44 Best Fidget Toys For ADHD Adults: Free Alternatives

It’s time to step up your game and enjoy these modern, new, free fidget toys for ADHD adults!

Our list contains the best fidget toys to help you or your loved ones accurately wrestle with mental and emotional stress and release some pent-up tension.

It is the best compilation of the types of fidget toys for ADHD adults that will calm your mind and keep your hands busy! 

Hint: They are also the best fidget toys for adults without ADHD!


44 Types of Fidget Toys for ADHD Adults

Here are the best alternative fidget toys for ADHD Adults:  

1. Google Fidget Spinners

This might be your first time spinning the Google Fidget spinner. Spin it Here! 

It comes in numbers, and you can choose to spin without numbers. 

The Pros

  • The simple and repetitive spinning reduces stress and anxiety. 
  • The spinning motion is calm and relaxing. 

2. Tangle Toys

You can find cheap tangle toys for as low as $15 in the market. 

But if you can’t splash that on a toy, here are alternatives as a tangle fidget toy. 

  • Loop a rubber band around your finger and thumb, then flick or strum it. 
  • Twist and bend straws

The Pros

  • While it is an anti-stress device, it also serves as a puzzle and a brain tool—good for your health!

3. Stress Balls

An alternative for expensive stress balls is a virtual stress ball. Play it Here! 

It is self-explanatory! 

Additionally, you can get a joke from dad to keep you relieved. (I love that part!)

4. Chewable Fidgets

Chewable fidgets are excellent fidget toys for ADHD adults. 

Chewelry is the common one, but expensive for some. Thus, alternatives are: 

  • Blow Bubbles 
  • Chew on a straw 
  • Chew and blow bubble gums
  • Suck on an ice cube


  • Chewing promotes attention and focus, which relieves anxiety and fidgeting.

5. Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sound is excellent as a fidget toy for adults and kids with ADHD and perfect for hours of sensory playtime. 

What You Need?

  • Sand
  • Cornstarch—You can sub flour for the cornstarch. 
  • Oil

The mixing ratio is five parts of sand to 3 parts of cornstarch. Mix well before pouring oil. 

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6. Fidget Rings

It is time to create your fidget rings. Yeap. Get started here!

Choose a ring size and thickness you want, then print! It is super easy. 


  • It is a wearable and relieves stress from adults with ADHD or other sensory issues. 
  • It provides a hidden, non-obstructive outlet. 

7. Infinity Cube

Bring in your creativity once more! This time, you are going to DIY crochet infinity cube. 

A crochet fidget toy is super easy to make. 

Just get a tutorial on Youtube, and you are good. 

What Do You Need? 

  • Needle
  • Toy stuffing
  • Cotton yarn in seven colors (six for the cubes and one for joining the cubes)
  • 3 mm crochet hook
  • Scissors

If crocheting isn’t your skill, you can move to the next option!

8. Rubik’s Cube

If you couldn’t afford Rubik’s cube, we’ve got you an online free version. 

It’s easy to start here! 

While the one online doesn’t have physical sensation, it comes with bright colors that offer visual appeal and problem-solving. 

The Pros

  • The 3D version of this fidget toy helps with concentration and focus skills. 

9. Squeeze Balls

Let’s start with the pros. 

Squeeze Balls are Excellent For 

  • Enhancing emotional stability
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Relieving arthritis pain
  • Improving concentration and creativity. 
  • Sleeping better.

Getting the correct item in place of a stress ball is easy. 

Some adults and even parents with ADHD have used sock that doesn’t have holes and gently fill it with uncooked rice, lentils, or dried peas. 

Finally, they will tie a knot at the opening or close it with a sturdy rubber band. 

It is a less squishy version of the actual stress ball, but it will do the job of a stress ball!

10. Fidget Pen 

Simply get a pen with clickable buttons. 

You will find those with several ink colors very effective. Always keep the pen handy. 


  • It serves as a fun stress reliever for boredom or nervousness. 

11. Worry Stones 

Rather than buy, just take a simple walk in nature to explore varieties of flat stones with smooth finishes that can serve as a worry stone. 

You can find them in rocky places. 

Some have in abundance. They won’t mind giving you as a gift—request on forums and Twitter. 

How to Use

Hold the smooth polished stone between your forefingers and thumb, and then rub your thumb across it. 

The Pros 

  • It is used to stimulate nerve endings and pressure points. That way, it sends signals to the brain and releases endorphins. 

You can also make your homemade worry stones with polymer clay that can be baked to a fine sheen in the oven. 

12. Silly Putty

You can make your silly putty with 4oz of Elmer’s white glue, ¼ Tsp of Borax, ¼ cup Cornstarch, 2-5 drops of food color, and ¼ cup hot water. 

Of course, the one sold on the market is great, but you can get the same experience with this too! 

How to Make

  • To make, simply pour the glue into a clean bowl, pour the cornstarch, and mix. 
  • Then, add the food coloring and mix again. 
  • Mix hot water and Borax in a different bowl till it dissolved. 
  • Add that mixture to the glue mixture and gently stir. 
  • Knead the putty till it stops being sticky. 
  • Drain out excess water, and your putty is ready!


  • Great for those hypersensitive to texture 
  • It is suitable for getting rid of stress 
  • Excellent for quiet sensory fidgeting

13. Flip a Coin

Try this Google Coin flip Here!

14. Pencil Toppers

You can top off your pen with extremely cool pencil toppers. 

This might require sparing a little dollar for as low as $0.05.

So, it’s affordable and not expensive. 

Make sure you get the one with fidget features. That is the best way to have fun with it! 

15. Wacky Tracks

The two types of these famous fidget toys for adults are 24 and 48 links. 

Adults with ADHD can twist, bend, move, or form to what they desire to create. 

16. Spiky Sensory Rings 

Spiky Sensory Rings are simple yet effective and efficient. 

The Vive sensory rings offer tactile stimulation to help adults with ADHD relieve stress and fidgeting. 

It also helps enhance concentration and focus. 

17. LEGO Bricks

Okay, yeah, kids grow to become adults. LEGO Bricks are expensive! 

But you can still get some LEGO Bricks to help your kids with attentional problems. 

The game is designed to hold attention, building vital thinking skills. 

Tools Needed: 

  • Paper Mache Boxes – square and rectangle, assorted sizes
  • Craft Foam – coordinating colors with paint
  • Acrylic Craft Paint – coordinating colors with foam
  • Paintbrush – 1” wash
  • Permanent Marker – fine tip
  • Liquid Glue – fine tip applicator
  • Circles to Trace – in sizes to coordinate with boxes

Work with these items and learn the DIY on youtube! It is that simple. 

18. Scented Fidgets

An example is a scented stress ball. You can take a cue from the DIY for the stress ball. The only thing to add is a scent! That’s all. 

Scents to Try

  • Lavender
  • Orange
  • Peppermint
  • Apple
  • Cinnamon, and more. 

How to Do It

Soak the balls in the fragrant liquid. 

Hence, you can enjoy the gradual release of fragrance into the environment to reduce stress and anxiety. 

19. Fidget Puzzles

This online fidget puzzles will help you relax and de-stress. 

They are designed to clear the minds of adults with ADHD. 

There are six different fidget toys puzzle you will enjoy. Just click to interact! 

Play Here!

20. Elastic Bands or Hair Ties 

You can make do with any elastic bands or hair ties to fiddle with. 

It’s that simple! You can also wear them around the wrist and pluck or pull them.

21. Tapping Fingers 

While you can purchase a finger-friendly tool, simple tapping of a smooth desk can do! 

Brain tapping has been confirmed to enhance CBF. 

This is perfect for ADHD adults since low CBF is linked with anxiety, attention problems, depression, and impaired cognitive function. 

22. Twist Pipe Cleaners

23. Zipper Seal Bag 

You can fill a small zipper seal bag with a gel or cream and tape it close. 

After that, squish or poke with fingers. 

24. Thread and Pipe Cleaner

Simply thread beads onto a clean pipe cleaner. 

25. DIY Fidget Toys

You can also learn to make DIY fidget toys. 

They are abundant on the internet. 

26. Unzip and Zip Zippers 

For 30 times, non-stop, keep this on. You will enjoy it to the brim. 

27. Fold a Paper

It does not matter how much folds you will get. Simply fold and have fun. 

28. Roll Dice 

Try the Google Dice Roller Here!

It could be the dice for playing ludo. You can even make your dice. That will add to the fun. 

29. Crumble tin Foil and Unwrap

30. Peel Stickers

Reusable sticks or gel window clings work great, too! So, you can start from there. 

31. Rip Tissue Paper

You can make do with the one you have at home. 

32. Braid Multiple Pieces

33. Fiddle and play with PopSockets-style phone holders

 I have done this a couple of times. You will enjoy it because it diffuses distractions. 

34. Open and Close Containers 

There are container lids fun for fidgeting. 

They are abundant in your home. You can sit in the garden and gently play with this.  

35. Cut Paper with Scissors 

This is especially helpful for kids. 

36. Fiddle and Play with Nuts and Bolts

37. Slime 

Slime is one of the excellent fidget toys for ADHD adults and children. 

It can offer a tactile sensation that helps with focus and calming the mind. 

When you play with slime, you will enjoy a form of sensory input that is excellent for reducing ADHD symptoms and regulating the nervous system. 

38. Snap Buttons

Simply do and undo snap buttons multiple times. One of your clothes should have it!

39. Button Shirt 

Similar to the fidget toys mentioned previously. 

The simple tip: Button and unbutton your shirt multiple times. 

40. Whistle or Hum

This tip is best done during the day or in an isolated place. Whistling or humming at night might disturb others.

41. Blow Dandelions

I love dandelions. They are rich in antioxidants and can play a crucial part in the life of an adult with ADHD.

42. Chew Bubble Gum and Blow Bubbles

43. Play with Chip Clips by gently opening and closing them

44. Suck on an Ice Cube

Brand Fidget Toys For Adults with ADHD

Different brands designed this subsequent list of fidget toys for ADHD adults:

1. Apqdw Kinetic Desk Toy

As an auditory and visual sensory device, this fidget toy, made for adults, is a smooth metal ball.

When a user rotates it, its thread is designed to present a 360° visual illusion effect.

This visual illusion effect makes the person rotating it feel instantly attracted by it, limiting the stress a user might have faced.

Advantages of APqdw

  • It helps users stay focused
  • Relief stress
  • It can be an excellent gift choice
  • It comes in different sizes and color

2. Speks Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere

If you are an adult who desires a couple of minutes to relieve stress or trash an idea block, the Speks Geode Magnetic fidget sphere will come in handy.

Designed with 12 pentagons and a smooth texture, it’s time to build focus and get creative.

Geode is palm pleasing. 

To use, pile them into your palms and shake well. Magically, they will self-align.

While it is easier to use, users can find it hard to master. Happily, it comes with a guide.

It’s time you flex your artistic brain and examine the structures, spheres, and towers you can make.

And finally, invent new shapes to unleash your creativity!

Advantages of Speks Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere

  • Ability to display on a desk 
  • Multiple Shapes 
  • Durable 
  • Multiple colors

3. Dodecagon Fidget Cube 

You’ve got plenty of options to reduce anxiety and stress with Dodecagon’s stunning orange and black coloring and 12 shapes. 

Each face of this fidget toy presents a different fidget. Swiftly, some sides have traditional fidgets. This includes: 

  • Rotating Desk
  • Sliding Blocks 
  • Roll 
  • Triangle Button
  • Soft Click 
  • Squishy Buds
  • Worry Groove 
  • Spin 
  • Gears
  • Finger Massage 
  • Joystick
  • Silica Rope

With these 12 fidget options, you’ve got several ways and styles to unwind.


  • Gentle use 
  • Unique fidget 
  • Bold color pallet

12-sided Dodecagon to manipulate 

4. Chain Metal Fidget Spinners Set

If you get bored with using the same fidget toy repeatedly or hate fidget toys that appear like they are out of a vendor machine, get these chain metal fidget spinners set.

This fidget toy features five varying fidget toys. Surprisingly, each toy functions differently. 

If you are bored with a gyroscopic, you can swiftly switch to magnets and cubes. 

It is also excellent for brainstorming and curing anxiety. Each toy is smooth, quiet, and durable. 


  • Several ways to fidget 
  • Perfect to display 
  • Can switch between toys 

5. ONO Roller Jr Orange 

For a stress-free day, go with ONO Roller Jr Orange! It comes with a seamless design, something not every fidget toy can claim. 

To fidget with it, an adult with ADHD should roll it in a pattern between their fingers and palm, spin and roll on a flat surface, and skate it up and down an outstretched hand. 

With this, you will get exciting ways to unwind. 

The mesmerizing of the hand roller is also emotionally and mentally cathartic. 

Happily, some users have said that they use hand rollers to obtain physical relief from hand spasms and cramps. 


  • Bold Color Palette
  • Sized for adult hands 
  • Transportable
  • Fun to play with

6. Lukizzi Maze Ball 

With Lukizzi Maze Ball, you can offer your restless hands something fun. 

Its peg-and-maze motion presents millions of fidget options.

Amazingly, it is reconfigurable with inner spheres. 

Users can pick from varying peg colors and shapes until they find a great combination. 

To let your mind let go of anxiety and frustrations, shift, glide, swirl, and slide your peg through the maze. 

Allow its rhythmic motion to relax and calm your mind and body. 


  • Portable 
  • Fun to use 
  • Can accommodate an adult hand

7. CircleTop Magnetic Rings 

Do you love magnets? Then, you will be excited with this CircleTop Magnetic Rings!

This fidget toy came with nine pieces. Hence, it’s one of the best designs among other fidget toys!

While swirling it on your fingers, you can also dance the rings around your palm. 


  • Fun to Use 
  • Endless ways to fidget 
  • Save money by purchasing a set

8. New Metal Poker Fidget Slider

This fidget toy feels substantial and heavy in hands. 

It’s got a thick metal, with patina coloring and deep enameled etching that enhances its appeal. 

Coupled with the size and heft, the card theme is more mature than some themes you can find outside. 

There are two primary functions of this slider. 

It depends on if the connecting screw is in or out. 

The fidget functions in slider mode when the screw is in. 

When you remove the screw, you will find other ways to have fun with the fidget slider. 


  • Adult-intended design
  • Satisfying click-and-slide  
  • Heavy 
  • Transportable 

Final Thoughts

These best free fidget toys for ADHD adults in this article are cost-effective! 

So, which one would you want to go for? 

A brilliant suggestion: Try all the Google free fidget toys for adults and kids highlighted in this article. 

Nonetheless, the effectiveness of these fidget toys depends on your needs and preference.  

Some people may find certain items more helpful than others. 

Hence, we recommend you find the best ones for you or your loved ones using them. 

Additionally, if you are using any physical items where there are kids, keep them away from the kids. 

If your kids must use any of the devices, ensure they are used under adult supervision to prevent hazards for children.

If you do not have ADHD but want to unwind, this compilation is the best adult fidget toy to consider. 

Welcome! I’m Trust. I’m a writer, public instructor, and mobile photographer. I’m passionate about an organized and productive life and have keen concern for folks living with ADHD and those having a slow processing speed. Join me on this journey as we live an organized and productive life!

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