How to Pass Waec in One Sitting: 15 Easy Ways to Have A1

Okay, let me be clear!

I’m not introducing you to any illegal cheats on how to pass Waec examination.

But I’m introducing you to simple-to-apply and straightforward tips.

I know you want something simple; I’m giving you that.

These 15 tips on how to pass Waec in one sitting come from personal experience and advice from experienced educators.

Here are the 15 Easy Tips on How to Pass Waec in One Sitting

1. The Formula for Early Preparation

You already know the scope of early preparation. 

However, the question is:

How early is it? Well, it depends on you.

First, are you an average student with an average score of 60% in every subject during your JSS classes?

Then, your preparation should start immediately after ss3 third term.

To grasp the scope better, it means that you have from 6-8 months to the Waec examination.

That’s ample time for you! 

However, if you are below average, your score has been below 40% to 50%.

And with a promotion to SS1 and you’ve had no improvement, stay calm.

Your approach will be different. Start your preparation from the last term of SS1.

That’s about 20 months to your Waec examination.

Then, to cap it, use 60 days to revise before the exam starts. 

This is the first preparation that you shouldn’t toil with.

What if you are currently in SS3 or past these classes mentioned? What can you do?

You are not a lost cause; you see your entire time during your secondary school days has been unknowingly preparing you.

Now that knowing how to pass Waec in one sitting is your top concern, you aren’t late.

Even if you have a few weeks left, there is much to be done. 

But know that the rate at which you study will be different.

General Tips for Early Preparation

  • Read! Read! Read!
  • Less pleasure, more reading   
  • Get Waec syllabus – It prevents you from hitting the air.

If you desire to pass Waec in one sitting, you can’t rule out the importance of Waec’s recommended materials.

This material involves:

  • Recommended novels
  • Past Questions
  • Recommended textbooks
  • Jamb Textbooks can come in handy

These have to be read extensively because questions will be asked from them – don’t doubt this!

However, when you read, pay keen attention to details.

But why should you use a recommended textbook?

You already have a framework from which questions will be raised.

 And the textbook will treat only questions that are coming from your Waec Examination.

Note: Stick closely to what is recommended. You could do it only if you combed all the ones recommended by Waec.

Note that, before Waec recommends a textbook, it’s been thoroughly examined by experienced educators.

It is also recommended for Waec Gce examination. 

3. How to Structure Your Timetable

Yes, you need a reading timetable to get prepared for your Waec examination.

Your timetable must involve all the subjects you would be writing – that is actually what you should know.

It must be structured to help you tackle some areas before your exam starts.

If you are an organized person, setting a timetable will save you more.

For instance, it will help you manage your time better.

Well, the truth that shouldn’t escape your mind is that without a timetable, it’s a time bomb.

However, there is another concern even after establishing it.

And that is following through.

Tips for you

  • Focus on core subjects first. (Dependent on our class – art or science.)
  • This is important because if you wouldn’t pass five subjects, it’s hard getting admitted into your preferred location.  
  • Your attention on core subjects is preparation for getting admitted to the university.

4. Don’t Abscond Mock Examination

In most schools, this is mandatory, but you can choose not to write it.

This exam often comes months before the initial Waec exams. 

So, don’t toil with this examination.

The function of the mock exam is to keep you at the same pace as Waec.

It will limit fears and help you evaluate yourself.

If you take it seriously, it might even be better than writing GCE before your initial Waec.

If you are out of school, then present a routine mock for yourself. 

Pick them from past questions, and be ruthless.

While many students neglect this, if you are bent on doing that, you pass Waec in one sitting; this shouldn’t be neglected.


  • Set Mock examination for yourself periodically

5. Stay Clear of Misguided Opinions

What are some of these misguided opinions?

You possibly would have heard: 

“Waec questions for English are really hard.” “Physics is difficult to pass.”

While I am not undermining the fact that these questions are standard, they aren’t too lofty!

These comments and many others are champions that those who failed to prepare and eventually failed.

The words have a purpose: Discourage students who are about to write their exams.

Do not listen, be positive! These negative comments should inspire you to prepare hard.

Regrettably, this has gotten to some and hence leading to mass failure.

It has also further encouraged malpractices, as students think: “without these, we can’t pass.”

Tips to Avoid these Individuals

  • Leave the environment where people often talk about this
  • Inform the person about your opinion
  • Stay calm and keep working hard

6. Stay Determined

You can’t succeed well without determination.

Your determination should always ring every day that you will pass this exam.

No one is successful without determination.

As some psychologists have maintained, success is usually linked with the rate of zeal to obtain determination.

Enough determination will drive your determination.

I mean, they work hand in hand.

Okay, this is far from just laying your hand on your chest. Just tell yourself, and then work!

It’s real beauty if you can pass your exam just in one sitting.

You don’t have to pass through that experience; at least, I don’t want that for you.

So, this is one of the ways to pass waec without stress

7. Join Waec Group

In Nairaland, threads are usually being created to link up students who are preparing for Waec. 

There are other social media accounts that you can try out.

You can come across some Facebook pages that are solely devoted to helping students pass their waec exam in one sitting.

And some were created a decade ago.

Here is something to avoid though, if your group requires money, please do not join;

Unless they are to lecture or prepare you ahead of the exam.

If you take advantage of this group, you’ll get the latest updates on the exam at hand.

Be moderate when you are in this group. You can be tempted to divert attention to other things.

Trust me; you’ll have more time for that when you are done.

Ensure you understand where your life is heading first before you get entrapped in the wrong thing.

How to:

  • Set a not-to-do list when attended each group ( it will guide you)
  • Review the benefit you gain after each session
  • Avoid getting involved in arguments, fight or absent speak
  • Pay attention to brilliant ones and meet them later on for questions and assistance.

8. Common Mistakes to watch out for

After working hard, there are common mistakes that can make it difficult for you to pass your Waec in a sitting.

Failures aren’t because a student failed to prepare or not brilliant.

But it is due to not following instructions meticulously – and that’s what Waec examinations hinge on.

How will you even follow instructions when you didn’t even read or understand?

That’s simple.

Let’s quickly explore some of these mistakes to avoid:

  • Writing name in capital letters
  • Writing an incorrect seat number in the answer script
  • Wrong center number in the booklet
  • Writing in the margin meant for marking
  • Misplacing questions
  • Answering questions that belong to other countries

Of course, there are many errors that you have to be conscious of, but these are the general ones that can cost you a lot.

If attention is paid, you will write Waec exams with fewer mistakes.  

How to avoid these mistakes

Before the exam, understand the structuring of exams.

When preparing to write legibly and neat (more on this later)

9. Arrive Early

We’ve seen cases where a student gets to the examination hall 15 minutes after the exam has started.

What risks are attached to that?

  • You might be delayed or not granted access to enter
  • You will be disorganized within the first few minutes of entering
  • Less time to answer your questions
  •  It impacts your work
How do you solve this?
  • Wake up early

Leave home 1 hr. to the exam time (you have time to reserve and brainstorm with friends)

10. Inquire About how Waec Allot Marks

Having an idea of your target will give you a clearer picture of how you can do it.

Most of your teachers are examiners. 

So they are versed in this, and they are in the best position to explain the current one to you.

Additionally, these teachers are aware of the dos and don’ts of Waec, so what’s gist is giving to you must treasure them.

Here is an idea of the allotted mark

For subjects like Chemistry, Physics, and Biology, here is the allocation:

  • 40% for practical
  • 60% takes theory and objectives

For other subjects, inquire from your teacher.

11. Be Consistent with Your Practice

Alright! Passing Waec once is far beyond a haphazard approach.

You have to be consistent with your approach.

You should be so consistent that when you see past questions, you mutter that, “it’s simple.”

Benefits that come from being Consistent

  •  It enhances your management skill
  • It teaches the best approach to answer questions

12. Answering Questions Rightly

An answer can be correct yet not answered rightly.

Hence, do these when answering questions:

  • Read questions calmly before answering (some advice that it should be done twice)
  • Isolate keywords. Examples are: Define, Describe, Explain, List, Compare, Prove, and summarize
  • Be straightforward; no buzzword!
  • Pay attention to invigilators and one written on your exam sheet
  •  Offer clear answers
  • Read the passage carefully when it comes to English texts
  • Stay clear of mindless lifting in English
  • Do not skip off steps. They are marked scooper
  • Review answers before submission. 

13. Exam Malpractice Will Harm You

I mean it, it will.

You would have heard success stories of those who have done it with success; I won’t dispute it.

However, it has adverse side effects.

For one, your reliance on examination malpractice weakens your resolution to study.

When your resolve to study is weakened, you have a weak foundation for the higher institution.

Unfortunately, events might not turn out as planned.

For example:

  • Your result might be withheld or canceled
  • You might be caught
  • There are other tough exams that are waiting for you
  • ·It lowers your confidence
  • · They might be wrong answers

Oh! Oh! You have a whole lot to lose, right? So, avoid it!

I’m counting on you.

And I trust you will implement all sane tips on how to pass Waec 2021 in one sitting well.

Worse yet, what you expect might not even come.

And lastly, you might even be caught! That will be sad!

14. Don’t toil with Writing Legibly.

It doesn’t even make sense to know the answer and not write it well.

So, if you’ve been struggling to transform your Writing from bad scribing to an A-class font, be strict with it now.

A marker with more than a thousand papers to make wouldn’t spend hours figuring what you’ve written.

Here’s what can help you get through:

  • Get a 2D notebook and practice.
  • Learn it, watch YouTube videos; it will help.
  • Results outweigh the shame that could likely come from having a failing Waec.

15. Practice with Time

While preparing at home, use a stopwatch.

I love doing this, and it has helped a lot. It is one of the tools for time management.

It shields you from disappointment from seizing answer booklets from you.

Don’t be among those who know at least 85% of the question but couldn’t do it all.

Yeah, studying with time is another invaluable tip on how to pass Waec in one sitting.

If you apply these tips, you can be assured of brilliant results.

But is there something a person can do if all he has to prepare for the Waec examination is just a month?

Okay, here are a few pointers to let you know how to prepare for Waec in one month

8 Ideas on How to Prepare for Waec in One Month

Spoiler Alert: This subheading isn’t for students with less than 30% understanding of all subjects.

If that speaks of you, you are left with no option but to read these tips below.

I’m about to show you that these preparations for Waec are relatively concise yet demanding in a month.

Yes, you can’t cheat it!

So, let’s consider these six tips on how to prepare for Waec in one month:

1. Be Realistic

What has held you from preparing all this while? 

Sickness, or you weren’t just serious?

If it were sickness, then you’ve got good reasons.

If you weren’t just serious, be more realistic with yourself.

Build the determination that you will work hard to pass.

If you have established this, start the next process.

2. Limit Yourself to Past Questions

You don’t have all the time to start reading one textbook to another. 

A more holistic approach is required! 

And past questions will give you just that. Of course, it isn’t a complete guarantee, but it can help. 

First, ensure you are getting the best past questions that have minimal errors. 

Also, when a question fails, get behind, and notice how it’s solved. 

If you have any questions, get to your textbook, or ask students who have gone through them. 

Follow this Procedure: 

  • Study at least 5-7 seven past questions 
  • When you have questions, do further research
  • Start with tough subjects first
  • Use the only recommended textbook to verify questions 
  • Be sure you buy past questions from reputable brands and compare answers 

3. Don’t Welcome Distractions.

This isn’t the time to play games, watch movies or get involved in more fun-filled activities. 

Your mates that have started a long time could relax a bit. 

But that’s not for you! 

So, if need be, leave home every day and get a quiet place to study. 

While you are practicing, get your good rewards, like breaks and snacks. 

Get off burnouts! 


  • Spend at least 9 hours daily before the date of the exam.
  • Pay more attention to the first three papers. 

4. Get a Time Table 

I’d have said, you can’t do without a timetable! 

You are at the most critical time. 

But if you didn’t work to get more organized, that will even be more daunting. 

When it comes to preparing for the waec exam within a month, hold a timetable dearly. 

The structure could include: 

Tackling each subject per day. 

This allows you time to be thorough.

Since we have 30 days in a month, this approach would make you cover each subject at least twice.

Meanwhile, find more time to dedicate more time to core subjects. 

5. Common Questions are Goldmine 

There are some questions that waec can do without them, no matter what. 

So, why not pay attention to some of these questions? 

You can quickly figure them out as you practice these past questions. 

Note them, and set questions for yourself using countless numbers. 

These are common with:



And other core questions. 

Pro Tip: Ask friends, tutors some of the questions Waec often received. 

6. Join Waec Groups

No, you aren’t joining these groups to read with them. 

They are likely far ahead of you. 

So, use this group to keep track of questions, tips, or even ideas on answering some tough questions. 

They can even be an excellent alert for waec examination updates. 

You’ll be thrilled that you push that! 

7. Hire a Tutor

Do you still feel like you can get a grip on this? 

A tutor who has taught for a considerable number of years can simplify things for you. 

From the questions to the answers, he can take you through all that you need. 

Focus on areas of concentration. 

Even though the idea about an area of concentration might be abstract, they know it! 

Let them walk you through it. 

8. Be Ready

You’ve done all you could! 

You’ve read, answered questions, thoroughly examined past questions, then what’s next? 

Get ready!! 

For what actually? 

  • Your first paper. 
  • Entering the exam hall on time 
  • Ensuring that all materials are available. 

Well, mind you, I’m in no way encouraging you to prepare for your waec exam only when it’s a month. 

At least, Tomvad wants you to have an organized life. 

So, this information is for the late-hour rush. 

Not for students who want to rake in all the As and Bs. 

If you stick to this approach, you can still be guaranteed credit passes. 

And it can still guarantee you a waec pass in a sitting. 

That’s better than coming to write it again and again. 

If you implement this preparation, you can be glad of the results. 

Final Thoughts

What’s next? Like I always say, “implementation!” 

Learning how to pass waec once isn’t just doesn’t stop at knowing what to do.

It includes doing what you are supposed to do! 

And that’s it. You’ve got it! 

Possibly, you’ve seen how these ropes work well with preparation. 

Yes! That’s the beauty. Everything hinges on preparation. A good one! 

Share these tips with friends you think need them. You fellow students and more. 

No lies, you can pass waec in just a single sitting. Just do what’s required of you.


Welcome! I’m Trust. I’m a writer, bachelor, public instructor, and mobile photographer. I’m passionate about living a life that is organized and productive. Join me on this journey as we live an organized and productive life!

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