23 Health Benefits of Unripe Plantain You Didn’t Know

No doubt, diabetic patients treasure unripe plantain, but this fruit isn’t exclusive to them. 

This article’s goal is to help you peer clearly into the health benefits of eating unripe plantain. 

But how about knowing how it benefits explicitly men, babies, and even pregnant women? 

Would you love to know? Trust me; you are in for a special treat!

Note: If you’d love to see the nutritional value of plantain, you will find that at the end of this article. 

(You can also check the nutritional value of Dates fruit Here.)

Let’s examine these 23 astounding health benefits of unripe plantain below

Unripe plantain
An Unripe Plantain

These are the 15 health benefits of unripe plantain

1. It Improves the Function of the Heart

The right amount of serotonin present in an unripe plantain can dilate the arteries.

It can also enhance blood flow and limit homocysteine occurrence. 

A condition that causes stroke and artery disease. 

Unripe plantain’s potassium and fiber are vital for preventing heart attacks and hypertension.

It’s even capable of reducing a person’s chance of developing heart diseases.

2. It treats Neuritis and Anemia.

An unripe plantain is an excellent option for combating inflammation of the nerve and low red blood cells. 

It is also an affordable way to prevent the occurrence of these conditions. 

Just be sure that you add it to your meal plan.

3. Excellent for Weight Loss and Healthy Life

I know a few relatives who started adding unripe plantain to their meal because they heard that: 

“One of the benefits of unripe plantain is the ability to reduce weight and improve healthy living.” 

How does it accomplish this? 

It’s rich in carbohydrates. 

More to it, it contains high fiber, essential minerals, and vitamins. 

All these are perfect for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. 

Just pair the meal with your desired chicken and vegetable soup. Yummy!

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4. Your Digestive System Will Thank You

Hey, this isn’t an exaggeration. 

Your digestive system needs more fiber to function effectively.

Unripe plantain is rich in fiber, giving you the privilege to enhance your bowel movement.

Ultimately making circulation easier and limiting constipation. 

5. It’s a healthy Meal for Diabetics

This is likely the part you have been anticipating. 

After all, I mentioned that it’s one of the benefits of unripe plantain in the opening paragraph. 

What makes it that potent? 

It contains low sugar when contrasted with other ripe or overripe plantain. 

Many who want to obtain more benefits from it add other protein-rich meals and other fibers. 

You wouldn’t go wrong choosing this.

6. It Prevents Ulcer 

Do you want a natural way to treat ulcers?

Here is one for you!

From numerous reports conducted, a photochemical property is found in unripe plantain. 

And guess what? That’s the property needed to prevent ulcers.

7. It Strengthens the Bone

We don’t like a feeble bone. 

Its richness in calcium gives the right mineral required for strong muscles, bones, teeth, and nails.

That calcium present is also a powerful element to prevent osteoporosis.

And this will limit your risk of fractures and the weakening of bones. 

8. It Improves Vision and Builds Immunity

Unripe plantain is also another natural source of Vitamin A, B6, and C. 

And what do these do?

Vitamin A helps with vision. 

Vitamin B6 aids in the development of healthy skin complexion. 

And with vitamin C, you can attain immunity against diseases and free radicals that can lead to cancer.

9. Helps in the Prevention of Bladder and Kidney problems

Today, the rate at which people wrestle with kidney problems is alarming. 

We all fear that! Are you living with a healthy kidney? 

You are obligated to strengthen it the more. 

Unripe plantain is known to be diuretic.

That means it’s practical in preventing bladder and kidney issues.

10. Unripe Plantain Makes You Slimmer

You can get that slim and exotic body with unripe plantain. 

This is possible due to its high resistant starch. 

Resistant starch doesn’t spike the level of insulin and glucose in a person’s body. 

Do you want to reduce your body size? Take advantage of this health benefit of unripe plantain!

Garlics inside a white plate to mix with unripe plantain

11. A Healthy Addition to Other Ingredients

When you combine unripe plantain with other spices like onions, garlic, and ginger, what will you gain?

First, a sumptuous meal. 

Second, health benefits. 

Combining these ingredients helps solve low sperm count and erectile dysfunction.

This is a condition that some men wrestle with.

12. Enhances Sexual Performance

Married couples can also benefit from the consumption of unripe plantain. 

It limits sexual weakness, improves sex drive, reduces impotence, and thicken fluids. (more on this later)

13. Helps in Treating Series of Infections

A higher percentage of people use unripe plantain in herbal medicine.

They use it to fight skin infections, treat urinary tract infections, reduce phlegm, and heal wounds.

14. Functions as a Food Thickener

All thanks to the composition of the unripe plantain. 

That makes it functions excellently as a food thickener. 

Thereby making it edible as a great meal. 

It can also be a healthier alternative to other unhealthy baking flour. Flours containing gluten, specifically.  


Look at how much we could benefit from eating unripe plantain! 

What would you now say about the health benefits of unripe plantain? A lot. 

We aren’t done yet. 

We need to be more specific.

This time on the health benefits of unripe plantain to babies, men, and pregnant women. 

Let’s begin with babies. If you have a baby, you can’t just wait to read on.  

Plantain on plates showing the health benefits of unripe plantain
Sliced Unripe Plantain

The health benefits of unripe plantain for babies are

Every parent wants their babies to grow. 

If you have one, you don’t need a soothsayer to believe that. 

Even if you aren’t, a caring parent watched you grow into an adult. 

A few parents have no difficulty entering a shopping mall to get their babies some canned food.

But it’s not the same as every parent.

Many with limited finance who desire to feed babies with natural food opt-in for better alternatives.

Amazingly, unripe plantain is one of these healthy natural alternatives for your baby.

How can you accomplish that if you are a parent? 

Get yourself Soya bean, Groundnut, and unripe plantain. 

The combination of these leads to the gaining of weight in your baby. 

How is that possible? 

These contain Vitamins B2, Potassium, Vitamin K, dietary fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and other minerals that your baby needs for growth and development. 

The appropriate recommendation is that it should be fed with six months’ old baby and above. 

Want to strengthen their bones? 

Keep feeding them with it!

Partly Peeled Unripe Plantain
Partly Peeled Unripe Plantain

Below are the health benefits of unripe plantain to man

It’s not always a sweet story if a man finds it challenging to fulfill his sexual obligations. 

If his condition persists, he isn’t far from both psychological and mental issues.

Additionally, there could be a series of emotional torments. 

Well, that isn’t our main concern. 

All we needed to know is the health benefits of unripe plantain to man. 

Let’s get to see it!

1. Improves Erection

When blended with pure honey and walnuts to make a paste or gel, sundry it. 

The sun-dried gel or paste can help improve an erection.

It prevents premature ejaculation prevalent in most men today.

2. Sustains Erection

Either roasted or cooked, unripe plantain helps in maintaining and sustaining an erection. 

You can even get your sperm volume increase and thicken your semen.

3. Improve Sperm Count

Wrestling weak erection or low sperm count? 

Find delight in eating one or two roasted unripe plantains daily. 

Eating it with vegetables is another incredible way to enhance your experience.

4. Rejuvenating Sexual Organs

With its high level of potassium, here is an opportunity for you to rejuvenate your sexual organ. 

If paired with garlic, being an antioxidant, it’s an excellent remedy for impotence in men.

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The following are the health benefits of unripe plantain during pregnancy

One of the most critical moments in a woman’s life is when she’s pregnant. 

This is the time when they fantasize, dream about delivering a healthy child. 

If you’re pregnant already, you are commended for watching what you eat. 

But you still need to move a step further−adding unripe plantain to your diet. 

Well, are there risks associated with eating unripe plantain for pregnant women? 

The simple answer is NO! 

Let’s check through its advantages. 

1. Great Source of Energy

Pregnant women need to stay energetic. 

The starch included in this food offers an unadulterated source of energy.

2. Improvement of the Digestive System

You don’t want to toil with indigestion during pregnancy, do you? 

Unripe plantain is a healthy alternative for you. 

Yes, its dietary fiber will offer your better digestion.

3. Natural Constipation Treatment

Naturally, it improves your bowel movement and ushers yourself to complete relief as you expect your child.

4. Addresses Anemia

The majority of pregnant women suffer anemia today. 

Want to prevent that from happening? 

Make unripe plantain one of your meals. 

Do you know why this can be trusted?

It’s due to the Vitamin B6 mentioned earlier. 

Thus, you can treat neuritis and anemia issues.

5. Fight Nausea

This isn’t new to you! 

Every pregnant woman suffers from nausea, and they get triggered easily from varying smells. 

Since an unripe plantain has no awful scent, pregnant women can eat with confidence!

The smell wouldn’t trigger them.

Nutritional Value of Plantain Per 100 g (3.5 oz)

S/N Nutritional Content Quantity 
1. Energy510 KJ (120 kcal) 
2.Carbohydrates 31.89 g
3.Sugars 10 g
4.Dietary Fiber2.3 g
5.Fat0.37 g
6.Protein 1.3 g
7.Vitamin A56ug
8.Thiamine (B1) 0.052 mg
9.Riboflavin (B2) 0.054 mg
10.Niacin (B3) 0.686 mg
11.Pantothenic Acid (B5) 0.26 mg
12.Vitamin B6 0.299 mg
13.Folate (B9) 22 ug
14.Choline13.5 mg
15.Vitamin C18.4 mg
16.Vitamin E0.14 mg
17.Vitamin K0.7 ug
18.Calcium 3 mg
19.Iron 0.6 mg
20.Magnesium37 mg
21.Phosphorus 34 mg
22.Potassium 499 mg
23.sodium4 mg
24.Zinc 0.14 mg
25.Water65.3 mg

Final Thoughts

Such a great read for you! 

So, when will you start eating? 

One caution, however, is to be very careful with where you purchase yours. 

If you preserve it yourself, ensure that you keep it clean.

If you are making it for your baby, double your approach to personal hygiene when doing that.  

Did you wonder why we didn’t speak of any disadvantages? 

It’s because I believe there are none.

Keep eating; you will always prevent a lot of diseases and health complications. 

Start today, include it in your plan.

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