Glo and Mtn: 3 Ways to Get Double Data and Credit Bonus

This Post has been updated on 10th of February 2020.

Do you desire to keep your expenses on data and credits minimal on glo and mtn? Do you wish to get double data and credit bonus? Then, here is a place to check! Granted, this post has nothing to do with cheats and tweaks; it is a result of careful observation.

Well, if you have been a long-time user of Glo and Mtn, especially in Nigeria, you may have enjoyed data and credit bonuses due to your long-time partnership. But now, it seems like there is a break for old customers. However, the two giants say: We have a new way of giving out data and credit bonuses.

Recently, both Glo and Mtn are extending data and credit bonus to new customers. Therefore, if you wouldn’t mind getting massive data and credit, blend alongside the latest trend; below are ways to be part of the pattern.

Glo and Mtn: 3 Ways to Get Double Data and Credit Bonus


As a long-term user of the Glo network, you may have noticed that when Glo discontinued a particular subscription, it affects all sim. But interestingly, if you pay closer attention to their adverts, they tactfully reveal the wonders that can be gotten from GLO OGA sim.

Data Deal on New Glo Sim

Step I: Walk into any Glo store and purchases a new GLO OGA sim.
Step II: Recharge N500.
Step III: Dial *777# to activate the 14 days’ subscription.

Data and Credit Bonus

You will get N2500 for the calls.
Additional 1600MB for browsing + 900MB (the actual MB)

Note: If you want to double your data and credit, you can recharge more.


On a new MTN sim, a recharge of N100 will give a bonus of N500 and N200 data to browse the internet; although the data bonus is valid for seven days.

For a monthly subscription, a recharge of N1000 will get you N5000 bonus for calls. A subscription to their 1.5gb plan with the N1000 will give you an additional 1.5gb. And the duration is for 30 days.

Eligibility for the MTN N200 for 1 Gig

Step I: Walk into any Mtn store, request for a new MTN sim and register.
Step II: Migrate to pulse if that is not the plan pre-configured for the sim.
Step III: Dial *131*65#, then, follow the command prompt – choose the plan you want.
Note: Being a new customer, your new sim will be eligible for the offer.

If any explanation above needs clarification, please, use the comment section, we are here to serve you better.

Additional Information for MTN Subscribers

When you get a new sim, do not throw your old sim away, keep it handy. After six month of inactivity, if you insert it in your phone and recharge on it, MTN will welcome you back, and for the next three months, your recharge and most especially your subscription will be doubled.

If you have three MTN Sims, you can keep alternating this until you get sick of double data on MTN. Have Fun!


These telecommunications —GLO and MTN—sometimes roll out night plans. While I would not condemn such move, you don’t have to ruin a good sleeping habit because you want to surf the internet. Adhering to these smart ways to get double data and bonus will make a big difference!

Additionally, it is vital you ensure that your information is very valid and accurate when registering. Then, in most cases, you will be advised to exhaust the airtime you first recharged; It would  be nice to do that! I haven’t figured out why that has been said. But they would tell you that if you fail to do that, your sim risks being blocked.

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  1. I’m enjoying that of mtn.

    You can also get 200mb for #50, valid for 14 days. Just dial *131*25#.
    NOTE: you might not be eligible!

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