already.

Additionally, traveling in the company of a few folks is fine, say, from 3-5.

However, going with a larger population, that is, arranging a bus to convey all those heading to the Camp isn’t a good move. Why? 

Those traveling might be basking on the euphoria of being called Corpers. As a result, they might ignore a driver’s recklessness. 

Hence, it could lead to an accident. 

However, if you will be traveling via a luxurious bus, regardless of the size, you are still safe!

How to Prepare for NYSC Orientation Camp: What to Expect in Nysc Camp

The way digestion starts in the mouth; screening also begins at the gate. 

That scene alone brings you an incredible thrill. 

You will see everyone with their luggage, beautiful faces, and yes, your friends─Soldiers and NYSC officials! 

Yes, it’s OK to feel a little bit nervous when you see Soldiers and NYSC officials at the entrance. 

But you don’t have to worry. They wouldn’t bite you, beat you, or punish you. 

All you just have to do is to follow their instructions very well.

What should you expect at the entrance of the NYSC orientation camp? 

The following tips are great for a fantastic camp experience.

4. You Will be Completely Checked

The officials at the gate are just doing their jobs; please do not take offense with them. 

Their purpose of searching is to prevent weapons from being smuggled into the NYSC camp.

You wouldn’t be allowed to go in with any metals, and that’s understandable! 

If you must go with spoons, forks, and cups, let them be made of rubber. 


  • Keep your original call up letter, green card, medical report, and fitness report handy. 
  • Smile with those around (you will be tired, but still smile)
  • Do not yell or attack the NYSC officials who will be searching for your belongings.
  • Comply with NYSC officials; please don’t resist.
  • Be patient with the NYSC officials.
  • If you have no friends, try and pick up a conversation with someone you think will be cool for you. 

5. Hostel Registration

Hostel registration is one of the excellent tips on how to prepare for the Nysc orientation camp. Why?

It is the first of the registrations you will undergo. 

After the registration, tags would be handed to you to identify your hostel space. 

You will be given a bed too. 


  • Make sure you provide any document you are asked to tender
  • Make sure your tags are with you at all times
  • Follow the instructions given

Your tag must never get lost because you will always need it.

6. NYSC Uniforms

Every corps member desires to hear this! 

During registration, your NYSC uniforms will be handed over to you. 

A complete nysc camp kit list consists of:

  • A pair of jungle boots and white sneakers
  • Khaki trousers and jacket
  • Two short knickers 
  • Two white shirts
  • One crested vest
  • Two pairs of socks 
  • A face Cap
  • NYSC Belt

When handed to you, they all might not be your size, and you can’t return it to them, but there is a way out: 


  • Ask around, you will find someone who isn’t given his or her right size, and you can hook up and exchange. (It happened to me, the initial size given to me wasn’t my size at all, so I searched around and found someone who needed the size I was given, and I needed the size she was given too, so we exchanged). 
  • Write your number code on your uniforms to prevent it from being stolen.
  • Keep in a safe place.
  • Whenever you wash, keep it in an open place.
  • Use Pegs to hang your clothes outside to differentiate it from others. 
  • Wash clothes in the noon and sit outside watching it for a few minutes 
  • Inform a line guard where you spread your clothes and beg him to help keep an eye on it. 

You will be given a number code during registration. 

This code serves as an ID card. 

Without the code, you will not get free food at the Camp. 

Try not to misplace your code. Also, keep your meal ticket well; that’s the road-way of getting a free meal. 

7. Things not Allowed in Nysc camp 

On Camp, you will be allowed mostly to put on the NYSC gears. 

That is your white shorts, sneakers or jungle boots, sock (white), and shirts. 

And on some occasions, you might need to wear a complete uniform.

However, there are some situations where you can wear a non-uniform dress. 


  • Never on any occasion put on muftis instead of your uniform unless you are asked to. 
  • Buy a white sweater if you are traveling during the cold season.
  • Go with a few wears for Sunday service.

Go with a few muftis, one or two. 

You will need them during carnivals or poor weather. 

8. Nysc Camp Daily Activities

The sound of a trumpet wakes everyone up at 4:00 am, and breakfast is served at 7:00 am. 

You will be allowed to buy food at your cost besides what is given to you, free of charge.

And after these, you will undergo many fitness programs, SAED programs, and Man O’ War drills. 

Lunch follows after some of the morning programs. After lunch and some rest, another parade will take place in the evening.

This will be your daily routine until you leave the Camp. 


  • Make sure you eat what is given to you. You can save money through that. 
  • Wake up on time so that you will be served well
  • Get to the kitchen on time. 

9. Allowance 

The allowance you receive on camp starts with a bicycle allowance and transport allowance.

Also, when there are a few days left, you will be given your first monthly allowance.

This final allowance is what you will keep receiving every month until you finish with your NYSC. 


  • Be prudent with your spending. 
  • Safe the first allowance. You will need it for the first month, don’t spend it all. 
  • You can decide to buy a few Kampala wears for your folks at home; they will appreciate it. 

10. Sports

You will be allowed to engage in several sports on the campground. 

It could be volleyball, football, and other types of sports activities open to you. 

I enjoyed volleyball during my time. 


  • Don’t injure yourself. If you do, Camp continues, so be careful!
  • Be reasonable and play safe.
  • Engage in the one that interests you

11. Carnival

Carnival day is one of the best days at Camp. 

That day, you can wear any of your desired attire. 

A lot of fun things happen during this day. 

The fun is subject to individual NYSC orientation camps, though. 


  • Go with one or two beautiful clothes 
  • Don’t forget to go with a nice shoe

12. Place of Primary Assignment (PPA)

Your place of primary assignment is where you’ll be sent to serve. 

Most times, as we’ve all observed, Corpers are sent to government schools to teach. 

Only a few of them are posted to private firms.

Although moving to a new place can be a very challenging thing.

Especially if you are going alone, you will enjoy the place when you interact with the people you meet. 


  • Interact with old and young folks 
  • Make friends with the native people
  • Make friends among Corps members

A government bus will convey you without charge from the orientation camp to your local government, where you will locate your PPA. 

How to Prepare for NYSC Orientation Camp: Bonus Point

Regularly Come for Clearance

All members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) must take their clearance seriously. 

If you don’t complete your clearance, you will not be able to receive your monthly allowance.


Yes, what a complete guide on how to prepare for the NYSC orientation camp! 

I’m sure this nysc camping checklist will help you prepare well in advance before and during your NYSC Orientation camp days!

However, this guide didn’t explain tips to enjoy NYSC years to the brim. 

In our subsequent post, we will highlight essential things to do to enjoy your service years.

But for now, get prepared for NYSC.


I am a writer and lover of Nature. I dumped my Diploma to pursue writing full-time. I major in writing organization and hygiene tips! As long as you are willing to learn and implement, you can stay organized, enhance your general outlook, and ward off infections with my tips.

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