At tomvad, our specializations encompass these:

  • Writing
  • Translation 
  • Website and Product Description 

Let’s get into details. 

1. Writing Services 

If you need the service of a professional writer, I’m glad to be of help. I have expertise in writing:

  • Search Engine Optimized Articles
  • Ebooks
  • Yoruba Text (Also included are Transcribing and Audio Recordings)

2. Translation 

Translation has been an integral part of the 21st century. Relationships between the western world and other countries, developments, and modernization have led to a  tremendous and skyrocketed increase in demand for translators. Especially, from English texts to other native languages. 

With incredible experience and expertise in the Yoruba language, I can help translate accurately, English texts to Yoruba, and vice versa. 

3. Website and Products Description

Since our approach is ensuring that shoppers get the best out of their shopping experience, if you own a reputable website where you sell cheap and quality products, or offer cheap services, to have a higher Return on Investment, using the right and perfect words, your services can be placed in the Spotlight. 

I am keen to assist high-achievers like you in attaining the best, all you need do is to provide us with detailed information and instructions. Then, what you get in return are quality services.

To get started, forward a mail to,, or 

Alternatively, you can reach us via the contact page.