16 Simple Games For Special Needs Adults

Adults with special needs can find simple games that are fascinating and not complex.

This article will take you through the best simple games for special needs adults! 

These games are fun activities for physically disabled adults and are excellent for educators and parents. 

Our list also contains active games to play with special needs students, perfect for teenagers and children.  

So, pick the best on this list and have fun with it!

PS: Please, note that I earn no commission on any of the games mentioned.

13 Simple Games For Special Needs Adults: Explore them Now

1. Jenga

Download Jenga Here

Jenga is premium fun. It’s a game for everyone!

This simple game is suitable for those between six to sixty (6-60+) years of age.

The fundamental of Jenga is universal and goes beyond cultural barriers.

Jenga is a game with a stack of blocks.

Players take turns removing and balancing a block on the top of the stack.

Genevieve M is competitive by nature.

She recalled an experience when her uncle and aunt challenged her to a game of Jenga.

Her feeling? 

She said: ‘I was super excited. We crowded around the tower as each member took turns. Although I lost, the game helped me bond with my family member.’

How much fun would you have with Jenga?

She said: ‘Jenga is the most intense game I ever played. I enjoyed every move!

Happily, most of the reviews about the Jenga game center on the fun that comes from stacking, arranging the pieces, and knocking them down.

Players do not have to take this game seriously.

It works on excellent coordination and motor skills simultaneously.

2. Thinkfun Roll and Play Game

Download Thinkfun Roll & Play Here

This simple game is especially great for adults with cerebral palsy. 

Jamie Sumner has a son who has cerebral palsy, and he admires this game so much!

Jamie added: ‘My son and his brothers and sisters can play this game very well despite language limitations.

This simple game also involves little activity.

It comes with a large plush square having varying colors on each side. 

Players would toss the square and then draw a card off the pile in any color that lands up. 

What does the card from Thinkfun Roll and Play Game teach? 

It teaches counting, colors, body parts, animals, and emotions – the most valuable lesson!

Amazingly, this game isn’t competitive.

It’s just about cruising around to show off what you’ve got. 

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3. Twister

Play Twister Spinner Here

Do people still play Twister? Absolutely yes!

Bre Rivera said: ‘I played the game as I kid. And I bought it for my kids. It’s a game they really love.’

As for Rebecca Freitas, she said: ‘It was priceless to watch my 2 yrs old play this game!’

Twister is a fantastic option for adults and even children with special needs.

Why Play the Twister Game?

  • Offers many excellent learning opportunities for mastering colors and left and right.
  • Effective for body awareness and balancing
  • No complex rules that could make the game less fun or frustrating. It’s simple!
  • It’s a simple game that will get everyone involved.

Get the official rule for playing Twister Game here!

4. Candy Land

Get Candy Land Game Here

Candy Land is a game you’ll love.

While it’s a popular game among children, adults are also consumers!

Quoting Samira Kawash in an article for the American Journal of Play, Samira said: ‘Parents are the true consumers of Candy land.’

Hence, Candy Land isn’t only limited to children.

It’s one of the excellent simple games for special needs adults. 

To progress with every move, Candy Land makes players depend on colors.

As a visual game, it’s sweet for those who struggle with counting and math!

5. Kerplunk

Play Kerplunk Online 

This simple game is a long plastic tube requiring players to thread thin sticks through.

The moment all the sticks are through, players can pour a bunch of marbles down the tube to allow them to rest on the sticks.

Players can take turns pulling out the sticks.

The winner is anyone with the minimum amount of marbles in the section.

You can play Kerpunk many times in a row while you keep it fun and enjoyable.

6. Dungeons and Dragons 

Play Dungeons and Dragons Here

While this game is over forty years old, it undoubtedly sucks players in. 

Why should adults with special needs play Dungeons and Dragons? 

It teaches role-playing and fantasy better than any other game. 

Children with special needs can solve the problem of thinking figuratively. 

Since the games draw the player in and unimaginably stretch their imagination, players can quickly forget that it is just a game.

7. Hungry Hungry Hippos

Buy Hungry Hungry Hippos Here 

Hungry Hungry Hippos is an amazing one for fine motor skills.

This simple game is engaging and fun and can be played 10 times in a row and not lose any desire to play it.

8. Card Games for Adults with Disabilities

Do you find it hard to find simple card games?

Not to worry. Here’s a list of simple games for special needs online:

You can play these games right away without downloading them. 

These easy games are more engaging and visual for players with a disability or special needs. 

It’s best for those who struggle with numbers and have difficulty processing small shapes and all information on a traditional deck of cards.

9. Don’t Break The Ice

Download Don’t Break The Ice Here 

I’d rate “Don’t break the ice” on the same scale as Hungry Hungry Hippos!

It’s about hitting things. It’s excellent for working on fine motor skills.

It’s also incredible for building hand strength because you must return all the pieces to the frame after each round.

10. Memory Card Games

I’ve read so many comments about card games.

And from personal research, everyone loves card games!

Hence, board games for disabled adults are a fun option for folks searching for simple games for special needs adults.

Card games come in different themes.

Thus, you’ll undoubtedly find themes correlating with your interest.

Whether dinosaurs, superheroes, or Disney, adults with special needs will find something motivating and exciting!

11. Bananagrams

Play Banaagrams Online

Many adults would remember how this simple game made it on each car trip. 

Bananagrams got their name from their size and their banana-shaped carrying case.

While reading about the game, an online user said: 

‘I love the case that I begged to use for my pencil holder.’ 

If you want it for kids, anticipate a reaction like this.

How does one play Bananagrams? 

Form many words from the tiles given faster than your opponents to empty all your tiles. 

And to the most amazing part: Yell “Bananas! once you form all the words with your tiles! 

That might get you thinking: “Isn’t this like scrabble? Yes! It is, but with fewer rules. 

Kids with disabilities can practice spelling without less struggle with holding writing materials. 

They will just sort the letters and keep moving!

12. Rory’s Story Cubes

Play Rory’s Story Cubes Here

Those with special needs often find it challenging to think outside the box or creatively. 

With these little cubes, the fun is here, and the pain is gone! 

To play, players need to simply roll the cubes and then come up with an exciting story based on the picture that comes up. 

This easy game improves literacy, fosters teamwork and cooperation, and can even be played alone. 

Interestingly, even while playing it alone, you can get addicted. 

13. Zingo 

Play Zingo Here

Pre-readers and readers can turn to Zingo for reading, language, and matching skills. 

Players are encouraged to match words and pictures to their challenge cards. 

The Zingo game is played through picture cards. 

Once Zinger dispenses tiles, players are required to race to be the first with a complete card. 

The player with the complete card yells: ‘Zingo.’

Today, Zingo is one of the best and leading activities for special needs adults at home. 

3 Simple Games Suitable for Students With Special Needs

1. Connect Four

In January 2023, JTaylor, from the United States, commented on Connect Four. 

Her comments are both fascinating and motivating.

Regarding Connect Four, she said: 

‘I completely love Connect Four. It took a while to connect how to play because I didn’t play as a kid. But right now, I beat my kids often time!’

The youngest of my son plays it excellently; I find it hard to beat her. My husband has several tricks. Hence, he can win many times.’

In her concluding remarks, she said: 

‘We needed it for our home.’

To keep working on motor skills, Connect Four is a simple game to pick!

Connect Four, as a classic game was released in the mid-70s. 

Its primary objective is to find the first person to connect four discs with identical colors next to each other diagonally, vertically, and horizontally. 

What is the Benefit of Playing Connect Four?

  • It builds basic math and problem-solving skill 
  • Presents an opportunity for detecting patterns 
  • Allows players to plan – That process of looking for 4 discs to connect
  • Build prediction skills 
  • Learn from experience

How to Play Connect Four?

  • Choose a color, then take turns in dropping colored discs into a vertically suspended grid.
  • The Pieces go straight filling the next space within the column 
  • Create four colors in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. 
  • Prevent your opponent from having 4 in a row by putting the disc in.
  • The moment the winner has CONNECT FOUR, players can pull out the slider bar to release all the discs and start the fun again.

If a person with a disability can play it the “right” way, that’s awesome, but if they just want to have fun picking up the pieces and dropping them down the shoots, that works too!

2. Trouble

Trouble isn’t troubling. I hope that’s comforting. Lol.

It’s undeniably peg-popping fun! And it’s recommended for people between the age of 5 – 15.

You probably are wondering: Why name a special needs game “Trouble?”

I’ll get it for you.

Trouble is a fun-filled game. It helps work on counting skills and sprinkle some fine motor skills too.

A user identified as CantStopShoppin agrees that the Trouble game is a whole lot of fun!

He added: It’s a simple game to play, and players will never lose the dice!”

You’ll like to hear this about Trouble: The dice in the popper have numbers on them, better than the traditional dots, making the game accessible.

This makes it pretty easier to count all the dots each time it’s your turn.

3. Cranium Cariboo 

To build social skills and teamwork, Cranium Cariboo is a simple game for folks with disability. 

Within ten to fifteen minutes, players can learn shapes, colors, numbers, and even more. 

This they can do as they pass the key and then match pictures to take all the treasure balls. 

It has kids and adults versions. 

The version for young ones is set on a tropical island.

Hence, you will be taken to the Caribbean and then hunt for gems or treasures. 

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What is the Value of Board Games?

Board games are excellent for color recognition, hand-eye coordination, counting, visual perception, manual dexterity, letter recognition and reading, and shape and number recognition. 

Board games are excellent for adults with disabilities. 

Board games are classic games that promote therapy goals like exercise goals, motor tasks, and learning goals too.

What To Consider When Searching For Board Games For Those With Intellectual Disabilities

When seeking the best simple games for those with special needs and disabilities, you need to consider several factors.

  • Adults with Physical Disabilities – If you or a loved one is limited with a physical disability, Twister won’t be the right fit. 

If you do, it might make what should have been an enjoyable game become a frustrating one that saps the player’s happiness.

Adults with cognitive impairment do not need games requiring reading, counting, or math operation.

Play games that require hands and are more visual.

This introduces fun and increases engagement.

Hence, it’s best to review your loved one’s condition and get them the best simple game for their need.

  • Get creative with the game – Think about your loved ones more than the game you are searching for them. Think just about the game that will match their wants.

That’s the best way to take advantage of the right simple games that come your way.

This helps them have more fun and achieve their goals.

Final Thoughts 

I love simple games! And adults with special needs need it more than any other person. 

Simple games help people connect and bond with people with logical thinking and abstract idea. 

Hence, it is vital to let your child plays with them.

And adults with needs need it the most. 

With this list of 16 simple games for special needs adults, your folks can enjoy the fun that life brings again!

Welcome! I’m Trust. I’m a writer, public instructor, and mobile photographer. I’m passionate about an organized and productive life and have keen concern for folks living with ADHD and those having a slow processing speed. Join me on this journey as we live an organized and productive life!

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