7 Tips to Protect Your Eyes – A Must-Read!

The eye is a vital and delicate organ in the body, and with it, we can observe our surroundings; we see colors, read, easily find our way, and enjoy the beautiful scenery nature has to offer. 

But if we fail to care for our eyes, there is a high tendency that we’ll develop eye defects, or in the worst scenario, lose our sight. How terrible that would be! You don’t want that, do you? 

Last week, I was discussing with a friend regarding how vital the eye is. We both realized that losing one’s sight is indeed a brutal and sad situation. In fact, a sane person wouldn’t wish that his enemy should lose his sight. We don’t want to lose our sight. But mind you, it can happen! Shocking, huh? You can prevent it! 

To prevent this condition from happening, this article will discuss tips to protect your eyes. It will stem from the tiniest to the most important ones. So let’s learn the tips to protect your eyes. 

Note: This article, tips to protect your eyes, is mainly written for freelancers, those who work remotely from home, those who use the system throughout the day in their respective offices, and avid phone users. 

Seven Tips to Protect Your Eyes

1. Make Use of Sunglasses. Our eyes are at risk of having defects like macular degeneration and photokeratitis when they are regularly exposed to ultraviolet rays. Sunglasses protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays.

Tips to Protect Your Eyes: 

• If you have no sunglasses, get one.

• Always make sure your sunglasses are with you before you leave home.

• Bigger sunglasses provide much coverage from ultraviolet rays.

Note: Ultraviolet rays are also emitted on a cloudy day, so it is advisable to wear them not only on sunny days but also on cloudy days.

2. Use goggles When Swimming. No swimming pool is 100% free from contaminants, even though they have been disinfected. A lot of harmful substances like urine, sweat, hair, feces, and so on can be found in it. To be on the safe side, make use of goggles when swimming.

Tips to Protect Your Eyes:

• Choose a pair that is easy for you to wear.

• Only wear goggles that are well fitted to prevent water from entering.

3. Avoid Excessive Rubbing of the Eyes. No doubt, we have all experienced an itchy sensation in our eyes, and to relieve ourselves from that sensation, we use our hands to rub our eyes. But, rubbing our eyes with unclean hands increases the risk of having conjunctivitis. Also, rubbing the eyes consistently can cause a slight tear in the cornea.

Tips to Protect Your Eyes:

  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes constantly. 
  • Visit an ophthalmologist if you continuously experience an itchy sensation in your eye.

4. Protect Your Eyes From Screens. Screens hunt the entire world; it is everywhere we go. At work, we make use of computers, at home, we watch the television, and in our leisure time we play around with our phones. Guess what all these things have in common; I’ll tell you, “screens.” Excessive exposure to screens can lead to problems like eye strain, blurred vision, heavy eyes, and headaches. Why? Because they emit UV rays.

Tips to Protect Your Eyes:

•When sitting, your sight must be a bit higher than the monitor to avoid direct contact with the rays coming from the screen.

• Remember to blink at intervals to avoid having dry eyes.

• Activate eye care mode on the phone when using it.

• Always remember to turn your eyes away from the screen every 20 min.

5. Regularly See an Ophthalmologist/Eye Doctor. It is to your advantage if you regularly visit an Ophthalmologist because they can help in detecting eye defects earlier if present. An extensive eye checkup will aid in identifying issues like diabetes, elevated cholesterol, and eye diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Tips to Protect Your Eyes:

• Visit an eye doctor every two to four years, even though you are not experiencing problems in your eye.

• Constant headaches can also be a sign that you might have an eye defect or disease.

• Visit an eye doctor if you always feel pain in your eyes. Feeling of pain in the eye is a symptom of glaucoma.

6. Exercise Regularly. Research has shown that regular exercise reduces the risk of having eye problems like macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts.

Tips to Protect Your Eyes:

• You can engage yourself in aerobic exercises like jogging, walking, and skipping.

• Always begin exercise at a slow and steady intensity.

• Exercise at least three times weekly.

• You can join an exercise group for motivation and protection.

• Maintain your exercise routine.

7. Sleep Well, Really Well! Research has shown that inadequate sleep can cause the blood vessels in your eyes to pop because of eye strain. In addition to that, lack of sufficient rest can also lead to dryness in the eye.

Tips to Protect Your Eyes:

• Sleep whenever you’re fatigued.

• Sleep for at least five hours.


All the points listed above are for you! I’d love to see you apply them. We should take precautions now to avoid regrets. I love you! If you find this blog helpful, please keep visiting. 

In our next post, we will highlight some myths about the eye that have gone viral, and reveal the facts behind each myth. Stay tuned!

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