28 Best Games To Improve Processing Speed

Want to improve your processing speed and skills in a fun, productive ways?

It’s best you invest in games designed for that purpose!

In this article, we’ve highlighted the best games to improve processing speed.

Trust me; you’ll love them! 

Are you a fan of video games? You’ll find the best video games that help enhance processing speed too. 

But, how would you define processing speed, and why is it important? Let’s briefly find out!  

What is Processing Speed?

Processing speed perfectly describes how efficiently a person performs cognitive tasks.

It is the ability to accept, understand, and act on information received. 

When it comes to learning, especially in small kids, processing speed is critical!  

But why is it essential to improve your processing speed? 

Why You Need to Improve Your Processing Speed

1. Enhances reading ability

2. Improves the ability to complete tasks that come with limited time. 

3. Helps complete tasks and aids in writing effectively and efficiently. 

4. Enhances a child’s essential arithmetic skill 

5. It speeds up understanding, and thinking and facilitates fast decision-making.  

Yes! With these five benefits, let’s explore the 26 best games to help improve processing speed. 

12 Best Games To Improve Processing Speed

1. Big Brain Academy 

It’s a Nintendo game that involves a series of logic puzzles demanding concentration and focus.  

2. Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and Dance Central Spotlight

Download Here

Here is a game requiring kids to mentally document what they see on their television screen, understand it, and translate it into personal motions.  

This game demands coordination and quick processing skill for swift reaction.  

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3. Bop It

Download Here

This is one of the best games to improve processing speed. This game asks you to perform various actions as it calls out every direction. 

To obtain the highest score, you’re required to have the peak number of sequential actions. 

As you keep playing, Bop It continues to speed up. 

Thus, it gives you less time to think about the action you should take.  

The previous version is slightly different from the current one; however, it is now more interactive than ever.  

The new version requires your entire body. Hence, you won’t only Bop It; you will also pull and twist. 

These actions require processing more information to play the game.  

Also, it tests your processing speed. You will come to see how quickly you can twist it after Bop It asks you to. 

There is also an option to play Box mode. Here, Bop It gives you a series of sounds instead of verbal directions. 

You are required to remember which sound cues a particular action. And once again, your processing speed is challenged. 

This requires remembering what a particular sound means and the direction it is meant for.  

4. Join a Sports Team

Sports are one of the innovative ways to learn hand-eye coordination! 

When adults or minor children take advantage of these games, their processing speed is enhanced, remarkably. 

Playing an instrument is also an excellent way to master fast hand-eye coordination; hence it’s something to invest time in. 

5. Crossword Puzzles

Of course, you aren’t new to crossword puzzles. But which of these crossword puzzle games can you play to improve processing speed? 

The basic ones are: 

  • Sudoku
  • Chess
  • Jigsaw puzzles 
  • Rubik’s cube 

These logic puzzles and basic memorizing exercises keep the brain sharp and help with processing speed. 

Games like Word Dynamo offer numerous puzzles and numerous word games meant for grade school via college-age players. 

Parents can even learn to play Social Chess against their kids online.

As one of the processing speed games online, this is an excellent way to establish competition in a lower and tasteful way. 

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6. Spot It

Here is another fast-paced identical card game with numerous visual interests.

Its cards involve NHL, Basic Spanish, numbers, and letters. This means you can always get the correct version for your family and loved ones. 

This game challenges you to do as the name implies: Spot It! 

Each card has unique pictures, symbols, and words inscribed on it. Some of these cards are easier to spot, while some aren’t. 

However, every card has a petite matching picture with every other card on the stack. 

There are many ways to play this game. 

Each player begins with a card in front of them and the rest of the card in the middle of the table.

In this case, the top deck card is revealed. The player will only find a picture on his card that tallies the deck card.  

The first person to spot it wins that deck card. This now becomes the new card that players will match to the new deck card. 

After taking all the deck cards, the player with the most cards wins the game. 

Another method of playing this game is by facing two cards up in front of the players. 

The first person to spot the identical symbol wins those cards. In the end, the player with the most cards wins. 

With time, you will be able to get faster at spotting any matching picture and improving processing speed. 

7. Boggle and Uno

Get Here

Comes in two versions—the tabletop version and the online version. 

This excellent game stimulates the mind and perfectly works for enhancing the speed of processing tasks within a given time. 

Uno specifically is available in the link above! 

8. Hyperslide 

Get Here

Another excellent game for improving processing speed is Hyperslide. 

This challenging game lets you slide a hyper disc via a goal. 

It is just like air hockey without air; however, it can be played solo. 

It has four colored hyper discs. The goal is designed to call out the colored disc to pass under its arch. 

Your higher score is dependent on the number of accurate passes you have. 

Hyperslide has a pass mode where you will pass hyper discs beneath the goal as quickly as possible. 

If you want to beat your high score, be sure to pass the right color. 

This game challenges players to process verbal commands, select the right hyper disc and then pass it beneath the goal swiftly as soon as possible. 

When you play solo, you’ll see the disc bounce back. Hence, watch out for the flying discs. 

Like Spot It, Blink is also one of the games requiring cards. The deck is divided between players. 

Players playing must match cards with the top card of the play deck. Players can check identical cards by number, shape, and even color. 

In this game, the first players to play all cards win. Yes, there is no taking turns like Spot It. 

Each player is obliged to put down as quickly as possible. Of course, a player with the fastest processing speed will be at an advantage. 

So, master how fast you can look at the top card, and your card and match them together. 

While it sounds like something straightforward, it’s quite a crazy, fun game. 

The act of asking you to take in visual information of cards, process, match, and play the correct cards is the secret that challenges your processing speed. 

So the bottom line: It is all about speed!

10. Online Websites

There are a series of websites that offer kids games that can enhance their processing speed. 

Games available on these websites are regarded as brain-training games. These websites include: 

  • Lumiiniosity.com
  • HappyNeuron.com
  • FunBrain.com
  • WikiHow.com
  • MindHabits.com

11. Real Puzzles

Puzzles are an incredible way to understand better what is read and learned.  

Hence, this is the one you can try: 

  • Summation Puzzle

If you try this with your kids, their thinking speed will be enhanced, and they’ll process stuff faster. 

While it is undisputed that puzzles can help develop students’ strategies to overcome slow processing speed, there are some types of games you shouldn’t play. 

These are puzzle games that penalize players when they have low processing speed. 

When you play them, it might be counterproductive. So, steer clear of games like that.

12. Racing Games are Nice

Due to their need for quick calculations, they are among the best games that can boost processing speed. 

Examples are: 

  • Star Wars Battlefront 
  • Bacon Escape

If you can’t lay your hands on this one, just be sure to get any FPS games. 

There are some rhythm games like Guitar Hero, and Dance Revolution for enhancing processing speed. 

Apart from the classic ones discussed, below are excellent video games that enhance kids’ problem-solving skills, learning something new, and impressively help them have a great time. 

They are games for homeschoolers and other adults who need these types of games. 

These games are for PlayStation, Wii, and Xbox. 

16 Video Games To Improve Processing Speed 

1. My Word Coach

It is a linguist-developed game designed to improve students’ verbal communication skills via six varying fun and word games. 

It is impressively loaded with more than 17,000 words. This game is available for both Nintendo and Wii. 

2. Smarty Pants

It’s designed to be a family game. Parents and kids will enjoy this trivia game developed by EA. 

This game quizzes players on lots of subjects from science to history to sports, challenging players to show off their skills by finding the correct answer.  

3. Escape Adventure Island

As one of the Wii platforms offers, young learners can interact well with a 3D environment. 

It aids in practicing math, enhancing critical thinking, reading, and getting virtual rewards as they play.

4. Brain and Body Connection

Here is another excellent app to help improve processing speed. It is designed for students to excel in all their subjects. 

This game can be played individually or with family members.

5. Brain Quest

This fun-filled classic game is packed with 6,000 questions and interactive puzzles. 

Geared toward kids in grades three and four, the combination of the features is capable of addiction. Parents must be sure that kids play in moderation.

6. Spelling Challenges

Students who need help with spelling can enjoy this fun game. 

It contains more than 25,000 words at varying levels, engaging multiple players via 11 different games. 

7. Book Warm

In a fun Nintendo DS game, the player can get their reading and spelling skills tested. 

Additionally, they can test their language skill. It is no doubt a wealth of word puzzles, helping kids build their virtual libraries.   

8. Brain Age

Excellent for parents and kids, Brain age can train brains leading to mental athletes. It comprises math, logic, and word problems.

There are lots of challenges that can aid learners in all aspects of their education. 

There are a series of tests and games that can help build the knowledge required in acing tests in a fun way.

9. Drawn to Life

This video game was developed to aid budding young animators, and artists or help kids embrace their talent. Players can make a series of drawings. 

10. SimCity

Adding some touch of creativity in learning a lot about the environment, SimCity can help learn city planning and natural disasters.

11. Nancy Drew

This is a game that motivates students to hone their critical thinking and problem-solving ability. 

It can be played on PC by choosing the option that challenges players to solve a mystery.   

12. Brainiversity

This game app is a windows-based game capable of helping parents and kids keep their brains fit and healthy. 

This is done by testing the brain via mental training sessions.

This game consists of mini-games covering language, math, memory, and analysis. 

It aptly covers all the impressive skills that are required in one’s academic endeavor.

13. Math Blaster

That’s more than a sexy name! Math Blaster is still recognized as one of the widely used math games. 

It is an impressive tool that helps learn math in a more fun-filled way. Specifically, it is excellent for young learners.

14. 20 Q

This is the online version of 20 Questions. This site is perfect for helping children think and reason, enhancing their processing speed.

15. Rocket Math

Come on; this is a real value. It’s earned its spot as one of the best games for kids by many reputable sources. 

It is a video game that makes math more fun and presents children with a startling 56 varying math missions.

16. Super Why

Recognized as a literacy-focused game, it aids in building skills in nearly everything from reading to rhyming. Enjoy this pleasant PBS game.

These 16 processing speed games online should not be substituted for mastering executive functioning techniques. 

Notwithstanding, these games are great for instilling the importance of executive function in students.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Video Games for Adults and Kids

If you are a parent, you might be worried about the impact of video game intervention on your kids, apart from enhancing their processing speed.  

Some have argued that screen-based technology can have a negative impact on their children. 

Meanwhile, others have maintained that using it in moderation can result in significant benefits.  

To put it into a concise perspective, here are a few pros and cons of video games for kids when boosting processing speed. 


  • Enhances processing speeds in the brain 
  • Improve prosocial behavior
  • Enhance reading fluency and speed 
  • Improve the memory 
  • Builds brain flexibility and regions 
  • Enhances social improvement 


  • Can lead to obesity
  • Spending more than 3 hours each day can affect you psychologically. 
  • It increases the chances of video game addiction 
  • Playing violent games can impact violent outbursts in children 
  • This can lead to a lack of motivation in getting things done. 

Looking closely at the cons, it’s clear that the majority of the mishaps emanate from misuse. 

Thus, kids should be kept away from violent games. 

Thankfully, the best games to improve your processing speed listed in this article aren’t violent.  

Kids then should have less to worry about being influenced negatively.  

However, there is a concern. Kids have to play these games in moderation. They are required to spend less time on the screen so they can maximally benefit from the games.  

Kids and adults need to understand how much time needs to be spent with a particular video game. 

Thus, the need to keep track of the time required first to help play a game. 

On the other hand, it is necessary to know the extent that you need the intervention of video games to speed up your processing speed. 

This is how to keep track of your time with video games: 

  • Use a fitness tracker or watch to know how long it takes you to complete a task. 
  • Time yourself using an app like 30/30 and keep this time in a diary. 

Applying these suggestions can help you be more conscious of time which is vital for time management. 

It is also one of the weaknesses of those with learning difficulties. 

Worthy Considerations for Video Games Developed to Improve Processing Speed

Students around the world with slow processing speeds often wrestle with lots of academic, day-to-day tasks. 

Helping via video games can complement other classic games they have played and enjoyed. 

Students with ADHD or dyslexia can specifically enjoy these games more. 

However, some parents worry about the mindful and responsible use of these tools. Many folks speak so severely about video games. 

They can’t be blamed. In the real sense, most video games out there don’t encourage good morals nor make kids more active. 

But, we’d be wrong to close our eyes on the good ones that have offered tremendous value to both old and young. 

Even though powerful and capable of strengthening one’s cognitive skills, not all games can work for every child. 

Hence, parents must learn what works for individuals.  

I want to make that process as straightforward as possible and help you and your child make the most of these digital media. 

And that’s why you got this exhaustive list. 

Many speak favorably of sports as a tool for improving processing speed. 

This is true because it requires efficient analysis that’s merged with quick calculations. 

Nevertheless, most video and classic games listed in this article also demand fast processing of information and swift reaction time. 

Thus, apart from sports, invest time and money in other types of games that will effectively improve your processing speed. 

Do your kids need these games? You’ll need to carry out a complete neuropsychological evaluation. 

This is precisely an excellent way to verify your children’s level of processing speed. 

A neuropsychological evaluation is essential to examine auditory, slow visual, and written language processing speed in children. 

This helps you clarify specific worries with processing speed in kids. Some kids can perform some aspects of strategies better than others. 

Since it’s normal for kids to have varying capacities in varying areas, there are different processing speed profiles. 

A child who experienced slow processing speed when it comes to written tasks might be slow in copying, how to write, and slowness inputting any information on paper. 

Slow processing speed isn’t linked to intelligence. However, it can make life more challenging for students when it’s slow. 

As a parent, clarifying this helps you know which one your child is wrestling with and needs help with. 

After figuring it out, find a game from this list and get your kids involved. If it’s for you, do the same.

Things will get better by introducing these fun games. 

Final Thoughts

This is one of the most comprehensive lists of the best games to improve processing speed.

Yes, you’ve got an impressive 28 games to explore for yourself and your kids. 

Use these interventions to help yourself and your kids. 

We are confident that this has offered you some fantastic ideas for either family time or even a family vacation. 

We also hope this has given you some ideas for a family game night

Please, always visit Tomvad to explore many fantastic articles targeted at developing your processing speed.  

Let us know if you have any other great games to improve processing speed.

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