ADHD Cleaning Hacks: 50+ Genius Tips from 38 Folks

You can clean like a pro, even with ADHD! 

This article will detail the experiences of ADHD folks and reveal their clever ADHD cleaning hacks. 

In each story, there is a “Key Point” section. The key points section will help you find the actual cleaning hack. 


Okay, examine the genius ADHD cleaning hacks that will help you see cleaning as fun rather than a chore!

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ADHD Cleaning Hacks From those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Below is the incredible cleaning hacks to clean with ADHD: 

1. Kelvin – Canada

‘I use a reward system to motivate myself to clean. I would treat myself to what I enjoy. It could be a video game or something else. After completing different tasks, I’ll reward myself. I also like using a whiteboard to track my cleaning hacks.’

  • Kevin, 26, Canada

Key Points 

  • Adopt a reward system 
  • Use a whiteboard to keep track of cleaning tasks

2. Emma – New York

‘I found that using a cleaning schedule helped me stay on track. I break down tasks into smaller steps and pay attention to an area of the house daily. I also use a planner to schedule cleaning tasks each day of the week.’ 

  • Emma, 28, New York

Key Points

  • Use a cleaning schedule 
  • Break tasks into smaller steps 
  • Focus on one area each day 
  • Use a planner for scheduling

3. Tom – California

‘I use a cleaning app that offers a step-by-step guide for each task. I’ve realized that a clear plan and checklist help me stay organized and avoid distractions.’

  • Tom, 35, California 

Key Points

4. Lisa – UK

‘I use timers to stay on track while cleaning. For example, I would set a timer for 15 – 30 minutes and then focus on one task at a time. By using natural cleaning products, I have avoided distractions.’

  • Lisa, 31, UK 

Key Points

  • Adopt Timers
  • Use natural cleaning products

5. Anonymous

‘I keep a laundry basket in every room. This allows me to put my dirty clothes where they belong, preventing them from piling up in the bathroom.’ 

  • Anonymous 

6. Sarah – Texas

‘I am a fan of the “one in, one out rule.” This keeps my space organized. Whenever I buy a new item, I’ll eliminate something old. This prevents clutter from becoming much. I have also found that using color-coded labels and containers are effective for keeping cleaning supplies organized.’

  • Sarah, 43, Texas

Key Points

  • Adopt the “One in, one out rule.”
  • Use color-coded labels and containers to keep items organized.

7. Kim 

‘I have a place for everything. I put my receipts in a single container and put all my keys in the same container. Every other important piece of paper goes in one container.’

  • Kim 

Key Points

  • Have a place for everything

8. Alex – Australia

‘Cleaning checklist always helps me stay organized and focused each time I clean. I also enjoy breaking down tasks into smaller steps, focusing on one task at a time. Additionally, I love setting a specific time each day to clean for 15- 25 minutes to avoid being overwhelmed.’ 

  • Alex, 37, Australia 

Key Points

  • Adopt cleaning checklists
  • Break down tasks in steps 
  • Perform specific tasks within 15- 25 minutes

9. Maria – Spain 

‘I developed a designated cleaning station with all my supplies in the same location. This allowed me to have everything I needed in one place, leading to organizations and avoiding distractions.’ 

  • Maria, 29, Spain 

Key Points 

  • Create a designated cleaning station with all your supplies in a place 

10. Sophie – France

‘I use cleaning app that comes with reminders and step-by-step instructions for each task. This helps me stay focused, organized, and motivated.’

  • Sophie, 25, France 

Key Points

  • Use apps designed with reminders

11. Ben – Nigeria

 ‘I buy fewer items. The fewer item I have, the less the need to clean or tidy up. This might not look like one of the ADHD cleaning hacks, but it works wonder for me.’ 

  • Ben, 29, Nigeria 

12. David – Ireland

‘The 10 minutes rule does the magic for me. I’ll tell myself that I only have to clean for 10 minutes; before long, I’ll clean even more. I also use timers to stay focused.’ 

  • David, 41, Ireland 

Key Points

  • Use the 10 minutes rule 
  • Use timers

13. Sarah 

‘I always create a cleaning schedule and hang it on my refrigerator to serve as a visual reminder.

  • Sarah 

Key Points 

  • Keep cleaning schedule in frequently accessed areas in the home. 

14. Mark

‘I use a handheld vacuum to assist me in cleaning up small messes efficiently and quickly. I also set time aside each week to declutter my space and dispose of unnecessary items.’ 

  • Mark

Key Points

  • Use hand-held vacuum 
  • Set time aside each week (Click here to get a printable schedule)

15. Olivia – United States

‘I have realized that cleaning in short bursts of time allows me to stay on track! I would clean for 15- 20 minutes and then take short breaks in between. I also found out that using scented cleaning products get me motivated, energized and focused.’

  • Olivia, 32, United States

Key Points

  • Clean in short bursts, take breaks in between 
  • Use scented cleaning products

16. Katy – Texas

‘I love inviting friends to my home. I do that once in week. This helps me panic clean before their arrival since I wouldn’t want them to see my mess.’ 

  • Katty, Texas

17. Ethan – Canada

‘I use cleaning Buddy to help me stay motivated. I often clean with a friend or a family member. Having someone there helped me stay accountable!’ 

  • Ethan, 27, Canada 

Key Points

  • Clean alongside friends

18. Titus

‘I have learned to be specific about what to clean on your to-do list. I have avoided writing “clean blah blah.” Instead, I usally say: “Clean the bedroom today.” It helped me to stay on my track.’

  • Titus

Key Points 

  • Be specific about what to clean 

19. Diego – Mexico

‘I use a cleaning journal to stay on track. I will write down cleaning tasks for the day and tick them off once they are completed.’

  • Diego, 22, Mexico 

Key Points 

  • Use cleaning journals

20. Sarah – Canada

 ‘I usually turn on music and dance while cleaning. I also challenge myself on how quickly I can finish a cleaning task. It makes cleaning like a game and not a chore.’

  • Sarah, 33, Canada 

Key Points

  • Listen to music as you clean
  • Challenge yourself 

21. Peter

‘I invest in robots to help make cleaning easier. I got a cordless vacuum and litter robot. The combination of these assistants makes me less overwhelmed, and it makes attending to other tasks easier.’

  • Peter

Key Points

  • Invest in robots 

22. Ryan – United States

‘I often start with unpleasant or difficult tasks. After, I will move to easier tasks. This reverse-order strategy helps me build momentum and avoid procrastination.’

  • Ryan, 25, United States 

Key Points

  • Use the reverse-order strategy 

23. Maya – India

 ‘I use KonMari strategy. I would examine each item in my home and ask: “Does this spark Joy?” If it doesn’t, I’ll donate or discard.’ 

  • Maya, 31, India 

Key Points

  • Use KonMari strategy 

24. Emma – United Kingdom

‘I use aromatherapy. I would diffuse essential oils like peppermint or lavender to allow me to avoid distractions.’ 

  • Emma, 37, United Kingdom 

Key Points

  • Use essential oils

25. Rachel 

‘I create a cleaning playlist. This playlist includes my favorite upbeat songs. It helps me stay motivated.’ 

  • Rachel 

Key Points

  • Create a cleaning music playlist

26. Anonymous

‘If you have the finance, inform professionals. Professionals will give standard cleaning. You can learn while they work and sit and relax too.’

  • Anonymous

27. Philip – Denmark

‘When cleaning a room or space, I remove everything first. After, I’ll put them in a row and clean them. Then, I’ll mop the space. This prevents me from losing focus.’ 

  • Philip, 31, Denmark

Key Points 

  • Empty room for small items; Put them in a row and clean 

28. Jillian – Virginia

‘I keep Clorox wipes in each room for faster and quicker cleanup. This prevents me from being distracted.’ 

  • Jillian, 38, Virginia 

Key Points

  • Keep simple cleaning items in every room

30. Anonymous 

‘I put items back where they should belong immediately and not later. This keeps my room clean.’

  • Anonymous 

31. John

‘I start by watching a show or listening to podcasts. During commercials, I get to clean something! Once I get annoyed with the on-and-off, I just clean.’ 

Key Points

  • Use commercial times to clean your space.

32. Dan

‘I love half-assing my tasks. It is better than not doing it. I give a quick wipe or quickly clean a part.’ 

Key Points

  • Don’t wait until you can complete all. Half-arse it!

33. Anonymous 

‘I clean the moment I get home. Whhile I am standing and moving, I keep moving to until I get things done. I also do it while my shoes are on.’ 

  • Anonymous 

Key Points

  • Clean once you get home, and relax later 
  • Have a mental picture of what to clean once you get home

34. Bukky, Nigeria

‘I do one thing while doing another. If I am brushing and I discover a stain on the sink, I clean it right away or once I am done brushing. If I am washing dishes, I straighten up the napkin or towel.’ 

Key Points 

  • Little cleaning matters. Clean while you are working

35. David 

‘I like putting back one item per day. Any item I realize doesn’t belong where they are, I return them back to where they belong. It makes my apartment look a lot better.’

Key Points 

  • Return items to their position daily. 

36. Patience

‘I love doing things by my expectations. For example, I fold clothes my way, not the society felt it should be.’ This prevents me from wasting time on folding clothes perfectly.’ 

Key Points 

  • Do things your way; it saves time. 

37. Brian

‘I invested in under-the-cabinet organizers for my office, bathroom, pantry, and kitchen.’ 

  • Brian

38. Ben

‘When I need to clean, I call my relatives. Being on the phone makes me want to start doing stuff.’ 

  • Ben

Key Points 

  • Find out what hack works for you!

How to Get Motivated to Clean with ADHD

Cleaning with ADHD can require some serious mental fortitude to start. And in most cases, many would not get started. 

But we’ve got you a great hack.

Now, read through these ADHD and motivation tips: 

1. Favorite Food

If you have a favorite food, prepare it. Preparing a special treat will provide you with the right motivation. 

2. Listening to Music

To get you motivated to clean, even with ADHD,  listen to music. Music helps with the brain plan, initiate, and focus. 

To make it work wonderfully, create a playlist of your favorite music. The hack to this is to play the song only when you want to clean. 

The advantage is that playing them will signal to your brain that it’s time to clean. 

3. Implement Body Doubling

Body doubling, that is, being in a place where others are doing what you are doing, helps you stay on track. 

You can invite your partner, a friend, or someone else to get motivated so you can get the cleaning done faster. 

4. Do Not Organize Everything at Once

If you organize all at once, you will feel frustrated and overwhelmed. Rather than say: “Today, I’ll work on the sitting room.” Why not break it into small portions? 

Thus, say: “I will work on the chairs first. Then, I will move to cleaning the TV set. The next day, I will sweep and mop.” 

This way, you will achieve your goal better. 

If you implement these motivation tips, you’ll make cleaning fun, find the right motivation, and stay focused.

The Benefits that Come with Cleaning for those With ADHD

You would be wrong to think that cleaning with ADHD is only beneficial for a neater home. 

However, mental health professionals agree that there is more to that. For example, they agree that when those with ADHD engage in cleaning, they reduce their anxiety, stress, and even any symptoms of depression. 

Cleaning will help keep their space looking better and make it even easier to clean it in their next attempt. 

When a failure to begin is the actual cause of the problem in the first place, review the tips we share on how to get motivated to clean. 

Also, explore all the experiences shared, and pick the one that will work best for you. The sooner you start, the best you’ll become. 

Final Thoughts

How thrilled were you to read these heartwarming experiences of ADHD folks who shared their ADHD cleaning hacks? 

If these individuals can master the art of cleaning like professionals, you can. 

Well, cleaning is complicated, but it is worth it.

Going forward, these should be your go-to cleaning hacks. They will assist you tremendously. 

Whether you have ADHD or know someone with the condition, these ADHD cleaning hacks will help you manage and keep your home clean. 

Being the suitable go-to cleaning and organizing hack for those with ADHD, you can redefine how you clean.  

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