5 Ways to Research Your Symptoms Online Safely

The inscription of safe ways to research your symptoms online

A few months ago, a friend uploaded a video. The video was about symptoms checker. The video is titled: “Never Google your symptoms.” While watching, I remembered some wrong conclusions I had when researching my symptoms online. Then, I felt, wow! The idea behind this video is fantastic. Well, there are positive and negative effects … Read more

How to Prepare Your Child For School Resumption: 16 Tips

Do you want the best resumption for your kids? We’ve got tips to help you achieve that! This time, the preparation will be a lot easier. It is not like last year when school resumption in Nigeria, the U.S.A, and other parts of the world was amidst covid-19. While anticipating and calculating the bills that … Read more

3 Stunning Secrets of Social Media Marketing

The inscription of secrets of social media marketing

Some sellers, even though terrible, are good marketers. Regrettably, these individuals are your competitors! Although, you might be better, in fact, far better than they are.  As an intelligent marketer, you’d desire to know what they are doing right. Rather than dwelling on the problem, this article focuses on the solution,  Of course, there are … Read more

How to Make a Simple Cake: 4 Easy Steps

A lovely cake beside the text: "How to make a simple cake."

You see, Cake is a delicacy loved by many people today. Especially for children, the mere sight or mention of Cake brings joy. However, there are inconsistencies in taste experienced in some cakes; Some cake might come out fine today, and the next time you try it, it’s definitely off track.  Fittingly, this article, focusing … Read more