Where to Buy Hand Sanitizer Online: 8 Online Sites

Like the listed online stores where you can purchase face masks, below is a list of eight shopping websites where to buy hand sanitizer online at a lower price.

After these, I’ll analyze some vital points about hand sanitizers that families should be able to learn to help you make the best use of your sanitizers.

Where to Buy Hand Sanitizer Online: 8 Online Sites

1. Amazon

Amazon is one great choice to purchase your hand sanitizers. Based in the United States, this online shopping site provides a variety of health and household items, including hand sanitizers. 

The following is a list of various types of hand sanitizers that can be purchased on Amazon:

  • Aloe Vera Hand Purifying Gel. This hand sanitizer is made from pure, eco-friendly, natural ingredients. It’s endowed with constituents potent enough to rid your hands of various forms of viruses and bacteria. It also can moisturize your hands.

            8 Fl Oz / 236ml goes for a discounted price of $18

  • Antibacterial Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer. As an Alcohol-based sanitizer, you can be confident of protection from Coronavirus and other deadly viruses. According to the World Health Organization, Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are specifically more efficient. They kill germs and bacteria efficiently. 

             1 Gallon by 128 Fl Oz / 3785ml goes for $50

  • Beauty Advanced Hand Sanitizer. This is 70% Alcohol-based and, therefore, an excellent product choice. 

             A pack of three goes for $39; each one sized 12 Oz / 354ml

Note: There are many other types of Hand Sanitizers on Amazon.com. You can also purchase DIY books for homemade hand sanitizers on Amazon.


· Returns are available.


· Nice customer service.


· Restocking fee may apply to returns.

· Shipping takes 2 to 3 days.

2. eBay

For your online purchase of hand sanitizers, eBay is an excellent online store to stop by. Their health care section provides the sale of various hand sanitizers from renowned brands. Goods on eBay are shipped from countries such as Germany, Australia, China, and the UK with their headquarters in the United States. They have a variety of hand sanitizers for sale.

A few of these are:

  • Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer. This type of hand sanitizer is non-sticky and effective. An added advantage is that it can sanitize not just your hands but also surfaces such as your phone, laptop, and door handles. Note also that it is 67% Alcohol-based. 

             It goes for $14.79 per 300ml bottle

  • 5 Litre Antibacterial Hand Wash. This is another Alcohol-based hand sanitizer on eBay. It comes with empty bottles sized 10 by 250ml with pumps for ease of use. If you have a family, this would be a great choice because of its large quantity. Just share the liquid in the empty bottles, give each family member a bottle, and everyone is good to go!

              The price ranges from $25.50 to $120.52

  • Hand Cream. Various hand creams are also available on eBay for sanitizing purposes. Prices range from $10 to $15, depending on the seller. Remember, the shipping fee will eventually be added.


· Varieties of products are available.


· Bad refund services.

· Bad customer service.

3. AliExpress.com

Based in China, with loads of products for sale, this online retail service sells hand sanitizers to buyers home and abroad. Being a business coalition in various countries, you can purchase hand sanitizers in your currency on AliExpress. 

Examples of hand sanitizers available on this site are:

  • Disposable Quick-dry Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer. This type is made especially for children but may also be used by adults. 

             It goes for a minimum price of $1.03 apart from the shipping fee.

  • 55ml Rine-free Hand Sanitizer Gel. This type is 75% Alcohol-based and remains efficient for 36 months. 

           The minimum price is $6.30


· Payments on delivery are allowed.

· Easy payment process.


· High shipping fee.

4. Cleaneat.com

Cleaneat.com is one of the biggest online suppliers of cleaning products in Nigeria. Currently, hand sanitizers are part of their hot selling products, both wholesale and retail. You definitely won’t go wrong buying from this online store. 

Some of the hand sanitizers on their site are:

  • Kidz-Klenz Hand Sanitizers. This is a pocket-sized hand sanitizer that can be easily carried around. It dries a few seconds after application, so you do not have to worry about it being sticky.
  • Sanigel Hand Sanitizer. This brand of hand sanitizer is available in 500ml and 1-liter sizes. It is Alcohol-based and works fast.

Note: Due to the current fluctuations in market prices in Nigeria, the cost of hand sanitizers on Cleaneat is not displayed on the site but can be gotten by contacting them on Whatsapp via 08032225662.


· They have a reputation for excellent quality services so you can trust their products.


· No refund for sale items.

5. Andremax.com

Established in 2004, Andremax is one of the leading trading companies in Poland, Europe. Though they have limited variety of hand sanitizers.

But you have access to these:

  • Alcohol Disinfectant Portable Home Sanitizer. This hand sanitizer formula contains Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, leaving the skin soft but not sticky.
  • Aquason Hand Sanitizer Gel. Aquason Hand Sanitizer Gel meets recommendations for highest hand antisepsis. When applied, it moisturizes your hand, leaving you with a soft, pleasant feeling.
  • Other types available are Purell Hand Sanitizers, Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizers, etc.

Note: Prices for goods are not listed on Andremax. You can chat up the customer care service to make a price inquiry. No worries, it’s not such a long process.


· Claims low prices.


· No wide variety to choose from.

6. Konga.com

If you are a Nigerian, you are not new to this site. Konga offers sales of many products such as electronics, mobile phones, fashion items, and – our point of interest this time- hand sanitizers. 

Some of the types available on the site are:

  • Alcohol Hand Gel Sanitizer.

             Available on konga.com for NGN2 000.

  • Hand Sanitizer Automatic Dispenser. This is a battery-operated machine that dispenses hand sanitizer. Suitable for home and office use. 

It goes for a price of NGN20 999.


· Pay on delivery available.

· A Wide variety of options to choose from.


· Delivery is slow at times.

7. Carcareproductsindustry.com

A China-based company known for providing various car care products. Carcareproductsindustry.com deals with the sale of hand sanitizers produced by a trusted supplier who provides about 100,000 hand sanitizers daily. 

Hand sanitizers are available for sale in the following sizes:

  • Hand Sanitizer Gel Portable 50ml
  • Hand Sanitizer Gel Portable 100ml
  • Hand Sanitizer Gel 250ml, 450ml, 500ml, 1L and 5L


· You can buy large quantities at a time.

· Multiple sizes are available.


· No variety of products to choose from.

8. Newegg.com

Ranked as one of the best online shopping sites, newegg.com is another beautiful store for your hand sanitizers. Though based in North America, they have a global reach throughout Europe, South America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. 

Few of the hand sanitizers available on the site are:

  • 2Pcs 60ml Antibacterial Sanitizer

             This moisturizing, disposable hand sanitizer goes for $15.89 only.

  • 5 Bottles 30ml Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

              Five bottles of this go for $19.09


· Free shipping for US residents.


· Some sanitizers have limited time offers.

Hand Sanitizer: Essential Points to Guide Your Usage

As indicated above, it’s a recommendation by the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization that hand sanitizers be used. So, it is undoubtedly what you should consider using for emergencies, and perhaps traveling to a region where you wouldn’t have quick access to soap and water.

But does that make hand sanitizers more effective than soap and water? No! Soap and water are still by far the most effective in removing germs. Furthermore, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are capable of inactivating several types of microbes when correctly applied. 

However, hand sanitizers have limitations. For examples, hand sanitizers may not be useful in getting rid of greasy and visible dirt. And the reason isn’t far fetched. Several studies carried out on hand sanitizers show that they work pretty well in clinical settings like hospitals, where workers come in contact with germs but not necessarily grease or oil. Also, further research has even suggested that hand sanitizer might not work well in combating some types of bacteria. 

Therefore, when one’s hand is heavily soiled because you handled fish, worked in the garden, played sports, or camping, using hand sanitizer might not be sufficient.

It is also noteworthy that hand sanitizer might not be efficient in dealing with harmful chemicals like metals and pesticides. 

Now, what should guide your usage? When applying hand sanitizer on your hand, pour the product to one of your palm and then rub the constituents all over the surface of your hands until you attain a dry side. 

Alternatively, you can learn the best way to apply it via the container’s label. What you will learn will be the right amount to be applied and all the procedures that must be adopted. Remeber, when you use hand sanitizer well, it adds to its effectiveness. 

Have you read about people consuming alcohol-based sanitizer? This isn’t advised. Because swallowing it can lead to severe complications. Why? The ethanol-based sanitizers can lead to alcohol poisoning if more than the tolerated amount is swallowed.

If you are a parent, you need to be watchful. Why? Statistics from 2011 to 2015 show that poison centers receive almost 85,000 calls concerning exposures within children. Children are very likely to swallow scented hand sanitizers, attractively packaged and brightly colored containers. For that reason, hand sanitizers must be stored out of the reach of kids. And if your child would need to use them, it must be with adult supervision. Both adults and young should be disallowed from swallowing them. 

Ultimately, while protecting yourself from coming in contact with COVID-19, you shouldn’t endanger your life or that of your family. 


Post Covid-19 will undeniably mark the community use of hand sanitizers. Why? Many would have found out that beyond fighting Covid-19, hand sanitizers can prevent germs and other harmful bacteria. Which will therefore keep them safe. 

The guide that was written too should have exposed you to how best you can use hand sanitizer. What’s more? Even while you would need to make it a point of duty to use hand sanitizer, be sure to practice social distancing. Coupled with that, you can stay safe and transition into a post-COVID-19 era healthily. 

Do you have any questions? Please, feel free to ask? Is there any other website you know that isn’t mentioned, and you would like us to know about, please feel free to add them in the comment section.

And again,  please, stay safe! I love you so!


I am a writer and lover of Nature. I dumped my Diploma to pursue writing full-time. I major in writing organization and hygiene tips! As long as you are willing to learn and implement, you can stay organized, enhance your general outlook, and ward off infections with my tips.

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