12 Best Hacks to Pass Jamb without studying too Hard

We’ll show you tips on how to pass jamb without studying! Surprised? Don’t be! We can explain:

To pass an exam, you have to study. But when it comes to Jamb, how much study do you need?

You don’t need an exaggerated, crazy form of study to have a score above 200. 

So what do you need? These simple, smart Jamb secrets!

Thus, this article discusses the best ways to pass Jamb without studying too hard. 

If you crave a Jamb cheat site or expo to have a high score in Jamb, the following points will give you the best tips. 

The Best Hacks to Pass Jamb without Studying too Hard 

1. Pick Your Favorite Subjects

Does this have something to do with your results? Yes!

First, your preferred course determines your subject combination. 

However, your subject combination is a strong determinant of how well you will pass Jamb without studying hard.

Do you wonder why? Here’s a brief answer: 

Your Jamb result is the aggregate of your scores from each subject written. 

What does this mean for you? Pick your favorite subjects! 

This is one of the ways to ace your Jamb successfully with no stress. 

How to choose a course that includes your favorite subjects

Do you struggle with calculations? You might not be a fan of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and other subjects with calculations. 

Hence, choosing any engineering courses will be a no-no for you! 

If you choose it, you will have to study really hard to obtain a good score. 

So, ask yourself: 

  • What are my favorite subjects? 
  • What is my aspiring course at the university? 
  • How many of these subjects can I find in the Jamb combination? 

After finding answers, check for courses you can pair all your favorite subjects with. 

The truth is, you can only attain success if you pursue what comes naturally to you. 

Thus, discard any course that doesn’t align with your favorite subjects, and stick with those dear to your heart.

2. Aim for a Higher Jamb Score

Ideally, if you score 200 in your Jamb examination, you have the highest cut-off mark. 

This cut-off mark can admit you into any tertiary institution in Nigeria. 

But, you might be disappointed or shocked if you count on that.  

Ugh!! I understand your feeling right now. 

You see, some federal, state, or private universities split Jamb’s score to determine their departmental cut-off mark. 

For instance, if you seek admission into the prestigious UNILAG, here’s how your Jamb score will be calculated: 

Your Jamb score, irrespective of what you have, will be divided by 8. 

Now, assume that you score 200; it will be divided by 8. That leaves you with 25. 

That’s a ridiculous number, right? I agree! But here’s something more shocking. 

You need a high score in your Post UTME to meet the departmental cut-off mark for you to be admitted. 

Do you get the gist?

Yes! A target of 200 isn’t sufficient. 

Additionally, if a mark is less than 200, your dream of getting admitted into your desired institution might remain a fantasy. 

Now, what should be your target? 

Going by the first rule, Choose your favorite subject. 

If you do, easily, you can aim for a score of nothing less than 250 in your Jamb without studying hard.  

The bottom-line: 

  • Target a score higher than 200, preferably 250+
  • Do your best to reach for the stars! That’s the most important thing to help you blast your Jamb score. 

3. Split scores into smaller portions

Do you think your Jamb score is high? You’ll have to rethink now. 

Your subject combination is 4. That means a score of 100 in each subject gets you 400, right? 

What happens when you have a score of 50 in each subject? It gives you 200! 

That’s an average score, isn’t it? 

Do you now see why breaking down your score can save you from aiming low?

Let’s take a quick check at this: 

Let’s say you aim for 65 in each subject; multiply 65×4= 260. 

And that’s even the least you could still target. 

As you divide these scores, it gives you an idea of what the overall score should be. 

True, nothing is tough if you divide them into smaller fractions. 

The Bottom-line:

Break down your target score and spread it over your Jamb subjects.

4. Start your Preparation NOW

Starting early with Jamb preparation almost shares the same approach with Waec preparation. 

The earlier you start your preparation, the easier it will be to pass Jamb successfully.

A late hour rush is counterproductive, leaving you with so many disadvantages in the long run. 

Among many difficulties, frustrations, and getting overly tensed result from this. 

If you’ve experienced preparing assignments, exams, and tests in their late hours, now is the time to change the narratives. 

If presently you have 2 months to the exam, your preparation pattern should look like this: 

  • Schedule 2 hours of study daily before you hit the exam day. 

Will it be difficult to devote 2 hours daily? 

Implement this approach of writing a schedule discussed here. 

If you are still of the opinion that it’s still beyond your reach, stick with an hour a day. 

You will enjoy it better! 

To get the best out of this, the next point comes in handy 

5. Avoid Brain Overload – Syllabus 

There are many topics attached to a single subject. 

Do you recall that you’d need to study 4 subjects for your Jamb examination?

Hence, you are obligated to take a smart and simple approach. 

Take, for example, on average you have to read more than 50 topics in a single subject. 

Multiply that by 4. What does it give you? 200 topics. 

Does it look overwhelming? Exactly! 

Without this insight, you’d unknowingly overload your brain. 

 So, here’s a smarter approach:

The rescue:  Jamb syllabus!

Obtain the syllabus. This syllabus contains recommended topics that questions will be asked from. 

That’s a golden trove you will be sitting on. 

Instead of covering all the topics embedded in a subject, be smart enough to cover topics in the recommended syllabus alone. 

This isn’t a difficult thing to do. 

In most Jamb syllabus, scroll down to its bottom.

You will get a list of approved and recommended textbooks by Jamb for your study on some specific subjects. 

Why should you read this? 

They are approved because they contain quality explanations that can positively influence your results. 

You don’t have to buy more than two. 

Get one and read it like you’re fighting Jamb!

  • You can ask family members 
  • A friend can gift you 
  • Check in the school library and jot out points needed. 

Note: Only read textbooks that Jamb recommends. 

You don’t have to explore all the textbooks like an explorer because that’s against your will to pass Jamb without studying hard.

7. Study at Your Pace

So, what study pattern is fine for you? 

Do you like reading at night? Or are you a fan of day-time reading? 

I’ve always maintained that whenever I’m reading, and I sense I’m going off track, I jump on my bed and sleep. 

Don’t be like some individuals who would only end up sleeping after vowing to read throughout the night. 

It’s not their fault; that’s not the style that fits them. 

It is very likely that after taking into consideration all the previous steps, you’ll be far from inconveniencing yourself with one reading style that isn’t yours. 

Do you now see how that contributes to passing Jamb without studying hard? 

Understand yourself. That is one of your biggest strengths! 

Whether morning, afternoon, evening, or night, find a time that fits you best. 

You’ll end up gaining more by sticking with what works for you. 

Jamb Tricks:

12 Hacks to Make a Daily Schedule for Yourself

8. Give Favorite Subjects Core Attention

Take it from here: All the scores you assigned to the four subjects earlier revealed how much time you’ll need to spend on each subject. 

This is easy to grab if you have it in this order: 

  • Mathematics 65
  • English 84
  • Biology 76
  • Chemistry 57

Then, reorder it like this: 

  • 84——-1st (English) 
  • 76——-2nd (Biology) 
  • 65——-3rd  (Mathematics) 
  • 57——-4th (Chemistry) 

This arrangement allows you to have a fair look at the subject and fix the order of importance just like I did. 

Now, this analogy doesn’t mean you’ll recklessly ignore other subjects you aren’t good at. 

It only means you have to prioritize what subject means the most to you. 

That is, focusing on your strength.

After you’ve gained mastery over your favorite subjects, you can then give attention to other ones. 

9. Take up this Expo

Sounds contradictory, right? No! 

My expo or cheat, in this case, is feeding on past questions. 

For over 4 decades, Jamb has been in existence. 

Over those years, they’ve set more than 2000 questions on every subject.

And you know what that means? There will always be a repetition of questions. 

Do not expect them to use the same expressions, figures, or options. 

However, the concept remains the same.  

Here’s a Smart Clue:

Yearly, Jamb repeats 70% of their questions. What does that mean? 

Jamb repeats 35 out of every 50 questions in a subject.

The merging of these two gets you the best deal: 

  • The topics to read on 
  • How questions from these topics are being set. 

These, in a sense, are legit expos to help you pass Jamb without studying hard. 

So, how do you prepare for repeated questions to pass Jamb 2024? 

  • Randomly select 5 years of questions. This can be from a span of 10 years. 

Here is an example: 2000-2010; 1990-2000. So, pick in between these years. 

  • Make sure you study these past questions to understand how questions are asked. 

The next points help beautify your simple and diplomatic preparation for Jamb. 

Let’s ride on! 

10. Perfect your JAMB CBT Preparation

Do you think this doesn’t have any impact on your study for Jamb?

Well, let’s examine it better. 

Remember that you will be answering your questions via CBT, and as a result, you have only 2 hours to tick off 200 questions? 

Converting 2 hours to seconds, we have 7200 seconds. (2×60×60)

Dividing 7200 by 200 questions, we have 36 sec.

What does that mean for you?

You have less than a minute to answer each question.

So, what’s the connection? 

Practice with JAMB CBT. It’s a smart way to study ahead of Jamb. 

How to do it:

If you don’t have access to this JAMB prep, here’s a way out:

  • Get the Jamb questions we mentioned earlier, and set a timer on your phone.

Start with 30 minutes at least.

Your goal is to learn and master your time management skills. The more you try, the better you become. 

Additionally, go for CBT training. Since it’s completely computer-based, you must master how to use a computer.

This means you have to learn how to use a mouse, keyboard, and screen (I doubt you wouldn’t know how to)

If you have no idea about how these are used, visit a CBT training center and learn it before the actual date.

If you can be certain of your proficiency, you are a legend!

11. Take Jamb Lessons

Taking a Jamb lesson is also an excellent tip to help students pass Jamb without studying hard. Why? 

Even if you are a genius, you’ll stumble on some subjects that would give you a tough time. 

How do you break out of these knots? 

Consult a friend, teacher, or as this point suggests, find a place where lessons are specifically taken for Jamb exams.

Depending on where you live, registering under a lesson might come with a cost.

Therefore, the best is to get prepared for any expenses that come with it.

Charges also vary by subject. 

Some core subjects can come with high cost, while some less important subjects can come with less cost.

Most lessons will charge you per lesson or, in rare cases, by the duration of time to be spent.

Note: Unless you’ve proven to master all your subjects, don’t ignore enrolling in a Jamb lesson center.

Sometimes, in this lesson, you will meet serious students you can partner with and have study sessions with.

Just like the advice given here on Waec preparation, you can find some groups on Nairaland, Facebook, telegram, and others.

These groups have always been an invaluable tool for students in Nigeria preparing for any type of exam. 

When you need help, consult them! 

12. Take Jamb Mock

Finally, a week or two to the actual exam, there used to be a Jamb mock.

Don’t abscond. This is the ultimate preparation technique so that you can pass Jamb without stress.

It exposes you to random questions you probably would have considered earlier. 

Moreover, it helps you know how good you are with timing.

That’s one of the safest places to learn time management.

Yes, these techniques will help you pass Jamb without studying too hard. 

But, how do you pass your Jamb exam once? 

The idea of this question is to help you avoid sitting for Jamb twice.

The next subheading walks you through that. 

It is quite concise and not as comprehensive as the first subheading. 

This is because you’ve done most of the preparation, so the next important thing is avoiding common mistakes when writing Jamb.

5 Tips to Help You Pass Jamb Once 

  1. Be consistent
  2. Use Jamb questions rightly
  3. Highlight and work on weak points
  4. Stay updated
  5. Seek Help

1. Consistency

Success comes with being consistent and persistent, and that is true with Jamb exams.

If you’ve agreed to implement the points discussed on passing Jamb without studying hard, you must abide by it.

Read consistently. 

That way, you will remember what you’ve read and understood them better.

The truth is, Jamb isn’t a tough exam. 

Just put in some measure of work and get your brain wired to enjoy the thrill that comes from smashing each question.

Read daily, even though little. Little and seldom is better than large and inconsistent.

2. Study Jamb Past Questions the Right Way

Emphasis on this type of study isn’t to be taken lightly.

As a legal expo or cheat, take advantage of Jamb’s way of repeating questions.

But, don’t cram any of the questions, nor their corresponding answers.

Moreover, if you are not buying the past questions from an accredited and standard source, you might come across wrong answers.

For that reason, you just have to study past questions the right way.

Simple tricks to doing that right:

  • Take the past questions as a guide on how questions are asked.
  • When you suspect a wrong answer, confirm it with your textbook or someone else
  • Avoid cramming questions at all costs.
  • Use it as a guide and not your ultimate guide.

3. Highlight and Work on Weak Point

We all have one or two subjects we aren’t good at; I have too. 

So, it’s not strange nor odd if you have a subject in your combination that you aren’t sure of premium performance. 

So, questions to ask yourself are: 

  • Why do I lack little or no interest here? 
  • Did I find the subject boring, or I don’t have a strong foundation in the subject?

However, if you choose the right subject, you won’t have problems with any subjects.

Still, your strength can’t be uniform in all subjects.

If you are not going by that rule of registering subjects you hold dear, think things through.

If you still want to go ahead with a subject you aren’t interested in, then figure out your problem and work on it.

Identifying these weak points pushes you to give careful attention to them.

Of course, that shouldn’t make you overconfident in some of your best areas.

4. Stay Updated

Many have had to write Jamb again and again, not because they were not brilliant or didn’t prepare well.

It was because they didn’t stay updated!

During Jamb registration and preparation, many information or updates will be released.

Hence, you should always stay alert to these updates. 

You can by visiting some forums and websites for current updates.

You can go a step further by signing up for newsletters on these websites. 

Of course, this is another reason you should invest in Jamb lessons.

You get updates from the class. 

5. Seek Help

If you are an introvert, you have to step out of your comfort zone to seek help when you need it. 

That way, you can fully prepare for the exam you have and avoid taking the exam twice. 

Seeking help has a strong impact on your success. It can also motivate you to read further. 

The more you discuss with people about certain subjects, the more your retention sharpens.

That’s how you ace your Jamb exam ones. What’s the bottom  line? 

Final Thoughts

So, is Jamb hard or easy? The answer is clear!

I’m sure you are all set for your Jamb preparation! 

These, no doubt, are invaluable tips that can help you pass Jamb without studying too hard. 

They are also vital tips that can help you pass Jamb once.

No matter what you think, you can pass Jamb without stress and acquire one of the best scores. 

You might even turn out to be one of the students with the highest marks this year. 

Do you find this article appealing? Do share it with friends and classmates. 

They will likely appreciate the hints locked in this article.

You will also find no reason to invest in expos or cheat. Else, your only cheat will be to apply all these tips.

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