8 Ways to Make Your Children Enjoy Their Holiday

How can you make your children enjoy their holiday? The answer to this question is quite hard for most parents.

For most parents, kids break are often filled with dramas and stress. In fact, in some parts of the world where school children are on holiday now, some parents have taken to popular social networking websites to tell the world that schools should resume, why?

They are undergoing incessant shouts, yelling, and screaming.

As a parent, can you relate with these dramas, or due to your love, you’re willing to make your children enjoy their holiday? I’ve got eight tips for you. These practical tips are far from rules or laws.

These holiday ideas to make your children enjoy their holiday come in double folds– you will enjoy the process, and your kids will undeniably enjoy it too. Hey, before you start to learn, why not grab a glass cup of water and sip gradually as you read on. If you’ve done that, let’s start now with the first one!

8 Ways to Make Your Children Enjoy Their Holiday

1. Call The Kids for An Evening Interaction

Want to make your children enjoy their holiday? This is where the journey starts. If you’ve not done this for a while, it might come to your kids like a surprise. So, be tactful. The meeting isn’t to drag them down, make it as relaxing as possible. What is the purpose of the meeting?


Start by commending their results: Irrespective of their grades, don’t criticize. If there’s anyone among your kids that didn’t do well, don’t make the conversation center on him or her.

Just commend and speak on areas you’d love they work better next term; learn to be moderate.

Allow them Speak: Allow them to express themselves, ask them what they think would have improved their grades, and tell them to note down the points, then, if they did well, ask them to highlight what helped, and let them suggest what can help them do better.

The last term has gone; there is a better term in the future; hence, don’t dwell too much here.


Ask for Opinions: Now you are getting to the core part. Make it known to them that you want them to have the best holiday. Therefore, ask them what they think will make the holiday more fun. Note them down.

Tell them Your Plan: Yes, after listening to their honest points, you will see sense in their comments, and to show them you care about their opinions, add their suggestions into your list.

And then after checking- addition and subtraction, read out what the holiday will          have. So what should be in the list? That leads us to the next point.

Key Points: Buy fruits or snacks and allow them to eat as the conversation progresses. Don’t make a strict rule about how they sit; make it relaxing.

Use your notebook to note their points. For proper cooperation, you might have to turn off the T.V, and if they own mobile devices, ask them to turn it off.

2. Take Them for Shopping

This is also an excellent way to make your children enjoy their holiday. There are high chances that when asking for their opinions, they’d list shopping as one of the holiday activities. So, start here. This will make them feel relaxed and wouldn’t frown at some ideas that would come later on. What plans do you need to perfect this?


Don’t go overboard: In a bit to satisfy your kids, don’t overspend. Go with a list, and stick to it. Resist the urge to buy anything that seems appealing.

Don’t be scared to say no: After buying just what you needed, turn down further requests and let them know that’s your budget.

Buy essential things first: Things that can enhance their thinking ability, their understanding, and many more.

Buy fun gifts: Kids love to play, so don’t forget to add that. They need it too. But ensure that the important things come first.

Key Points: To have an idea of what they want, you can ask beforehand what a holiday gift should be like. You will thrill them more if they can have this. However, don’t go blind to your budget; it means a lot!

3. Do House Chores Together

Want your children to grow into a responsible adult? You can make your children enjoy their holiday by teaching the habit of attending to chores in their tender age during this time. If they are teenagers, you can still add that into your family holiday.

During school hours, they might have been helping out, but this time, they have the opportunity to do more. Chores they can help with include:



Car washing: If you have one.

Mopping and washing: Some parts of the house – toilets and kitchen especially

Assist in Cooking: You can start to teach them how to cook and how to make recipes

Key Points: Assign duties according to their age. You can assign duties while you are away and promise to check what they’ve done when you are back. Commend little tasks; this will give them the drive to do more.

While you work together, you can use that time to learn about them, they can use that opportunity to learn about you too, and then they can be taught vital lessons also.

4. Teach Them

Kids appreciate it when their parents devote time for them to help them in their academic works. You want to prepare them for the next session; your involvement will go a greater length. But must you be a genius to render any assistance?

Definitely no! So how can you make that work?


Find Your Best Subject: It doesn’t matter what the subject is; what matters is the fact that you want to help them.

Prepare ahead: Fine, it takes time, but don’t you think it worth it? It does!

Help in Other Subjects: Their age plays a vital role here. If they are still in the primary section, you might even have a few understanding of some subjects.

Key Points: Don’t make this process seems like they are back in school. Always prioritize on “relaxed setting.” Each session shouldn’t be more than 1 hour, so you don’t get them bored. Give assignments and mark them.

Don’t just dump them somewhere. Remember, all efforts invested will have rewards.

5. Take Them for Lessons

If your routine wouldn’t let you teach during your kid’s break then, you can still make your children enjoy their holiday. Enroll them in a nearby lesson center where quality is assured. What are the things to consider?


Their Age: Demand from the administration of the lesson center to know how their time works. Taking them for lessons, which is one of the holiday ideas isn’t to bombard your kids with the curriculum.

You only need them to be prepared for the next session. Make it in excess, ruin the whole process. If you search well, you’d likely see the one that meets your criteria.

Commend Them Each Week: At the end of every week, commend their effort for cooperating with the family and the arrangement.

Ask questions: Ask if any of the subjects is giving them a tough time, if there is, assist them yourself, or meet the subject teacher.

Key Points: While discussing with the school’s administrator, don’t forget to be polite in your request. Let your words be seasoned. It definitely will be soothing to the ear; there are chances that after listening to your concerns, they might decide to create flexibility in their curriculum.

If they still don’t, you have the right to take your kids elsewhere or pick them at wish.

6. Play with Them

Likely, you’ve been doing this. So, intensify your effort this time. Never underestimate this option as a way to make your children enjoy their holiday. These are options you can include:


Play Games Together: Games like scrabble, Soccer, Ludo, and Whot. Video games like Soccer, car racing and many others can be included.

Focus on the ones they like: Pay attention to the games they love best, use that one as the basis. There’s nothing wrong in teaching them the ones you love to enjoy.

Design a game yourself: Most games we now play are results of someone’s effort and thinking. Therefore, think of a game to play with them.

Screen-Free Evening: Peer at the wonders of creation. The skies in the night – the stars and moon. If you have the fund, get a binocular, and view into the distant sky. They will be thrilled to learn about that.

Make preparations beforehand, so you know what to teach them.

Key Points: Playing games together is not for competition, it’s for fun! So, resist the urge to say words that can stir competition. Commend everyone’s effort. Give a high five, and hug them.

7. Go for Outdoor Activities

Holiday for Children should not exclude this idea. You can learn to widen out. Go beyond your house. You don’t have to be rich to do this. All it requires is planning. Outdoor activities should go like this:


Places of Attractions: Think of tourist centers, museums, game reserves, zoos, and other centers of attraction that can improve their thinking ability.

Call Friends Along: Think of any family close to you who has kids too. Can you arrange together and go together? You can strengthen bonds within families.

Key Points: Be sure that the family you are calling along is an exemplary one and hold a good moral standard. You don’t want your kids to learn bad habits, do you? Additionally, go with snacks, fruits, and healthy drinks.

8. Visit Friends And Family

At this point, you might all see it as a family holiday. Regardless of what you call it or how you see it, you want an enjoyable holiday for your kids. A few things to bring to mind are:


Plan ahead of time: Give a week’s notice, and ask for the family’s schedule too. So you don’t affect their family schedule.

Think of something to Take Home: Okay, I’m not talking about stealing something. I’m talking about lessons to bring home.

Go with A meal: You can go with a light meal. If the family you are meeting calls and tells you that you shouldn’t bother about what to eat while you are there, insist on going with something; I’m sure you’d not want to be a burden to them.

Take a game Along: You can go with the desired game. You can ask to know which game the family will love you play together. Just ensure it’s what can build their intellect.

Key Points: When you get back home, ask for lessons your kids learn from the visit. Don’t criticize the family, especially if they did something you didn’t like. Commend the family and send a text or call to tell them you appreciate their willingness to host you.


Holiday for Children should always be fun. You can make your children enjoy their holiday with these amazing suggestions. Incorporate this accordingly and see how amazing and intelligent your kids will be. Also, some ideas in this article can be fixed on a family holiday.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to add that. Although, there might still be times you might have to yell, adding these tips during this holiday will limit them and make you enjoy that season too.

Additionally, be a friendly parent. Don’t withhold discipline during this period. Learn to commend and offer corrections. Teach them good morals and long-lasting qualities.

By doing this, you are building them for the future, improving their view of others, and increasing their interpersonal relationship skills.


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