Without Internet: Check These 10 Amazing Things You Can do

I’ve been without Internet, you’ve been there too – I don’t see you denying this. Undoubtedly, you may have had WiFi cuts out, network providers – though subject to your country of residence, may occasionally trip off.

If you are planning a long trip – on a plane, on a train, or by bus, you obviously wouldn’t have access to the Internet all through the journey. In some developing countries, residents have to manage data volume. Yes! If you can relate with any of these, you may have thought about things to do without Internet.

Honestly, moments without Internet can be annoying, and as some say: It’s lifeless! In a recent nationwide household survey by Jennifer Highland, the research revealed that 68.9% are regular users of the Internet, and 1 out of 8 (13.7%) respondents have difficulty staying off the Internet for days.

Therefore, how could these folks spend their time wisely without the Internet? That’s what this article “10 amazing things to do without Internet” will accomplish.So, what do you stand to gain from the points that will be highlighted? Some points will be:

  • Fun
  • Build your intellect
  • Enhance Your Skills
  • Show to friends and family that you genuinely care
  • Manage Your Time Wisely

Let’s start our trip now – with or without the Internet!

Without Internet: Check These 10 Amazing Things You Can do

without internet
A young man just finished writing thank you notes

1. Compose a Few Thank-You Notes

Either we acknowledge it or not; we get help from friends, neighbors, classmates, workers, and in fact, members of our family. Little help might really get no attention, perhaps due to busy schedule and other things. Therefore, using moments without Internet to send thank you notes will be highly appreciated. 


  • Think about little things you’ve been helped with and write them down
  • Put down the names of those who did them, at least five for a start
  • Compose a different text message and send
Without internet
An interactive session at work

2. Interact With People

This interesting point makes up part of things you can do without Internet. Isn’t this an appealing concept?! A strong interpersonal relationship can enhance your productivity and make you stay happier. Of course, this point is dependent on where the Internet goes off. So let’s see how that can be done.


  • If it goes out at work, spend quality time with your co-worker
  • If it goes out on an airplane, on a bus, or on the train, try to strike a conversation with a stranger sitting right next to you
  • If it happens at home, pick up your phone and call a friend you’ve long spoken with
  • Call your friends and families, including your parents.
Clean Room
A clean Bedroom

3. Clean Your House

Nobody likes a dirty environment; we all want our room, toilet, and kitchen to always glitter. Sadly, we don’t often measure up to that may be due to procrastination or busy schedule. Since this makes up things you can do without Internet, how can you do it?


  • Take a good look at your house
  • Note places you hardly clean, clean them one after the other.
  • Tidy up your room, bedroom, and lounge
  • Dust your electronic gadgets
  • Do any other things related to cleaning
Reading Book
A young woman reading a book

4. Read Books

Recently a Quora user asked a question of how did Elon Musk Learn so Much? A user explains what Elon himself said. Elon said you could learn a lot when you invest time in reading books and interacting with others. And that is one of the reasons why he is intelligent.

What can you learn from this, reading books as one of the things to do without Internet is a great way to boost your intellect.


  • Think of any book, hard or soft copy you have, and you haven’t read, start to read.
  • If you don’t have, meet a friend or a neighbor who has and ask that they send to you.
  • Do you recently purchase or collect a book from a friend, spend your time reading that


5. Sleep or Relax

Taking a break off the screen and giving yourself quality sleep is indeed one of the fantastic things to do without Internet. A lot of people nag about fatigue. So, if you sleep or relax, especially in the evening, when the Internet cut off happens, you will wake up fresh.


  • If you discovered that it’s been a long time you clutched on a quality sleep, then sleep
  • If you stay alone, keep your home calm and sleep
  • Take a bath, most times it speeds up how soon you sleep
  • Are you finding it hard to rest, relax and write down a few notes (you can even update your to-do-list)

6. Create Time to Meditate

Each time you meditate, what you set to accomplish is injecting or infusing long-lasting benefit into your life. Creating time to meditate lowers your stress level, we get to understand our pain, we connect better and enhance how we focus. No wonder it’s part of the things to do without Internet.


  • Find a quiet place and think about your progress in life
  • Meditate on plans you’ve made and how well you are working at reaching them
  • If you are religious, meditate on your relationship with the creator, meditate on the holy scriptures you read a long time ago.
  • Meditate on how you can best lead a good life

7. Read Articles Offline

We rarely get time to read articles we bookmarked. It still all boils down to busy schedule and forgetfulness – this time around. You may have stumbled on an interesting article on cooking, drawing, making money, building new skills, about technology and many more, and the next thing you did was bookmarking. But wait, have you checked back on any of those pages? This is a golden opportunity to do that.


  • If you want to relax, read up those offline pages
  • Ensure that you have plenty of bookmarks, so you don’t run out of offline articles to read
  • To be organized, you can delete the ones you’ve read or keep the link in your notepad
You too can be a Chef

8. Improve Your Cooking Skills

Sure, without the Internet, you would not be able to place a food order online. Either you are a chef or not, you can spend this time to enhance your cooking skill – both for chef and newbies. Everyone around you deserves a sweet delicacy, and you can do it, little wonder it’s making the list of things to do without Internet.


  • Think about a particular meal you’ve been willing to cook – I’m sure you will have the cooking procedure saved offline
  • Check your cookbook and try something new
  • Make a call if you need clarifications
  • Guide against aiming for perfection


9. Exercise 

The benefit of regular exercise can not be overemphasized. Using the few moments of no access to the Internet to exercise is an excellent idea. You might be uncertain of what form of exercise to do.


  • Whatever makes you sweat, do it
  • Run around your compound and do push-ups
  • Run errands
  • Explore outdoor activities

Note: if you need to build packs and muscles, use the gym center, or devote time daily

10. Play Offline Games

Games are incredible ways to build our intellect. They are a structured form of play. And they encompass a wide variety of niches. There are video games, puzzles games, board games, educational games, and many more


  • Have more offline games on your phone than online
  • Invite friends to play with you, or you visit them
  • Play for fun
  • Be moderate, set time for yourself, and stick to it.


Aren’t they amazing things to do without Internet? Surely they are! I’d advise that you keep alternating them, so you don’t get bored. Also, it pays to have a to-do list of what you would do if you have an internet cut out or you are managing your data volume. One thing for sure is that we all want to be productive. All these things to do without the Internet will assure you that.

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