14 Powerful Health Benefits of Zobo Drink

Do you drink zobo simply because it’s rich and flavorful? Then, I’m treating you to something more important.

These benefits are thrillers that will make you want more. 

But that isn’t all.

Apart from these benefits, zobo drink comes with some side effects. 

While this article will feature this drink’s health benefits, it won’t fail to highlight its side effects.

Some zobo drinks are made with sugar; others are prepared and blended without sugar. 

The question then is, what sets these two drinks apart? 

Or, what other additional benefit comes from gulping sugar-free zobo? 

You will need to read on to find out! But, let’s start first with these 14 health benefits of zobo drinks below.

dried zobo leaves
Dried Zobo

Here Are 14 Health Benefits of Zobo Drink

1. Lowers High Blood Pressure

One of the health benefits of zobo drink is that it is useful for reducing blood pressure.

That is blood pressure in mildly hypertensive and pre-hypertensive adults. 

Odigie IP suggested that zobo drink has cardioprotective and antihypertensive properties. 

What’s the advantage? 

It is beneficial for hypertensive patients and those with a mild risk of cardiovascular diseases.

2. Liver Protection

Antioxidant properties found in the hibiscus teas are capable of treating liver disease. 

Additionally, these antioxidants aid in protecting your body from infections. 

This is possible because they are useful in neutralizing free radicals present in cells and body tissues.

A crystal clear eye showing the health benefits of zobo drinks

3. Improves Vision

The carotene that is converted into retinol or Vitamin A can enhance a person’s vision and the eye’s overall health. 

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4. Protection Against Heart Disease

Zobo drink helps lower the levels of bad LDL cholesterol present in the human body.

Thus it can protect you against heart diseases and blood vessels from any damage. 

Hibiscus tea’s hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic properties are vital for those with diabetes.

Also, it’s suitable for folks with blood sugar disorder.

5. Has Anti-Cancer Properties

Zobo drink has protocatechuic acid. That is, it contains antioxidant and anti-tumor properties.

This helps slow down the growth and development of cancerous cells. 

It does that by inducing apoptosis, popularly known as programmed cell death.

6. Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory Agent

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is present in zobo drinks. 

This is vital for boosting and enhancing your immune system.

Also, this vitamin can solve the discomfort that stems from fever and flu. 

7. Relieves Menstrual Pain

Another health benefit of zobo drinks is the ability to relieve menstrual pain. 

Pain and discomfort are often the results of menstruation. 

It can be exhausting! 

Zobo comes in handy here. It relieves you of cramps and pain. 

Also, it restores hormonal imbalance.

Thereby limiting other menstruation symptoms like overeating, mood swings, and depression.

8. It is an Antidepressant Agent

There are minerals and vitamins like flavonoids present in zobo drinks.

These are widely recognized as antidepressant properties. 

When consumed, they can help in calming down the nervous system. 

This will help reduce depression and anxiety. 

They are vital for creating a relaxed sensation both in the body and mind.

zobo drink in a glass cup

9. Appetite Restorer

The presence of iron, carotene, calcium, fiber, and others is vital for restoring appetite. 

These nutrients can restore your appetite.

It does that by overcoming any worms and bacteria present in the digestive system.

All thanks to the antibacterial properties that are present in it!

10. Solves Constipation

Remember, one of the nutritional values of zobo drink is fiber. 

Yes, it is highly rich in fiber. 

For healthy digestion, one has to consume enough fiber. 

With the level of high fiber zobo has, you can count on healthy digestion. 

Also, bear in mind that one of the telltale signs of an unhealthy digestive system is constipation.

11. An Effective Treatment for Anemia

Zobo leaves contain sufficient amounts of iron required for the production of red blood cells. 

Thus, to improve the production of hemoglobin in your system, you should always drink zobo. 

12. Supports Body Function

Zobo drink has vitamin B3 that boosts brain function, and enhances the skin’s health. 

It also has a healthy vitamin that assists in body metabolism and heart system.

13. Boosts Energy

Finally, one of the health benefits of zobo drink is the ability to boost energy. 

Zobo drink has a water-soluble vitamin that comes in the form of riboflavin. 

This provides many health benefits. 

But one of its most important roles is the provision of energy. 

Besides, it can help in the boosting of mineral absorption in the body.

Let’s now examine other additional health benefits of zobo drink without sugar.

green roselle (zobo) plant
Green Roselle Plant

These are the benefits of Zobo drink without sugar:

1. Reduces Your Risk of Cancer

When you regularly drink sugar-free zobo, you improve the level of antioxidants in your body.

This action starves cancer cells. 

This antioxidant is also responsible for enhancing the immune system.

As a result, it will strengthen the body’s ability to combat chronic diseases.

2. Control Diabetes

In its natural form, zobo drinks are low in sugar. 

That is why it is a recommended drink for diabetes since it won’t increase their sugar level. 

3. Aids Weight Loss

Even though zobo isn’t a slim tea, it is sufficient for reducing starch and glucose absorbed in the body. 

Stunned with these health benefits of zobo drink, you might want to start trying it now. 

But you still need to exercise a little patience. Why? Zobo drink has side effects. 

It’s the best thing to explore these side effects to help you obtain full benefits.

Side Effects of Zobo Drink And Its Health Benefits Are:

1. It Affects Estrogen Cycle

Zobo juice leads to the reduction of estrogen in a woman’s body. 

This poses an issue for women who are wrestling with menstrual cycles. 

If you consume zobo drinks regularly, it can slow down the estrogen cycle process. 

Moreover, women on birth control pills must steer clear of zobo and opt-in for other healthy alternatives.

2. It Affects People with Low Blood Pressure

Folks with low pressure should stay off zobo drink. 

Since it helps individuals with higher blood pressure, it is capable of lowering low blood pressure.

Therefore, before you start to drink this tea daily, verify your blood pressure.

3. Might Result in Hallucination 

Some individuals have reported hallucinogenic signs. 

They said they feel light-headed after drinking the drink, zobo. 

All the properties combined to make this drink can lead to intoxication.

Most especially when taken in excess. 

For that reason, drivers, that is, vehicle drivers or mill drivers should steer clear of this drink. 

If they are willing to drink at all, they must drink in the evening.

During that time they’d not get involved in other tasks but to relax.

4. During Pregnancy

It’s easy to admit this since it affects the estrogen levels. 

Thus there shouldn’t be any question about that. 

If you are pregnant and have low blood pressure or kidney related issues, stay away from zobo juice.

5. Limits Productivity

Zobo drinks work similarly to the way tea works in the body. 

It might slow your body down a little, resulting in less productivity. 

However, if you need a break from work to rest a little, it can be a handy drink. 

If you want to attain productivity, get a substitute for this drink.

zobo flower
Green Roselle

Simple Steps Involved in Making Zobo Drink

If you want to obtain the rich health benefits of zobo drink, you have to do it yourself. 

The following recipe will give you close to 5 liters of zobo drink. 

However, depending on the level of concentration you require, you might need to use less water. 

When you also use sweeteners and artificial flavors, you might need to add more water.

You can add Nutri-c and sugar. For sugar-free zobo, you might choose not to use this.


  • One Ripe Pineapple
  • Two cups of dry zobo leaves
  • water (desired quantity)
  • Two tablespoonfuls of cloves (Locally known as konafuru)
  • Slices of orange, lime, and lemon, for Garnishing.
  • Two stumps of ginger

What to do Before Making

  • Wash off the dust from the zobo leaves using cold water
  • Blend the cloves into a powder
  • Thoroughly wash and clean the skin of the ginger and blend well
  • Wash the pineapple and cut into slices
dried ginger in a plate
Dried Ginger

This is how to make Zobo Juice

  • Pour the washed zobo leaves and then pour the required water.
  • Cook on medium heat and allow it to boil for a few minutes
  • Pour both the ginger and garlic in that pot and let it keep boiling for a minimum of 30 minutes. (This is the required time for the zobo leaves to become soft entirely) 
  • Turn off and allow it to cool off
  • Blend your pineapple while your zobo is cooling off
  • After cooling, sieve it out. Then, pour the juice through a cloth to get rid of the tiny particles. After that, you will only be left with smooth juice.
  • Add the pineapple juice by sieving it through the sieve to avoid particles
  • Add artificial sweetener of your choice (optional)
  • Pour the constituent into a cup or bottle and refrigerate

Alternatively, you can serve with ice and sliced fruits. Enjoy your zobo drink with your desired snack!

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Nutritional Value of Zobo Drink Per 100g (3.5 oz)

1.Energy205 kJ
2.Carbohydrates11.31 g
3.Fat0.64 g
4.Protein0.96 g
5.Vitamin A equiv.14 μg
6.Thiamine (B1)0.011 mg
7.Riboflavin (B2)0.028 mg
8.Niacin (B3)0.31 mg
9.Vitamin C12 mg
10.Calcium215 mg
11.Iron1.48 mg
12.Magnesium51 mg
13.Phosphorus37 mg
14.Potassium208 mg
15.Sodium6 mg

Additional Note: It was observed that there are three varieties of zobo drinks. 

The dark red zobo, the bright red zobo, and the wine zobo. 

The following table indicates where each has the highest level of nutrients.

Zobo Types With the Highest Level of NutrientDark RedDark RedDark RedBright RedWineWineWine
NutrientsCalciumAshVitamin CMagnesiumSodiumPotassiumIron
Nutrient Highest Level4 ppm15.5%7.5 mg g-113.25 ppm50.67 ppm235 ppm1.17 ppm

Final Thoughts

With the astounding health benefits of zobo drink, drink in moderation.

So, what should be your decision? 

This month or the month to come, ensure you sip some reasonable amount of zobo juice! 

But never forget, check your status first before you think of drinking. 

If you have no limitation or complication, go for this rich drink. 

If you can’t help but to sip a little, go for the available alternative without sugar. 

You will truly be nourished. 

If you are like me, I will not fail to share these health benefits of zobo drink with my friends and family. 

Will you be willing to do that? 

You can use the share button below. Thanks a bunch!

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