First Bank Account Opening: Follow these Quick Steps

Reviewed by Olisa Samson Ayodele (First Bank Staff)

“Chaos at Bank Premises!” This is a subheading in one of the Techcablal’s articles. And unfortunately, First Bank isn’t an exception. But you might wonder, why are Banks hosting these mammoth crowds? The need for an account-a new Bank account! 

Post-Lockdown, First Bank’s banking halls across the nation have witnessed an upsurge in how people open bank accounts. With this recent development, the long queues seen could make social distancing unobtainable. For that reason, First Bank has come up with quick and fast access for customers and potential customers to open Bank accounts at their home’s comfort. How can you go about it? 

Pictorial illustrations accompany the following steps. Hence, you can follow it up until the very end of the process. Let’s start! 

Quick and Simple Ways to Open First Bank Account

Step 1: Dial the code

Code: *894*0*242376#

Step 2: Follow the on-screen command

After dialing the code, you will be asked to choose either to “Open with BVN” or “Open without BVN.”

first bank

Step 3: Complete the Process

By following the on-screen command, you will keep selecting options that suit you best. If you select 1, “Open with BVN,” the next option will be:


If you select 2, “Open Without BVN,” the next option will be: 

Then, keep on selecting options that fit into your details. 

Note: After completing the whole process, to obtain your ATM Card, visit the nearest branch. Also, when visiting, try to visit very early. Never forget to wear your face masks or face shield

If you have any question, feel free to ask using the comment box.


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