10 Popular Rumors and Facts About the Eyes

The eye is a very frail organ. 

As a result, a lot of dos and don’ts about it are circulated everywhere. 

While some of those warnings rest solidly on facts, the majority of them are rumors.

You’ve likely been made to believe some of these rumors. 

Well, if you’ve had your fair share, this piece is sufficient to counteract those beliefs. 

This article will discuss 10 common rumors and facts about the eyes. 

Most fundamentally, tips that can help you have the right care toward your eyes. 

The 10 Rumors and Facts About the Eyes to Examine

Blurred vision

1. Reading under dim light can permanently injure your eyes.

Here’s the Fact

Reading under dim lighting doesn’t injure your eye permanently;

It can only stress your eyes.


  • Shine the light directly on what you are reading.
  • To limit stress, often read under bright lights many times a week. 

2. Frequent use of prescribed glasses can make your eyes weak.

Here’s the Fact

Frequent use of your glasses will not weaken your eye. 

Instead, they aid clear sight. 

Your sight will not improve without the aid of the spectacles prescribed for you. 

Your eye defect can progress if you don’t make use of the glasses prescribed for you. 

So it’s even dangerous not to wear them as recommended. 


  • Make use of your prescribed glasses at all times.
  • If you find it uncomfortable, speak with an eye doctor. 

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3. Viewing TV/computer all day can harm your eyes. 

Here’s the Fact

There is no evidence to support this claim. 

But the continuous use of your TV or computer all day can lead to:

Blurred sight, strained eye, and a fatigued eye.

The symptoms listed eventually go away when you’re done with those devices.

  • Take 20 min breaks when using those devices.
  • Balance the lighting of the screen.
  • Blink at intervals to prevent eye dryness.

4. Wearing the wrong prescription can damage your eyes. 

Here’s the Fact

Generally, wearing the wrong prescription will not damage your eye. 

However, it will only cause temporary feelings of headache and blurred eyesight. 

And this will vanish when the glass is taken off.

Wearing the wrong prescription can damage the eyes of a child. Why? 

It impairs the eyeball’s growth, and it can also cause reduced vision (amblyopia) and myopia.

  • Insist on having a thorough eye exam before glasses are prescribed.
  • Make sure to see an eye doctor if your prescription causes eye discomfort.
Two white eye drops on the table

5. Eye drops can cure eye dryness.

Here’s the Fact

Factors like-infected tear gland and low moisture in the air can cause eye dryness. 

These factors listed reduce the production of tears in the tear gland. 

Eye drops can only bring about temporary relief from eye dryness, but the problem remains. 

Eye drops that can improve the production of tears in the tear gland are available. 

But, they are only applied if an eye doctor recommends that you use them. 

  • Make use of a humidifier when moisture is low in the air. 
  • See an eye doctor if eye dryness persists.

6. Eating lots of carrots can cure eye defects. 

Here’s the Fact

Carrots have vitamin A in them, which is good for sight. 

However, eating lots of carrots is not synonymous with the correction of your eye defect.

But they can help improve the sight of a severely malnourished person.


  • Eat a balanced diet.
  • Add fibers to your meal. 

7. Eye checkup isn’t necessary unless you are experiencing problems.

Here’s the Fact

There are lots of eye diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration. 

These can’t be easily detected except with the aid of regular eye checkups.

  • Regularly go for eye checkups.
  • Speak with your doctor first before you do self-medication. 
sunshine and the cloud

8. Continually looking at the sun will improve your sight.

Here’s the Fact

Looking at the sun for an extended period without using standard eye protection goggles can cause severe damages. 

These damages can be done to your retina and, in some cases, cause blindness.

  • Regularly make use of sunglasses.
  • Don’t look directly at the sun.
  • Make use of standard eclipse glasses if you must stare at the sun for a long time. 

9. People suffering from color blindness only see in black and white.

Here’s the Fact

The majority of people with this defect see some colors. 

And they mostly have problems differentiating between the color red and green.

The type of color blindness in which the victim only sees in gray shades is not very common. 

About 8% of men and 0.5% of women are color blind.


  • Exposure to carbon disulfide, monoxide, and lead can cause color blindness.
  • Be careful of what you stare at. 

10. It’s possible to do an eye transplant.

Here’s the Fact

With the level of medical knowledge possessed in our time, transplanting a whole eye isn’t possible. 

Optic nerves are responsible for connecting the eyes to the brain. 

And these nerves consist of more than a million fibers.

Once these fibers are severed, they cannot be linked back together. 

The only thing that can be transplanted in the eye is the cornea.

Final Thoughts

Did you notice the pattern this article took? 

  • It first highlights the rumors 
  • It then reveals the fact behind it 
  • Then, it expresses tips to keep your eyes in good shape. 

So, this piece isn’t just about educating you on the rumors and facts about the eyes alone. 

It does more. It presented tips to go with!

Did these rumors and facts about the eyes shape your thoughts?

The majority of the myths just discussed were things we thought to be accurate, but now we know better. 

How about the tips that accompanied these rumors and facts about the eyes. 

Do you find them fascinating? Excellent! 

To keep being enlightened, please continue to visit this blog.

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