29 New ADHD Organization Tools To Get Organized Easily

Have you been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?

You too can get organized!

Folks with ADHD aren’t lazy, stupid, or unwilling.

The way climbers need a ladder to climb a tall fence, people with ADHD utilize ladders of their own – tools, coping mechanisms, or medication – to fight their struggle to stay organized.

We’ve made this list exhaustive by highlighting 29 new ADHD organization tools that help people with ADHD stay organized.

Whether you have a problem with clutter both at the office and at home or often get overwhelmed, you will get help here!

Note:  I have no affiliation with these brands and earn zero commission. I wrote this review simply because of my readers.

Top New ADHD Organization Tools To Help Get Organized

1. Remember The Milk

Download Here

Before learning about the Remember The Milk app, as a college student with ADHD, Elizabeth, wrestled with staying on top of her class reading.

She has a lot to wrestle with, from looking up each syllabus to determining what is due the next day, the right book to read, the length of reading, and setting up vital time in her schedule.

She admitted that these would seem elementary to a person without disorder.

With the Remember the Milk app. She said:

“I now find it helpful to devote an hour at the start of the term to examine each syllabus and program each article or chapter into Remember the Milk as a different task.

I set the due date, a day before reading, and the estimated time. I don’t have to remember when a task is due because Remember the Milk will inform me.”

Like Elizabeth, how can RTM be one of the best ADHD organization tools for you?

RTM is great for making to-do lists. It comes with several features like reminders, lists, sharing and can even be integrated into many other programs.

The reminders synchronize with email, text messaging, and social media apps like Twitter.

How To Use

  • Sign up and create an account
  • Download the app- I’ll recommend that you download the mobile and desktop apps.
  • Adding Tasks- Click the “Add a task” box. Use Smart Add to enter tasks properties in a line. This can include priority, due date, tags, repeats, and more. When done, click the Enter key.
  • Working With tags and Lists– Your tasks live on the list.  Create the number of lists you’d like to organize your tasks. You can create tags too. For example, you can tag a task with Chores. When you have the time to do the chores, you’ll click on the tag to view all your chores.
  • Setting Up Reminders– With this, you’ll never forget anything again! If you have tasks you want to get a reminder an hour, a day, or a few minutes before you get them done, no worries! Use the features to get reminded by text, email, Twitter, IM, and mobile apps.
  • Attach Files- Keep vital documents, spreadsheets, and photos alongside relevant tasks.

This is great news for ADHD folks!

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2. Todoist

Downlaod Here

I’ll call this a productivity powerhouse! Guess what? Dr. Parikh recommends this for people with ADHD.

Todoist is perfect for taking notes, making lists, and organizing projects.

Additionally, it comes with an option to incorporate other apps, allowing you to spread your priorities across varying programs and ensuring that you attend to all your tasks.

Todoist lets you steer clear of distractions and prevent you from being thrown off course, as you switch between apps.

Since smartphones are a common distraction for ADHD people, here is an app to bail them out.

3. FreakyAlarm

Download Here

Bad as it sounds? Yeah!

Do you always ignore or shut off your alarms? This is your best bet.

To disable this alarm, you’d need to solve a mathematical problem. Hah! This makes you pause, right?

FreakyAlarm says:

“You don’t have a way out. You have to attend to the tasks for which you set me! Obey me first, other things can come next.”

Well, if your math problem isn’t over the roof, select the easy category and be sure to have a calculator around.

The annoying sound can distract your thinking prowess.

One of the best features of FreakyAlarm is the Get Out of Bed option.

With this, you’d have to scan a QR before you can turn it off.  This is more than just getting out of bed. For example, if you often forget to take your medicine, use it.

To set

Scan the QR code on your medicine. If you want to snooze the alarm when it reminds you, you will have to scan the QR code.  Got the gist? You have no option but to use your drug right away!

Because while you are there scanning, you can simply take your medicine.

4. Evernote

Download Here

You might have anticipated finding this app here. No disappointment. But can ADHD people benefit from this organization’s tools? What do certified ADHD coaches think about Evernote?

Hear from Peter Wright and Nikki Kinzer, hosts of the famous “Take Control: The ADHD Podcast.”

They both admit that Evernote can help adults and children keep their lives, jobs, and studies organized.

Peter Wright was diagnosed with ADHD 19 years ago, and according to him, Evernote made a huge difference!

Wright was one of the early beta users of Evernote. He added: “Evernote is wide open…you can do anything with it.”

Peter Wright advises his podcast listeners to approach it based on the first problem they want to solve.

For instance, if a person with ADHD can’t keep track of his notes, they should use Evernote exclusively for taking notes.

You need just one book call note. And in that scenario, you should pay attention to the little green elephant.

Why? That is the problem Evernote will address.

If you have it in your mind that Evernote means notes, you’d not have to think about twenty notes. All you will have to think about is the elephants.

Evernote can dramatically change your life. Once you understand one part of the app and master it, it can be a life-changer.

How To Use Evernote For Organization

You can use Evernote to create to-do lists, save important documents, and keep personal records. Once they are all organized in Evernote, it’s easier to get what you are looking for.

  • Setting Up- Available for iOs, Android, Mac, and Windows. Downloading and setting up should take approximately five minutes. It requires an email address.
  • Notes & Notebooks- Once your account has been created, the app will set up a notebook using your username. This notebook has all the notes you will be creating. Simply click “new note” to create a note.
  • Evernote-Note-Checkboxes- Tag notes with varying searchable keywords.
  • Evernote-Web-Clipper- Use this feature to save any type of content. Use it to save articles, receipts, or crafts.

5. Finish

Download Here

I will call this app the procrastinator’s to-do list. Finish allows you to add tasks and section them.

You can have three sections:

  • Short-term
  • Mid-term
  • Long-term

Instead of showing the due date, this app allows you to see how much time you have, moving the tasks from category to category.

It comes with a Focus Mode that’s ideal for ADHD individuals. It displays only essential tasks in your list and keeps the rest away from your view.

6. Dropbox

Download Here

If you’ve lost crucial files more than once as a result of disk errors, you’ll understand the importance of keeping your stuff on Dropbox.

As one of the ADHD organization tools, you can store all your files and documents in Dropbox and access them anywhere.

Another essential thing is that it is easier to share big files in email.

You don’t have to upload; send the link!

Dropbox can also automatically save your pictures.

7. Brain Focus

Download Here

Dr. Parikh is one of the doctors that recommend Brain focus as one of the ADHD organization tools.

Brain Focus is a time-management tool for ADHD.  It can help people diagnosed with ADHD to get things done within a short time.

This tool is based on techniques like 52/17 or Pomodoro.

The good news about this app is that you can adjust the session duration to align with your requirements.

Are you distracted easily? You won’t go wrong with this app.

It shuts off sound and Wi-Fi notifications when you are in the “work” section of your session.

While it works to limit distractions, it is also great for tracking time spent on tasks.

You can organize and group tasks by category.

Simple Way to Use Brain Focus

  • Start a work session
  • When you complete a work session, reward yourself with a break
  • When the break session ends, restart the previous steps.

Well, you can expect more features.

The tool is compatible with iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone.

The free version allows you to:

  • Skip a break
  • Pause & resume sessions
  • Add time to a work session
  • Notification before a work session ends
  • Multiple themes
  • Supports over 30 languages.

8. Freedom

Download Here

A year ago, I learned about the Freedom app. It took me a while before downloading it. I did eventually. Why?

If you have problems staying focused while working, Freedom will bail you out.

It is pretty easy to set up. You can start with a weekly schedule. All you’ve got to do is highlight the times and days you desire to work.

Freedom will undoubtedly block you from being distracted by the internet while working on your tasks.

If you are an android user, you are lucky. You can use it on your mobile phone.

9. Priority Matrix

Download Here

Looking for an excellent app for managing several projects, responsibilities, and essentially for prioritizing actions? Priority Matrix is the best in the market.

In this app, you can categorize tasks by either importance or urgency. You can come with your labels.

I’m a fan of this app when it comes to breaking down big-picture goals into chunks and measurable benchmarks.

It is also essential for organizing specific projects.

Are you a visual person? You’ll find this to be a perfect app. Priority Matrix allows you to look at a single project based on due dates.

What’s more, users can integrate their calendars and import emails into the app. Of course, you need to purchase a license.

10. Due

Download Here

Due is undoubtedly a game-changer for people with ADHD. Experts highly rated and recommended it.

With its simple interface, users can get the best from this app. It has an auto-snooze function.

Due is designed to continually remind users till they mark their tasks as complete. 

This feature is perfect for those diagnosed with ADHD because they can easily tune out the initial reminder.

It also comes with timer functions, a feature that’s perfect for those easily distracted or push off tasks. 

11. Headspace

Download Here

With a 4.9 star rating, the popularity of Headspace comes with no surprise.

While Headspace isn’t specifically an app for productivity, it surfaced here because it allows users to get more mindful.

Folks with ADHD will benefit from the focus playlists and meditations there.

With the notable link between anxiety and ADHD, adopting meditation and mindfulness practice can be an alternative ladder to cope with ADHD symptoms.

Therefore, using Headspace can be an excellent way to focus and reduce stress, ultimately helping you stay more productive.

12. Superhuman

Download Here

I know you’d not mind being superhuman, and with this premium email client, you can ace your organization skills.

Superhuman optimize your engagement and management with your inbox. It comes with a simple and minimalist design.

Additionally, it is packed with advanced add-ons you won’t always see in every other email application.

This application lets you move via your inbox with super speed and more efficiently.

Automatically, it prioritizes and detects your inbox to let you get the most important message first, pushing down non-essential noise.

It allows you to snooze a conversation till you need to pick it back up. It comes with reading statuses that are insightful.

It also helps you see if a recipient has read your mail, letting you know the best time to follow up on a business opportunity.

13. Truebill

Download Here

Want to excellently manage your finances? Let Truebill come to your aid!

For people with ADHD, it might be daunting to keep track of bill due dates, subscriptions, and balances.

It might become even more overwhelming that it leads to anxiety. Personal financial management isn’t quite easy and often gets harder with time.  

How Does Truebill Help?

  • It saves you from missing loan payments
  • Saves you from impulse buying
  • Have an excellent credit rating
  • Save for retirement

Without correct handling of these aspects of your finances, it will lead to some serious financial mistakes that would take a year or more to rectify.

Be confident that Truebill can be a lifesaver for you, limiting the stress that can come your way from sifting through accounts.

Truebill has helped many folks manage their bills; it can help you today too!

14. RescueTime

Download Here

I’ve used the RescueTime free version for a few days, and here’s the secret: “RescueTime will blow your mind!

The free version allows ADHD individuals to figure out how much time they spend on their computers.

Are you seeking ways to save time? You must be sure of how you are spending it.

Everyone needs to know how to improve their awareness of time.

There is a clear difference between the amount of time you thought you spent on a task and the actual time you spent on it.

Knowing the actual time you spend can help you become more organized and productive.

How Does RescueTime Work?

  • It runs in the background, tracking all your activities.
  • You might be surprised to know that you spent almost two hours on your social media app.
  • The ultimate goal of this organization tool is to help you rate activities as:
  • Very distracting
  • Very productive
  • Set goals and track progress.

If you get the premium version, limit your time on some specific websites based on the goal you have for that day.

For example, if you want to use Facebook for just 30 minutes, it will block the app immediately after thirty minutes.

15. Mint

Download Here

Here is another financial app I’d want you to try out. It lets you manage your money in one place.

Specifically, it allows you to handle:

  • Debts
  • Investments
  • Checking and savings account balances

Trust me! It’s greatly intuitive.

Well, from experience, it’s best to set it up on the Web instead of doing it on your mobile device.

When you access Mint.com, you can access budgets, create financial goals, alerts, and other things.

The good news is that the graphic layout is designed for adults with ADD.

The bar and pie graphs that come with it will let you make sense of your finances.

Also, on the website, you can incorporate your graphics and photos into your savings goals. That lets you see what you are saving for.

Bonus point: You will always be alerted to any suspicious or unusual activity.

16. Unroll.me

Download Here

With Unroll.me, your inbox will thank you!

As a free service, it cleans up your email inbox, fetches all the newsletters, emails, and listservs you want to roll into a single daily digest, and unsubscribes you from everything you do not want to receive.

Yeah, you can turn a hundred emails into a single email.

17. Asana

Download Here

One of the experts to recommend this app as one of the ADHD organization tools is Dr. Parikh.

He advised those with ADHD to use Asana due to its usability and ease. It’s great for breaking down large tasks into smaller chunks.

With Asana, users can create a workflow of list items for each task or project. This feature is excellent for coping with ADHD.

For adults with ADHD, breaking tasks into chunks can help them avoid feeling overwhelmed.

The app helps teams organize their workflows. For individuals, the app can let you coordinate lists and tasks by priority.

Don’t want tasks to fall by the wayside? Give Asana a shot today!

18. Boomerang For Gmail

Download Here

If you are like me, there are some letters I’d love to use my free time to draft before sending it over.

For example, I might want to send a letter to my team around noon. But I have a dead time to draft the letter.

Instead of just keeping the draft somewhere in my notepad or even inside the mail, Boomerang will let me write the email.

Then, click on “Send It Later.”

But there is more, Boomerang can let you know whether an important email that you sent has been read.

You can set Boomerang to inform you that the recipient has opened your text. 

19. ScheduleOnce

Download Here

Without a calendar, many people will lack the power to schedule.

However, nothing is as swift as online scheduling. I’ve sometimes tried to use some apps for this online scheduling, but no other app comes close to ScheduleOnce.

I love it because it gives you control of each day’s activities, offering the flexibility that ADHD individuals need.

If you need to meet someone, ScheduleOnce will send the person you plan or schedule to meet close to three reminder emails.

Happily, it integrates well with Google Calendar.

20. Wake N Shake

Download Here

As the name implies, this app requires you to shake your phone heavily to turn off the alarm.

Trust me! It’s one of the hardest alarm apps to ignore.

21. Tile App

Download Here

Do you often misplace items? Tile App might be that app you need to stay organized while you work to keep things in their rightful places?

As a Bluetooth tracking tool, Tile allows ADHD individuals to attach Tile to their wallets, keys, and other vital physical items for tracking and for ease of finding.

What Does A Tile App Look Like?

Tiles are as portable as a one-inch sticker and can be fixed on a remote. It can even be attached to a keyring.

Each time you need to find these items, open the Tile app, and it will direct you to where you have lost time.

Each Tile you purchase comes with a battery that will last a minimum of a year. Also, it comes with a loud ringer so you can get the item in its exact location.

Instead of racking and stressing your brain for a memory that isn’t existing, save the stress and time, and utilize a Tie Bluetooth tracker to track lost items.

22. AutoSilent

Download Here

Okay, this wouldn’t do much for your organizational skills.

However, it helps you silence your phone based on geo-fences, a specified calendar, or a timer.

With this app, you’d not need a reminder to turn on or off your ringer.

23. Dragon

Download Here

Does your brain move faster than you write? Get this voice dictation! Instead of typing, talk, and this app will type whatever you say.

24. Sleep As Android

Download Here

Tracks sleeping pattern. Sleep as Android tells you if you’ve poorly slept and warned you. It catches your talk or snoring while sleeping.

25. Voice Dictation For Mac

Download Here

Great for dictation!

26. Brainsparker

Download Here

Allow you to overcome creative blocks. Force you to create new ideas

27. WriteRoom

Download Here

 This should be your go-to text editor; Write first, then edit

28. Sleep Cycle

Download Here

This allows users to see how daily activities impact their sleep quality.

29. Podcast Players

Download Here

Final Thoughts

These ADHD organization tools will help you become more organized! Use these tools to manage:

  • Information
  • Time
  • Distractions

They can also help you enhance creativity, get more productive, and get more quality sleep.

Try one or two. Be sure to take your time to fully adopt the tools we’ve listed so you can get the most out of them.

We want to hear from you: Which of these tools would you love to try and have you tried?

Welcome! I’m Trust. I’m a writer, public instructor, and mobile photographer. I’m passionate about an organized and productive life and have keen concern for folks living with ADHD and those having a slow processing speed. Join me on this journey as we live an organized and productive life!

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