25 Hot Selling Products In Nigeria: (Make Extra Income)

Presently, both social media and the Nigerian market have gone frenzied by some products. 

However, excitement is one thing; profitability is another. 

Instead of choosing all products, I selected only products in Nigeria that are in high demand and profitable. 

The good news is, you don’t even need a brick and mortar shop before raking in your bucks. 

With your social media account, you can set up any of these businesses.

Let’s start with the first ten hot in-demand products in Nigeria. 

Then, we’ll cap it with 15 hot information products in Nigeria.

So, here are 10 hot selling products in Nigeria you should think of in 2021 and 2022:

10 Hot Selling Products In Nigeria 2021

1. Fashion Items (Plain Tee Shirts)

Ranking as one of the hot selling products in Nigeria, the fashion industry has metamorphosed. 

As a product of the modern age, the demand consistently keeps up with the latest trend. 

This business involves the design, manufacturing, marketing, distribution of different kinds of apparel. 

It also involves the sales of any type of clothing and accessories that people are frequently demanding. 

A few years ago, the demand for clothing with prints was high; now, the shift has been to plain tee shirts. 

As a result, one of the advantages of this business model is that, as it transforms, you do too. 

This allows you to stay in business as long as you desire. 

Another incredible advantage is wideness. 

For instance, you can tailor your service only for men, women, babies, or merge them. 

Also, it incorporates the sales of Jewelry, under wares, handbags, shoes, casual wear, and others. 

If you’ve got interest in selling designer clothes, you can speak with existing dealers around you. 

For the sales of plain shirts, Contact This Dealer for a comprehensive guide and wholesale deals.

You will learn about the capital to start the business and the estimated profit to make!

Whatever style, brand, or niche you choose, you’ve got yourself a huge profit!

 2. Cosmetic Product

With organic products trending these days at an unprecedented rate, cosmetic products come next on our list. 

Stunned by his look and skin, a Twitter user asked Denrele Edun: 

“What’s your skin care product?” 

In his response, he said: “Stick to organic products!” 

What’s the connection? 

Most Nigerians are willing to give the best health care routine to their skin!

And for smart business enthusiasts, this is a treasure trove to sit on. 

With these products’ variation, you can either narrow down on a niche or pick two or more. 

You are open to the beauty spa, body, skin, and facial care products. 

You are also not limited to aromatherapy, anti-aging products, makeup, hair removal cream, fragrance, and more. 

With the periodic launching of these products by accredited manufacturing companies, the business has continued to evolve. 

And this has led many fashion-freak middle-class individuals to purchase them. 

Also, if you have the budget and skill, get accredited to start manufacturing your products. 

All you’ll need is just a vibrant and efficient marketing strategy online to penetrate the ever-growing competition. 

Want to get a head start? Speak with an expert in the field! 

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3. Health And Wellness Products

A few months ago, a friend partnered with a health and wellness company to sell their products. 

I asked him, do you think people will buy these expensive products?” 

His answer reveals his conviction! 

Coupled with a high return on each sale, he’s never backing down. 

Meeting his conviction with reality, his first and second weeks were met with demand and profit! 

It got me so convinced that I was willing to try it out. 

People want good health, and it’s one of the fast-selling products you can think of.

As long as they have good reviews about a health product, they’ll pay. 

Many are willing to sacrifice their penny to hit this nutritional status. 

This business niche is broad and leaves you with varying products to market or sell. 

Most companies that let you market their products online offer a high return on investment.

In the health and wellness industry, you’ve got varying products to deal with. 

These are: 

  • Vitamins and dietary supplements. 
  • Herbal remedies 
  • Weight loss products 
  • Nutritional products 
  • Sexual wellness products 
  • Body pain relievers 
  • Reproductive products, and more

If you are thinking of where to start, you might give stem cells a trial. 

For instance, many Nigerians are currently turning to stem cells due to their potency. 

Wondering how they are being reached? 

It’s the job of their marketers. They market the product and earn a cool commission. 

Of course, this might seem like a hard deal, but it’s not rocket science. 

Ask this Renowned Expert in the industry and get his comprehensive guide on how to start stem cell business in Nigeria. 

4. Jewelry

As mentioned earlier, Jewelry is also regarded as one of the hot selling products in Nigeria. 

Jewelry is one of the decorative pieces for personal adornment. 

These items include a necklace, brooch, cufflinks, bracelet, ring, pendants, earrings, and more. 

With more designs and improvement in this industry;

There’s a need to have any of these items from the best and classic materials. 

For instance, a few people might prefer gemstones to beads. 

There are other materials like amber, precious metals, shells, coral, and enamel.

The constant improvement in these materials has kept the demand afloat. 

And if you are smart enough to take advantage of these products, you’ll be thrilled at the result. 

More than just a lucrative business, as a style-driven industry, none of the items you buy can go extinct. 

The older, the more expensive it becomes. So, demand will also be high. 

If you are willing to invest in these products, you can start with a pendant necklace, bands, engagements, bracelet, and more. 

You can create an Instagram page, Twitter page, and Facebook page for these products. 

Get a good camera phone or meet a mobile photographer who can help edit any of the units to become more aesthetically appealing. 

5. Phones And Accessories

Do I have to tell you that the sale of phones and their accessories is a prominent one in Nigeria? 

Even though competitive, just hone your skill and beat your competitors. 

Apart from the sales of phones and their accessories, repair services fall under this category too. 

If you are good at it and offer excellent services, you’ll not only attract new consumers; 

You’d also get repeated customers. 

How can you start even without capital? Let me share a story. 

I was with a friend at a man’s shop months ago, wanting to buy a Laptop. 

Then, two guys walked in.

One was working for the shop’s owner; the other person was the buyer. 

While bargaining the price, I was wondering what’s happening?

My friend then explained that the shop owner has lots of guys under him.

What they do is to market these products on their social media platforms. 

These products are given to them at a standard rate, and they have the liberty to retain the price or increase it. 

With a good marketing strategy, they will likely get buyers and take them to the shop. 

Then, if they seal the deal, they turn the excess to their pocket. And that’s all! 

But is it worth the effort? Definitely! 

Nigeria is one of the countries with high demand for iPhones and their accessories. 

Thus, it is no wonder it’s one of the hot in demand products in Nigeria. 

If you have the capital to set up the business, specialize in: 

  • Smartphones
  • Battery
  • Screen guards
  • Earphones
  • Memory card
  • Power banks
  • Headset 
  • USB cable 
  • Charger, and more. 

Additionally, there’s no crime selling them together. Just get a decent shop, and have good customer relations. 

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6. Baby Accessories

A timeless piece, you say? That’s very accurate! 

Are you an expectant mother, or you know someone who is? 

If you answer yes, you’d know how important these items are. 

But what could make up a baby’s accessories? 

They are as diverse as the ones we mentioned earlier. 

These include: 

  • Feeding items 
  • Shelter 
  • Educational material 
  • Safety materials

These items contribute to kids’ well-being and growth; hence smart mothers wouldn’t toil with them. 

They need to buy these items, and that’s where your service comes in. 

If you’d want to focus on clothes, games, books, toys, baby foods, you’d be met with lots of profit. 

However, you have to get a good and reliable survey. 

This survey ensures that your offline store will be located where your prospects are. 

If you want to establish your business on any online social media platform, get more female followers. 

Also, include products like these:

  • Cloth pegs 
  • Feeding bottles 
  • Jumpsuits
  • Wipe 
  • Crib
  • Baby carrier
  • Diapers
  • Water flasks
  • Breast Pump 

Amazingly, if you want to extend your ads to other eCommerce websites, you can. 

For example, Lettads allow newbies to advertise their goods free of charge. That’s a staggering relief for you! 

7. Grocery Shopping and Delivery

I was checking my Whatsapp story, and I found an update. 

It was a beautiful design of a lady who runs grocery deliveries. 

You tell her what she needs; she tells you her price, boom, you have your stuff delivered to you. 

Is this service going to fade anytime soon? The answer is no!

The majority of people today find it a challenge to visit the mall to get their groceries. 

For some people, it’s due to lack of time. Others hate long queues and congestion. 

So, for smart business owners, this is a big win. 

This delivery business niche hasn’t witnessed high competition so you can thrive excellently.

Like the earlier business highlighted, you need an excellent survey. 

It helps you understand the demand in the city you reside in. 

Then, you can partner with an existing brand, gain insight, and establish. 

If you want to stand alone, start with a flashy banner. 

You can get a quote here from one of the Best Graphic designers in Lagos

Yes, take advantage of this niche that ranks as one of the hot selling products in Nigeria. 

8. Hair Wig And Extensions

Many of us are aware of how the internet went berserk with the Bone straight hair. 

There was a time when the excitement was for human hair, Peruvian wigs, and more. 

See, there’s never going to be a time people will stop demanding these luxuries. 

They are willing to pay heavily for them.

Interestingly, this business niche can be set up online or offline. Or even do both! 

From weaves to synthetic and human hair, you’ve got an ever-expansive and ever-growing market.

If you can target those who covet this commodity, you’ll have a high return on investment. 

If you are interested in carving a space for yourself online, you can start using each social media platform’s search bar. 

Type any related keyword in your industry. 

Take, for example; you can type: “wigs” or “human hair.”

Then, analyze the results, look at those talking about it, target them, and follow them. 

Chances are, with time, if you offer value, you will get more referrals and more followers. 

The need for this commodity is common among young and fashion-conscious individuals.

Snap this advantage!

Add it with the sale of luxury virgin hair, sleek European weaves, Mongolian hair, most delicate Remy hair, and others; 

You can also sell relaxers, shampoos, detangling brush, hair lotions, and more commentary items. 

Seek full consultation from this experienced expert; she’ll offer you all the guides you need to kick start. 

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9. Food And Groceries

Do you love cooking? If yes, you are among the minority!

That shouldn’t make you sad. 

It should make you happy. Why? The vast majority of people do not like cooking. 

Yes, that’s the advantage we want to tap into: A remarkable business opportunity! 

Like the way many loathe going around for their groceries, many also like visiting a nice place to eat. 

But that has even changed; ever heard of foodpreneurs? 

These individuals supply packaged food items for those who need them. 

Like other hot selling products in Nigeria, this niche is diverse. 

For instance, it might involve selling cooked meals or delivering shopping lists for food materials.

You must practice good hygiene and be smart with deliveries.

Ideas for food items you can offer deliveries for are cakes, rice, chicken, potato chips, pizza, fruits, milk, cheese, egg, beef, and other related items. 

Although this type of business will require that you possess a bike or car, the bottom line is, be neat, smart, and friendly. 

10. Home improvement Items

Sitting comfortably on this list of hot selling products in Nigeria is home improvements.

It’s also a very high demand niche in the market. 

It includes cleaning services, selling home units like light bulbs, cutleries, utensils, bake wares, toiletries, and soap. 

You can partner with those in the business already, be a marketer, and make your money. 

Or possibly stand-alone after obtaining more information from these individuals. 

Now, we’ve talked about products and services specifically, now let’s highlight those information products that are in high demand. 

But first, what are information products?

What is an informational product? 

An informational product is a product that’s instructional, informational, or educational. 

These info products can be eBooks, a piece of software, newsletter, digital report, audio or visual files, a white paper, or website. 

They are under the hot selling products in Nigeria highlighted earlier. 

Here are the following 10 hot selling information products in Nigeria you can try out. 

10 Hot Selling Information Products in Nigeria

1. Freelance Copywriting

Do you love writing? Would you love to make decent money from writing?

You can easily jump on freelancing!

Of course, the whole idea of how to get started can be daunting.

Thus, you can consult someone who has amassed a wealth of experience in the field.

While the mentorship comes with a cost, it’s affordable.

Click Here to consult an expert I find his services affordable!

Additionally, do you want someone who writes ad copies that convert well to help you get clients who would pay you some money for your work too?

Olamide has two books on this. 40+ students have read and benefited from these two books.

You’ll be able to achieve a lot in a few weeks using these guides. Click Here to send her a message on WhatsApp.

You’ll get the best guide on all you need to start as a freelance copywriter!

2. Affiliate Marketing

This business is like a gold mine. 

Many people are interested in mastering affiliate marketing. 

Are you currently running a successful model? 

Write a comprehensive guide, and offer the book for sale. 

You can hire a professional writer to get you a copy that speaks to your audience. 

It doesn’t have to be expensive; make it affordable. 

If you want to learn, buy books that address varying affiliate programs available. 

For example, Amazon, Jumia, Konga, and other business models offer this opportunity. 

Search for the ones that pays you the most, read reviews, and start it! 

3. Business Ideas Compendium

As one of Nigeria’s hot selling products, a compendium collects comprehensive, detailed information about a subject. 

It can be a publication or a book. 

Ask yourself: What business ideas have I experimented with success? 

If you have, you can write an eBook on them and sell them.

Many are sourcing for the best business to invest their money in, give them a start. 

You can be an answer to their request. 

4. Business Plans

Stats have shown how hot the demands for this product are in the market. 

If you know specific business plans you can write on, give it a shot. 

5. Career Guide

Everyone wants to excel in their career. 

There are lots of challenges they face. 

If you have the best advice in any career, why not offer it, guide these newbies. 

Make sure you are offering value, nevertheless. 

6. Cookbooks

It might appear that Nigerians don’t use cookbooks. But that’s not true; they do. 

My boss once purchased one voluminous cookbook, and she told me he has many like that at home. 

I was thrilled because I’ve only written and never seen one. 

Even though the demand might be low compared with other info products on this list, try it if you are a chef. 

You can write about both international and local dishes; those meals people find hard to cook.  

7. Exportation Guide

One of the hot cakes in the informational product niche is the importation and exportation guide. 

Many are aware that goods shipped in from China are later sold at higher prices. 

But who is willing to teach this for free? Very few! 

The majority do it in exchange for money. 

That means you will have to buy these books. 

Yes, this also means someone has to write it. 

Yeah, you got the gist. Write to it!

8. Farming Guide

If you are a trained agriculturist like the CEO of Needlepert, then you have something to offer. 

Utilize your knowledge and skills to teach others the tips on excelling in one aspect of their life. 

9. Fashion Catalogue

As long as people keep sewing clothes, fashion designers will always need to keep up with trends. 

They are aware of this trend by purchasing fashion catalogs that have been compiled by someone. 

You can sell online or offline.

Your social media, when you gain followers, can be a home for flaunting these designs. 

It might even lead the road to sponsors’ ads. 

10. Health Tips

For trained medical practitioners, this is a spot to flaunt their expertise. 

People are continually searching for foods they should eat, the effect of water on the body, and food adults should stop eating. 

Equipped with the right knowledge, you can sell eBooks, dish out daily doses of healthy tips, and garner followers. 

If your advice is valuable, you can get sponsors. 

And that’s a way to go! Think about the likes of Aproko Doctor, Dr. Olufumilayo, and others.  

11. Job Seeking Guide

The vast majority of Nigerians are continuously in search of jobs. 

In connection with this, they want to do it right. 

If you have tips on how to write an application letter, how to pass an interview, and other tips related, get to work. 

Write these tutorials and sell them or create a platform to teach these.  

12. Project Topics and Material

Undergraduates and postgraduates need help in writing their projects. 

You can create a website; offer an online service that people need materials and topics on. 

You can even offer to write impeccable content for them.   

13. Scholarship Tips 

You possibly might know some of your folks that won scholarships. 

Did you think it came by chance? No! 

One, they have to search for available scholarship opportunities. 

After that, they learn how to win. 

If you have useful tips that have been tested and proven to be right, write a book about them. 

Sell! It’s one of the hot selling products in Nigeria; you’ll get buyers. 

14. Visa Guide

Applying for an international passport is an incredible way to start! 

Do you have any great ideas on this and other related subjects? 

Start writing or create a Youtube channel to teach these guides. 

15. Weight Management Tips

The search for fitness tips has never grown cold. 

Both old and young want to know the right food, exercise, and sleep they need. 

If you are certified or have acquired a vast array of knowledge, give these tips in exchange for money. 

Final Thoughts

You can start a lucrative business with any of these hot selling products in Nigeria. 

Nevertheless, you must understand the business model well before you hop into it. 

That’s why you have to speak with experts; refer to the links I shared; they will guide you. 

Go where you can find your consumers and advertise appealingly. 

Yes, make money selling these hot selling products in Nigeria!

Welcome! I’m Trust. I’m a writer, public instructor, and mobile photographer. I’m passionate about an organized and productive life and have keen concern for folks living with ADHD and those having a slow processing speed. Join me on this journey as we live an organized and productive life!

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