8 Cheap online Shopping Hacks in 2020 – Smart Tips

Undoubtedly, you are a smart shopper, and that’s why you are seeking cheap online shopping hacks. But have you ever searched among alternative vendors online looking for a specific product, and after seeing that product and pricing at different e-retailers, you only end up muttering under your breath in frustration?

Many face similar hurdles and challenges today when dealing with online retailers. The hunt for significant discounts in online shopping is a goal for many, but only a few are attaining it.

Think of it! How will life be for a sailor without a compass, a treasure hunter without metal detector, a voyager without travel maps? The same fate awaits a person navigating the world of online shopping without reliable cheap online shopping tips to save money.

Yes, it can be distressing and daunting! The thoroughly prepared, impressive, practical, up-to-date, and reliable tips below are the right tools needed to navigate the online shopping world with ease.

8 Cheap online Shopping Hacks in 2020

1. Bargain with the Customer Service

Likely, you have sometimes found a massive coupon in your mail, but your excitement was cooled off when you realized that it expired a day ago.

As one of the cheap online shopping hacks, you do not need to fear. You have these options as the next line of action:

  • Place a call across the company’s hotline and ask if the coupon can be extended. (Be sure to note that you are about making an order) 

In most cases, sales representatives are usually eager to close the deal. Thus, they will either extend the existing one or give you a new promo so you can place your order immediately. 

Note: Be aware that these tips might not always work, most importantly, for low-priced items. But the majority of times, it will work, so do not hesitate to try it out. 

But there is an alternative to placing a call: 

  • Use Live Chats: If you couldn’t call, then the majority of online retailers now offer “live chat” to those seeking to save money from online shopping. But what can you do to increase your chances of being attended to? 


  • Be polite 
  • Ask a few questions regarding the product you are willing to purchase 
  • Ask if there’s any discount they could offer

Sometimes, chat support could roll out special promo codes that are generally and widely available to you. And when you get it, do not hesitate to use it.

2. Always Organize Your Mail

Cheap online Shopping hacks aren’t limited to organizing one’s mail. What’s stopping you from signing up for newsletters, promotion lists, and coupon sites? I know your worries. Spams? Okay. Wait! Bear in mind that signing up to these will save you huge bucks! However, you risk piling up junk emails. So what’s the route to organizing your mails?

  • Use Unroll.me. (This handy email add on allows you to declutter your inbox and instantly unsubscribe from junk emails. It accomplishes this by sending just one digest email per day summarizing or detailing your desired subscriptions. 

As one of the cheap online Shopping tips to save money, when you add Unroll.me, choose the time of the day, you’d love to receive your subscription. 

3. Run Quick and Smart Comparison Checks 

Your check shouldn’t just be quick; it must also be smart! This is to refrain you from overpaying, and lets you score the best deals online. But how do you run these comparison checks? 

Install the PriceBlink browser add-on. This feature is compatible with Safari, Mozilla, and Chrome. It automatically pulls the prices for a similar product from different merchants. What advantage do you get from that? 

  • It saves you time. 
  • It organizes them in a smart table
  • It notifies you if there are any available coupons. 

If you prioritize cheap online shopping, you will surely want to use the Pricegrabber app as an alternative to PriceBlink. Pricegrabber app is also one of the useful cheap online shopping hacks to use. This app does the same thing but goes beyond that. 

  • It Provides bottom line prices that have shipping, taxes, and other expenses. 
  • It Scans barcodes

4. Leave Products in Your Cart

Leaving items in your cart and stepping away for a day or two is also one of the cheap online shopping hacks in 2020. This smart strategy will pay you off in two ways:

  • One, you will avoid impulse buying 
  • Two, unclosed deals do not favor most retailers; in fact, they hate it. The only way to make you close sales is to retain you

Do you want a bonus tip on stores that offer a better price on the following day? They are many, but I’ll list four. 

  • Office Max
  • JCPenny
  • Bed & Beyond 
  • Macy’s

Reminder: This trick, one of the cheap online shopping tricks and hacks, will be successful if you have registered on a merchant’s website. Also, when you leave your cart ensure that you are logged in. If you do, then you can get impressive benefits.  

5. Calendar-Shopping

One of the vital cheap online shopping hacks is what we term “calendar-shopping.” Not shopping for calendars, but shopping on specific days of the week. It is worthy to note that some goods are better purchased on particular days. What goods? And on what days?

  • The majority of the online stores offer discounts and promos on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. 
  • Purchase laptops and desktops on Tuesdays, major retailers such as Dell Home and Hewlett-Packard, roll out coupons on this day.
  • Shop online for books at a cheaper rate on Saturdays.


  • Airline tickets are best purchased on Sundays

6. Use Coupons and Cashback Sites Smartly

If the use of a combination of different promo codes and coupons is allowed on the website on which you’re shopping, then a smart thing to do is to use these in the correct order. 

For example, suppose you have a $10 coupon and a 10% discount promo code, apply the 10% promo code first. Doing so, you will reduce the cost price by 10% and then get a further price reduction of $10. 

A few cheap online shopping hacks and tricks for using cashback sites are as follows:

  • Visit cashback websites first before heading to any random online retailer’s website
  • Use separate browsers to access the cashback website and follow through with your purchase. 
  • Use websites that offer cash back on purchases such as Swagbucks, TopCashback, and Upromise.

7. Dynamic Pricing Maneuvers

Dynamic pricing refers to a trading strategy online vendors use in varying the price of a commodity shown to you depending on a few factors. 

The factors that determine the price you get are:

  • Your location
  • Browsing history and spending patterns
  • Current demand for the commodity. 

You probably have noticed the price of a product increase by 25% just a day before your purchase; that is dynamic pricing in action! 

This technique is so refined that vendors know your pricing points and can display a higher price to you than someone who pays less on online purchases. 

Cheap online shopping hacks to maneuver your way around this sneaky technique include:

  • Clear your browsing history and cookies.
  • Use incognito mode when shopping online.
  • Log out of your social media accounts.
  • Choose less developed countries at home when shopping online to get lower prices.

8. Use Multiple Email addresses to accumulate more Coupons

There is no penalty in doing this! You might find it shocking that some merchants usually send huge single-use coupons only to a selected set of people. Well, whatever you call that, it’s their business, they have the right! But you can increase your chances, and save big bucks. So, what can you do? 

  • Sign up to a merchants newsletter with multiple email accounts. 

Increasing your chances will mean that you will get multiple discounts for a full-priced item rather than just one. And if at all a merchant decides to send coupons sparingly, then one of your accounts should be privileged.  

Being the last of the cheap online shopping hacks, you can even begin with this last one by creating the multiple email address now. The chances are that you have more than two email addresses, use them to sign up. 


As pointed out earlier, the world of online shopping can be like raging waters. The cheap online shopping hacks discussed above are designed to help you navigate those massive waves. To accomplish your goal of cheap online shopping, you must master all these hacks. 

The practical tips embedded in it should offer you more clarifications. Now, go ahead and apply the cheap online shopping hacks that you’ve learned. Do you have any questions or clarifications, use the comment section to tailor your concerns, you will get appropriate answers to those questions. You might want to share it. We’ll sincerely appreciate it! 


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