Where to Buy Face Shield Online 2021: 8 Best Store

Is it true that face shields offer all-around better protection?

Here is what Dr. Graham Snyder, an infectious and prevention expert, said: 

“A face shield offers eye protection, which is vital if one has to prevent the spread of Covid-19.” 

He continues, “A face shield restrains you from touching eyes and face.”

“Also, it doesn’t limit the wearer’s ability to breathe. When it comes to cleaning, they are easier.” 

Having this understanding, let’s explore eight online websites where you can buy face shields online.

We will review those products we find on the website. 

At the end of the article, you will see why you shouldn’t just buy anyone that crosses your path.

So, below are the 8 stores where to buy face shield online.

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The 8 Best Stores Where to Buy face Shield Online Are

1. Bloomingdales

Being an American Luxury store chain, Bloomingdales is also a home to purchase face shields. 

On the website, you could find Polaroid StaySafe2 Face shield.

Polaroid StaySafe2

This product is a one size fits all. 

It is comforting to note that it’s light and transparent.

Thus, comfortable for use if you worry about weight.

Either you are a health worker or not, this face shield is designed for continuous use. 

Interestingly, if you wear glasses, you can find this shield comfortable. Why?

It can be conveniently worn over glasses due to its high clarity lens and optical grade.

As a certified device, it can be used both in the sanitary and medical fields. 

To care for the material used, all you need is to wipe clean with soap and water. 

Price: $35.00

Color: Black 

Shipping Condition: After the order has been processed, it leaves the business facility within 39 business days.

And it might be shipped only by using Standard. 

Quantity: The quantity box spans from 1 to 6. 

Note: If you need more, you might need to speak with the firm. 

And for more shipping details, you can check here.

2. Walmart

Walmart is also an incredible spot to purchase face shields. 

Two of these face shields are gaining our mention: 

Unisex 2 Face Shield

This face shield can be used in various fields, ranging from homes, shops, and dental use. 

It also offers comfort for breathing and protects the eye, nose and mouth from debris or droplets.

With the impressive material it’s being made with, you can be sure of excellent protection.

With its comfy and breathable foam, you can be assured of comfort all day. 

 Price: 2-Pack for $8.99

Delivery: Free Delivery available 

Reviews Availability: You can read reviews from folks who have used it to verify the claims. 

Splash Face Shield

A reusable transparent face shield offers a full visor to keep your face stays dry always.

Top of it, it can be used alongside face masks or other face coverings to help you keep your face from droplets. 

In fact, in medical settings, it can be used for protecting the face. 

This product entirely comes with a 25 inches black Velcro strap that circles the head with a 13 inches waterproof rubber to disallow water off the face.

This black strap is also a sheet of plastic that is water-repellent, measuring 11 by 6.5 inches.

And incredibly, this is the ideal size for wrapping around any waist face. 

Price: $16.99

Delivery: Free delivery available 

Reviews: There are reviews on the website

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3. Amazon

Amazon has always been a go-to for many when they need to buy essential items. 

And when it comes to where to buy face shield online, it should also be your choice.

We found you two excellent products.

2 Pack All-Round Protection Cap

This is a reusable whole face lightweight face shield that offers the user the ability to adjust its use.

This item also has a transparent film expandable band that is fitting for cyclists. 

If you want a face shield suitable for daily use, you can count on this face shield.

It is useful for protecting you against splash, passive smoking, sneeze, and other contagious substances.

Price: Approx. $14

Delivery: Delivery available but subject to a shipping fee 

Reviews: Reviews available 

BornBeauty Cooking Protective Tools

This face shield is perfect for protection against dust and oil. 

Comes with a double-sided anti-static and anti-fog material.

Highly dust-proof and waterproof, it’s easy to fold for quick storage. 

With its adjustable size, it’s suitable for adults. 

As expected, it’s lightweight and has vital transparency. 

With its design, it can only be used for daily protection and cooking protection. 

Price: 5 pcs of the shield is sold for $10

Shipping Condition: It spans within 5-7 business days. 

Reviews: As at the time of writing, reviews are currently not available 

4. Jumia

As an online marketplace for shoppers in Africa, you can find face shields from various sellers at an affordable price. 

For cheap online shoppers, I’ll be unveiling two types of face shields below ₦3000. 

Reusable Dust Proof Face Shield

100% new with transparent material, this face shield is of high quality. 

Sellers sell in bulk for those who would want more than one unit. 

Price: ₦2000

Shipping: Exact date of delivery will be verified at the checkout page

Return Policy: There is a free return policy within 15 days of purchase

Reviews: Reviews not available

OneHealth face Shield

This one health face shield gives protection against droplets.

It helps strengthen the face mask and helps prevent the face’s touching until it is removed.

This item is highly recommended for both health workers and other workers. 

With its curved design, it offers a 360-degree shield. 

Price: ₦1500 

Delivery Details: The exact delivery date can be known at the checkout page. 

Return Policy: Free return policy within 15 days of purchase 

5. Vistaprint

This online firm produces both digital and physical marketing products for both micro and small businesses.

Under Covid-19 products, you can find a high-quality face shield. 

VistaPrint Face Shield

With its elastic and adjustable head strap, this face shield offers an extra layer of protection to contain the spread of COVID-19.

It is quite roomy to allow masks or glasses under them without impacting your vision. 

Throughout your day, they are made to provide you with optimum comfort. 

Price: 10 Pcs for $40.00

Reviews: Reviews are available for current users. 

Shipping: Full information available when trying to check out. 

6. Honest PPE Supply

Honest PPE Supply is known for the sales of protective gear such as face masks, sanitizers, and other accessories. 

Gladly, shoppers can also purchase face shields from this website.

One listed on the website will get our mention. 

5. Crystal Clear Face Shield

This shield is specifically designed to protect the whole face from any dust. 

Or, most notably, droplets from a person who sneezes or coughs.

Treated with anti-static and anti-fog coating, you can be sure of enhanced visibility. 

Additionally, it comes with a foam strip, and anyone using it can easily adjust the elastic band designed with it to suit habits.

And firmly, it is fixed and pretty comfortable to wear. 

Price: $1.99 approx. $2. 

Reviews: Reviews available from current and previous buyers 

Bulk Supply: If you want more than a unit, you can reach them via their customer care service center. 

6. Konga

On our list of where to buy face shield online, Konga, a Nigerian based online platform, is gaining our mention. 

Each of the face shields that will earn our mention is well below ₦2000. 

Protective Face Cover Shield

It is made of safe, excellent, quality, and non-toxic material. 

Users can be confident that their use will not harm them in any way.

It is designed to block dust efficiently, give clear vision, and shield one from a sneeze. 

Therefore, effectively combating COVID-19. 

Price: ₦1000 

Shipping: The estimated delivery time is from 1-9 days. 

Review: There are no reviews yet for this product 

Warranty: There is no warranty for this product 

7. Office Depot

Office depot is also gaining our mention because we’ve found two distinct types of face shields in the online store. 

Office Depot is a depot for cheap supplies, office furniture, print services, electronics, and other services. 

It is even enjoyable that on any qualifying order, shoppers have access to free shipping.

Thus, many people who want to enjoy free shopping should take advantage of this. 

Jackson Safety Shield

A shield that excellently guides against splashes so you could be kept safe. 

Designed with a cast-sheet, your shield is provided with scratch resistance, clear and crisp view. 

For Ultraviolet rays, it blocks 99.9% of it. 

Price: $13.99 

Delivery: Free shipping is available on qualifying items up to $60.00 orders. 

The estimated delivery date is from 3-7 days.

Ratings and Reviews: You can find reviews on the website. 

You can trust all the websites that have gained our mention! 

If you need further verification, we have reviewed some of the websites in these articles: 

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We listed both their pros and cons. 

Furthermore, there are reasons why we chose these products.

Yes, we chose them amidst some other products listed on the website.

But, for transparency, you can check through reviews.

This will help you substantiate the claims made on the description. 

We have detailed some essential considerations you need to know about face shields.  

Face Shields Essential Consideration for Use

Currently, many countries are considering reopening schools again. 

While some experts have warned that reopening school might lead to a surge, some governments have insisted on reopening.

This development has burdened many parents. However, there is a way out! 

Students, and their teachers, will find extreme benefits from face shields.

According to Dr. Ostrosky, face masks aren’t enough for these individuals because they might, at times, touch their face masks. 

But that isn’t the case with face shields. 

In restaurants and coffee shops, where it is common to communicate with people, face shields will be valuable. 

As related by Dr. McQuillen, the use of masks will limit communication, but face shields wouldn’t. 

It is noteworthy that some experts have even warned against using face shield alone.  

Hence, we have these noteworthy answers to these questions for you:

What Specification of Face Shield Should You Buy?

Now, this is the real deal! Why?

I already told you that we listed some products based on some reasons. 

In this section, you will find those reasons why they gained our mention. 

The shield with transparent, sturdy, and waterproof material should also be highly considered. 

Also, opt-in for those that come with foam that will accurately fill any holes in the forehead. 

So, the shield that you have must extend to the ears and then below the chin slightly. 

What’s the Most Efficient Way to Maintain and Remove the Shield? 

In preventing infection, removing PPE the right way is fundamental. 

Before removing the shield, disinfect the hand without touching the same plastic part. 

After removing, use either clean soap and water or alcohol wipe to clean.

And then gently place it in a spot it can’t get contaminated. 

What is the Downside of Wearing a Face Shield?

The popularity of face shields has made it difficult for some to seek additional protection. 

An expert, Dr. Osrosky, admits that there is behavioral and appearance shifts. 

When you use a face shield, be sure to follow other preventive measures. 

If you do, you can be confident of full protection against COVID-19. 

We strongly believe that you will be fine if you follow all government laws on how best to stay safe. 

Final Thoughts

You now know where to buy face shield online! Spread the gospel. 

Nevertheless, pay attention to the essential considerations we mentioned earlier.

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