How To Save Money Each Month: 33 New Hacks

Looking for easy tips on how to save money each month? Welcome!

We’ve brainstormed over 30 easy hacks.

Irrespective of your circumstance – present or future – you’ll find ideas tailored to your needs.

Yeah! This is going to be an enjoyable read.

Take your time and read all the money-saving ideas we’ve written for you!

How To Save Money Each Month And Stay Financially Smart

Before coming up with the amount to save, think first about your finances.

Are you a student? Ask yourself: On average, how much do I get each month?

Do you run a business, or are you an employee? How much do you earn monthly?

Write the amount on a piece of paper.

Are you done writing?

Now, think of a reasonable amount of money you wish to save.

Okay, the amount should not be too much or too little.

Make sure you strike a balance! But will you always hit your target?

That’s why you need these tips on how to save money each month!

Each idea discusses things you can do to save money you’d have spent, letting you hit your target.

Combining one to five ideas in this article will get you enough money to hit your saving target.

Start exploring now!

1. When A Trip Is Not Urgent & Long – Walk The Distance!

How much would you have spent if you utilized any of the cheapest modes of transportation available?

That’s the amount you save for that trip if you walk the distance.

You’ll save more if you trek to the place and back home.

But if you can only do one and not both, you’ll still save considerable money.

Within a month, try and do this twice.

Add the money saved to your piggy box each time you walk a few distances.

You will be gradually close to your target for that month.

Yeah! This is a bonus to your health and saving goal!

2. Do More Meal Prepping

This is also an excellent tip on how to save money fast on a low income.

Do you often order take-out? You are not alone!

There are millions of people like you out there.

Americans waste more than $1800 yearly on unused food.

With this new saving goal, do things differently.

Prepare meals often. This prevents you from overspending on meals.

Each time you cook, you’re closer to your monthly saving targets.

If possible, limit eating out to once or twice a week.

You will be able to stick to your budget and simplify your life.

3. Visit Discount Grocery Stores

Or locate shops that sell at cheaper rates even if they aren’t close by.

If you are super frugal, buy in bulk or shop at a varying discount stores for your items.

This step maximizes your savings.

Are you new in a place?

Ask neighbors or search online or forums for stores to locate discount shops.

If you find it difficult to track the amount you have saved, make an estimate and save that!

Add the money to your piggy account, or drop it in your piggy box! It’s that simple.

4. Cancel Non-essential Subscriptions

This is another excellent tip on how to save money each month.

Ask yourself: How many paid subscriptions do I have?

Let’s assume that you have three that cost $5 – 10. That’s about $15 to $30 each month.

This adds up to about $180 t0 $360 each year.

Just imagine if that was what you were able to save?!

So, can you critically look into your subscription and check those you hardly use in a month?

  • Can you limit the number of channels you subscribe to and still enjoy basic packages?
  • Can you switch to a new platform that allows you to save more on your subscriptions?

If you answer yes to any, do it right away!

Add the money to your saving goals for the month.

This tip helps you cut your budget, no matter how little the amount you are saving.

5. Drink Less Soda

You can decide to skip it! Soda can increase your expenses.

Realistically, it takes a lot of discipline to do away with carbonated soft drinks.

But you can do it! How? Learn from Abisola.

@AbisolaAdunni, a Twitter user, is one of the folks with a thrilling victory over soda.

When asked: “How did you win the war over carbonated drinks?” She has this to say:

“I noticed that my health was gradually deteriorating – low weight and poor skin texture. So, I took the bold decision to quit!

Granted, it wasn’t an easy task for me. Each time I went out, the go-to drink was always soda.”

But all that has changed! She won over a recent temptation. Here is the brief experience:

“I ordered chicken and fries, and it automatically came with soda which was sold at 4x the normal price. I had to forfeit it and give it out.”

What a sacrifice! When asked if she regretted her decision. Hear her again:

“On substituting soda for water, I could sense changes. I’m adding weight, and my skin could also testify to it.”

Well, you won’t always find it easy. @AbisolaAdunni agrees. She said:

“It’s not easy, but you can do it! Soda now seems like poison to me!!!! Lol, I’d rather opt for water and fruits.”

Yes, it’s time for that significant change! If you feel the urge to drink soda, switch to water!

This does not only save you money but also enhances your health.

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6. Shop Secondhand

Here is also one of the easy ways to save money.

You can comfortably save up to 50% off retail prices by shopping second-hand.

Trash the stereotype attached to second-hand products. 

Clothing, shoes, jewelry, electronics, and other items can be bought at a fraction of the cost at some stores.

In addition, you can get items on Facebook and eBay marketplace.

Are you a student? Try this for back-to-school shopping!

Doing this automatically leaves you with more money at hand to hit your monthly saving goal.

Sometimes, some second-hand items might not have been used up to five to six times.

I know where you can find shoes and electronics that are still very new!

7. Make Price Comparison

I’m skilled at this. And I’ll share with you one of my many experiences with price comparison.

Each time I’m at a local market, I’ll meet the first seller and ask about the price of that item.

The seller tells me the price, and I’ll ask the seller if that’s the final price.

If the seller says Yes, I’ll tell her I want to compare prices around.

Often, the seller will come to the lowest price – the least they can go.

That still wouldn’t stop my surveying.

Often, I get the item cheaper elsewhere. And sometimes, I will have to return to the original seller.

I do this for both smaller and larger purchases. In most cases, I’ll end up saving a lot.

The only constraint is that it might cost you time, but it pays in the long run.

If you are shopping online too, do the same.

Explore other sellers to verify the best deal instead of just clicking on the buy now button.

8. Borrow For One-Time Projects

Instead of a salesperson, inquire from your friend or neighbor.

They might have that item.

It’s easy to think: “What if my friend didn’t buy it?”

Well, ask him that question. That’s how to make an informed decision.

More? Yeah! Some rent out that item and make a few bucks from it.

9. Purchase Item Wisely

Instead of buying inferior items, purchase good and durable ones that will save you more money.

Be sure that the appliance is energy-efficient and reliable.

This reduces your spending in the long run.

Check reviews and ratings on appliances before you buy.

Also, be sure to buy the item at the right time.

The prices of some items fluctuate during the year. Keep track! 

10. Maintain Appliances

Work hard to ensure that your appliances continue to work efficiently.

Set up routine maintenance and handle gadgets gently.

If you have to borrow items out, be sure that the individual you are giving will handle them with care.

This will save you money from repairs or getting an entirely new gadget.

11. Use Energy-Efficient Bulbs

Opt-in for more efficient bulbs. Although they cost a little more.

But they’ll save you money in the long run.

That’s a win-win. It lasts long and consumes less energy.

Don’t have the funds to replace all? Change bulbs of places often used in the home. These are:

  • Lounge
  • Toilet
  • Lobby
  • Kitchen

These areas are used more often. Also, turn off bulbs when not in use. You save more via that!

12. Pay In Cash

Is this a surprise, right? I can imagine that!

Paying in cash can strengthen your desire to curb your spending. Why?

You’ll always feel the pain of paying each time you hand over cash.

The feeling is more significant than using a credit or debit card.

And that’s one reason many have decided to master their budget by utilizing the Cash Envelope System.

That helps them save more!

13. Use Less Gas

Are you a few bucks close to your monthly saving goal? Try to use less gas.

This idea is similar to walking the distance mentioned at the onset of the article.

If you own a car or motorcycle, plan your trip!

For example, schedule your errands on the same day, weekly.

This helps you save on gas.

If some petty ones come up, you can still walk the distance.

Cook in large quantities once or twice a week and save them in the refrigerator.

This saves you time and expenses on gas.

14. Slash Your Electric Bill

How can you be smart about this?

Unplug appliances to halt phantom electricity.

Be conscious of lights that are not in use.

They can help you save more on electricity.

Instead of using AC, switch to fans when possible.

Instead of the two options, switch to natural air!

Wait, they are simple adjustments, but they can help you save more.

Note: Use your savings to install solar power.

15. Track Expenses

Do you like budgeting? How about ditching that for expense tracking?

One of the real hacks for saving money each month is tracking expenses.

You should know where each penny goes.

When you figure out where your money goes, you will make informed decisions.

Here is a quick example. Let’s say:

At the end of a month, you checked the expenses you’ve tracked.

You realized that you took soda almost 15 times within that month.

Now do the math.

Is this advantageous? If not! You know the next thing you can do.

This knowledge has helped you. Not so? Yeah!

It has helped you see how you can cut your expenses.

You’ll be surprised to see that tracking your expenses will reveal where your money is going.

Master the habit of using an alarm system to remind you of daily tracking.

16. Check For Free Entertainment

There are lots of practical ways to have fun without spending money.

If you want to save money this 2022, experiment with a zero-dollar entertainment budget for a month.

This challenges you to see how much fun you can have with zero expenses. Need ideas?

How about gardening with your family members?

Plan to play games with your friends or family members once a week.

Search for a Meetup group that fits your interest

Sign up for a YouTube yoga class.

Cancel your monthly subscription for a month, and have a great evening with your family and friends.

There are several ways you can enjoy entertainment and save money.

You don’t have to spend before you obtain this goal.

17. Try Several DIY

Here’s my story:

My barber stays far from me, and I wanted to cut my hair last week.

I’ve long watched some videos on how to cut men’s hair, and I even tried it when I was in college.

Although, with poor results. Lol…

I thought of trying that again. Something tells me: “What if I got it wrong?”

I mustered up the courage, and for the first time in many years, I gave myself a nice haircut.

After the haircut, I took my bath and went to bed. It was bliss!

Mine was a haircut.

What DIY can you try to save money to hit your target for saving monthly?

  • Do your pedicure yourself
  • Prepare a snack you often buy
  • Fix some items

Every month, try to do one or two things to help you save money.

Use the technology to your advantage!

18. Browser Plugin

Learn to use free browser plugins to:

Add promo codes and coupons automatically to your purchases.

Here are some favorites I will want you to try out:

  • Honey
  • Rakuten
  • Amazon Assistant

Take fifteen minutes to find a few stores perfect for you, helping you keep your money in your pocket this year.

19. Get Creative With Media

You can get NFL football games for free!

There are a few over-the-air antennas that allow you to explore free TV

Are you tired of a pricey cable bill? Try out these alternatives:

  • Hulu Plus
  • Netflix
  • Sling
  • Amazon Prime

20. Put Kids To Work

If you’ve got minors in your home, assign tasks within their capacity.

Assigning tasks:

  • Teach them lessons on hard work and also save you some expenses.
  • And guess what? When they are out of the nest, they will apply that lesson!

This is true with gardening and other home improvement projects.

Spend time in your yard instead of hiring someone.

Save money and connect with the earth!

21. Analyze Travel Budget

Easily, tons of money could be spent on travel.

If you desire to save money, there are easy ways to score free travel.

Check out the Points Guy. This is an easy way to earn free travel.

Of course, you have to be debt-free.

Secret Flying – You will get airfare deals worldwide.

There are other travel hacks you might want to explore too.

22. Buy In Bulk

Another tip on how to save money each month is to buy items in bulk.

There are items like paper towels, toilet paper, canned foods, and cleaning supplies that you should get in bulk.

You can buy perishable items in bulk if you have an easy means of storing them.

Freezing can be the most viable option!

23. Declutter and Donate

Clutter costs money. Save money by getting rid of some excess stuff.

Sell items to get some money.

Do you have items you seldom use and will not miss if you sell them? Just do it!

24. Automate Savings

One of the biggest excuses for not saving is “Forgetfulness.”

Although, I have advised that you set an alarm that reminds you that you have to save every day. 

If that doesn’t seem like a piece of good advice, then automate the process.

Set up an automatic transfer of the amount you intend to save monthly in a bank account.

You can do it weekly.

Trust me; you’ll be surprised at how much and fast it can add up!

25. Switch Cell Plan

Is your current plan hitting your wallet hard? Consider switching now.

Check around and explore the types of promotions some companies are offering.

If you decide to change companies, it can result in huge savings monthly.

26. Use Shopping List

You might not be new to impulse buying or shopping.

But how can you stick to using a shopping list if you often forget?

Anytime you are going out to shop, set a reminder.

This reminder can be titled: “Get your shopping list now.”

Be determined not to buy beyond this list.

Of course, make sure your list is exhaustive.

27. Make Your Gift

I believe that a gift is a gift as long as the spirit behind it is pure.

Will buying a new gift make it quite impossible to hit your saving goal?

How about going the DIY route or buying something not expensive yet presentable.

Worried about how the recipient will feel? They likely do not merit your gift then.

Find someone who will appreciate you for what you have!

A kind heart wouldn’t value you based on the worth of your gift.

28. Skip The Gym Membership

Who says you can’t get in great shape at home?

Instead of paying an exorbitant fee at a gym center, use the internet.

On YouTube, explore many videos to learn how to work out to obtain the best result.

29. Limit Mortgage Payment

Mortgage payment or rent is one of the biggest monthly expenses for many.

In America, the average American spends nearly $1600 monthly on housing.

By reducing your mortgage payment, you can save a lot of money.

One easy way of achieving this is to get a roommate.

You will be able to split the payment and drastically reduce the cost of living.

30. Downsize Living Space

You can save money each month by downsizing your living space.

Opt-in for a smaller apartment.

This option leads to fewer electricity and maintenance bills.

Even if this does not amount to direct savings, it can let you have enough money in your account.

The most crucial point is that you’ll be able to pay your bills quickly.

31. Switch Insurance Companies

People who switch insurance companies end up saving a chunk of cash.

When switching, verify the ones that offer the best type of insurance required at the best rate.

32. Get Organized

How is this one of the tips on how to save money each month?

Have you sometimes paid a bill late because you didn’t find it on time?

By getting organized, you will save money because you won’t pay additional bills that result from late payments.

Late bills are expensive, and even once a month is much.

If you avoid late payments, you can save a huge sum every month.

33. Utilize Spending Journal

Do you find it difficult to know where your hard-earned money goes? Track your spending!

A spending journal can be effective in tracking your spending habits.

It lets you know where and why you are spending your money as you document every transaction.

This action will help you save money each month.

Still not clear?

Your spending journal will help you know some worthy expenses and expenses that are not worth it.

Final Thoughts

Don’t wait too long before implementing these tips on how to save money each month!

These tips will prevent you from racking up debt and overspending because you will be able to focus on saving and hitting your financial goals.

Saving money offers freedom, security, and flexibility.

So, practice these insanely easy ways to save money today!

Welcome! I’m Trust. I’m a writer, public instructor, and mobile photographer. I’m passionate about an organized and productive life and have keen concern for folks living with ADHD and those having a slow processing speed. Join me on this journey as we live an organized and productive life!

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