The 7 Best ADHD Cleaning Checklist (Free Downloads)

You’ll fall in love with this ADHD cleaning checklist clearly outlined here.

With this helpful guide designed for ADHD adults and children, you will never find cleaning overwhelming.

Alongside this Adhd-friendly cleaning schedule, we’ve highlighted the best ADHD cleaning checklist app!

This piece is simple yet comprehensive.

Alert: Download this Free Printable ADHD Cleaning Checklist I made for you!

Here is the Best Adhd Cleaning Checklist

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Get Your Pen and Note READY!

Whether you are cleaning your room, the whole house, office space, or anywhere, implement the ADHD cleaning checklist below:

1. Cleaning Checklist #1 – Write Down What Needs to Be Cleaned

The first ADHD cleaning checklist is to write down what needs to be cleaned.

If you don’t, the task will overwhelm you.

Are you cleaning your office space, home, or anywhere else? Write down the items you want to clean!

For example, for an ADHD cleaning checklist room, write down what you want to clean in the room. 

In addition, write down how often you really desire to clean the room.

Write as many items as the list can contain. Over time, there will be room for modification.

Let me run you through a Sample:

A. Room Tasks:

  • Empty Trash – Daily
  • Lay bed – Daily, every morning
  • Sweep or vacuum – Daily
  • Clean the windows – Weekly, Weekends.
  • Thorough Cleaning – Monthly, last weekend
  • Organize the room – Daily, morning or evening.

B. Office Space Tasks

  • Empty Trash – Daily
  • Tidy desk– Daily, morning or evening.
  • Sweep  – Daily
  • Clean the windows – Weekly, Weekends.
  • Thorough Cleaning – Monthly, last weekend
  • Organize the space – Daily, morning, or evening.
  • Decluttering Cabinets – Yearly

These lists aren’t exhaustive. It’s simply an example. Your list might be lengthier and more comprehensive.

It is helpful to assign tasks here, especially if you aren’t staying alone.

Once you finish this step, move to the next step.

2. Cleaning Checklist #2 – Group Tasks By Regularity

The cleaning process continues with grouping varying tasks on regularity, that is, how often you want tasks accomplished.

Why? It will help you better understand items needed to complete tasks each day or week.

To understand it better, let’s continue with the room cleaning checklist highlighted earlier:

A. ADHD Cleaning Checklist for Rooms

  • Daily Tasks: Empty Trash, Lay bed, Sweep or vacuum, and Organize room.
  • Weekly Tasks: Clean the windows
  • Monthly Tasks: Thorough cleaning

B. Office Space Tasks

  • Daily: Empty Trash, Tidy desk, Sweep or mop, organize space
  • Weekly: Window cleaning
  • Monthly Cleaning: Thorough cleaning
  • Yearly: Decluttering Cabinets

Again, you can create your list. Again, make it as exhaustive as you want.

The critical point: The most crucial factor from this is the happiness you derive from how clean and tidy your space is.

You do not have to compare yourself with someone else.

Thus, be the one to look at your list and decide what you want.

3. Cleaning Checklist #3-  Schedule the Timing

We’ve explored the ideal cleaning tips. Hence, what’s next?

Get more realistic and find the perfect time for yourself.

Before we move further, I believe you have crafted your task too.

If you have, just glance through the list and verify how realistic the timing is.

If you haven’t crafted this list, think about this first: 

What time will be perfect for me? Can I do these tasks daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly?

An honest examination of your circumstances is vital!

If you consider all these, you’ll be consistent with your schedule.

4. Cleaning Checklist #4 – Set a Reminder

I believe so much in Reminders. 

And for ADHD folks, this is a vital step in their cleaning checklist they should never ignore. 

A Reminder is a requisite if you want to stick to your list! How do you set a reminder?

You can use a physical calendar. This physical calender can find its place in a conspicuous place in your home.

Moreover, you can set up alerts on your smartphone or computer.

Think about the reminder system that works best for you.

I wrote this comprehensive article on how to get a reminder that wouldn’t make you miss tasks again!

I use both a physical calendar and alarms on my phone.

5. Cleaning Checklist #5: Create a Schedule that Aligns with Your Personality and Life

You must put your personality into consideration when scheduling.

That will make it effective. 

  • Think about how you should organize your cleaning.
  • Which should come first or last?
  • Think about your routine. 
  • Think about your limitations. 
  • Think about the tasks you can complete first and the ones that may be difficult and need to be outsourced.

Here, priority would save you from a poor cleaning schedule. Let’s walk through an example:

  • Will daily mopping be realistic? If that will not align with your routine, can you fix it as a weekly task?
  • Will weekly window cleaning be realistic, or will you better shift it into monthly tasks?

No one will design this for you, not even me – You have to do it yourself!

Delegation is another essential aspect you should pay attention to.

If there is a task you can’t complete and you wany want it done, weekly or daily, delegate.

In fact, for folks with ADHD, delegating cleaning is a great and intelligent hack.

6. Cleaning Checklist #6:  Input Your Cleaning Schedule into a Planner

This step enables you to check on what your tasks are – daily, weekly, or monthly.

It also does more – Everything is remembered.

To make this ADHD cleaning checklist effective, be realistic.

Some tasks should wait! You might even have to carry over some tasks – when you are busy.

7. Cleaning Checklist #7: Verify and Adjust as Necessary

You need one more shot with your cleaning tasks for neatly arranged days, weekly, monthly, and daily.

Your schedule would turn out differently.

Thus, you’ll need to adjust as time goes by.

At the end of the month, evaluate the schedule to confirm its efficiency.

You should adjust where necessary.

In the next three months, review.  

Review after another three months, making six months, and you’ll have adjusted so well.

At the end of the six months, you’ll have gotten an ADHD cleaning checklist that works well for you.

Of course, going forward, you’ll need to make adjustments.

To make it all easier, download the cleaning checklist I referenced in the introduction of this article! You can copy and edit for yourself.

ADHD Cleaning Checklist App

To make your tasks all easy, below are the best ADHD cleaning checklist apps:

1. Sweepy 

Download Here

Sweepy is undoubtedly one of the simplest housekeeping apps for those with ADHD!

Bkgt86 said this about sweepy: 

‘I rarely drop reviews, but this app is amazing…I hope the app thrives and keeps making improvements to stay relevant.’

For Jenco10, he said: ‘…My family is involved. My two kids compete for first and second place and often accomplish more than they are assigned. My youngest son, with ADHD has found it easier to stay motivated. Sweepy is by far my favorite app I have ever used. Thanks for developing this.’

Sweepy helps those with ADHD to keep their home clean and organized. 

With the app, you can create an efficient house cleaning schedule and make the cleaning routine a game. 

Even when you can’t do much, this app tracks your progress and motivate you – for the little you have done. 

Sweepy can also let you automatically generate a daily cleaning schedule for each family member and prioritize tasks requiring urgent cleaning. 

Each individual can fight for the top spot. 

Your home will always be clean, from your room to the bathroom, kitchen, and beyond.

Once you complete a task, you can check it off.

Key Points

  • Complete a list of housekeeping chores to track
  • No distracting whistles or bells

2. OurHome

Download Free Here

If you live with ADHD, this app is a blessing to keep your home or space clean.

OurHome is designed for families charged with a series of responsibilities.

If you are responsible for keeping a part or portion of the home clean, here is the app to help you carry out your task.

In the app, chores can be assigned, and family members can be rewarded for completing their tasks.

Add a cleaning task, assign it, and watch them select a reward once completed.

Family members can view progress, set task reminders, send notifications about tasks, and sync across several devices.

When a task is completed, check it off on the to-do list.

You can learn what you should put on a not to do list here!

OurHome is available on iOs and Android.

Key points

  • Great for kids and the entire household
  • Easy to use
  • Has no ads

Although, the drawbacks are that it comes with no functioning calendar view, and an email is required from kids to use the app.

3. Spotless

Tracking cleaning tasks and chores has never been more manageable with Spotless. 

T Pol said: ‘Because of Spotless, I have been able to get the entire house where I want it for the first time. It is the app I use daily to keep me on task.’

Another user, relliky2d, reviewed: ‘With Spotless, I don’t have to worry about what I’ve done, what I need to do. As a result, I’m not overwhelmed by chores. I have stopped worrying about cleaning.’ 

Well, how does Spotless works? It allows users to create a list of tasks for each room in their home.

They can also quickly set a routine for each cleaning task and determine the tasks that require the most attention. 

One clever aspect of the app is that it comes with a reminder.

With its perfect memory, you will never forget the last time you clean a part of your home. 

Get organized, get motivated, and go spotless with Spotless!

Key Points

  • Get Organized 
  • Clean your way
  • Manage your time 
  • Take control

4. Homey

With Homey, kids with ADHD can get rewards for completing chores.

Are you a parent who wants your kids involved in housekeeping? Then, you’ll greatly appreciate Homey.

Homey allows users to assign tasks and transfer allowances quickly and simply.

Everyone in the family will get their account and keep track of tasks accomplished.

When logging in, everyone can view assigned cleaning chores, wallets, and others.

One of the drawbacks of this app is that it’s not free. Instead, it costs about $5 monthly.

You might only find it appealing if you have the fund.

Key Points

  • Everyone in the family can set goals efficiently and quickly.
  • Kid-friendly – Excellent for ADHD kids.

We don’t like it for its limited free features.

It has both Android and iOs versions.

5. Do!

Do! is one of the best housekeeping widgets. It’s simple and easy to use.

It offers the user the appearance and feel of a paper to-do list.

More to it: It comes with pen and paper sound effects!

With the Today Widget, you will constantly be reminded about a task you still need to complete.

To use it, you will need to:

  • Organize your to-do list.
  • Implement a color-coding system.

From experience, it’s excellent for keeping track of kitchen and bathroom cleaning tasks.

You can get Do! For both Android And iOs devices.

Key Points

  • Smooth and easy addition of tasks
  • Minimalistic design – avoid complications from users.
  • Add widgets to your screen.

6. Laundry Day

Download Here 

It’s time to get the proper care of your cloth right!

Have you needed clarification about the symbols on the tags of your clothes?

The time for worry is over!

With the Laundry Day app, you can now scan symbols and get care instructions based on the clothes you pick.

Some individuals have found it helpful to purchase sensory-friendly clothing with no tag.

The beauty of Laundry Day is that the instructions are simple, making caring for clothing more effortless and accessible.

The only constraint is that icons are too small, making them difficult to read. 

Also, it’s a paid version. And only available on iOs.

What We Like

  • Scan clothing tags with the built-in scanner.
  • Make sense of laundry symbols on garments.

What We Don’t Like

Icons are small on the screen and may be difficult to read.

7. Done

Download Here for iOS

Done remains one of the best daily housekeeping task trackers.

It allows you to create healthy routines by helping you to set goals, track progress, and motivate you with streaks. 

Better habits are the first roadmap for good housekeeping.

Whether you want to clean the countertops daily, keep your room clean, or tidy your wardrobe, Done will help you keep track of these tasks!

You will start by entering the habit you intend to track. Then followed by setting up how often you desire to complete them.

Excitedly, the app tracks progress and reminds users if they miss anything.

Trends can be viewed over time to examine where they can improve.

You can download done on iOS, and it comes with in-house purchase options.

Key Points

  • It helps develop the habit of housekeeping over time.

5. Routinery

Download Here

Get routinery to make your life more relaxed!

The app takes you through daily tasks. With this app, you’ll no doubt feel hopeful.

This is how Routinery works:

Once you input your task in the app, it will keep track of your daily routine down to the exact time.

So, if you need to remember, you can count on Routinery to remind you of the task you need to complete.

Final Thoughts

With the best ADHD cleaning checklist on this list, keep up with all your cleaning chores!

Remember, a cleaning schedule won’t stress you or overwhelm you.

Instead, it will give you the best feeling ever. 

While all the ADHD cleaning checklist apps have been thoroughly checked, pick the one that will work best for you or your loved one.  

You can also use this free printable ADHD cleaning checklist featured in this article. 

Welcome! I’m Trust. I’m a writer, public instructor, and mobile photographer. I’m passionate about an organized and productive life and have keen concern for folks living with ADHD and those having a slow processing speed. Join me on this journey as we live an organized and productive life!

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