6 Online Stores That Accept tbc in Nigeria (Contact Info)

In this article, I’ll be detailed with the lists of online stores that accept tbc in Nigeria.

I have thoroughly prepared the list for you.  

Carefully read each store’s specifications to know which one will serve your specific needs.

Here are the six online stores that accept tbc in Nigeria

online stores that accept tbc in Nigeria tomvad

1. Facebook Group

One of the best and easiest places to start shopping with tbc in Nigeria is to log in to your Facebook account. 

Then proceed to the Yardsales category.

There are different suppliers, prices, and goods under that category that you can use tbc to pay for.

After that, you can contact the seller for delivery confirmation. 

In this case, you can ask if free delivery is provided for the goods you are willing to buy.

Start Shopping tbc on Facebook Group Here

Note: Some sellers wouldn’t accept full tbc payment (they’d request a certain percentage). 

However, you will find some sellers that will accept full payment.

Be wary with these individuals; you can’t trust all of them. 

So, making your background check might be the best deal for you.

  • Login to Facebook or create an account if you do not have
  • After logging in, head on to YardSales Category
  • Find Supplies, prices, and goods under Yardsales
  • Contact seller and discuss delivery
  • Complete your transaction
  • Yes, that is it for the Yardsales category.

Let’s explore other stores

2. Kavwin Nigeria Limited

Kavwin Nigeria limited is one of the trending online stores that accept tbc in Nigeria.

Unlike Facebook, this shop is located in Lagos. 

Although located in Lagos, transactions can be made online via your electronic device. 

But if you desire to go in person, there isn’t any barrier for you!

Contact Kavwin Nigeria Limited Here

Location of the Shop: 56 Ijaiye Road, Close to Tantalizer, Ogba Lagos.

Also, note that tbc isn’t the only currency that is accepted at Kavwin Nigeria Limited. 

That’s also good news if you have other coins you are willing to use as a form of purchase.

Bonus Point: You can buy an electronic gadget with tbc here.

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3. Fikky-Fissy Technology

Fikky-fissy or FFT technology is a firm that deals with computer and electronic accessories. 

Also, this firm engages in real estate brokerage. What’s the good news?

It is one of the spots where you can shop with tbc in Nigeria. 

If you couldn’t afford the price of a laptop in cash, you can confidently use the tbc in your wallet. 

Fikky-fissy accepts 20% tbc, and then, the remaining payment, 80%, will be paid in cash. 

For accessories specifically, FFT welcomes 50% payments with TBC.

Contact Fikky-Fissy Technology Here

Location: Akure, Ondo State. @Fikky-fissytech on Facebook

4. Famous Global School

Do you wish to pay your student’s school fees using your tbc? 

Do you reside in Lagos or Abuja? Famous Global School has gotten you covered.

This institution is one of the institutions that accept tbc as school fees. 

They have both primary and secondary sections.

Contact Famous Global School Here

Location: Abuja or Lagos

5. FIM Studios

Are you hearing this for the very first time? 

Well, it is one of the stores that accept tbc in Nigeria. 

FIM studios are one of Nigeria’s media outlets.

The firm accepts video promotion, social media promotion, and video promotion.

This firm accepts 40% tbc and 60% cash.

Check Fim Studios on Instagram Here

5. Alex Oyibo

Do you wish to design and decorate your exterior or interior walls anytime soon? 

Do you want to paint your office facility or your home of residence? 

Even if you don’t want to do it now, you should pin this down for future use. 

Yes, Alex Oyibo is one of the online stores that accept tbc in Nigeria.

These are Alex Oyibo’s Social Media’s Handlers:

  • @OyiboAlex on Facebook
  • @AlexanderOyibo on Twitter

Here is How it Operates

Alex Oyibo accepts 100% tbc for the purchase of material

Also, for labor, the firm accepts 50% coin and 50% cash when it comes to labor

Note: Tomvad.com isn’t endorsing any of the online stores that accept tbc in Nigeria.

We aren’t affiliated with them. 

Therefore, we advise that you carry out due diligence before partnering with them.

online stores that accept tbc in Nigeria tomvad

Shopping Using TBC as Payment

You have seen six online stores that accept tbc in Nigeria;

Online shops that make shopping with tbc as payment pretty easy.

If you are new, you might want to know what goods you can buy with it.

Below is a list of goods you can use tbc as payment for:

  1. Electronics
  2. House decoration
  3. Children school fees
  4. Household items
  5. Media promotion

What You Should Know About tbc (The Billion Coin)

Are you contemplating registering under tbc? 

Then, get a quick grip on what can help you make an informed decision.

The Billion Coin, one of the decentralized cryptocurrencies, is different from other coins.

Other coins issued on the market solely depend on the companies that create them.

But, The Billion Coin is a community of people! 

Thus, users can buy these coins and sell them off after some specific number of time. 

The investor will keep the difference right in their pocket.

Or, he might add more coins to their coins and become richer.

Creators of The Billion Coin claim that they do not lose. 

They claim that the value of coins increases in this mode:

  • 1% every 71 days
  • 2% every 36 days
  • 3% every 25 days
  • 4% every 19 days
  • 5% every 15 days 

Does this sound appealing?

When they began, tbc claimed to be an end to poverty. 

Fast forward to 2020; a lot has been said about this firm.

Well, remember, the preceding paragraphs reveal that a few merchants in Nigeria accept it.

But, there are negative comments about them lately.

Disclaimer: This information presented in this article isn’t an endorsement for the firm. 

And it is not to promote the firm. 

If you are contemplating joining the platform, read and tread cautiously. 

These are insightful link you should consider before making your final decision:

  1. The Billion Coin Scam (The Biggest Fraud) in Nigeria’s History
  2. Nigerians recount loses to crypto fraud
  3. TBC trains Nigerians on cryptocurrencies, introduces innovations to ensure account safety
  4. The Billion Coin “TBC”

These are enough pointers to solidify any decision you are willing to make!

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Final Thoughts

So, what do you think?

You’ve read about the online stores that accept tbc in Nigeria. 

Do you want to start acquiring more tbc? 

Drive carefully!

Once again, before shopping using TBC as payment, confirm the store.

Be sure that the store is reliable and has a good reputation.

Never transact with any website that looks suspicious or has been reported in the past. 

There are many sellers out there who are ready to scam.

Don’t be their victim!

You might want to review these online shopping tips for safety during covid-19.

You will definitely love the details infused in this piece.

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