How to Deep Clean Kitchen: 6 Simple Ways

I already assume that you are among those responsible and diligent individuals who appreciate hygiene. 

Before we go on, I’d love to start with a disclosure:

I have sometimes struggled to keep my kitchen clean.

But right now, I’ve won the battle, and that’s why I’m delighted to unveil these tips. 

So, you can trust these tips I’ll be revealing on how to deep clean kitchen.

Firstly, I’ve done extensive research.

Secondly, I hope you remember what I said, “I’ve won the battle.” 

Therefore, you are getting a mixture of detailed research and personal experience.

Each point is in sequential order. Also, they come with tips.

So, I present to you the six tips on how to deep clean kitchen below:

Explaining the 6 Tips that Discussed How to Deep Clean Kitchen

1. Take Off Items

All items from your baking and cooking cupboards, refrigerator and freezer, storage cupboards, drawers, and other heavy appliances.

Then, place them on a table or countertop. 

What to do

  • Clean the freezer, cupboards, and drawers with soapy water and a towel. 
  • Start with the freezer and refrigerator first. 

Hint: Use different soapy water for each. If you wouldn’t mind, use this kitchen cleaner

An empty fridge ready to be cleaned to contribute to how to deep clean kitchen
An empty fridge ready to be cleaned

2. Clean All Items

As soon as you are done cleaning the freezer and others, switch on to the table and countertop.

This is where you have the items.

Start cleaning these items, this time, using a dry cloth. 


  • Check labels before you clean so you can toss off expired items.
  • Use airtight containers to store flours and other cooking staples.
  • Clean items separately. 

3. Keep it Minimal

Before you return your items to their rightful spot, ensure that the cupboards and drawers are dry first.

Also, take a look at those items and discard or gift items you no longer use. 

  • Keep like items together.
  • Group items and keep frequently used items within reach.
  • Find a place to keep heavy ones – it could be inside the store or somewhere you choose.
  • Place cooking utensils (tongs, spoons, spatula, plates, etc.) alone on the counter or cabinet
  • If you don’t have space for rarely used items, discard, dash, or sell.

4.Clean Other Appliances

It’s not time to relax!

Other appliances like microwave, dishwasher, oven, stovetop, and small countertop appliances need to be cleaned! 


  • Wipe them down both inside and out 
  • Refer to manufacturer’s instructions to carry out self-cleaning
  • Polish any appliances that need to be polished 

5. Clean Sinks and Countertop

You may have clutter on your countertop due to the items you excluded earlier.

Also, your sink might even be messy. 


  • Use kitchen cleaner to get rid of dirt from the countertops
  • If you’d not mind, polish the countertops  
three brooms on the floor
Brooms- One of the common tools used in most African homes to sweep

6. Clean Floors

I’m certain that your freezer, cupboards, drawer, countertops, and sinks are now in good shape.

Finish it up with your floors. 


  • First, sweep the entire floor 
  • Take off movable furniture
  • Then, mop the floor using any effective floor cleaner, paying closer attention to sticky stains. 

Yes, that’s the phase one tip on how to deep clean kitchen!

But how do you ensure that your kitchen stays clean always?

So that you don’t have to go through all the stress of deep cleaning all the time? 

I’ve outlined those tips on how to keep kitchen clean while cooking below. They also come with pictorial illustrations.

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How to Keep Kitchen Clean While Cooking

1. Clean First

Sometimes, on dropping the ingredients that I want to prepare in the kitchen, I immediately turn on the gas.

But I’ve learned that it isn’t ideal. 

Therefore, have the mindset that as you enter the kitchen, the first thing to do is to clean the kitchen.


  • Return things to their rightful place
  • Sweep the kitchen
  • Have the mindset to start work only when everywhere is clean
  • Start your cooking
Key Note

Starting with a clean kitchen will motivate you to keep the kitchen clean.

Specifically, after each use, because you will have less work.

If you are a mother and have kids, do these:

Tell your kids beforehand to keep the kitchen clean before your arrival.

Or, before you come to the kitchen to start cooking. 

Spoons and plates in the bowl

2. Clean While You Are Waiting

Do you know that every chef will always have some free time?

It’s fine that I’ve added it to one of the tips on how to keep the kitchen clean as you cook.

How you utilize the free time is what I’m emphasizing.

What can you do? 


  • When waiting for a pot of water to come to a boil or food to get cooked, clean.
  • Put off cooking utensils that you are done with, wash, and return to their original position.
  • Start washing if you have dirty dishes.
  • Clean up the spill immediately.

Don’t stand around, don’t go and sit back in the lounge watching a movie or pressing your phone.

If one of your kids is with you, let her do the little cleaning.

Washing A Blender After Use
Washing A Blender After Use

3. Clean as You go

Aside from used items like plates and utensils that you should wash as you go;

It is also an ideal move to return each appliance to its actual place.

So, do not leave things that aren’t meant to be on your counter on the counter.


  • Only return when you know there wouldn’t be a need for use.
  • Clean the cabinets so you will be able to return appliances to the cupboard.
  • While returning, be sure to place them back to their ideal place.

If you are attending too many duties, ask your husband (do it politely) or your kids to help you out.

Don’t forget to make use of the word “please” if you want help.

A Trash Bowl
A Trash Bowl

4. Invest in a Trash Bowl

It’s not hygienic to leave thrash littered on the counter.

But when you don’t have a Trash can, the floor and the cabinet might turn out to be one.

Thus leaving your kitchen unkempt.

Do the following:


  • Peel directly inside the bowl
  • Keep the thrash bowl on the cabinet as you cook
  • Wipe spill inside it
  • Dispose of as soon as it gets filled up

A thrash bowl isn’t the same as a dustbin.

The function of a thrash bowl is to collect fresh thrash, so you can collectively pour them inside the dustbin.

Of course, your house should have a dustbin outside the home.

5. Keep a Place For Everything

Do you know what this means?

It means that you should have tags for things.

Thus, you won’t have to misplace things or move items away from their rightful place.

To attain simplicity, these are things that need to be done.


  • You can keep a plate for things that don’t need refrigeration
  • Keep utensils on one end of the kitchen
  • Label each spot in the cupboard to keep each item

Teach this to your kids and everyone around you.

That will save you from yelling about how your kitchen is messed up. Lead by example!

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Kitchen Cleaning Reminder
Kitchen Cleaning Reminder

6. Set Time And Date for Cleaning

There is power in having a to-do-list; it helps you become an organized person.

However, you might consider not to add some to your list.

But for the sake of your family members, reading this schedule might gear them up to prioritize a clean kitchen.

What should you add to your list?


  • Wash plates and pots immediately after cooking and eating dinner so you can wake up to a clean kitchen.
  • Sweep the floor every morning and before you start cooking
  • Clean the burner quickly after cooking
  • Have set dates for more detailed cleaning- during weekends or at the end of the month.
  • Comprehensive cleaning could include washing of the windowpane, mopping the floor, the walls, and others.

If you have kids, don’t hesitate to assign dishwashing duties and explain how it is done.

If you don’t have, design a schedule that is flexible and fit for you.

Final Thoughts

If you apply these tips on how to deep clean kitchen, what do you think the result will be?

Happy cleaning!

I’m glad you’ve also learned how to keep kitchen clean while cooking too.  

I’m pretty sure these tips will inspire you always to always keep your kitchen clean and neat.

They are easy to learn.

Moreover, if you have any tips you’d love to tell the world, feel free to use this comment section to reveal that.

Welcome! I’m Trust. I’m a writer, public instructor, and mobile photographer. I’m passionate about an organized and productive life and have keen concern for folks living with ADHD and those having a slow processing speed. Join me on this journey as we live an organized and productive life!

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