21 Best Ways to Get Rid of Roaches in Apartment

From the chirping sounds in the cabinets to the creepy movements on the floor, roaches infestation is an annoying experience for many homeowners. 

Far from being just a creepy nuisance, PestWorld, reveals that they pose serious health challenges. 

So, eradicating them is a nice decision.

Have you have been applying several tactics in the past with no positive results?

Well, to bring about a change, these are the 21 harmless and best ways to get rid of roaches in apartment.

The 21 Best Ways to Get Rid of Roaches in Apartment

1. Inspection

Your journey begins here. Sadly, many people miss out on this step. 

I vividly remember when we were to get rid of roaches from our store. 

My advice was: Let’s first figure out their hideouts. That was a great deal of advice!

Before you can get rid of these creepy insects, your examination of their infestation sites must be done. 

If you want to start the check in the night, pick up a flashlight and examine possible locations. 

From personal experiences, cockroaches like hiding in dark and damp locations. 

So, first, pay attention to all the dark locations that you have in your home. 

Want an easy start? Then, check these places: 

  • Under Refrigerator 
  • Kitchen cabinets and closets
  • Shelves 
  • Under the sink 
  • Door corners 
  • Small openings in doors or tables 

After examining these spots and other dark spots you have and are not mentioned, check for water leaks. 

This is essential because roaches are comfortable without food for days. However, they can’t survive for a long time without water.  

After figuring out these spots, note them. 

Then, before you start thoroughly dealing with them, clean up dirty dishes, take off crumbs, and leave your sink free from oil build-up. 

Take off food that is left out, and keep them safe in a sealed container. 

This means no fruits should be left on countertops. 

If it were in a store or kitchen like ours, I’d recommend that you take everything out.

It might be daunting, but it is worth the effort at the end of the day. 

Now, if that’s done, the next is implementing all the next tips involved. 

Yes, it’s time to wage war against these monsters. 

2. Store-Bought Traps

If you’ve not used this before, you might want to give it a shot. 

The store-bought trap is another best way to get rid of roaches in house.

This wasn’t the method we used, but some have tried it with fantastic success. 

So, buy any trap that’s sold in supermarkets that can attract roaches and kill them. 

This is how it works: 

  • Add poison to a meal. 
  • Roaches will pick these foods and give them to others. 
  • That way, they are gone! 

If you decide to use these traps at night, make sure they are the first thing you check in the morning.

If there are tons of roaches on the trap, you’ve got a sign: 

You have a large infestation!

Many have tried buying store-bought traps that have gel.

This is perfect because, if you’ve fixed your leaky pipe, your cockroaches are left without water. 

And the source of water to them is the gel bait due to the moisture it has. 

So naturally, they’ll stream there for water. 

This trap and any other types of traps should be placed in a region they inhabit, like the one we highlighted earlier. 

However, there is a downside.

That is, it will take you weeks to get rid of their complete colony. 

Therefore, you might need to be using this weekly until they are off and you have no one left. 

Because if there’s a single egg left that has not been hatched, the menace is not over. 

Remember: A single egg left can ruin all your previous efforts. 

3. Insecticide Spray – Use it Right

I didn’t add this “use it right” for fun. 

While growing up, we always have an insecticide around the home. 

These insecticides seem compelling at first, but they are better for mosquitoes and not roaches specifically. 

So, which one will do the job better? 

Find an insecticide sprayer that has Cyfluthrin. 

Only this type of insecticide can genuinely prove to be effective.

How to use it? 

  • Spray these constituents in the hiding places where you spotted them or where you think they are hiding. 

Meanwhile, be careful!

Do not spray the insecticide without caution because if the droplets drop on your gel, those cockroaches will avoid it. 

If you find them and want to use the insecticide to kill them, aim for the head and abdomen. 

If you can flick one upside down, do, then spray the stomach. 

4. Homemade Traps

Maybe while you were reading, you thought: 

“Okay, what if I don’t have the money for any of these store bought traps, what can I do?” 

It’s simple. Make your own. 

So, what are the types that can be used? Let’s see!

-Jar Traps

The function of a jar trap is to drown roaches as they come close to the bait you have at the base of a jar. 

The bait to use has to be sweet. For instance, some have used with success fatty liquid, beer, or even wine. 

Nevertheless, what’s important for you is to use a sweetener. 

How it works
  • Pour little wine or any other fatty liquid inside a jar halfway.
  • Keep the sweetener around the jar (The external part)
  • Trace it to the tip of the jar (so they can follow it and locate the sweetener in the base of the jar)
  • Smear the empty part with any greasy substance. 
  • The roaches will locate it and get inside the jar. 
  • Due to the greasy part, they won’t be able to come out, hence they are trapped!
  • Take the jar out, kill them and repeat the process

– Duct Tape Traps

This is another homemade-trap to get rid of roaches in the apartment. 

Identified as a common household item, here is the best thing to use in getting rid of roaches. 

You’ll use this duct tape to trap them on the gluing part of the duct tape. 

And that will do justice to ridding them off. 

Bear in mind that these will take a few weeks to accomplish its final tasks, killing off the entire cockroaches. 

Therefore, never tire out until you no longer see any of the roaches again. 

5. Ammonia

No science student can forget this compound. 

We are all aware of its pungent smell. 

Its pungent smell isn’t pleasant for humans─not even for roaches. 

However, when it seems they’ve taken over your whole house and you want to get rid of them within a few weeks, this might be a good start. 

Start the usage by cleaning your surfaces with ammonia. 

You can correctly do that by pouring 2 cups of ammonia in a bucket of water and then clean the floor with it to deter roaches away. 

6. Boric Acid

Boric acid is one of the best remedies to kill roaches. 

It’s a DIY approach. Here are the processes involved. 

  • Mix the same amounts of flour, boric acid, and sugar for a dough. 
  • Make out of the dough small balls. It should be around your home where you are sure cockroaches can find them and eat. 
  • The sugar and flour are inviting, but the boric acid is killing. 
  • You can place them under your stove, refrigerator, behind the drawers and cabinets. 

While it is highly effective for killing roaches, it’s exceptionally hazardous for pets. 

Therefore, if you keep those furry friends around your home, don’t use this. 

7. Borax and Sugar Trap

This is another version of Boric and sugar. 

And if you want to know what’s the best thing to kill roaches, here you go!

Sugar will attract, but the borax will kill. It’s cheap and perfect for every homeowner. 

While this trap wouldn’t kill many of the roaches on the spot, any roaches that come in contact with it are poisoned. 

It will take the mixture back to the base, resulting in the massive death where they gather. 

If your kids are around or pets, don’t use them because borax is a toxic substance.

Mixing Procedure 

  • Mix the same quantity of Sugar and Borax 
  • Pour into a container or tray. 
  • Place anywhere you can get a high number of roaches. 

8. Baking Soda and Granulated Sugar 

  • Mix the same amount of baking soda and granulated sugar. 
  • Pour this mixture inside a small container, and place them wherever you find roaches. 

But ensure that this mixture isn’t anywhere near your children and pets. 

Place a small container near and fill when it’s necessary to do. 

The combination of baking soda and sugar, and water will lead to gas creation in the stomach of the roaches. 

And this will burst their stomach, leading to their death. 

9. Deep-Clean Your Apartment

This is one of the best steps to get rid of roaches in an apartment. 

When we were clearing off our store with roaches, we moved everything out of the store. 

Our primary aim was to uncover all these roaches’ hideouts; we did! 

We found their sources, and we used sprayers to exterminate them. 

However, we made a mistake that I’d not want you to repeat. 

When you clear off your store, leave the store vacant for a couple of days. 

While it’s vacant, use your homemade store-bought bait to bring them closer and kill them.  

Additionally, if you are to clean your products, sanitize them and disinfect. 

Read what I said at the onset? Cockroaches are disease carriers. 

Thus, they can make you sick. 

Some experts suggest that you begin your work in the kitchen. 

This will allow you to move through the rest of your apartment. 

Even after you must have applied all the techniques discussed earlier, you must still do this.

This is because it eliminates their food source. 

While working at this, be sure to:

  • Wash all Dishes 
  • Vacuum all areas
  • Clean out cabinets 
  • Sweep up crumbs 
  • Sealed up food properly 

10. Seal up Cracks in Walls, Doors, floors, or Leaks 

You might have known that roaches find it easier to find their way into tiny openings. 

Therefore, prevent them.

Look for cracks throughout the house and seal those holes and crack to keep them off future infestation. 

11. Seal up Windows

I was working in my sitting room when I saw a snake creeping behind my window. 

The snake was small, however, if I had any opening, the snake would have made its way into my apartment. 

What is the point? 

My windows were sealed up properly! 

Just the way it deterred that tiny snake from gaining entrance into my home, it will do too to roaches. 

If your windows aren’t sealed up properly, invite professionals to do it, or ask your landlord to invite them over.

They will ensure that all your windows are sealed up properly. 

12. Exterminators

This might be your last resort in a situation where the infestation is beyond your strength. 

Yes, even when you’ve applied one or more steps discussed above thoroughly. 

When you call in these professionals, what will they do? 

They’ll be using the right tools and expensive industrial-grade poisons and repellents to get rid of them completely. 

If you are renting the apartment, don’t do it behind your landlord. 

This is because they may ask neighboring tenants to vacate their apartment for a few days. 

So, it’s best to be considerate and carry it out when you are on a long journey. 

When these experts are done doing their job, prevent the infestation of roaches by all means. 

If you have pets, you perhaps might have concern for their safety. 

Apart from deep cleaning, all the methods suggested above aren’t safe for your pets. 

Is there something you can do? Yes! 

Below, you will find the best way to get rid of roaches in the house when you have pets around. 

This is How to Get Rid of Roaches in an Apartment with Pets:

1. Liquid Concentrates

This product, available in many stores, is a liquid portion that’s designed to resist the infestation of roaches. 

When the mixture is done, do these: 

  • Spray crevices, cracks, and any other location where they could be hiding. 
  • You should also wipe counters and floors thoroughly with this solution. 

If you wonder how you can get rid of these roaches overnight without harming your pets, this is what you should think of. 

2. Bay Leaves

The smell of bay leaves is a huge source of discomfort for roaches. 

If you have this in abundance where you live, buy-in surplus. 

Crush either dried or fresh Bay leaves and get them sprinkled around your home. 

If you are aware of their nesting location, it’s best you have them sprinkled around the place. 

They will leave and seek a better place to live. 

The downside of this is that it might not kill them instantly. 

Thus, it is not one of the quickest ways to get rid of them. 

But if you hang around, the smell will push off their hiding place, allowing you to kill right away. 

3. Diatomaceous Earth

This is an everyday item that’s common in most gardens. 

They are useful in killing roaches while leaving no harm on your pets. 

Meanwhile, do not buy diatomaceous earth made of pool filters. 

They contain chemicals, and that will be bad for your pets.

Therefore, get yourself food-grade diatomaceous earth. 

What diatomaceous earth does is absorb the waxy component of the insect body, leading it to dehydrate. 

It can be used to control fleas. 

When applying, use face masks, because the odor can irritate your lungs. 

These constituents are to be placed in crevices and cracks. 

4. Cucumber and Aluminium Can

I’ve heard people argue about the efficacy. Others argue that it doesn’t. 

To clear off these disputes, think about these: 

Roaches like cucumber, right? 

Then, putting cucumber inside this aluminum can result in a chemical reaction. 

This reaction will lead to a putrid odor that will result in the roach’s death. 

Here is a great pattern:

  • Buy one or two fresh cucumbers and peel 
  • Find an aluminum can and rub with Vaseline (make it thick so they can’t escape) 
  • Pour the peeled cucumber inside the aluminum can.
  • Place these constituents in a location where they breed.
  • Check after a few hours. 

Note: I’m not entirely confident if this will work. But if you have a few cucumbers, you can give it a shot. 

5. Quality Sticky Tape Traps

This might not be new to you. But why is it being repeated? 

Many purchase less quality sticky tape; hence, it becomes challenging to trap cockroaches. 

Therefore, make sure you are purchasing the best quality in the market. 

Placing them rightly is also a challenge for many homeowners. 

What should be done is this: 

  • Lay the tape upside’s sticky side and keep it around the cracks, floorboards, openings, and anywhere you think they are. 

Timing. Don’t do it during the day. Do it just before you head for bed. 

Since they are nocturnal, roaches are usually active at night. 

6. Soda Bottle Trap

This is very simple and effective. 

The goal is to make it difficult for any roaches to escape once they fall in the bottle. 

Therefore, find an empty soda bottle, cut off a few inches from the top off. 

Fill the inside with attractive items like sugar, coffee, or even a mixture of both. 

Then the part you cut off should be turned upside down, so it forms a funnel. 

Then, place it inside the cut part. 

Place it near the region you suspect to be their hideouts and keep checking to confirm the number of roaches you’ve been able to trap. 

7. Soap and Water Spray

This is specifically good for killing roaches that you spot, either big or small. 

This method has also proven very useful to rid roaches without any side effects on your pets.

To make this mixture, pour the soap into a spray bottle of warm water. 

Shake the constituent well. When cleaning and you spot one, just spray the roach. 

It might run, but it will drop dead in a few seconds. 

8. Listerine or Mouthwash and Washing up Liquid

The combination of these is effective in repelling cockroaches.

To make, mix the same amount of Listerine and water, then add one or two drops of this washing liquid. 

Shake well and pour in a spray bottle. 

This can either be sprayed around the home or directly at the cockroaches. 

It will potentially kill when aimed at them and send them away. 

9. Hairspray

Vela Curls will tell you a wide array of ways to utilize hairsprays for hair.

But, our focus isn’t on hair this time.

If you already have it at home, then the next step is to get to work. 

If you don’t, then invest in a cheap bottle of these sprays. 

When you spray roaches with hairspray, legs and wings get sticky and will gradually suffocate. 

If that idea sounds weird, just squash the moment you notice that they can’t move.

Final Thoughts

You would probably notice something while reading on the best ways to get rid of cockroaches in your apartment. 

What is that? 

Repeating a process more than a few times is essential. 

If you do it just once or twice, you will still have to deal with them later. 

Now, let me add that you need to maintain a clean apartment every time. 

Uphold preventive measures so you can reduce their infestation. 

Keep dirt and food off their reach. (This is very important)

If you have a spotlessly clean home, you will win the war! 

Put these tips in mind when riding off roaches in your apartment: 

  • Clean up immediately after meals 
  • Dispose of garbage regularly 
  • Make sure you do a thorough cleaning. 

If you do all these, you will keep cockroach infestation at bay or eradicate them finally. 

Welcome! I’m Trust. I’m a writer, public instructor, and mobile photographer. I’m passionate about an organized and productive life and have keen concern for folks living with ADHD and those having a slow processing speed. Join me on this journey as we live an organized and productive life!

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