How to Track Jumia Order and 7 Questions To Ask

You just placed an order on Jumia, the next question that comes to your mind is, “When will my order be delivered?” To track Jumia order is simple! Just follow the highlighted steps involved to track the delivery on Jumia. 

You’ll indeed enjoy peace of mind when you track your order, but are there other vital reasons why a tracking system is vital? The next subheading addresses that. 

Also, you will examine noteworthy questions you should always ask before placing an order on any e-commerce websites.  And the final subheading succinctly touches what e-sellers should note. 

Let’s start with the steps involved when you want to track the delivery on Jumia. 

Simple Ways to Track Jumia Order

Step I

Your package tracking begins on your visit to Jumia site,

After loading, head on to the login page, find a portrait icon and log in.

After logging in, click on your name.

Step II

Then, click on the orders that are displayed in the menu. 

Step III

Search and locate that specific order that you are willing to track. 

Then, click on “See Details.”


Step IV

After that, you will find “Track this item.” Click on it. 

Step V

After clicking on that option, you will see a map that will reveal the order’s status. 

Step VI

Then, at this stage, you will have to view details. Therefore, select “click to view details” that could be found beneath the display number. 

Step VII

The result of the display number is that you will find a timeline that will show the order’s present location. Hence you can check the status. 

You are free to call that page “Jumia order tracking site.” Mind you; it doesn’t require any special tool.

That is it! You’ve just tracked your order on Jumia. It is quite simple!

Any advice for you? Start tracking your order today with ease.

However, what other benefits come from shipment tracking? The following subheading answers the questions. 

Incredible Benefits of Tracking Your Order

Now that you’ve mastered how to track Jumia order let’s learn vital benefits attached to it. 

Package tracking is one of the vital elements that indicate success in supply chain management. 

It’s absolute transparency and accountability if the receiver and sender can track package location and status. 

Undeniably, as explained earlier, shipment tracking gives peace of mind since customers can obtain information on their package’s current location. 

But there are other reasons why you should track Jumia order or related orders. 

So, let’s investigate other reasons why package tracking is essential for both sellers and buyers. 

1. It Limits Potential Cost Resulting from Delays and Missing Packages

When there are delays and missing packages, who bears the cost? The ideal thing is, the vendor is responsible for the package until it gets to your hand, a seller is free only when the tracker drops a notice. 

Therefore, with shipment tracking, senders could avert the risk of missing items throughout the delivery process. They are then provided with an extensive understanding of potential problems that would result in unforeseen costs. 

2. Maximizes Efficient Processes and Performance

Who doesn’t want his item to get to his hand when expected? You want it! But a world without a tracker would have made it a big mess. 

With a shipment tracking system, any possible delivery delays can be communicated smoothly with consumers by incorporating the information found on the shipment’ progress. 

Moreover, senders will be capable of verifying the type of mode or carrier that can be completely relied on. 

And there’s more; the result could lead to patronizing another online store or stick with the current one. In the long run, it affects your shopping experience. 

3. Gives an Incredible Customer Experience

When businesses can effectively notify users of their location, the ETD( Estimated Time of Delivery ), the customer experience will be improved. 

Most consumers appreciate sufficient information throughout the delivery process. Or don’t you? 

Those who want to track Jumia order know this and wouldn’t want to toil with this. 

With these three points, I hope you will be more stirred always to track Jumia order with an order number. It will always worth your while. 

Either you are a newbie or a long time user on Jumia, you should always ask yourself these following questions below. Answers to these questions will stimulate conviction to partner with these firms or use the service of another trusted e-commerce. 

Let’s quickly wrap that up in the last section. 

Common Shipping Questions to Ask Before Placing an Order

A lot can happen from Point 1, where an order leaves the seller’s hands, and Point 2, when it finally arrives at the customer’s spot. Just the way delivery of an excellent product is important; delivery and excellent shipping experience are quite important too. 

According to a recent survey, 39% of consumers said they wouldn’t purchase from an online store; they recorded a negative shopping experience in their first purchase. You would do the same if it were you! What if you are even part of those who took the survey? 

So, some of these seven questions address buyers; others address sellers. The questions discussed here are questions that must be found under the FAQ page. 

1. How do I Track an Order? 

While some websites like Jumia have these features, before making a purchase, you must be sure that the company you wanted to buy from gives consumers the ability to track their order. 

It might be frustrating if you can’t track Jumia Orders.

Do note that Your question about the tracking order is quite different from the ideal estimated shipping windows.

2. How will I refund an order? 

When running an online store, returns are unavoidable. Interestingly, an average return rate could be found around 20%. 

During holidays, it could increase to 30%. A reputable and transparent company will communicate returns clearly with their consumers. This helps in creating a smooth process for all that are involved in the process. 

Before initiating an order, especially on Jumia, understand their return policy and ensure that you are comfortable with it. In fact, free return shipping is gradually becoming the trend and one of the consumer’s basic expectation. 

3. Are Products Insured?

The moment your order is on its way, sellers do not have the full capacity to influence your shipping experience. 

Thus, a seller must be capable of having an insurance-designed to cover unforeseen occurrences like delayed or lost packages. 

So, be sure that the company you are partnering with does have products insured. There is no denying that consumers usually believe that packages can either get damaged or lost. Thus, every e-commerce store must provide this avenue for their consumers to understand the ultimate result. 

4. What occurs if my Package Arrives Late?  

You surely expect that your seller will give you an update on when your order will arrive at your residential or office location with the tracking system. 

However, there is no denying that delivery delays can’t be fully controlled. As a result, you must be aware of the kind of help that is open to you when there is a delay in delivering goods. You should be able to know what type of compensation awaits you. 

If what happens when your package arrives late doesn’t satisfy you, you can switch sellers and pick the one that gives you maximum peace.

5. Do You Provide Quicker Shipping Options?

If you are ordering during holiday seasons, you would always want delivery to arrive on time for that big day. It could also be that you want to celebrate an occasion. 

All this constitutes the need for quick delivery! Thus, check the FAQ of an online store to confirm if such a service would be guaranteed. 

A few individuals checked Jumia FAQ to confirm if they could track Jumia order, which guided their decision. Similarly, you should do the same when it comes to quicker shipping options. 

From experience, many consumers wouldn’t mind if there are additional charges on these types of delivery. They understand what is involved. 

6. Are there Orders that go Through Customs? 

When a shopper ships internationally, it opens up the potential for new markets and requires an excellent understanding of customs and other associated taxes in those countries where goods are to be delivered. 

Suppose a shopper doesn’t operate in your region. Then, investigate if the site displays your country on their page. If they did, try and look into the shipping options available to you. If you find the information, it could lead to making an informed decision, understanding if there are duties, and taxes linked to the order. 

It can also help you to know the type of responsibility your seller will be assuming. 

7. Are there any Gift Options for Your Orders? 

You should be aware if your shipper would want to offer you a gift that will set them apart from others. 

Those gifts could be a simple gift receipt or even gift wrapping. Although buyers must understand that this could cost money and time, nevertheless, holiday buyers will flood to these shops because they want extras like the gift wrappings. 

As indicated, gift-wrapping, per item, has a 50% profit margin. 

In conclusion, if you own a small store, to give consumers what they expect, ponder over the next and the last subheading. 

A Note to E-Commerce Owners

If you run an Online Store, you must be prepared. You should provide a question and answer session on your company’s page. You must be able to prepare in advance answers and policies that will keep consumers at rest.

However, bear in mind that most plans do need to adjust when they come in contact with reality. When you design these questions for your customers, always use feedback to improve and refine all existing policies. 

Each question you put on your website is an opportunity to solve one problem for the customer. Above all, it helps you in learning the best way to combat real-life shipping conditions. 

So, don’t stop showing that you are prepared. Then, keep adapting and making changes. 


To track Jumia order isn’t rock science, isn’t it? You shouldn’t be a novice again. The questions that need to be treated before you make an order online were revealed too.

And finally, if you own an online store or sell goods on some other platforms, you can incorporate some of these questions highlighted into your business strategy and keep the last point discussed at heart. 

Do you have any questions? Below, you can use the comment sections. I have detailed explanation on cheap online shopping. You can check here for clarifications.

If you found this piece helpful, help like and share, thanks. 


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