6 New Fitness Tips: How to Stay Healthy Everyday

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You’d have read a lot about fitness tips and staying healthy. Especially, if you aren’t a newbie when it comes to using the internet as a tool for staying fit. But how often do you come across fitness tips that only tell you what to do and would not show you how to do it?

Well, if your situation isn’t far from this, this post is for you. It will not only highlight quick fitness tips, but will explain realistic ways to practice it.

I’ve limited it to only six, so it can be easy to learn and remember. Also, some of the tips are what should be done every day, while some could be done once a week.

6 New Fitness Tips: How to Stay Healthy Everyday

1. Hydrate Properly

Staying hydrated isn’t only beneficial for your brain. It prevents dry mouth, it enhances cardiovascular health, it helps your body attain moderate coolness, keeps your skin supple, cleanses your body, and assists your muscle and joints to function better.

A whole lot to gain from drinking water, isn’t it? So, how do you keep up with staying hydrated?

Smart Fitness Tips:

● When you wake up, before anything else, reach out for a glass cup of water.
● Before your meal, thirty minutes to the time, drink a cup of water, and thirty minutes after, take one too.
● During the day, drink water – either you are doing strenuous work or not.
● Target drinking a minimum of eight glass cup of water each day.
● On sunny days, take more.

Bottom line: Purchase a quality water bottle, always keep it close to you. Let it be filled with water. When working, keep it on your desk or beside. When going to bed, hold it by the bedside. Over time, you will cultivate a good habit of staying hydrated.

2. Don’t Sit for Too Long

Comparing professions that require standing and walking and sitting together, U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that jobs that require standing or walking are 61.0%, while 39.0% are jobs that require sitting. If your job involves standing or walking, fine, but you still have to learn a few things here.

However, if your job requires sitting for a prolonged period, you are running a high risk of health issues; It hurts your heart, it can shorten your life, you have a high chance of having diabetes, and you will gain excess weight.

If your work requires you to sit for a long time, does that mean you should switch job? No! After all, I don’t have one to offer you, nevertheless, there are practical fitness tips and tricks below.

Smart Fitness Tips:

● Take a stroll around the office (it’s applicable if you work from home too)
● Touch your toes often, stand up and stretch a couple of times a day.
● When you are receiving or making a call, stand up.
● After lunch in the noon, walk a few minutes.
● During weekends, enjoy outdoor activities; that way, you will not be lured to sit for long.

Bottom line: If your profession requires sitting for long, don’t toil with these tips. Embrace them and apply them.

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3. Watch Your Calories

Calories aren’t bad for your health. They are good! But when consumed in excess, it can mean danger. Do you want to make healthier choices; be conscious of what you eat. This rule applies to your consumption of calories.

Taking too many calories will lead to stress on your body; it can increase your risk of type 2 diabetes, cancers, and heart diseases. Therefore, what can you do to watch your calories intake?

Smart Fitness Tips:

● Use MyfitnessPal to track your calories- your intake and set weight loss goals.
● Shun Foods that are high in fat and sugar.
● Make Calories Intake Equal calories output.

Bottom line: Use calories counter often; it helps you keep track of your calories intake. If you own a smartphone, MyfitnessPal is easy to use and self-explanatory – for both old and young.

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4. Incorporate a Good Sleeping Habit

Let me ask you this: How many hours of sleep do you get each day? Fewer than 7 hours? You are setting yourself for a truckload of health issues ranging from stroke, early death, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, fatigue, and depression.

I understand that there are lots of tasks you need to attend, lots of deadlines to meet, demands, and many more. But here are simple things you can incorporate to have at least 8 hours of sleep every day.

Smart Fitness Tips:

● First, agree that health is wealth
● Practice going to bed the same time every night, weekends inclusive:

– If you work from home, set an alarm system, thirty minutes to your sleeping time so that you can start suspending what you are doing and then prepare yourself for bed.

-If you work for an employer, practice regular sleeping time, don’t get distracted, be disciplined. Set the alarm for sleeping and waking

– If you are a student if you have to read in the midnight, sleep early. During the day, make up for the lost hours.

● Create a cool and dark sleeping environment
● Turn off all electronic gadget before bed time
● If you find it hard to sleep early, read a book until you fall asleep finally
● Don’t eat 2 hours before sleep time.

Bottom line: Ensure that you get quality sleep, nothing less than 7 hours each day. The fact is, if you do today, the benefit awaits you tomorrow.

5. Eat Healthy

Are you a regular fan of quickie-mart? Or do you regularly invest in junks? Then, you are indirectly increasing your consumptions of fat, calories, and other unhealthy ingredients. So, what do you do to avert this?

Smart Fitness Tips:

● Instead of taking juice, sugar or soda, drink water.
● Eat more fruits; start with the readily available ones. Examples are Banana, guava, oranges, pineapple, cucumber, watermelon, and apples. Ensure you consume more fruits at least twice in a week.
● Don’t take whole milk. Feed on non-fat milk
● Cook at home instead of buying outside.

Bottom line. Plan a cooking time and stick to it. Fill your house with foodstuff and cook regularly. Substitute Maggi with natural seasonings. If you aren’t good at cooking, learn or hire someone to help you. When you cook food yourself, you are saving money and needless expenses.

6. Regular Exercise

When you make a movement that makes your muscles work and let’s you burn calories, it’s called exercise. There are many of them. Regular exercise can make you feel happier, it aids in weight loss, reduce risk of chronic diseases, and helps the brain and memory. Below are simple ways to adopt an excellent exercise routine.

Smart Fitness Tips:

  • Add ‘Regular exercise’ to your to-do list.
  • Make it flexible. Each week, review your activities and fix the day it will be convenient for you.
  • Set a reminder a day to the picked day.
  • Prepare your gears ahead. It will motivate you.
  • If you have close friends around, invite them.
  • Don’t over do. When you are tired, relax and go home.
  • You can use your compound for the exercise if you don’t have the fund to leave your vicinity.


These are fitness tips for men and women. To attain these, it requires self-discipline. Additionally, you must admit that your health is worth more than any money you could ever have.

Besides, at first, it might seem complicated, but over time, you will get adapted to this pattern, and will even want to look for more ways to adopt a healthy lifestyle. I hope to hear you say in the future that, “I’m delighted I tried all I could to lead a healthy life.”

Do you have contributions or questions to ask? Using the comment section is easy and straightforward. Your points will be favorably addressed!

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  1. When I read the first step, I carried my Bottle and drank water.
    When I read the fifth step, i smiled, because I’ve been able to replaced magi with crayfish, locus beans, powdered ginger and garlic.

    Thank you so much tomvad!
    Ride on!!

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