9 Global Online Stores to Buy Face Masks Plus FAQ

The exponential increase of Covid-19 cases has prompted WHO to recommend the need to buy face masks. However, with the lockdown implementation in most countries, visiting local stores might be difficult.

But that can’t be said of online stores. In fact, they are still the best option for smart people.  

The list of the online stores below provides you with the right spot to make your purchase, thus limiting your exposure to a public gathering. 

The services of these online stores aren’t just confined to a particular region or country; it’s worldwide! Sounds nice, huh? Yes!

And at the end, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions on face masks.


To know why you should purchase face masks online, five reasons are explained in the last subheading of this article. 

9 Online Stores to Buy Face Masks

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1. Amazon.com

Won’t I be right to call you an alien if you aren’t familiar with Amazon? Lol! If you’ve read that Amazon initially started as an online store that sells books, and that now, you can get almost anything you want on it, you read well! Interestingly, it’s a spot for face masks too.

They have varieties of nose masks to offer to the public, and one of them is:

1. Disposable 3-Layer Protective Masks


Made from a high-quality non woven material, it’s fluid resistant, latex-free, and offers high breathability. 

10 pieces go for $13


  • They offer a wide variety of nose masks.


  • Shipping might be delayed depending on the region you live in.

2. DHGate

Yes, this is the most prominent Chinese B2B (business to business) online store. They offer numerous items within the range of beauty items, apparel, electronics, nose masks, and more.

Some of the type of nose masks DHGate has to offer is:

I. K-pop Mask

This reusable nose mask is manufactured from cotton, and it serves as a dust filter.

The minimum order for this nose mask is 20 pieces. 

20 pieces sell from $ 0.8

50 pieces sell from $0.73

II. Face Mask with Breathing Valve

The breathing valve in these nose masks helps to reduce pressure, which makes your breathing more comfortable.

The minimum order for this mask is 30 pieces. 

30 pieces sell for $6.34.

52 pieces sell for $5.78.


  • The larger the quantity you purchase, the cheaper the price.
  • They offer a wide variety of nose masks.


  • No significant cons.

3. Newegg.com

This global online store is well known for the computer hardware and electric gadgets they sell, but they have many types of nose masks to offer.

Some of the variety of nose masks they have to offer are:

I. Disposable Protective Masks

It’s a three-layered mask; it filters the air you breathe in from bacteria and dust. A pack contains 50 pieces.

A pack is sold at the rate of $25.

II. Mask with Nose Bridge Strips

The stripes on the masks allow the smooth flow of air into your nostrils. A pack contains 200 pieces.

A pack is sold for $12.99.


  • They offer a wide variety of nose masks.
  • Instructions are provided on how to use the nose masks.


  • The customer is responsible for shipping and custom fees.

4. Aliexpress

You can find all sorts of goods in this online store ranging from electronic gadgets to furniture. Nose masks are also not excluded.

Some type of nose masks this online store has to offer is:

I. Disposable Medical Masks

These three-layered nose masks have the following features: anti-droplets and anti-dust. 

A pack of it contains 20 pieces.

A pack of this nose mask is sold for $17.35.

II. Dust Respirator Protector

As the name states, this nose mask is very efficient in filtering the dust from the air you breathe in. A pack contains 20 pieces, and it’s sold for $12.45.


  • They offer a wide variety of nose masks.


  • They offer cheap shipping services.
  • Poor delivery service.

5. Thompson tee 

Globally known for the hydro shield sweat barriers features in the clothes they sell, this online site also offers masks that are only exclusive to cotton masks.

Cotton Mask

Unlike the other mask mentioned above, this mask is made of good old fashioned cotton material.

A mask is sold for $5.99.


  • The masks can be washed and reused.


  • They don’t have varieties of masks.

6. Radianjeans

This online store sells different types of jeans, just as the name depicts. Incredibly, they also sell washable cloth face masks.

I. Washable Cloth Face Mask

This mask is made from Jersey fabric and a blend of cotton and polyester.

A pack contains 5 pieces, and it’s sold for $25.


  • The nose masks can be washed and reused.
  • They come in varieties of colors.


  • They don’t have medical benefits.
  •  They aren’t FDA approved.

7. Los angelesapparels.net

This is an online clothing store that is based in Los Angeles. The nose masks they offer are only exclusive to 3-pack cotton masks.

I. 3-Pack Cotton Mask

It has two straps to be worn at the back of the head and the other to be worn at the nape of the neck. It’s sold for $30.


  • It’s washable and reusable
  • Instructions on how to use the nose masks are given


  • The masks aren’t medically treated.

8. Sockfancy

Well, the name of this online store should give you a hint as to what this online store offers. Luckily for us, they also sell nose masks.

One of the nose masks sold here is:

I. Adult Face Mask-Scooter Blue

They offer triple-layered protection and protect your face from droplets.

They are sold for $12.


  • They come in different colors.
  • They are washable and reusable.


  • No medical benefits.

9. Jack and Mulligan

This online site offers accessories and bags and has vowed to donate a portion of its proceeds to the CDC emergency response fund.

5x Reusable Mask is the type of mask they have to offer.

I. 5x Reusable Mask

They are made from high-quality fabric and are sold $50 per pack. A pack contains 5 pieces.


  • They sell reusable masks, which are economical. 


  • No medical benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Use of Face Masks

buy face masks

A lot of questions bother potential users of face masks and even those who have started the usage. Do you have any questions you are seeking answers to? Check below, you might find them. 

Q: What is the Meaning of Universal Masking?

A: It means that if able, everyone should be on a mask when outdoors. Of course, there are exceptions. Children under two, folks who have difficulty breathing, or those who can’t take off the mask without the assistance of a caregiver shouldn’t wear. 

Q: What Type of Mask can I wear? 

A: The medical-theme or medical-grade masks, like the N-95 or surgical masks, should be reserved for health officials, especially during this critical time.

As a result, the cloth mask is recommended for other individuals in the community. Of course, there are abundant tutorials online where you design masks, even without using a sewing machine. There are also tutorials on the use of everyday items to make face masks. This includes materials like t-shirts and bandannas. 

Q: When Should I wear Fabric Masks

A: Each time you have to leave your home for a public setting. For example, when going for a grocery store, pharmacy, gas station, or other essential services, you must wear your mask. Also, if you are interacting with someone outside your apartment, wear a mask.

Q: Will Mask Wearing Prevent Covid-19? 

A: Masks don’t guarantee complete protection against Covid-19. So while it’s on, you must keep practicing other essential preventive measures. 

Q: If wearing masks doesn’t guarantee full protection, why don?

A: Recent studies have shown that the vast majority of those infected with Covid-19 are often asymptomatic, and they have the tendency to transmit the virus to others even before they show symptoms themselves. 

Thus, wearing a mask will contain your respiratory secretion and help prevent infecting others. Also, a mask will prevent you from touching both your mouth and nose, which are easy access of the virus to the body system. 

Q: Should I wash cloth masks? 

A: Yes! It must be routinely cleaned with soap and water. 

Q: How do I safely remove my used Face masks

A: When removing, be careful not to touch your mouth, nose, and eyes; wash your hands immediately you remove. Follow some removal techniques here

Q: What exactly is a homemade face mask? 

A: It is a mask that is composed of double layers of cotton that cover both the nose and mouth. It can also be a scarf that has elastic ties. 

Q: Is the homemade face mask the same as the respirator?

A: No! They don’t offer the same level of protection the way the N95 respirator or a surgical mask would. However, they will help reduce the transmission of viruses from a positive person to a negative person. Homemade face masks aren’t intended for use in the health care center. 

Q: Why is the cloth face mask recommended instead of a medical-grade?

A: Simply put, N95 respirator and surgical masks, should be reserved for medical first responders and health workers. 

Q: How do face Masks Work? 

A: It prevents the mist or spray that naturally, are expelled from the mouth and nose from being transferred to other persons or surfaces. The mask should completely cover a person’s mouth and nose. 

Q: Are face masks a better alternative to social distancing? 

A: No, they are not. They aren’t to be substituted for social distancing. They are to be used while adhering to social distancing. 

Q: Must I wash my hands frequently when using face masks? 

A: Yes! When you are wearing a face mask, it might make you touch your face often. Each time you adjust your mask or touch your face, wash your hands. 

Q: My nose feels irritated by the mask. What can I do? 

A: In a situation where you are suffering from nasal irritation, you will find a humidifier helpful. The humidifier will provide relief from dryness and nasal irritation by infusing warmth and moisture to the air delivered by the bilevel system. If you are treating a patient, consider doing the same thing. 

Also, you can apply nasal oil to help you prevent dryness. 

Q: I woke up with a sore nose or face marks as a result of the face masks, what can I do? 

A: If your face covering leaves on your face marks or you experience soreness, you’d need to check if you aren’t strapping it too tight. If it is, follow the guidelines to improve the fit of your mask or the seal of the mask.

After applying these tips and if it persists, then use either Gecko nasal pads or SoftWraps. The Gecko nasal pad is a convenient soft strip that is put across the nasal bridge to help limit the occurrence of facial sore, skin irritation, reduce masks leak, and give maximum comfort. For the SoftWraps, they are refreshing cloth padding that halts the slipping of the patient’s masks and reduces the appearance of the strap masks.  

Q: My Eyes Keep Watering. What can I do? 

A: If the mask is leaking, it will lead to soreness of the eye. This often happens when the mask isn’t sealed accurately. For suggestions on how this can be rectified, please check here. 

Q: Which is Better? A full-face mask or a nasal mask? 

A: We are all different! For full-face masks, they cover the face more, while the nasal masks cover less. It comes to preference and the type of masks that fit the person’s needs. 

Full face masks are a perfect option if a patient suffers from nasal congestion or wishes to breathe via the mouth when sleeping. When deciding one for a patient, you’d do well to consider some factors like facial hair, facial anatomy, or whether they are claustrophobic or wear glasses. 


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