9 Online Shopping Sites With Free Shipping Worldwide

There are only a few online shopping sites with free shipping worldwide, and that’s sufficient to discourage new online shoppers. 

Last year, I wanted to buy some products from one online shop, the product was actually cheap, but after heading to checkout, the shipping fee was even more than all the products. What will I do? I canceled the order.

Even though online shopping offers convenience, getting products at a lower price, and the privilege to surf through a vast array of products, new shoppers often get discouraged when the shipping fee nearly equals the price of the items to be purchase. 

If you’ve faced a similar situation, you’ve got no need to worry any longer. I’ve got you online shopping sites with free shipping worldwide. 

Online Shopping Sites With Free Shipping Worldwide: 9 Online Shops

1. Sephora

Have you ever wondered: “What makes cheap online shops so famous?” I’m pretty sure that if you’ve been to Sephora, either on Sunday or Saturday, you’ll undeniably figure that out.

On reaching there, you’d need no soothsayer to tell you that online shopping is just for convenience!

Amazingly, on orders above $50, you are entitled to three-day shipping on this french multinational chain of beauty and personal care store. But how do you shop on Sephora?

How to Shop on Sephora:

  • Create an account on Sephora’s website 
  • Save your favorite items. 
  • When you want to stock up, head to your favorites list 
  • Add what you need to your cart 
  • Check out 

It’s all that simple! But there’s more to enjoy on Sephora. 

Sephora extends rewards program to Shoppers. How does it work? For each dollar you spend, a point will be attached to it. Also, you are able to trade in your points in exchange for any trial-size freebies. 



  • Ability to trade points in exchange for any freebies 
  • Creating an account is easy 


  • You need to spend more than $50 to qualify for free shipping 
  • You need to create an account 

Bonus Point: Shoppers that visit Sephora a lot will benefit from another program designed for regular shoppers. Regular shoppers are urged to make an upgrade to Sephora’s Flash two-day shipping arrangement. 

2. Zappos

Zappos was formerly a store that sells shoes to people, but now it sells:

  • Handbags
  • clothes
  • shoes
  • Accessories

Zappos is surely one of the online shopping sites with free shipping worldwide, and it also provides free shipment for its customers. It also offers return services for free.

Zappos also provides a special treat to customers who regularly buy from them, and this treat is a reward package. 

If you engage in online shopping repeatedly on Zappos, you will be eligible to benefit from this treatment only if you sign up for it.


  • You can return whatsoever you order within a year.
  • Your money will be completely refunded when you return the product you ordered.


  • They are limited in the products they sell. They only sell handbags, clothes, shoes, and accessories.

3. Amazon

There is this popular saying online: “If you cannot get what you want on Amazon, then it means that product doesn’t exist.” Even though a little bit exaggerated, there are some measures of truth in it. 

As one of the famous online shops, it is not all of Amazon’s services that are famous. For example, you might not be aware that Amazon offers free shipping, and that you can gain access to this treat only by subscribing to Amazon Prime.

Well, if you don’t have an Amazon prime account, you will not be able to benefit from the free shipping program. 

Listed below are guides on how to open an Amazon prime account: 

  • Access the Amazon prime site.
  • Create an account if you have none.
  • You will then see a 30 days Amazon Prime trial for free.


  • Amazon Prime sometimes offer some discounts to students and those who have the e-transfer card.
  • You can subscribe to their services monthly or annually.


  • The annual subscription can be somehow restrictive, mostly when you are on a strict budget.

4. Reformation

The brand isn’t similar to the previous online shopping sites with free shipping worldwide that I’ve highlighted. How is it different? Reformation is a famous eco-friendly brand recognized for its women’s dresses, jeans, and T-shirts.  All these have their ranges. 

For example, they range from midi-length, long, and very short dresses. Besides, they have a shoe and wedding line too. What do you get from reformation when you make your order online?

  • Free Returns 
  • Free shipping 

But why is the free return essentially vital? You see, sometimes the retailer’s sizing isn’t consistent.

For instance, some folks report that they have difficulty fitting into some of the clothing they purchased. They might fit well in one style, and in the other style, they find it smaller or bigger.

But there is a way to smart up and get the right size. No, I’m not talking about the sizing chart. 

Tips to Get Your Right Size on Reformation 

  • Order for multiple sizes of an identical garment 
  • When they arrive, keep the size that fits
  • Return the rest. 


  • Free returns 
  • It offers a wide range of sizes 


  • Difficulty in finding the right size

5. Target

Target is also one of the excellent online shopping sites with free shipping worldwide. It offers free shipping services for 2-days. Thus, if you order for a product, you will receive it in two days with free shipment.

But there is a clause to this free shipping arrangement; it only works for orders that are above 35 dollars.

Target is also very flexible! If you order affordable products like torchlights, cream, and so on, you can ship them for free if the total amount of your orders is above 25 dollars, but if not, you would have to go to the nearest store to get them.

The target restocks service also gives room for products to be shipped for free. The shipment condition is somehow similar to the term given earlier. That is, the orders must be above 35 dollars.

The difference between the restock service and the initial one stated is that the restock service only lets you access products needed daily. For instance, soap, supplies for your pet, and more.  


  • The restock service offers delivery on the following day for free.
  • It has a service that lets you order products below 35 dollars, as mentioned above.


  • Orders on restock will only be delivered if they fit in one box.

Note: The restock service has a feature that gives you a clue to the space each item can contain. You can use this feature to plan on which product you should order.

6. Walmart

Do you like retailers’ discount? Walmart is a savior! Of course, this might not be your first time hearing the word Walmart. So, why is it making the list of one of the online shopping sites with free shipping worldwide?

It’s because Walmart is an alternative to Target and Amazon. Without paying a yearly or monthly membership, on orders that are over $35, you are privileged to have a next-day delivery. 

If you are familiar with Target’s restock, you won’t find Walmart’s next-day delivery new. Walmart doesn’t have box limitations. Items that are eligible for next-day delivery include:

Pantry supplies


Health care products 


Home decor 

Well, finding products that are eligible for next-day delivery isn’t challenging to recognize and identify because, on their site, Walmart identifies them.

Caution: If you purchase ineligible items and eligible items in identical order, be sure to know that no object on your cart will be eligible or worthy for the next-day delivery. 


  • Buyers don’t need monthly or annual membership 
  • Quick location of eligible products for next-day delivery
  • No box limitation 


  • A mix of ineligible and ineligible products will deprive you of next day delivery. 

7. Gap Family

There are different online stores under the Gap family, and they include:

Banana Republic

Old Navy


You can receive free shipping on one of these online shopping sites with free shipping worldwide each time you order for products that are above $50. 

Right, each of the Gap family brands sells different products, but you do not have to visit these online stores to get what you want. 

You can get goods from each of the family brands from a global hub; this hub allows you to select products simultaneously from each of the gap family stores.


  • It has all the types of clothing you might need.


  • They only sell clothes and accessories. 

8. J.Crew and Madewell

On our list of online shopping sites with free shipping worldwide, J.Crew and Madewell are just perfect for this spot. This online store sells clothes for men and women; in fact, you can purchase for kids too. Even though they are different websites, the parent website is the owner of the two sites. 

Additionally, they both have identical free shipping deals and programs. But let’s analyze them separately to give you a vivid understanding.

For Madewell’s cheap online shopping program, it is called Madewell Insider. The store offers free returns and shipping.

There are free hemming in jeans purchases. Also, there is a birthday gift! If you spend more than $500 in a year, you could look forward to being offered free expedited shipping on your order. 

Pro Tip:

  • Make sure you make the majority of your purchases online using the website so you can qualify for the offer.

J.Crew’s program is dubbed J.Crew Reward. It extends free shipping to buyers but no free return. Well, that isn’t an issue, this article is focused on free shipping.

Also, this website’s policy earns you a point for each dollar spent. Each 200 points is an equivalent of $5. So, for your next order, there will be $5 off. 

Note: You can only enjoy the reward program when you shop on it regularly. If you are just interested in making a one-off purchase and you have the store close to you, place your order and have it shipped to the nearest store, and on that spot, make your decision either to go with it or return it.


  • Birthday gifts 
  • You can get both women and men’s clothes


  • J. Crew doesn’t offer a free return. 
  • You have to shop on it regularly.

9. Best Buy

At Best Buy, you can get cheap electronics online. Just like other online shopping sites with free shipping worldwide, Best Buy offers free shipping for orders that are above $35. 

They don’t just sell electronics; they also aid in installing them in your home if you’re interested.

Listed below are some of the electronic device Best buy sells: 

  • Home theaters 
  • Android phones
  • Apple phones
  • Car speakers
  • Laptops 


  • You can get anything electronic from Best to buy.
  • They offer installment services.


  • You have to pay for their installment service.


Free shipment is no longer a scarce commodity; you don’t have to go anywhere to get anything. In the comfort of your home, make your order, and receive it with free shipping.

I hope the online shopping sites with free shipping worldwide listed above will make your shopping online less expensive and more comfortable. And of course, this is one way to achieve your cheap online shopping goals. You can also smoothen your online shopping by checking these online shopping hacks.

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