Where to Buy Face Masks in Nigeria? 9 Amazing Stores

Do you want cheap and quality face masks in Nigeria?

You are at the right place.

This article highlights the best stores that sell cheap and quality face masks in Nigeria.

The list below reveals nine different online stores to buy face masks in Nigeria. 

Additionally, the list of face masks below ranges from N95, surgical face masks, Ankara face masks, colored disposable, and washable face masks.

Yes, I’ve got you the right store to purchase face masks at the comfort of your home.

So, below are the 9 quality stores where to buy face masks in Nigeria

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These are the 9 Stores Where to Buy Face masks in Nigeria


If you’ve asked for the price of an Ankara face mask in Nigeria, you’ll find an answer here too. 

Prices of goods qualified might continue to change with time.

Therefore, it is best to check for the final confirmation. 

Also, I earn no commission from these websites.

1. Green Safety Limited.com.ng

Green Safety is a reliable and safety company that specializes in all forms of safety gear. 

It also deals with a variety of nose masks. 

These are the current offers they have:

  • Face mask is ₦2,500 per pack and ₦60,000 per carton I Buy Now
  • Discount on bulk purchase
  • To make your purchase, use the chatbox. 
  • Also, there is discount on bulk purchase.
  • They offer varieties of nose masks.
  • The price is negotiable.
  • Quick response 
  • Response is really swift.

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2. Cleaneat.com

Cleaneat is an incredible online market store that hosts a lot of vendors daily. 

And interestingly, it is also home to a variety of nose masks.

It’s even a quick store for those who want a pack of face mask in Lagos.

These nose mask for sale in Nigeria include: 

Disposable Nose mask

It protects you from droplets and dust. The price is dependent on the quality you crave:

Other Types 

These include Designer nose masks and face shields. 

  • They are always online. 
  • They have related articles on face masks that are informative and educational. 
  • Delivery can be a bit delayed if you don’t reside in Lagos.

3. Knoxxequipment.com

Knoxx equipment is one of the leading firms in Nigeria, where consumers get their desired PPE.

And just like the websites mentioned above, it’s also one of the places to buy masks in Lagos. 

It offers face masks at a fantastic price. 

Some of the types of masks they offer are:

I. N95 Surgical Masks:

Each box comes with 20 pieces, and it’s sold for ₦25,000. 

It’s recommended for agencies responding to COVID-19 and hospitals.

II. Disposable Face Masks:

A pack of 50 pieces is sold for ₦5,500. And that’s a fantastic price!! 

  • Buyers can make a bulk order inquiry
  • You can read a full description of each mask
  • Delivery might delay if you aren’t based in Lagos.

4. Assetpharmacy.com

As an online pharmacy store, it carves out a niche in supplying face masks to consumers.

Its sale of face masks is only limited to N95 respirator masks. 

N95 face mask in Nigeria:

It Filters particles smaller than 0.1 Microns and comes with a unique three-panel design. 

You can be confident of protection from droplets and more. 

A single N95 Face mask costs ₦1650. 

  • They offer quality masks.
  • You are opened to various items, from medicine and treatment down to health and tips and advice.
  • Delivery might delay if you aren’t based in Lagos. 

5. JiJi.ng

JiJi.ng, another brilliant option for you, takes you off limits! 

Unlike some online stores with a minimal variety of nose masks, this online store offers an array of options. 

Also, the availability of different buyers gives you the liberty to choose a price comfortable for you. 

Some of the varieties of nose mask offered by this online store are: 

Reusable mask:

With the use of disinfectant, it can be reused as long as you want. 

There are different kinds of reusable mask, and some of them are:

  • Re-washable face mask. 
  • Washable Reusable Anti-air Pollutant

Disposable Nose masks:

Popularly known as surgical nose masks, they could be found in cartons and packs. 

Medical and Others:

These categories include medical, 3M face masks, 303 face masks, and Ankara Nose masks. 

  • It’s straightforward to find almost any type of nose mask you want.
  • You are more likely to get one that fits into your budget. 
  • Being an online market for all kinds of vendors, you have to pay attention to dealers to avoid being scammed. 

Never make payment before delivery. Insist on the POD (Pay on Delivery service) 

6. Jumia.com

If you aren’t a newbie shopping online, you’d agree that this is one of Nigeria’s top-rated online shopping sites.

Even though you might not get all types of face masks on this platform, Jumia is home to lots of surgical face masks.

Below are also prices of surgical face mask prices in Nigeria and other types of face masks. 

Surgical Face Masks

Due to different sellers, there are price variations. For instance:

  • A seller sells ten pieces for ₦3,900, while another sells ten pieces for ₦4,500
  • Some sell 50 pieces for ₦17 000 while others sell the same 50 pieces for ₦13,000
Bottom line:

It’s subject to the dealers and their discounts. 

  • They offer varieties of nose masks.
  • You have access to varying discounts. 
  • The return policy has limitations. 

Free return is only within a week and nine days (15 days) for Jumia Mall products. 

Also, for other eligible products, it’s only for a week.

7. Toolz.ng

Toolz.ng is a spot to buy face masks in Nigeria.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has made this online store a host to many consumers seeking cheap and durable face masks. 

There are varying types opened to you based on your needs. These are:

3M Respirator Masks:

It protects your nose from dust and filters the air you breathe in. It’s being sold in packs. 

A pack containing 20 pieces goes for ₦2,562.


This type also protects your nose from dust and helps filter the air you breathe. 

However, it does more!

It can also protect your nose from fume and gas. Each mask is sold at ₦922.50.


This nose mask performs the same tasks the RENYAN NP 303 does.

Per mask, you can get it at ₦710.00. 

  • They offer different varieties of nose masks.
  • If you reside outside Port Harcourt, delivery will be a bit delayed.

8. Safetynigeria.com

Safety Nigeria is a reliable source for consumers that are seeking cheap protective masks. 

Options open to you include masks for biohazard protection and full-facepiece respirator masks.

Listed below are the different type of nose mask this online store has to offer:

I. Face Masks FF2:

Designed primarily for protection against biohazards, in a box, you have 20 pieces.

II. 3M 6900 Full-Facepiece Respirator Mask:

As a product made from thermoplastic or silicone elastomer, respiratory protection is guaranteed. 

  • They offer different varieties of nose masks
  • There is 70% off on all their products 
  • You have access to a full description 
  • Ability to chat and make full inquiry 
  • Prices aren’t displayed on the website 

9. Gibadi

Gibadi gets you industrial face masks. 

Making our list of where to buy face masks in Nigeria, you can get a wide variety of face masks to choose from. 

This store also has some masks of high quality to offer to the public.

Some of the nose masks Gibadi has to offer are:

3M 6200 Half face Masks:

This half face mask reusable respirator is recommended for any type of industrial work.

  • Each mask goes for ₦4940.0

Vancouver Half Mask:

This mask is said to be manufactured from a flexible and durable thermoplastic rubber. 

It is also designed to reduce pressure when breathing and provide comfort for the wearer.

  • It only costs ₦6,370.65
  1. Vienna Full Face Mask:

Designed with a breathable fabric, Vienna’s full mask will help reduce pressure when breathing and offer great comfort.

  • Each mask is sold for ₦35,901.45
  • It offers massive discounts on bulk orders
  • Easy return 
  • Secure payment
  • When you subscribe to their newsletter, you get ₦2000 off on your next order. 
  • There are lots of sellers, so you have to consider safety when making a purchase. 

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5 Reasons You Should Buy Face Masks Online

You could think:

Why make my purchase online when I can walk to any nearest store?

While that might seem a good deal, you’d find online purchase more rewarding and the best option.

Check these explained reasons:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Social Distance Adherence 
  • Inexpensive 
  • Value for Money 
  • Stress-free and Availability

1. Trustworthiness

In China, for example, more than 30 million counterfeit face masks have been confiscated. 

Some illegitimate manufacturers penetrated the market to sell counterfeit masks to local stores. 

It’s even disheartening to watch the video of some women who re-washed disposable face masks!

Evading these illegitimate producers who have wedged into the market is possible.

That you can do when you make your purchase online.

You can run a background check of the online seller you want to buy from.

This will assure you that you are buying from a reputable firm.

2. Social Distancing Adherence

When you leave your house to a local store to purchase face masks, what happens?

You limit your adherence to social distancing.

Thus you heighten your risk and your family. 

Interestingly, using the service of an online store will limit your risk. 

Ordered face masks will be delivered at your doorstep.

This will give you the privilege to avoid large public gatherings and limit exposures.

Of course, you need to wash your hands before and after receiving your order. 

3. Inexpensive

The majority of local stores or offline stores would hike the price.

They often do when the masses are at their mercy. 

What a sharp contrast to the use of online services!

Take, for instance, costs are made public. 

As a result, price comparisons can then be intelligently made. 

They also present you with an avenue to compare online prices.

You can compare an online price with any reputable local shop you find around. 

Thus settling for the best price is guaranteed.

In an event where the cost of delivery seems expensive, use their local store with strict adherence to social distancing.

However, if you weigh the price difference, and it’s insignificant, settle for an online store.

Conclusively, some of these stores that solve your puzzle on where to buy face masks in Nigeria have coupons. 

You can use those codes to buy in bulk and get discounts. 

4. Value of Money

This is a reminder!

If you are sure of the manufacturer your online store gets its face masks from, you are convinced of the value. 

It doesn’t get better!

To maintain their relevance and retain their reputation, many online sellers are conscious of what they sell. 

If they fail, their loyalty and brand reputation suffer. 

5. Stress-Free and Availability

As COVID-19 continues to sweep across the whole world, hospitals and local stores will struggle to have this protective gear in surplus.

There will be low supplies.

The ones made will not be fast enough to match up with demand locally.

Solving this insufficiency is simple. 

Just move to any online store that has it available and place your order. 

Your delivery gets to you in the stipulated time.

And finally, you can’t even close your eyes off the less stress that comes from online shopping.

So, what’s our summary of where to buy face masks in Nigeria?

Final Thoughts

More states keep urging their citizens to wear face masks each time they are outdoors.

Would you still want to search for where to buy face masks in Nigeria? 

I doubt it!

With this exhaustive list, you should get what you want!

Additionally, you’ve also known where to buy a nose mask in Lagos. 

However, there is a caution! 

If you stumble across the stock of face covers, don’t be greedy; only get what you need.

Alternatively, you can purchase in bulk for yourself and donate to any neighboring hospitals. 

Or those who are first responders battling with the shortage. 

Or you could even direct them to the site where they could get too. 

It shouldn’t skip your mind that constant touching of your face and exposure to crowded areas will defeat and render your face masks useless.

You should also learn the right way to don (wear) and doff (remove) your face masks.

Have you decided to make “homemade face masks? 

There are lots of guides on the internet that can put you through. 

There are lots of ebooks that can assist you in making that purchase too.

If you are getting a washable mask, learn the best ways to wash and care for it. 

Do you know someone who is searching for where to buy face masks in Nigeria? 

Do well to share this piece with them.

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