32 Personal Development Tips & Ideas for Self Improvement

Do you think personal development is one of the assets to reach your goals?

We have an identical thought.

Instead of wandering around, I’ve made the process smooth and straightforward. 

Of course, you can’t avert toxic patterns, but why surrender? 


If you’re hell bent on your self improvement, these unique personal development tips are for you. 

Don’t go elsewhere! Everything you need is right here. 

Below are the 32 personal development tips for you.

These are the 32 Personal Development Tips

A green bulb signifying the start of implementing the personal development tips
Green Traffic Lights means Go!

1. Start Now

It is now you can start the implementation. This doesn’t mean you will achieve all today.

Starting now means you understand what’s involved—a considerable number of times!

From today onward, start building on the little steps you take.

Just know, there’s no way you can avert it, start it today.

2. Take Baby Steps

That’s what you need to start today.

Think about breaking these tasks and goals into smaller fractions.

As you execute these small steps, keep the end results at heart!

3. Learn from Others

You’ve often heard that no one is an island of knowledge, right?

Yeah! That’s it! You will benefit from the success stories of other folks.

You can learn from their mistakes; never settle with learning from your experience.

It hurts and might impact your progress. Look for a coach or mentor.

These could be as books, YouTube channels, and many other resources.

Select from these arrays of personal development books

If you can’t afford them, make inquiries to confirm from those who have them in their library. 

It’s no bad idea to hang out in bookstores, read as much as you can. That’s dedication!

4. Embrace Change

Change is constant. You’ve heard that often.

So, let it manifest in your life. Quite surprising, even when you do nothing, you’ll change.

You can’t escape it. Allow your ideas pass through that glorious face.

Therefore, in your personal development plan, include this step.

Analyze how you intend to change and the action required to execute that.

Do not forget, only action will yield results. After all, we see more than we hear.

5. Accountability

Who should be responsible for your good and bad moments?


Take responsibility for the progress you make.

It is your duty to initiate steps highlighted in your personal development plan.

If you wouldn’t start it, do not expect miracles.

When results come, either for good or bad, it’s up to you.

6. Gratitude and Worth Recognition

Pay keen interest on what you already own.

Ponder on the benefits people enjoy from your outputs.

When you improve yourself, expect many benefits will richly flow.

While it’s good to think of your personal development as your own, remember, others benefit too.

7. Be Intentional

What you intend to do will always be your reality.

Investigate your core intention before you resolve to do it. Be sure that it’s what you want.

It’s very important to align your intentions. This will help you avert excuses.

It’s quite excellent for averting situations that can affect your progress.

8. Challenge Yourself

Your goals mustn’t be within a very easy range.

It must be tough, yet attainable. 

Reach for easy goals, and welcome failure to your castle.

Find the middle ground while you stretch your goal in your personal development plan.

9. Go after Your Passion

Why should you get involved in a craft you detest?

No, if it were an outright dislike, you’d not even want to be near it.

My point exactly is, get into passion that you “love.” Not just the one you simply like.

This means that actions must appeal to you and must be in line with your values.

I’ve drafted good personal development plans tips here that align with your values.

When hard issues strike, do not run from it, it’s expected.

Be a master in your craft that people aren’t sure where you are standing.

You leave them thinking either you are playing or working.

Because they see you doing both!

a man that moving to a location
Just Keep Going!

10. Keep Moving

You will definitely break down at some point.

You should be glad I’m telling you this now.

I’ve seen how tough it is to move business off the scratch and wait for months to get substantial results.

Those who quit along the way wouldn’t get that result.

I know you aren’t one of them!

Believe me; these tips for personal development plan will not result into rapid advancement.

Instead, results will be gradual.

Do not expect a finished personal development.

As a reminder, it’s called development. Therefore, it’s an ongoing process.

You will keep renewing it all of your life.

11. Learn a New Language

Outside your dominant language, can you speak other languages?

Curiosity has led me into learning three languages, Edo, Hausa, and American Sign Language.

Learning a language is a unique skill entirely. It might not be your personality, but it’s a pleasant thing to do. 

Acquainting yourself with both culture and language is a mind-opening thrill.

12. Take up a new hobby

It’s interesting that you have a favorite hobby, but can you step out of your comfort zone? Yes!

There is something new you can try, there are sports you can learn too.

Want me to share some with you?

It’s no bad idea trying fencing, canoeing, golf, rock climbing (my favorite) or even ice skating.

Exploring other recreational activities isn’t a bad try.

You can go with pottery, dancing, web design, Italian cooking, wine appreciation, and all.

You stretch yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally when learn something new.

Yes, take advantage of this.

13. Pick up a new Course

There are alternative courses you can pick to join in.

One of the best ways to get new skills and knowledge is through courses.

Yes, it must be a long-term course for it to be effective.

There are short seminars and workshops that serve incredible purposes too.

A few workshops have deeply influenced participants.

They gained new insights they never had

14. Overcome Your Fears

You are a liar if you say you don’t have fears.

We all do!

There is fear of the unknown, fear of taking risks, fear of public speaking; too many to recount. 

These fears keep us in the same position and avert us from growing.

Know that your fears impact where you can grow.

See fears as one of the vital compass for attaining self growth

Always assume that your fears represent something you haven’t addressed, and by addressing it, you can grow.

stairs showing leveling up
Don’t stay stagnant, level up!

15. Level up Your Skills

Leveling-up means getting experience to become stronger and better.

As a writer, I constantly work on enhancing my writing skills.

As a teacher, I seek for ways to enhance my public speaking skills.

So think now! What skills can you level up?

16. Wake up Early

Experts like Robin Sharma, Anthony Robbins, and others acknowledged that waking around 5-6 am benefits a lot.

It improves one’s productivity and one’s quality of life.

I’ll tell you why:

Waking up set your mindset to keep up with the momentum and thus proactively sail the day.

17. Develop a weekly exercise Routine

Does this sound odd to you?

It’s for your physical shape, so you need it!

Make it a point to exercise at least 3 times a week.

And each time you do make sure you spend a minimum of 30 minutes.

You can mix a variety of exercise so you don’t get bored.

18. Draft a Letter

To who?


This letter must contain what you’d love to accomplish 5 years from now.

Who do you wish to become? 

A better person, or just the same person you are now?

For a quick start, why not do it a year from now. ( 365 days)

Make the date on your calendar.

Then, begin the work so you can become that person till the set day.

19. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Earlier, I told you that your goals must stretch you a bit.

The whole concept is wrapped up here!

Actual and real growth takes you off ease and deposits you to sweat and hard work.

Comfort-ability hampers growth and makes you a pond—you stay stagnant.

If that’s the case, ask yourself these questions:

What’s my comfort zone? 

Am I required to stay in most of the time?

Do I keep to my space each time am out with people?

If you answer yes to one or all, shake up your routine!

Do something different.

Constantly expose yourself to new experiences.

Literally, you will grow as you learn how to act in unique circumstances.  

20. Identify Blind Spots

What are blind spots?

Scientifically, blind spots are areas our eyes can’t see.

When used in the self-improvement context, they refer to things about ourselves that we aren’t conscious of. 

When we discover these blind spots, we are helped to discover our areas of improvement.

How then can you deliver your blind spot?

Identify things, people, and events that will trigger you each day.

Triggers mean things that will affect, annoy, or get you weird.

All these represent your blind spot.

You will definitely find fun in it because you will discover lots of things.

These are things about yourself that you might never have thought about.

Naturally, you might think that you know your blind spot.

But until you put it to test before you realize that you don’t.

When you eventually realize it, take steps to address it!

21. Request for Feedback

Each desire to improve will always lead to identifying blind spots.

If you ask for feedback, you are inviting further perspective.

You must approach family, colleagues, friends, or even acquaintances.

These individuals wouldn’t have any preset bias, and you can receive objective feedback.

22. Don’t drift off to-do-lists

I start my day with a list of tasks I intend to complete each day.

This assists me in staying focused.

Any day I omitted this, it ends up being an unproductive day.

For example, one of my goals for today is to write this post today and publish it the day you saw it published.

If your job involves using a computer all day, use sticky note to manage your to-do list

It’s simple and easy to use.

If you don’t have access to sticky notes, get yourself a nice jotter.

It’s going to offer the same value.

23. Admit Your Flaws

While it’s easy to see people’s flaws, we are often too quick to neglect our own flaws.

Maybe the reason is that we rarely acknowledge that we have flaws ourselves.

But we have do.

What’s quite important is understanding and admitting them.

This propels you to address them.

Pause for a moment to think of your flaws.

What are the flaws you can work on?

How do you desire to address them?

24. Learn from those who Inspires You

Are there people you admire?

Do you have people who inspire you?

Then, these folks would reflect some specific qualities you desire to have.

Highlight each quality you want to learn from these people.

What’s next?

Think of how you can gain them.

I have an idea, meet them!

25. Shun any Bad Habit

You sure know what bad habits are. So which one should you ditch?

Here are a few of them:

  • Oversleeping
  • Smoking
  • Lateness
  • Procrastination
  • Nail Biting
  • Not exercising 

Just break these and replace them with quality ones.

What are some benefits?

That leads us to the next point!

26. Cultivate New Habit

These are examples of pleasant habit you need to cultivate:

  • Reading Books
  • Waking up early
  • Exercising
  • Meditating
  • Reading personal development books

You can make these habits stick by being consistent and not expecting immediate results.

27. Stay off Negative Individuals

I’m not saying that you should tag everyone as negative. That will be irresponsible.

The reality though is that you are the average of 5 people you spend time with daily.

Everywhere we go, we will always meet negative people.

Thus, it’s recommended that you stay productive with your time.

Do not spend time around those who can drag you down.

a pen and a journal
You can pen down your thoughts

28. Keep a Journal

By journaling, you can create a way to self-awareness.

This is identified as a self-reflection process.

The more you write, the more it’s easier for you to process your thoughts.

Read whatever you have written in a third person’s perspective.

This leads to more insight about who you are.

Do you want an internet blog or private, you are welcome!

Many find joy in using their personal development blog.  

Choose what appeals to you best.

29. Limit Social Media Presence

Spending much time on social media can really lead to wasted time.

When spent on other activities, you’ll definitely benefit yourself.

Not chatting much lets you get many things done.

To overcome this, if you are addicted already, disable auto start.

Thus, you can only use it when you want to. 

30. Learn any Strategy Game

One of the best games to hone one’s brain power and learn strategy is Chess.

Of course, you will find fun there, but it’s not limited to that.

You also get to improve your analytical skills.

Other white boards or computer games are great too. 

These are War craft, Chinese Chess, Othello, and others.  

31. Let go of the past

What unhappiness and grievances have you been nurturing for a long time?

Let them go now!

Holding on to them impacts your self growth! 

Break off from the past, forgive yourself, and progress.

I don’t have a past I’ve held on.

But a friend once told me that for five years, he was held in an unhappy situation.

How did he feel when he let go?

The effect, he said, was “empowering and liberating.”

Why not do the same and enjoy happiness!

32. Be Kind to those around You

There is nothing like being too kind.

If you nurture the thought, erase it.

We can’t be too kind to people.

While we might think we’ve been kind to a person, is it enough?

Cultivate other beautiful qualities like compassion, love, and patience.

That is the goal of these personal growth and development tips. 

What do you think about these personal development tips?

Final Thoughts

You are responsible for your growth.

No! Your dad, mum, friends, or even Tomvad will not be responsible.  

You are!

Want to smile to a better future?

Commit yourself now to these personal development growth strategies.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with all the 32 personal development tips above.

Pick them one after the other. That’s how to kick off your growth.

Don’t just close this webpage, note those points down and walk with them.

Results wouldn’t be immediate, but if you pay attention, you will notice the slight changes.

Positive changes will come.

These personal development tips will change your life, so take action now!

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