How to Extend Battery Life: 8 Astounding Traveling Hacks

Many people worry about how to extend battery life when on transit. I do too! 

When I was a teenager, my parents often ensured that my phone was fully charged each time we left home. 

Even with a full charge, my battery would have depleted before reaching my destination. 

Most times, on reaching my destination, I might not get a place to charge my phone. 

Can you relate to this too? 

Then, I’m here with eight tips on how to extend your battery life when on transit. 

Here is a little secret: This simple hack can be applied when you are not on transit too. 

How to Extend Battery Life: 8 Traveling Hacks

how to extend battery life tomvad
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1.Download/ Install Whatever You Would Need Before Traveling

Downloading whatever you would need beforehand is one way to extend battery life.

This will also prevent you from keeping your phone on a 4G or 3G network. 

Instead, you will have it retained on either 2G or Edge to surf the net.  


  • Download files above 150Mb upward before traveling.
  •  Install those files before traveling.
  • If a game requires a network, play it on a 2G network. 
  • Travel with your earphones. 

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how to extend battery life tomvad

2. Reduce the Brightness of Your Screen

What’s unique about this? 

Reducing your screen’s brightness or using the adaptive brightness feature will reduce the amount of power your phone consumes.


  • Activate your phone’s dark mode
  • Set third party apps on dark mode
  • Place your screen on Auto-Brightness
  • Activate reading mode if you don’t have dark a mode

3. Switch Off the Location Service

When switched on, the location service has a map feature.

This map helps you find your way when you’re lost. 

It continually broadcasts your location to Google as long as your location service is linked to it. 

But this service drains your battery!


  • Click on the Settings icon on your phone’s menu. 
  • It will bring out a page where you will see an option named security and location.
  • Click on the option named security and location. It will bring out a page where you will see an option named location.
  • Click on the location option and switch off your location.

When traveling, only switch on your location when needed.

how to extend battery life tomvad

4. Keep Battery Saver Mode on

Perhaps you have been anticipating this point. 

Well, what’s unique about featuring this point here? 

This mode is designed to reduce the performance of your phone to extend its battery life.


  • Activate Ultra power battery saver
  • Update your phone if you don’t have this feature 
  • Allow a few third-party apps to run. One or two is okay.

5. Airplane Mode

Switching on the Airplane mode is another incredible tip on how to extend battery life. 

This is applicable if you’d not be: 

1. Playing a game that requires an internet connection

 2. Surfing the net. 


  • In case of an emergency, only do this if you have two phones.
  • Get a small phone
  • Play light games. 
how to extend battery life tomvad

6. Switch Off Vibrations

Do you wonder what this point is doing here? 

The vibration feature drains a lot of power on your phone. 

Most especially if it vibrates whenever you receive a notification.


  • Instead of vibrations, enable notification light 
  • Place your phone on DND (Do not disturb mode)

7. Charge Your Power Bank

Do you own a power bank? 

Then, you have an additional boost. 

Make sure you charge it before you leave home.

You already know the use. Soft! 

8. Interact With People and Gaze at Nature

Of course, excellent conversations with people will surely make a huge difference! 

It will keep you from staring at your phone throughout the journey. 

Hills, landscapes, waterfalls, and animals are beautiful scenes to capture.


  • Keep a mint to retain a fresh breath. 
  • Be selective to avoid disappointment. 
  • No flirting  
  • If traveling with a friend, offer him or her mint too.
  • Take photographs of beautiful places.
  • Keep an eye on nature.

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Final Thoughts

When next are you traveling? 

Do you find one or two of the tips on how to extend battery life when traveling useful? 

I’m very sure that you want to trash off Boredom. 

Thus you will need your phone to access social media, watch movies, listen to music, play games, and many more.

Even though you will still need to engage in these activities;

You can excellently preserve your battery life when traveling. 

You can screenshot or bookmark this page.

When it’s time to travel, cross-check and confirm if you are all set!

Assuredly, more power will be preserved if you apply these tips. 

Do you have suggestions? 

You can drop them in the comment section; it will be highly appreciated! 


I am a writer and lover of Nature. I dumped my Diploma to pursue writing full-time. I major in writing organization and hygiene tips! As long as you are willing to learn and implement, you can stay organized, enhance your general outlook, and ward off infections with my tips.

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