How To Discipline Your Child In Public? 4 Ways

Addressing tantrums in public is hard and painful.

And this is because disciplining in private and public are way different. For one, if not handled well, it can be humiliating.

Well, no long talk. These are what you can do:

4 Ways To Discipline Your Child In Public

1. Establish Straightforward Principles

If you can establish clear standards beforehand, then you can reap the benefit.

Let your standard be precise, and that will make your kid caution themselves.

And that means: Compliments will be given if he does things right and well!

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  • Before you leave home for an event, sit them down and explain what the situation might be like in the place where you are heading to and how you want them to behave themselves.
  • Then, add the consequences of their actions if they ever fail and what benefits await them if they would control themselves.

2. Show Empathy

Regardless of what they might do in public, don’t embarrass them.

Even if you have to correct the behavior in public, don’t criticize. Speak in a way that your child will do the right thing.

Be discreet, don’t allow anyone in.

Just let it be between the two of you.


If they eventually do what you don’t like, call them and ask them to sit down and pay attention to what is being done.

3. Stay Firm

Follow through the discipline that you have outlined for them and don’t drift away.

Allow your actions to reveal the seriousness of what they’ve done.

Whatever consequences you’ve laid out earlier, stay with it.


  • Implement the consequences you’ve spoken about. If they fail, stay calm, and when you get home, insist on the effects until they learn.

4. Stay Positive

Maintain calmness, even if the attitude is embarrassing. You can also find help from either your spouse, a trusted and mature family member.


  • If things aren’t still working out, ask your spouse for help and ideas.
  • Meet medical personnel about what to do and how to do it.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, it is essential that parents learn how to reduce their loads a little and welcome help from others.

Take advantage of these tips to help your child follow instructions.

Following guiding principles will enable them to avert some costly mistakes which could bring a cause for regrets.

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