Top 60+ Resources for ADHD: Help for Adults & Students

We’ve got you the top 60+ resources for ADHD!

These are the best resources for ADHD adults and resources for ADHD parents. And here’s a thrilling fact:

“Parents and teachers with kids, teens, or students with ADHD can successfully address the condition through education!”

By tapping into the wealth of the best and most updated online resources for ADHD in this article, adults, students, parents, and teachers will get the correct remedy.

Of course, obtaining this information can be challenging.

Thus, this article is written in seven sections to help you find the solution you need most.

Call this piece exhaustive? You deserve a medal!

The Best 60+ Resources for ADHD Adults and Students

Below are resources to help adults and students with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder:

A. Videos

You’ve got a fantastic start!

Videos, TV shows, Documentaries, and Movies are the top resources I love sharing with parents, adults, students, and teachers.

Visual aids help both young and old to process information efficiently and help with memory recall.

So, here’s where your trip starts.

What videos can a teacher or parent find valuable for addressing ADHD?

They are videos that explain more about ADHD and, most importantly, with respect to college students and young adults!

We’ve embedded the links to the videos for easy picking.

1. How ADHD Affects Adults— Not Just for Kids (A documentary)

This documentary helps students and adults with ADHD dismiss the idea that they are alone. They’ll find out that lots of youths struggle with ADHD.

Lasting over 40 minutes, this video debunked many famous beliefs about ADHD.

Enjoy it and share it with others!


2. How to Explain ADHD

This video presents teachers or parents with a brief yet impressive understanding of the condition.


3. Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is one of the rich resources for ADHD. It is light, exciting, funny, and has the right combination of humor and drama for adults and students with ADHD.

While it’s a long series, you’ll meet the character Stiles living with ADHD. This will help you see yourself and glue to lengthy series.

Also Read: 29 New ADHD Organization Tools

4. Adults, How Is Your ADHD Brain Different?

This is more than a question! This animated video provides clarifications on the Brain of an adult with ADHD.


5. Juno

This movie is centered on a little girl unable to keep quiet. The little girl also struggles with changes happening in her life. She’s impulsive yet clever.

And as a student, you’ll be able to relate to her situation.

6. More about ADHD 

You’ll find videos at CHADD as far back as 2017 explaining ADHD in its simplest form. While this video is a whiteboard animation, you’ll enjoy the clarity and simplicity.


7. Helping College Students with ADHD

This video is over an hour. For students with ADHD, it might be a bit challenging. However, you can divide it into sections or parts.


B. Best Books for Parents and Students with ADHD

Books are helpful resources for ADHD students and adults. And interestingly, there are many resource-rich books about ADHD published by organizations or individuals.

Do you struggle to read from cover to cover? Some lists of books in our references are available in audio files. Thus, you can listen to them as you go.

1. ADD Stole My Car Keys

Love a funny non-fictional book designed in a strange but great duet of ADHD specialists or a comedian? The book is perfect for students. 

The language used is lively and funny. But, most importantly, it helps manage the disorder, helping patients overcome some of the side effects of the condition.

Want to learn about the condition? This book serves as a perfect guide!

2. Taking Charge of ADHD

This book is written by Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D. It offers a detailed account of ADHD symptoms, how it’s diagnosed, and practical advice on the best strategies for students and parents.

3. It: A Novel

Get the Book Here

Stephen King is noble for crafting complex yet unique pieces powerful to stay in people’s memories for a long.

It’s a cast about Richie Tozier. You’ll meet Richie Tozier, who displays all the signs of ADHD. 

And as soon as you meet him, you’ll undoubtedly recognize him. There’s more about Richie that will make you enjoy the plot. Check it out!

4. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Does the title surprise you? If yes, then we are on the same page!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is undoubtedly a legendary fictional book that reveals all the symptoms of ADHD.

It’s fascinating and reveals that achieving all you want is possible regardless of your struggles.

C. Web Resources

There are website resources designed for adults and kids with ADHD. Here in this list, we’ll introduce you to some of the most helpful resources you’ll find!


Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a resource for both children and adults. And they’ve got excellent resources for students with ADHD.

  • To learn more about the National Resource Center on ADHD, explore this page: Learn More about CHADD. (This link introduces what the website is all about and how you can benefit from utilizing its resources)
  • Interested in Infographics and Fact Sheets? Here is a detailed article from this website: ADHD Infographics and Fact Sheets
  • In the blog section, you’ll explore articles beneficial for parents, teachers, and kids. Start from here: CHADD Blog section
  • Do you find reading a herculean task? Hate lengthy boring text? A podcast might be the best bet. You’ll enjoy this: Link to Podcasts
  • And yes, here’s the Information library. Everything you should know about ADHD: Information Library

2. ADHD Chat Room

How about a chat room? I’m just too sure you will be a fan of that! 

A community of ADHD folks is a haven for people with ADHD who are scared of being looked down upon when they share their stories.

Explore and find people willing to discuss their feelings without being prejudiced. 

 3. ADDitude Magazine

This web resource for students with ADHD is home to tips, ideas, games, and magazines for those with this challenge. Below are some sections you’ll find helpful:

  • Downloadable Files: Looking for a resource for ADHD students to download? You’ll get the best materials here on this website: Download ADHD Materials.
  • Webinars: This link will take you to webinars you can join to get the latest information on ADHD: Link to Access Webinars
  • Podcasts: If you love podcasts, this link leads to insightful podcasts you can listen to on the go: Get Podcasts Episodes for Free


As home to topics, blogs, and forums, TotallyADD is one of the right spots for ADHD-related information. This resource is different from other sources we’ve mentioned. Wondering why? It contains information and humor – the best of its kind!

5. Understood 

This website writes extensively on ADHD and slow processing speed. You will find resources tailored specifically for kids and children in college and elementary classes. 

  • Learning Thinking Differences: This article explains the learning thinking differences in kids and adults who have ADHD condition: Click to Explore

6. Tomvad

Our website is home to articles and information on how children and adults with ADHD can lead meaningful lives.

I’ve written about games and activities to calm kids with such conditions. I’ve also written on tools to help them stay organized.

In fact, you’ll find information on slow processing speeds. Guess what? Every article is thoroughly researched with you in mind!

7. Attention Deficit Disorder Association

Is your child or student newly diagnosed? Are you an adult recently diagnosed? This online resource will allow you to take charge of your life. 

What warms my heart about this online resource is that the website has a page where you can test your status. Want to do it right away? Get it done Here!

8. Inside the ADHD Brain

While it’s new, this ADHD resource focuses on those with ADHD and their inspiring stories.

The stories are rich, engaging, and endless, letting you forget boredom and allowing you to stay focused! And indeed, you can identify with these individuals.

9. ADHD Online Community

This online community is the go-to place when you are in a dare need to talk to someone.

There, you’ll also find out how people with similar conditions interact. It has a vast community of online users with ADHD.

I’m also thrilled to learn that this website has a support system that operates 24/7.

So, when you need help, you’ll get it right away!

 10. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

This center gathered research and data information on multiple diseases. And astoundingly, ADHD is part of the free data opened to the public.

The treatment recommendations you’ll find were compiled and completed by renowned specialists.

Before you implement any, consult with your doctors first.

D. Apps And Technology

The tech world is greatly concerned for students and kids with ADHD. There are several tools that can help you manage the condition with ease.

Innovative technology can help kids focus more, enjoy studying, take notes better, organize assignments and tasks, and relax more. 

While we can expect new tools to surface, we’ve compiled some of the best resources you’d not want to miss out on.

1. Tools for Focus

Students with ADHD might have difficulty focusing. Examine these apps below:

i. BFT—Bear Focus Timer

Get the App Here

Tom is a friendly bear. But when you can’t concentrate, it stops being that friend. Tom’s goal?

To help you stay focused and complete your task successfully. So, explore this app to enjoy its benefit.

Ii. Focus – Time Manager

Get the App Here

This tech tool can help people become more productive and is excellent for ADHD students who are easily distracted or forget to have breaks occasionally.

iii. Revibe Wrist Band

Get the App Here

This is a digital therapy for addressing attention and focus that students with ADHD struggle with. The manufacturer of this tech tool has a strong passion for kids with ADHD.

You can call it a breakthrough for ADHD individuals.

iv. Forest—Stay Focused

Get the App Here

This app can help fight procrastination and contains visual simulation, and gives extra incentive for being focused. With it, you can stay on your tasks!

2. Note Taking

i. Microsoft OneNote

Get the App Here

With Microsoft OneNote, a student with ADHD can get organized. In fact, it’s an invitation to a world of organization.

The tool comes with easy search and navigation. Thus, you’ll find the notes you made where you dropped them.

ii. Evernote

Get the App Here

Want to focus on what matters most? Evernote is excellent for planning and taking notes, and it is easy to find your notes just when you need them.

Have you tried it or introduced it to your students? Check it out now!

iii. LiveScribe Smart Pen

Get the App Here

Okay, I’ve reviewed these tools before; you might want to learn what other ADHD folks have said about this.

With LiveScribe, you’ll no longer be scared about school! It’s specifically designed for students with learning disabilities.


1. myHomework

Get the App Here

With the free version, you can track assignments, tests, projects, and many more, track classes, get due date reminders, and get upcoming homework widgets.

2. iStudiez

Get the App Here

This is simple yet powerful. This tool gives you a quick overview of your daily schedule and tasks. It’s got an assignment pane that’s effective in helping students with ADHD manage their homework and assignments.

Plan and manage your classes’ details, courses, instruction information, grades, location, and holidays.


1. Quizlet

Get the App Here

Quizlet’s got flashcards. Flashcards are quite effective than rereading notes. You’ve got more help with more than 100 varying subjects, from medicine to math to modern languages!

2. AnkiApp Flashcards

Get the App Here

Teens and students with difficulty learning can learn more quickly with Anki App! As a cross-platform desktop and mobile flashcard app, you can make flashcards with sound, text, and images or even download pre-made ones.

With this app, you’ll find studying super-efficient. 

3. Khan Academy

Get the App Here

Do you want to build a solid or deep understanding of science, math, and more? You’ve got Khan Academy as an ideal digital companion. With it, students can practice at their own pace. Bonus point: It’s free for both students and teachers. In fact, teachers can have the ability to identify gaps in their kids.

As a result, they can tailor instructions to meet needs of all students.


1. Beeline Reader

Get the App Here

Does your kid or student suffer from screen fatigue? Are you an adult with screen fatigue? You’ll get the best help with BeeLine Reader.

With the app, users can read faster and easier. BeeLine Reader allows reading on screen more enjoyable. What makes it possible? An eye-guiding color gradient! This cognitive trick helps readers pull their eyes via long blocks of text.

As a result, a reader can maintain focus and read more effectively.

Is the app really true to its claim? Leading colleges and universities have adopted this innovative technology. Additionally, the app has gotten social impact awards from The United Nations & Stanford University.

2. Audio Books

Get the App Here

Your child with dyslexia experience can now eliminate the stress and tears that come with reading and learning. It’s their ally at home, in a comfortable atmosphere!

This program offers tools. These tools include a modern version of books on audio.

White Noise

1. Noisli

Get App Here

Adults and kids with ADHD benefit greatly from background sounds.

Background noises possess excellent masking abilities in limiting the negative influence of sharp spikes in external noise, helping an individual focus for an extended period.

Thus, with Noisli, students with ADHD can beat silence and create a personal environment to combat stress and enhances creativity.

Noisli creates background sounds like thunderstorms, rainfall, winds, and more to mask enjoying noise, helping to keep adults and kids sane.

Here’s another companion that will help you boost productivity and enhance focus. Obtain a moment of calm and relaxation!

Waking up

1. Freaky Alarm

Get the App Here

Here is one of the most effective alarm systems ever. It’s beautiful, evil, and effective! I’ve reviewed this app in this article. Please explore and get more facts!


1. Calm

Get the App Here

it’s important for people with ADHD to find their calm! The calm app is one of the effective self-care apps required to help you find your calm.

The app’s fundamental goal is to enhance users’ health and happiness. Need help to improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety or stress, improve focus, or self-improvement? Here is the right technological tool!

E. Non-Profit Organizations

1. National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI)

Also home to educational and supporting activities, NAMI will introduce you to a series of awareness events and helps students enhance public policies to help protect kids with mental illness.

2. ADHD Association

Do you need appropriate accommodations, self-care solutions, and helpful tips on concentrating on your studies? This organization has all you need!

With this organization, you’ll obtain all the information needed concerning ADHD. The page has relevant categories with succinct and clear information on them. You’ll find it even more helpful if you just got diagnosed with the condition and know only a little. 

3. ADHD World Federation

This organization has assisted several people with ADHD globally. While it’s formed in Switzerland, the organization updates those with the condition on ADHD. Willing to attend ADHD seminars? Check these ADHD resources so well. Many facts will refine your understanding of ADHD. More to it. You are likely oblivious to it for a long time!

4. FFFBI Academy

Established by the U.S. Department of Education, FFFBI Academy consists of free games designed to aid children in maintaining focus on tasks from school and help them address organization.

F. Advocacy Groups

1. ADHD Awareness Month

This advocate program promotes knowledge and this condition and speaks for those who wrestle with their disorder, bullying or facing discrimination.

Well, you’ll only find peer-reviewed research; as a result, you’ll always get accurate information. There is also an icing on the cake: There are coaching services available too!”

2. ADD Advocate

Need some coaching or advocacy? We are pleased to introduce you to this excellent association! It offers real help that will assist those with ADHD to see the world positively. While it functions for students, parents are free to participate, too, especially if they are interested in learning about the kid’s condition and their child.

G. Support Groups


Here, locals are especially interested in unique topics and regularly meet. While it’s not specifically dedicated to those with ADHD, we are confident you’ll find the right group in your community or attend real-life events you might be keen about.

2. Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)

The resource for students with this condition offers educational support, grants to kids with special needs, and funding! It is a part of the United States Department of Education.

3. HealthfulChat

ADHD folks who suffer from isolation or have problems getting relevant social skills may obtain understanding and support in specialized chat rooms, uniting a global population of members with similar conditions.

Professional ADHD Treatment: Explore Important Resources

Medications can help a child concentrate, sit still, and memorize better. However, no magic pill neutralizes all the adverse effects of ADHD. 

For adults, some medications can help them resolve procrastination and forgetfulness. Yet, there are other aspects medications can’t address. Thus, adopting other non-drug treatments are essential factors to keep in mind. 

So, let’s examine some of these professional resources for ADHD:

1. Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a patient-driven supportive treatment model that limits subjective mental distress through deep conversation and examining the patient’s feelings. 

During the conversation, psychiatrists work hard to identify the strength and current coping mechanisms adopted by patients living with ADHD. Upon establishing behavioral dysfunctions and control street, attention is given to adhering to these. 

2. Behavior Therapy

Here, a therapist does more work. He adopts a more active role by offering a learning experience to the individual with ADHD. 

The primary idea is to assist the patient to help them: 

  • Recognizing Cognitive Biases – This allows cognitive restructuring possible 
  • Develop Adaptive Thinking – This prevents negative issues linked with the condition from ruining their life. 

Additionally, behavioral therapy is recommended for kids with ADHD in school before being taken for medical treatment. 

Parents are required to be closely involved in the treatment procedure. This is because it involves adopting a system of rewards and setting specific goals. 

The strategy additionally helps them obtain control over learning, the future, social life, and some unwanted actions. 

3. Social Skills Training 

Lack of social interactions and low self-esteem results from difficulties concentrating and constant forgetfulness from ADHD. 

This is a key issue that shouldn’t be left unattended because the condition can impact a student’s social life in school. 

The social skill aims to teach students with ADHD to act appropriately, develop important skills, and avoid ineffective behaviors. 

4. Support Group 

Kids and adults with ADHD are strongly advised to enroll in any support group they find. As mentioned earlier in this article, these groups can help them communicate with people living with similar conditions. 

These individuals can share strategies they find effective in coping with the condition. Moreover, the sense of connection with others instills hope. Meeting those living with the condition, yet achieving greatly in life, are one of the powerful motivation for best and powerful motivation for children living with the condition. 

Finally, you will find the easiest way to address learning challenges.

5. Parent Skills Training

Here, parents and kids with the condition must learn specific skills and eradicate behavioral problems. 

Those in the sphere of cognitive behavioral therapy and psychotherapy explain this new knowledge. If parents abide by this, the children-parent relationship will be strengthened!

Final Thoughts  

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the most exhaustive resources for ADHD. We’ve written this content with you and your loved one in mind.

Hence, whether you need these resources for college students with ADHD, resources for students with ADHD in the classroom, or resources for ADHD parents, this comprehensive list is all you need!

With the right implementation, adults, kids, or students can enjoy life like others!

Welcome! I’m Trust. I’m a writer, public instructor, and mobile photographer. I’m passionate about an organized and productive life and have keen concern for folks living with ADHD and those having a slow processing speed. Join me on this journey as we live an organized and productive life!

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