How to Prepare Your Child For School Resumption: 16 Ways

I’m excited that you want the best resumption for your kids. Interestingly, the following tips on how to prepare your child for school resumption will make that a reality. 

With many schools resuming amidst Covid-19, your usual preparation pattern for your kids will experience a drift. 

With that understanding, the first nine points in this article is centered on preparing your child for resumption during Covid-19. 

After that, the next and final seven points highlight important tips every loving parent mustn’t neglect as their kids resume. 

Let’s kickstart now by examining the first nine tips on how to get your kids ready for resumption during covid-19.

Phase I: Nine Tips on How to Prepare Your Child For School Resumption

1. Investigate What’s Happening in the School and Community

You first need to figure out your kids’ vulnerabilities in their school and the community you reside in or where their school is located.

If cases are rising at an explosive rate, it will be a significant risk to expose your kids to the virus. 


  • Call the school’s authority for proper verification 
  • Get updates on happenings and cases in your local territory 

2. Ensure they get Immunized

Vaccines train your kids’ bodies to identify and fight viruses and bacteria. As a result, it makes it one of the best levels of protection against serious diseases. 


  • If there’s an immunization going on in your vicinity, take them out 
  • Keep up with both local and national news

3. Educate them on How to Handle Face masks

Many adults do not know how to handle face masks properly, needless we talk about children. 

Therefore, you should educate them on how it’s to be worn and handled. 



  • Visit the WHO and CDC website to watch and read articles on face masks best handling practices 
  • Practice proper handling with kids

Check these online shops to purchase face masks. 

4. Educate them on How to Hand Wash

Your kids’ health matters not to them alone, but to the entire family. Let your kids learn the best way to wash their hands.


  • Visit WHO and CDC website to watch and read articles on handwashing best practices 
  • Practice proper handling with kids
  • Buy them sanitizers
  • Educate them on how to use hand sanitizers

Check these online stores to purchase hand sanitizers. 

5. Buy More Fruits

Fruits are affordable ways to strengthen your kids’ immune system. Never miss out on that. 

If you have the resources, make them eat fruits daily. If you are on a budget, let them take it three times a week. 


  • Buy varieties of fruits 
  • Let it be eaten before meals 
  • Add it to the food flask 
  • Visit cheap stores to buy in bulk.

6. Monitor Your Child’s Temperature

It’s possible to monitor your child’s health at home before they resume. 

If your child isn’t feeling fine before resumption, delay their resumption, and take them for medical treatment. 

Each time they return from school, monitor their temperature. 


7. Entertain Varying Questions 

Your kids, likely as they resume during this pandemic, might have questions for you. 

Questions regarding the use of face masks, hand sanitizer, and social distancing. 

Attend their questions! Remember, this resumption isn’t typical.  


  • Encourage them to ask any question related to staying safe
  • Show your kids how safety is practiced and take the lead  

8. Encourage Speaking up 

Children aren’t immune to Covid-19. Therefore, they have to be informed about things to be on the lookout for. 

It might be about their health and that of other kids around them. 


  • Ask them to speak up when they don’t feel well
  • Ask them to inform the authorities if any of their classmates aren’t feeling fine. 
  • Inform them about common symptoms of Covid-19 

9. Declutter

Make your children’s space ideal for handling assignments and reading. If you don’t have a space in your home, create one.

That space should be distraction-free. 


  • Make it simple and neat 
  • Let it be comfy and inviting 
  • Let them keep it organized before and after use

Applying all these tips on how to prepare your child for school resumption is timely during Covid-19.

Understand your situation before you load your kids for schools. 

Consider your family’s health, especially if you live with senior citizens or someone with an underlying condition.

Consider what’s covered on your health care plan. If you don’t have a primary care physician, please consider getting one. 

Now that we’ve seen how to prepare your child for school resumption during Covid-19, the following tips are supplementary.

Phase II: Four Tips on How to Prepare Your Child For School Resumption

The following four points should be carried out two weeks, or at a minimum, a week before resumption. 

10. Discuss With Your Spouse

A discussion with your spouse generates combined efforts to make everything ready. 

You might inquire from another close family member for single parents if you need inputs to complete your planning. 


  • Things to buy. (learning materials, school uniforms, new underwears, flasks, and other essential needs) 
  • How to adjust your child’s routine.

Adjusting sleeping patterns to blend them well with resumption will be remarkable too. 

11. Call Your Kids Together

That necessitates a family meeting. Get it spiced up this way:

 What to do:

  • Ask for the lessons they’ve learned during the holiday 
  • Ask each one to write an essay on one of the best things that happened to them during the holiday. 
  • Reflect on the resolution they’ve made to work harder in their academics work. 
  • Inform them about the length you’ve gone to make their resumption near-perfect (which includes what you discussed with your spouse) 
  • Ask them what they need for the resumption and note them down 
  • Tell them about the adjustments in their play pattern and study pattern.

When adjusting their play pattern, allow them to sleep more, study more, and play less. During the meeting, talk less, listen more. 

12. Inquire From The School

Though some schools might have handed a list containing all that your child needs to resume, inquiring again, as one of the tips on preparing your child for school resumption, is excellent. 

What to Ask:

  • If there are any updates on requirements and school policies
  • If you couldn’t meet up with a particular demand, you can avail yourself this opportunity to tell and ask if you can use an intended alternative 
  • If your kids made some complaint, you could discuss that
  • The flexibility of their extra lessons 
  • The payment plan that the school approves. 

13. Organize Your List

What a comprehensive list! Now you have the combination of three sources – you and your spouse, your kids, and the school itself. What’s next? 


  • Add all together. 
  • Pick a day to make all the purchases. You might need to go with your kids, surely your spouse will need to be there, or a trusted friend. 
  • Go with a realistic budget after noting all that is needed. Make room for miscellaneous if you have the fund.

You can buy in pairs, that saves you cost. But it isn’t a must. 

Phase III: Three Tips on How to Prepare Your Child For School Resumption

These following points should be effected a few days after the resumption, the day of resumption, and weeks after the resumption. 

14. Cross Check And do Some Works

Yes, you’ve made everything ready. They’ve adjusted to the new routine, and the new study habit has reduced their playtime. But check this. 

What to Check: 

  • Check everything you bought 
  • Check their Readiness for school
  • Leave a note or an artwork on their textbooks, notebook, and assure them, love. 

 You must address any lapses. Do it tactfully!

15. Resume With Them

So should you now wear a uniform and dress up like you’ve been offered admission to your kid’s school?

If you want the fun, yes, you can. But that’s not what resuming with them means. 

 What it means:

  • Follow them to school yourself the first day 
  • Drop updated contact details 
  • If there are any medical issues, inform them, and tell them what to do. 
  • Meet your kid’s friends
  • Offer to meet teachers assigned for your kids, and discuss important points with them 

Do not seek preferential treatments. Just be sincere and honest with your demands. 

Ideally, your request should not be outside what the school stands for. 

16. Be in The Process

For the first few weeks, you will need to be part of your kid’s curriculum consistently. 

Know what they were taught, ask them questions, and help solve a few things if you can. 

You can do better with these tips. 

 How to do it:

  • Assign them an easy task that will allow them time for their school work 
  • Add to their chores during weekends 
  • Allow them to rest, attend to their assignment first before playing or attending to duties 
  • Always ask them how the day went. 
  • Offer them a hug when they are leaving and coming from school
  • Buy gadgets that will enhance their knowledge
  • Buy them candy, milk, and other goodies 
  • Be sure that they are adequately fed. 
  • Make sure that they are always neat. 
  • Help expand their vocabulary and their fluency in English and other languages. 


Even if this isn’t your first time preparing your kids for resumption, it isn’t a crime to adopt new tips featured in this article.

If you do all you can, your kids will enjoy sound health, and your family wellbeing won’t be under attack. 

Moreover, good preparation will result in brilliant results at the end of a each session.

Do you know parents that need these tips on how to prepare your child for school resumption? Please, help us share it with them.


I am a writer and lover of Nature. I dumped my Diploma to pursue writing full-time. I major in writing organization and hygiene tips! As long as you are willing to learn and implement, you can stay organized, enhance your general outlook, and ward off infections with my tips.

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