10 Tips on How to be an Organized Person

You can be an organized person! But hold on, have you ever found yourself putting off work for days or even weeks? Did it get so severe that they become a mountain of tasks making you feel overwhelmed and ultimately leading you to say: “I’m not organized?!” Even if no one calls you that, that’s the title you’ve given yourself. Hey, don’t beat yourself, you are far from alone. I’ve been a victim, and believe me; I hate that feeling. Oh! Should I even tell you a small secret? Okay, what birthed this article was the victory I had. 

No doubt, you find it a struggle to avoid procrastination and staying organized. But it’s amusing that even though we know that benefits come from staying organized, and even at times we are envious of people who are organized, we just end up finding it hard to stay organized. Well, that has to stop!

At this stage, you are probably thinking: “So, you are relating tips that helped you? Yes, you are so on point! You can trust what you’ll read below – practical tips that have helped me. 

But there is a warning: Staying organized requires effort, it’s no magic or superpowers-enabled trick. To that end, we’ll examine practical tips that can help you become an organized person; they are all tested and trusted. So, how about a relaxed ride now? Let’s go!

How to Get Organized: Tips on How to be an Organized Person

tips to be an organzied person

1. Set a Reminder

Here’s a great tip for staying organized! Often times, we end up being disorganized because we forget some tasks at the appropriate time and by the time we do remember, it piles up with other tasks. It’s always an excellent excuse: “It slipped my mind.” But here is a savior: “Setting a reminder can rescue you out of this.” 

Tips on How to Set a Reminder as an Organized Person

  • Set a reminder on your phone or other appropriate devices as soon as you remember something.
  • Include clearly the task you want to accomplish in the label of the reminder.
  • Set a reminder immediately you remember the task, regardless of what you are doing at the moment.

Note: If a task comes to your mind when you are busy and currently unable to handle it, set a reminder. This will bring it back to your mind even if you forget later. That way, you can avoid procrastinating, piling up work, and last-hour rush.

2. Have a to-do List

We all know what a to-do list is. It is the list that includes things you have to do for a short time, mostly daily. Yes, this is an effective tip to be an organized person. Writing things down manually or electronically, is a way of remembering things externally. What’s more? It makes it easier for you to accomplish tasks since it involves a breakdown of proposed activities.

Tips on How to Create a to-do-list as an Organized Person

  • Break down lengthy work into smaller tasks and jot them down.
  • Arrange your list in the order you want to carry out activities.
  • Instead of trying to keep important tasks and dates in your head, write them down.

Note: While making a to-do list might be easy and even fun to do, sticking to it is another thing entirely. No worries, the tips in the following points will help you ensure the effectiveness of your to-do list.

3. Be Realistic

Being realistic involves brutal self-honesty. Whether you are setting a reminder, making a to-do list, or trying out any other point, it would all be in vain if you are not realistic. For example, planning to wash plates, wash clothes, arrange the room, and do some reading before attending a 10 am class might only get you very disorganized in the end.

Tips on How to be Realistic as an Organized Person

  • Keep in mind the time rate at which you carry out tasks while making plans for a particular span.
  • Do not overfill to-do lists and schedules.
  • Consider tasks that you find interesting and those you don’t and plan accordingly.
  • Include time for rest in your plans.

Bottomline: Each time you make a plan, take a few seconds to be honest with yourself. It would help to ask yourself before closing a schedule: “Does this look like something I can do?”

4. Create Schedules and Deadlines

Time is of the essence when it comes to being organized. Therefore, a time-based plan of events would go a long way in helping you get organized.

Tips on How to Create Schedules and Deadlines as an Organized Person

  • Make realistic daily or weekly schedules and stick to them.
  • Set realistic deadlines.

Sidepoint: If you find yourself extending deadlines because of flimsy reasons, you might try this: make consecutive plans each with deadline such that missing a deadline would affect the next plan. That will move you to work harder to meet the deadlines.

5. Spill Over

Due to unforeseen occurrences, you might sometimes be unable to complete activities that you scheduled for a day, no matter how hard you try. It doesn’t have to get you back to being disorganized, though. Consider the tips below.

Tips on How Execute Spill Over as an Organized Person

  • Check your list at the end of each day to know if there are any spillovers. (Set a reminder that will remind you to examine your list at the end of the day)
  • Instead of starting your to-do list with new tasks the next day, start with tasks you couldn’t accomplish the previous day.
  • Start new tasks only when you are done with spillover tasks.
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6. Arrange Things

A key to getting organized is properly arranging things that you use. This makes it easier for you to grab them when you need them, prevents cluttered spaces, prevents home accidents, and in turn, makes your tasks faster and more enjoyable. 

Tips on How to Arrange Things as an Organized Person

  • Create spaces that are easy to access for things you use frequently.
  • Label spaces where you keep things.
  • Return things to their place after use.
  • Rearrange stuff, including your schedule, regularly.

7. Shed Off Responsibilities

Some people are disorganized not because they don’t have a schedule or to-do list but because they are just too busy. When activities keep spilling over and over, it makes your schedule unrealistic, and you might fail to enjoy the fun that comes from having a smooth schedule. Although, that is where being realistic comes in. Well, here is what can help: Shed off some responsibilities.

Tips on How to Shed Off Responsibilities as an Organized Person

  • Check through your to-do list and delegate some tasks to other people.
  • Cancel out unnecessary activities.

8. Back-ups

Being imperfect, even some well-thought-out plans might flop. Once again, this does not have to make you disorganized. A backup plan can come in any form. But below are some tips that can make you get a nice backup. 

Tips on How to Create Back-ups as an Organized Person

  • Have a plan B when making essential plans.
  • Keep trusted friends that can fill in for you in case of a disruption in the plan.
tips to be an organized person organized person

9. Duplicates

Being organized should reflect in all facets of life. Files, certificates, even photos are essential documents, and your being organized would reflect on how safe they are. Do you remember where you have your essential files saved? How about other books you have? Let’s see how you can accomplish duplicating. 

Tips on How to Create Duplicates as an Organized Person

  • Back-up computer files.
  • Make duplicate copies of all critical hardcopy files.

10. Self-discipline

Alongside being hardworking, self-discipline is one quality that will help you apply all the tips above. It is not an inborn quality; it must be cultivated. You might say, “these are good points.” Yes, I know, and that’s why I’m revealing them to you. But without self-discipline, all the above won’t work. 

Tips on How to be Self-disciplined as an Organized Person

  • Ensure to remove all possible distractions.
  • Ask friends for help.
  • Change your mindset
  • Analyze the benefits


As mentioned earlier and from the tips above, becoming an organized person requires effort. But it is not impossible! Learning and practice will help. Now that you’ve learned, do well to practice, and gradually experience the benefits that come with being organized. The inner satisfaction that comes with finishing tasks with a smile on your face is something too good to miss! The inner peace and joy are something you shouldn’t toil with. 

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