10 Stunning Tips to Maintain Your Clothes

Do you change your wardrobe, weekly, monthly, or yearly? If you are like many, it’s quite hard for them to do a complete revamp of their wardrobe, they have no fixed time, so they only add a few clothes when they have funds to spare. If this describes you, it’s best to maintain these present ones you have. If you change clothes often, a little maintenance isn’t a bad idea at all!

No matter how much you spend on clothes and how often you do, it is vital to consider how to maintain them! After all, you would want your clothes to look as good as new for a long time. The good news is, you need no extraordinary products or lengthy processes to achieve this. To keep you right on track, this article will consider ten practical tips to help maintain your clothes. 

10 Stunning Tips to Maintain Your Clothes 

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1. Fold Clothes Appropriately. Clothes should be folded along the seams. Doing so not only maintains the shape of the cloth but also prevents unwanted creases. That way, you can grab on a dress to wear without fear of it being rough.


  • Schedule to fold clothes at a comfortable time and not when you are in a rush.

2. Wash Clothes the Right Way. It is vital to wash clothes the right way. Clothes differ in size, texture, and style, and so do their washing methods. Most clothes come with washing instructions on their tags. If you stick to these instructions it will go a long way in maintaining your clothes.


  • Turn jeans and other dark clothing inside-out before washing.
  • Wash clothes in groups based on color.
  • Wash clothes less frequently.

3. Learn Basic Repairs. Missing buttons, loose seams, worn-out zips might be inevitable sometimes, no matter how well you try. Learning to restore clothes to good condition after such minor problems will save you some bucks and adds to its longevity.


  • Get a simple sewing kit.
  • Watch online videos that teach necessary repairs.
tomvad maintain your clothes

4. Iron Appropriately. Ironed clothes look good and, of course, neat. Ironing, however, puts clothes at risk of being burnt or becoming yellow. Like washing, clothes has to be ironed appropriately.


  • Use the correct heat level for clothes (check label you will find it)
  • Use steamers in place of irons.

5. Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals. Most detergents contain harsh chemicals that can shrink, fade, and damage clothes. Such harsh chemicals also have adverse health effects. 


  • Use as little detergent as possible.
  • Read labels before buying a soap.
  • Preferably use a bar or liquid soaps.

6. Dry Clothes Effectively. Not everyone is aware that not all clothes may be dried in a dryer. It wears the clothes quickly!  Interestingly, cloth tags often contain this information to guide you in treating your clothes right.


  • Read cloth labels before drying.
  • Invest in a clothesline or clothes rack; it doesn’t cost much, but it would save you a lot of money.
tomvad maintain your clothes

7. Practice Good Hygiene. Simple as it may sound, practicing good hygiene goes a long way in preserving your clothes. It keeps clothes clean and in better condition. 


  • Bathe daily.
  • Wear deodorant.
  • Wear proper underwear.

8. Plan Your Outfit According to Your Outings. Wearing the right clothes for the right even is essential. For example, if you know a friend’s  wedding anniversary is likely to get messy with drinks, it would be a bad idea to wear your expensive suit or your costly lace gown to that occasion.


  • Plan your outfits ahead of an event.
  • Avoid the trap of showing off your expensive clothes at every opportunity.

9. Dress After Your Hair and Makeup. Research shows that Men’s clothing appears more neat than Women’s over time. Why? Because women use a variety of cosmetics and makeup, which could stain and fade clothes. Same with hair dyes and hairsprays. 


  • Do your hair and makeup before getting dressed.
  • Buy a robe to wear while going about your routine.

10. Fasten Zippers and Buttons. Sharp zipper teeth, press studs, and buttons from one garment can catch on to others while being washed or stored and inflict damage. The zipper itself could also break or damage the drum of your washing machine.


  • Zip your zippers and buttons
  • You could opt to handwash clothes with zips.


Granted, no article of clothing can last forever. However, doing your best to maintain them would add at least a couple extra years to their life spans. Given that, apply the tips above, and your clothes would last a lot longer than before.

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