14 ADHD Reading Tools For Kids With Reading Problems

Have you been trying to help your kids or students resolve their reading problems?

I’m glad you are here!

Reading comprehension is one of the problems kids with attention hyperdeficit disorder (ADHD) struggle with.

Therefore, if you would welcome a stress-free strategy to help them out, you’re on the right train.

This article has outlined ADHD reading tools that help children comprehend what they read better.

These apps blend perfectly with other strategies you might be employing as a teacher or a loving parent.

Here below are the best ADHD Reading Tools:

ADHD reading tools

1. Rewordify

Download Here

Guess what? The theme of Rewordify is: “Understand what you read!”

So, it’s clear: Rewordify can be that juicy ADHD reading app your kids need to solve reading problems.  

As one of the attention deficit disorder reading tools, Rewordify enhances how reluctant readers address difficult texts.

How do you use Rewordify?

Work with your kids or students to cut and paste challenging passages into the yellow box you find on Rewordify.com

Instantly, that passage becomes easy for your kids or students to read.

It does that by simplifying the word choices. Thus, it eradicates the frustrations and allows them to read any articles they are interested in reading.

Additionally, Rewordify helps students and kids identify what they do not know in a selection and help them learn about these words in a separate session.

Readers have the liberty to select how they’d love their text to appear. They can:

  • Click on the reworded text so they can see the original.
  • See the original, and then click on the words for definitions
  • Have the definitions of challenging words in brackets right after the original words
  • Opt to see original words alongside reworded texts.

2. ClaroSpeak Plus

Download Here

Adam is one of the hundreds of users that have reviewed ClaroSPeaks.

This is what Adam has to say: “This is a wonderful app!” Adam continues, “I utilize it more for college readings.”

Does your child have difficulty making sense of letters? ClaroSpeak Plus is an ideal app to address this challenge.

As an app that utilizes a text-to-speech feature, it reads out text loudly and clearly.

One remarkable thing about the app is that kids can import text from any source.

They can copy and paste these texts to ClaroSpeaks Plus and listen to them right away.

Well, not all features of ClaroSPeak Plus are completely free.

Additional voices and accents can be downloaded for less than $10. Nevertheless, users have up to four free accents and voices.

Excitedly, parents and teachers can enjoy the free extension for the Chrome browser.

While Adam made some positive comments, he recommended that the word limit be increased to a million words.

However, for your kids, the current word limit shouldn’t be a concern.

For flexibility of sound, purchase additional accents and voices.

ABC Reading Magic Image explaining three steps to use it as ADHD reading tools

3. ABC Reading Magic

Download Here

ABC Reading Magic is an early-level reading app.

It is developed to help kids with reading impairment learn to speak, listen, and read fluently.

It is geared at helping children with ADHD and dyslexia to comically learn the alphabet.

It used phonemic methods to aid dyslexic children to understand sounds and letters.

Additionally, it comes with games and stories designed to keep children engaged.

Well, not all features are entirely free, but you won’t have to spend more than $2 to make a one-time payment to unlock other features.

How Does ABC Reading Magic Work?

It has three sections:

The “blending” part of Reading Magic takes each letter sound and combines them into a meaningful word.

The second section, which is the speaking part, allows kids to “segment” words. This involves spelling by using the sounds of letters.

“Reading” is the third section. Kids should move to this section if they’ve mastered the blending and segmenting section well.

With its varying sections, Reading Magic is simple and fun.

Most words are from three to four words. Thus, children between four and seven years old can use them effortlessly.

4. Mindnode

Download Here

Would you love to read a short review from a senior technical support engineer?

Jason K, a Senior Technical Support Engineer, was asked: “What did you like about Mindnode?”

He responded by saying: “It’s easy to get Mindnode started! I can easily and quickly design a visual depiction of a process.”

When asked if there is anything he dislikes about Mindnode, he said: “I don’t have anything yet!”

While that might be strange, it’s nothing far from the truth.

Now, let’s delve into the function of the apps themselves.

Every great idea indeed begins with a thought. These single thoughts lead to more thoughts… and then a million thoughts!

With that in mind, Mindnode helps students and kids with ADH to organize their thoughts before writing an essay or report.

Fittingly, it is called a mind-mapping app!

Kids using the app can place their initial idea in the center. After, they will add more ideas, color-code these ideas, and draw connecting lines.

These mind maps can easily be connected to image files and Microsoft word. 

5. Actively Learn

Download Here

Christi C., a second-grade teacher, and freelance instructional designer who reviewed Actively Learn, said:

Overall, this platform is wonderful for offering struggling readers the opportunities to be successful.”

Like Christi, many teachers and parents admit to that fact!

Why did Christi and others reach this conclusion?

This app is developed to help those with difficulty assigning and monitoring how kids approach reading.

So, it’s a priceless gift!

Actively Learn offers a platform where parents and kids can assign reading and insert remarks, questions, clarifications, and polls to help both kids and students engage with the text.

It can also help guardians monitor how actively their kids are reading. 

As a customizable application, teachers and parents can help students and kids to read for meaning.

Tutors and parents will no longer have to glaze their eyes over as kids read.

Instead, they monitor how kids and students approach a text by asking questions in short-answer formats and multiple-choice.

Easy Reader App Image

6. EasyReader

Download Here

Does your kid have a print impairment? It’s time to bid frustrating small prints goodbye.

Your kids and other loved ones with dyslexia, low vision, and blindness can enjoy reading and comprehend better once again!

Undeniably, EasyReader is one of the ADHD reading tools thousands of users swear by!

How does EasyReader work? For readers, most especially children, it helps them hear any text they are reading.

With what result?

  • Improvement in their comprehension
  • Increase in reading speed and fluency.

When it comes to compatibility, it works well with Android, iOS, and Windows.

The app connects users with accessible libraries. These libraries include Bookshare that has over six hundred titles for people with the difficulties mentioned earlier.

Copy and paste passages! The app will read them clearly in an easily comprehensible voice.

For folks looking for more features, you can highlight texts and even change the size and colors of words.

Thus, it makes it a fascinating tool for students with low vision or vision impairments!

Download the app and explore over a hundred thousand books your kids can enjoy.

7. Wizcom Reading Pen

Download Here

Would you love to have a portable scanning device that helps kids read with fluency? Wizcom Reading Pen is designed for that!

With it, kids with reading difficulties can enhance their reading skills.

It works by helping kids understand vocabulary and decode long words when reading.

The pen it comes with is about the size of a marker. It works as a scanner.

When kids run the pen over a word, it doesn’t only pronounce the pen but also defines it automatically.

8. Sky Wifi Smartpen

Download Here

Here is one of the smartest Smartpens yet. It excellently sits as one of the incredible AHD reading tools for kids and even adults.  

It is undeniably an excellent pen for our always-on, connected world. It is perfect for students who have challenges keeping up when taking notes.

While it looks like a pen, it records audio while in a class.

Thus, kids can capture only a few words and, at the same time, capture a complete record of what is being said.

9. Medialexie Scribe

Download Here

Kids with learning disabilities need comprehensive tools like Medialexie Scribe!

This software has both text-to-speech capabilities and speech-to-text capabilities.

What is more, it has a:

  • Talking calculator
  • Spell-checker
  • Word-predictor and many more amazing features!

If your kids have difficulty reading, understanding, writing, or organizing, this is your best bet!

It is specifically designed for younger kids in schools. Adults with reading problems can also tap into the help Medialexie Scribe offers!

10. Read&Write

Download Here

I’m always excited to know that the lives of kids with learning difficulties matter a lot.

Read&Write is one proof of that concern.

As a text-to-speech program, Read&Write offers visual and auditory feedback of text.

For years, it has been beneficial for kids and adults with learning difficulties, like visual impairment and dyslexia.

It is also helpful for folks learning the English Language and those who took up English as a Second Language.

Excitedly, it includes reading, literacy support, and writing.

Users can:

  • Understand strange words with pictures and text dictionaries
  • Support independent students
  • Enhance writing skills with word prediction.

11. Flashcards Deluxe

Download Here

“Nearly Perfect!” Yes, that’s how a user titled his review of Flashcards Deluxe.

What’s more, the app amasses a juicy 4.5 rating.

These are crystal indications that this Electronic Flashcard is great for students with difficulty reading.

It helps kids with dyslexia to learn how to read independently.

Kids can design flashcards with two sides. They can add images; alter the way the text looks on the card.

12. Audible

Download Here

Audible lets you fuel a child’s imagination while improving their reading skill and vocabulary.

Does that look like what your child needs? Audible is one of the ADHD reading tools for that!

Audible allows students to pay attention to stories on either their iPad or iPhone wherever they are.

Why should you let this app make it to your tools box?

With Audible, your kids wouldn’t have to stay glued on the desk reading any assigned book given at school.

They have the liberty of doing other activities while the Audible reads to them – a move especially vital for kids with difficulty paying attention to reading.

Since studies show that students with ADHD who engage in outdoor activities have milder symptoms, adding reading with outdoor play can add more benefits.

With time, you will notice a clear distinction between them and other kids with the same condition.

13. Spell Better

Download Here

In the world of Word Processor, Spell Better has a solid reputation!

As one of the ADHD reading tools, Spell Better offers spelling support by suggesting words as users type their text.

Trust me! It’s an excellent word processor for kids who love playing with the screen.
More than suggesting words, this app also offers literacy support by displaying the pronunciation of words and their meanings.

Your kids or students are required to click and hold the prediction bar.
With consistency, they can expand their vocabulary.

In summary, Spell Better:

  • Offers Word prediction
  • Reads sentences out to kids and students

Finally, kids can freely customize texts types with varying fonts & font sizes.

Note: The app comes with no filters. Thus, kids have to be monitored when they type into the text area.

14. iReward Chart

Download Here

Finally, the last on our list of ADHD reading tools for kids.

Kids and students love rewards for good behaviors.

With Reward Charts, you can win them over again and again!

Unfortunately, parents and teachers wouldn’t always carry them along. In most cases, they are at home.

For that reason, this ingenious iReward Charts comes to play!

Currently, it’s the most sophisticated mobile reward system. Parents and kids will surely love it!

How To Use?

  • Add your tots to the mobile reward system. Select tasks from the suggested list, and watch your kids work toward their goals.
  • As they complete their tasks, tap the stars icon. The app will instantly tally the rewards for the week.

For flexibility, parents can set up their reward chart with prizes their kids will live.

Teachers have the incredible ability to monitor students’ behavior using the app. Parents can do the same.

You have the liberty to customize the app for specific students. This includes uploading their photos and selecting tasks and rewards.

The apps come with several suggestions, but you can go creative by adding yours.

Parents and teachers can select any task, even tasks that include reminding the student to be more polite to their classmates.

Rewards are designed to be age-fitting. They can be anything from cupcakes to obtaining more “playtimes.”

It is indeed an excellent app to make your child stay motivated and attain self-growth.

You can read more on how to improve your child’s processing speed here!

What can we conclude?

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, education is fast becoming digital, and many parents and teachers having kids with ADHD and other learning difficulties can take advantage of this development.

Happily, we’ve unveiled some of the best ADHD reading apps you can try out!

Take full advantage of these creative ADHD reading tools to evade any difficulty that might come your way when teaching your kids how to read!

While most of the reading apps are for kids, adults can tap into the advantages they present to users with reading problems. 

Welcome! I’m Trust. I’m a writer, public instructor, and mobile photographer. I’m passionate about an organized and productive life and have keen concern for folks living with ADHD and those having a slow processing speed. Join me on this journey as we live an organized and productive life!

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