How to Extend Battery Life: 8 Best Hacks

A 96% full phone bar

When I was a teenager, my parents often ensured that my phone was fully charged each time we left home.  Even with a full charge, my battery would have depleted before reaching my destination.  Most times, on reaching my destination, I might not get a place to charge my phone.  Can you relate to this … Read more

10 Stunning Tips on How to Maintain Clothes

Two types of clothes to learn how to maintain clothes with

 Do you change your wardrobe weekly, monthly, or yearly?  Like many, it’s quite challenging to do a complete revamp of their wardrobe. They have no fixed time, so they only add a few clothes when they have funds to spare. If this describes you, it’s best to maintain these present ones you have.  If you change … Read more

How to Prepare Your Child For School Resumption: 16 Tips

Do you want the best resumption for your kids? We’ve got tips to help you achieve that! This time, the preparation will be a lot easier. It is not like last year when school resumption in Nigeria, the U.S.A, and other parts of the world was amidst covid-19. While anticipating and calculating the bills that … Read more

How to Make a Simple Cake: 4 Easy Steps

A lovely cake beside the text: "How to make a simple cake."

You see, Cake is a delicacy loved by many people today. Especially for children, the mere sight or mention of Cake brings joy. However, there are inconsistencies in taste experienced in some cakes; Some cake might come out fine today, and the next time you try it, it’s definitely off track.  Fittingly, this article, focusing … Read more

How to Deep Clean Kitchen: 6 Simple Ways

A drawer contributing to how to deep clean kitchen

I already assume that you are among those responsible and diligent individuals who appreciate hygiene.  Before we go on, I’d love to start with a disclosure: I have sometimes struggled to keep my kitchen clean. But right now, I’ve won the battle, and that’s why I’m delighted to unveil these tips.  So, you can trust … Read more