12 Exciting Things to do on Your Phone Without Internet

You don’t have to worry about things to do on your phone without internet! I have many fun and productive things for you. 

Realistically, apart from temporary disconnections from the internet, sometimes, it is best to ditch the internet so you could slow down. 

So, even if you think: “I will always be connected to the internet,” be assured that when you deliberately turn it off, you will get the best from your time.

To give you an insight into what you stand to enjoy from these points below, points discussed are going to: 

  • Be fun and build your intellect
  • Enhance your skills
  • Show to friends and family that you genuinely care
  • Help you manage your time wisely

So, here are 12 exciting things to do on your phone without internet

things to do on your phone without internet

12 Rewarding Things to do on Your Phone Without Internet

1. Delete Stuff 

Many of us have duplicate photos, apps, movies, and documents that are no longer useful to us but are eaten up our space.

Therefore, when you are out of coverage, get the ball rolling, review these files, and remove them from your phone. 

Depending on your storage size, you might be surprised to find that it will take you hours. 

Get started with these tips: 

  • Delete any less than perfect picture. 
  • Delete multiple videos, documents, and images 
  • Get rid of apps you haven’t used for more than 30 days. 
  • Delete movies and pictures you no longer need on your phone
things to do on your phone without internet
A Thank-You Text

2. Compose a Few Thank-You Notes

Either we acknowledge it or not, we get help from friends, neighbors, classmates, workers, and in fact, members of our family.

Composing a few thank-you notes can set your foot on something more worthwhile.


Little help might get no attention, perhaps due to busy schedules and other tasks.

Therefore, using moments without the internet to send thank you notes will be highly appreciated. 

How to do it

  • Think about little things you’ve been helped with and write them down on your phone
  • Put down the names of those who did them, at least five for a start
  • Compose a different text message and send it. (If you can’t send them at present, save them)

3. Read Articles Offline

Offline articles are great resources. We rarely get time to read articles we bookmarked. 

You may have stumbled on an interesting article on cooking, drawing, making money, building new skills, about technology, and many more, and the next thing you did was to bookmark. 

But wait, have you checked back on any of those pages? You have the opportunity to do that now!

How to do it

  • If you want to relax, read up those offline pages
  • Ensure that you have plenty of bookmarks, so you don’t run out of offline articles to read
  • To be organized, you can delete the ones you’ve read or kept the link in your notepad

Google Chrome has a cool feature that periodically downloads and saves the offline page of trending news. 

things to do on your phone without internet
Home screen organized alphabetically

4. Clean up Your Home screen

If you are organized, you might not have to worry about a messy home screen. But for many who have been gripped with disorganization, their screen is left cluttered and heavily unattractive. 

Fortunately, you have a savior. Here is a tip for you! 

How to Keep Your Home screen clean: 

  • Create a simple home screen layout
  • Choose an excellent background from your phone gallery or default backgrounds 
  • Arrange tiles to help complement it. 
  • Arrange your apps in their categories

5. Bring up Memories

Oh yeah! Have you sometimes chuckled at a conversation you’ve once had with someone in the past?

Are you ready to go down the memory lane? This is a pleasant thing to do with your phone without internet. 

Unless you delete every conversation you have in your messenger app, this should not be hard for you to reach!


  • Check conversation with friends and family. 
  • Check those images, and comment on your screenshots. And guess what? 
  • Clean up some unimportant messages
things to do on your phone without internet
Stack of Publications

6. Read Books

Recently a Quora user asked a question on how Elon Musk learned so much?

Another user explains what Elon himself said. Elon said, “you could learn a lot when you invest time in reading books and interacting with others.”

And that is one of the reasons why he is intelligent.

As one of the things to do on your phone without internet, reading books is a great way to boost your intellect.

How to do it:

  • Think of any soft copybook you have and you haven’t read.
  • If you don’t have, meet a friend or a neighbor who has and ask that they send it to you.
  • Download books beforehand (books you’ve always wanted to read)
  • Check your phone self-help book and learn something new about your phone

7. Get Creative

You wonder: how do you accomplish that? It’s something quite simple! Unleash your inner creativity

Here is how to get creative with your phone:

  • Scribble thoughts, stories on your notepad 
  • Edit a photo that will be shared when the network returns
  • Take pictures if you are privileged 
  • Clean your house 
  • Improve your cooking skill
  • Read personal development books

8. Play Offline Games

Games are incredible ways to build our intellect. There are many games you can play without the internet. 

There are video games, puzzles, board games, educational games, and many more. Some are even pre-installed 

As one of the things to do on your phone without internet, this is what you can do:

  • Have more offline games on your phone than online
  • Invite friends to play with you, or you visit them
  • Play for fun
  • Be moderate, set time for yourself, and stick to it.

9. Interact With People

Isn’t this an appealing concept? A strong interpersonal relationship can enhance your productivity and make you stay happier.

Of course, this point is dependent on where the internet goes off. So let’s see how that can be done.

How to do it

  • Pick up your phone and call a friend you’ve long spoken with
  • Call your friends and families, including your parents.

10. Meditate

Creating time to meditate lowers your stress level, helps you understand your pain, connects better and enhances your focus. 

Each time you meditate, what you set out to accomplish is injecting or infusing long-lasting benefits into your life.

How do you do that with your phone when you are without internet? 

How to do it:

  • Find a quiet place and type your progress in your notebook
  • Meditate on plans you’ve made and how well you are working at reaching them
  • If you are religious, meditate on your relationship with the creator; meditate on the Holy Scriptures you read a long time ago.
  • Meditate on how you can best lead a good life
things to do on your phone without internet
Steps Counter

11. Exercise 

The benefit of regular exercise cannot be overemphasized. Using the few moments of no access to the internet to exercise is an excellent idea.

Most phones come with a step counter that tracks your progress. 

What to do: 

  • Set goals and ensure you meet up with them 
  • Explore many outdoor activities 
  • Check other exercise-related counters that your phone has

12. Listen to Music and Movies

Why did I keep this option as the last thing to do on your phone without the internet? You guessed, right!

These are some of the first things that will come to your minds. Here is a trick for you: 

The best way to listen to music and movies: 

  • Check your pre-installed FM Radio App
  • Listen to new music you haven’t listen to in a while 
  • Watch thought-provoking and educative movies 


Aren’t they amazing things to do on your phone without internet? Surely they are! I’d advise that you keep alternating them so you don’t get bored. 

Also, it pays to have a to-do list of what you would do if you have an internet cut out or manage your data volume.

One thing for sure is that we all want to be productive. 

Do you have any other suggestions on things to do on your phone without internet that you will love to share?

Let’s know your suggestion in the comment section! 


I am a writer and lover of Nature. I dumped my Diploma to pursue writing full-time. I major in writing organization and hygiene tips! As long as you are willing to learn and implement, you can stay organized, enhance your general outlook, and ward off infections with my tips.

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