The Best ADHD Reading Fonts: 25 Unique Fonts

While there are no universally recommended fonts for people with ADHD, some are often considered more readable and accessible for many. 

This article will list the best adhd reading fonts based on this survey done by people. 

You will also enjoy the reading experiences of others too!

The Best ADHD Reading Fonts: The Font You Should Use! 

The factors we considered before picking these fonts are font style, size, and spacing. 

We ensured these fonts enhance readability. 

So, here are they: However, there are 

1. Sans-serif Fonts

Fonts without decorative lines at the ends of characters (serifs) are often considered easier to read on screens for adults and kids with ADHD. 

Examples include Arial, Helvetica, and Verdana. 

2. OpenDyslexic

OpenDyslexic is a font designed to increase readability for readers with dyslexia, and some individuals with ADHD find it helpful as well. 

It has a unique style that may make it easier for some people to distinguish between letters.

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3. Verdana

Verdana, highlighted earlier is a sans-serif font designed for on-screen reading. 

Its spacious characters and generous spacing can enhance readability.

4. Arial

Arial is a widely used sans-serif font that is known for its clarity. 

It has a clean and simple design that can make it easier to read.

5. Comic Sans MS

Although often criticized for its informal appearance, some studies suggest that Comic Sans MS may be easier to read for some individuals with dyslexia or ADHD. 

However, individual preferences vary, and not everyone finds it helpful.

6. Adjustable Font Size

Offering the ability to adjust font size can be crucial. 

It allows individuals to customize the text to a size that suits their comfort and reading abilities.

This is specifically possible with rich text format and docx. 

Hence, instead of getting books in PDF format, select a text with an adjustable font size. 

7. Proper Line Spacing

Adequate line spacing can prevent text from appearing too crowded, making it easier for individuals with ADHD to follow along.

8. Dyslexie

Dyslexie is a font designed to improve readability for people with dyslexia. 

However, its features, such as weighted bottoms and unique letter shapes, may also be helpful for individuals with ADHD.

9. Andika

Andika is a sans-serif font designed for literacy use. This font includes clear, open letterforms that can enhance readability.

10. Lexie Readable

Lexie Readable is a font created with dyslexia in mind, featuring a combination of letterforms that can aid in easier reading.

11. Trebuchet MS

I love this font for its clarity! 

Trebuchet MS is a sans-serif font known for its clarity. 

It has a simple design that may be comfortable for reading.

12. Century Gothic

Century Gothic is a sans-serif font with wide, round characters. 

Its design may contribute to improved readability.

13. Sylexiad Sans

Sylexiad Sans is a font that is more readable for individuals with dyslexia. Its features may also benefit those with ADHD.

14. Arial Rounded MT Bold

Arial Rounded MT Bold is a variation of the Arial font with rounded characters. 

This design may be perceived as more visually comfortable for some readers.

15. Liberation Sans

Liberation Sans is a sans-serif font with a clean and simple design, making it suitable for on-screen reading.

16. Calibri

Calibri is a sans-serif font designed for on-screen readability. 

Its clean and modern design can make it easy to read.

17. Georgia

Georgia is a serif font with relatively larger x-height (height of lowercase letters) and clear letterforms. It can be a good option for those who prefer serif fonts.

18. Courier New

Courier New is a monospaced font with fixed-width characters. 

Some individuals with ADHD find uniform spacing helpful for maintaining focus.

19. Noto Sans

Noto Sans is a comprehensive sans-serif font family with a wide range of characters, making it suitable for various languages. 

Its clean design may contribute to readability.

20. Arial Narrow

Arial Narrow is a condensed version of the Arial font, which can be useful if you want to fit more text on a single line without sacrificing readability.

21. Gill Sans

Gill Sans is a sans-serif font with a unique design that balances simplicity with a touch of elegance. Its clarity may aid readability.

22. Verdana Pro

Verdana Pro is an updated version of the Verdana font with improved character shapes and spacing for enhanced on-screen reading.

This font is perfect for individuals with ADHD. 

23. Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro is a versatile and open-source sans-serif font designed for easy reading on screens.

24. Roboto

Roboto is a sans-serif font designed for optimal readability on screens. This makes it a popular choice for digital interfaces.

25. B612

This ADHD reading font is not common. Yet, it is one of the best fonts for those with ADHD! 

B612 is a sans-serif font designed for mobile devices. 

Its simple and clear letterforms can be beneficial for on-screen reading.

Individual Experiences With ADHD Reading Fonts

The experiences of individuals with ADHD-friendly fonts vary widely.

People with ADHD may have different preferences and sensitivities. 

Nonetheless, here are some general observations and experiences that individuals with ADHD have reported when using font-friendly text:

1. Improved Focus

Some individuals with ADHD find that using the best adhd reading fonts improves their focus.  

These specific fonts include those with increased spacing or unique designs like OpenDyslexic. 

By helping them maintain focus on the text, it improves readability, ultimately reducing visual distractions.

2. Reduced Eye Strain

Fonts with clear and distinct characters and appropriate spacing can reduce eye strain.

This can be especially vital for individuals with ADHD who may struggle with visual processing.

3. Enhanced Comprehension

Certain fonts may contribute to better text comprehension for individuals with ADHD. 

Fonts with straightforward designs and easily distinguishable characters may make it easier for readers to follow the flow of the text.

4. Personal Preferences

Preferences for specific fonts can be highly individual. 

Some people may prefer traditional sans-serif fonts like Arial or Verdana. On the other hand, others may find fonts like OpenDyslexic or Comic Sans MS more comfortable to read.

5. Customization Matters

Customizing font size, spacing, and background color is often crucial for individuals with ADHD. 

This flexibility allows them to tailor the reading experience to their specific needs and comfort.

6. Positive Emotional Impact

Using fonts designed with readability in mind can have a positive emotional impact. 

Feeling more comfortable while reading can contribute to a more positive attitude toward tasks that involve reading or processing written information.

7. Varied Responses

It’s important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. 

Some individuals may not notice a significant difference when using ADHD-friendly fonts, while others may find them highly beneficial.

What People With ADHD Says About ADHD Reading Fonts 

It is a fact that font preferences can be subjective. 

What works well for one person may not work as effectively for another. 

Hence, it is vital to experiment with different fonts, sizes, and settings to find the most comfortable and readable combination. 

And you can start with the list of the best ADHD reading fonts outlined above. 

Quickly explore comments around the world regarding ADHD reading fonts. 

1. Tarah

OpenDyslexic works fine for Tarah

“I started using OpenDyslexic font, and it’s been a game-changer. The increased spacing between letters helps me focus on the words without feeling overwhelmed.”

2. Caleb

Caleb said this about Comic Sans MS: 

“I didn’t think fonts would make a difference, but trying out fonts like Comic Sans MS surprisingly made reading less stressful. The informal style just feels easier on the eyes.”

3. Jordan

This is what Jordan has to say about Verdana: 

“I’ve been using Verdana for a while now. The clean and simple design makes it so much easier for me to read documents without getting distracted. It’s made a big difference.”

4. Taylor

Taylor is a fan of Arial and Trebuchet MS. She said: 

“Customization is key for me. Being able to tweak font sizes and spacing makes reading more manageable. I’ve been experimenting with different fonts like Arial and Trebuchet MS.”

5. Chris

Dyslexie works fine for Chris. 

“I tried out Dyslexie font after hearing about it, and I do notice less strain on my eyes. The unique shapes of the letters seem to help my brain process the text more smoothly.”

Final Thoughts

While there is no definitive list of fonts specifically designed for ADHD, the fonts highlighted in this article are potentially beneficial due to their readability features. 

It’s essential to try these different fonts to determine what works best for you. 

Also, factors such as background color, contrast, and overall document design can impact readability for individuals with ADHD.

Moreover, individual preferences can change, so it may be helpful to experiment with different fonts and settings to find what works best for you. 

Nonetheless, by using either of these fonts, you will be able to improve concentration and readability. 

The earlier the kids are exposed to this, the quicker they will be able to identify the fonts that work best for them and start to build concentration at the early stage! 

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