ORide Street: 5 Smart Ways to Save Money Using ORide

If you live in Nigeria and reside in cities like Lagos, Ibadan, Akure, and others, you perhaps would have seen some motorcyclists with beautiful yellow-painted crash helmets with the inscription: “P Street” – “P” coloured Green, “Street” coloured Yellow. But have you sometimes contemplated on why people use their service? Oh, you’ve heard that it’s cheap? That’s very true! But is it about just being cheap? Are there other robust benefits that users enjoy? 

Well, I’m one of ORide’s beneficiaries – I virtually use their service every week. Fully armed with personal experience and comments from users in these cities, I bring to you smart ways I’ve saved money and how you can intelligently do too. This is not a cheat, neither are points to be discussed illegal.

This article is not for newbies alone; if you have been using ORide, you can up your game and get smarter. To start with, why not let us do a little background check on where ORide is Coined from. 

ORide is a bike-hailing service that’s carved out under the hub of OPay- a payment channel – an Opera’s Fintech Venture set up in May 2018. The service – ORide- fully began on May 27th, 2019. Since Okadas are one of the key modes of transportation in Nigeria, OPay does meet the present need of Nigerians who wrestle frantic traffic and deplorable roads. 

So, the fundamental idea of OPay is efficient navigation of your way in the face of tumultuous traffic and cheaply transporting you from one place to another. With this little background check, let’s get rolling and check on ways to save money using ORide.

5 Smart Ways to Save Money Using ORide

Tomvad OPay ORide
This Particular Discount is For The City of Akure. You Can Check Your App For The Discount in Your City

1. Take Advantage of ORide Day. ORide Day is always on Friday. That day ORide users can get cheaper rides and great discounts. However, discounts vary from city to city. Let’s use the city of Akure as an example here. The discount could be 80% or 70% off the actual fee you are to pay. But whatever percentage it is, it does pay. Should we do some math to bring it home? I promise you, it’s not hard. I’ll be using an example to drive home the point. 

On a regular day excluding Fridays, let’s say I’m leaving Point A ( Estate ) to Point B ( BennIRose Hotel). The price range on a regular day could be from N35 – 45 (from my personal experience you might pay lower than these price range). 

Now, what would the price range be like on Fridays? Let’s do the math: 80% off N35, what would that give you? N28! That’s the price for a distance more than 10 minutes ride. Isn’t that amazing?

ORide Tips

If possible:  

  • Delay long-distance journeys to Fridays. 
  •  Use ORide service more on Fridays for essential running.
  • Organize Your Time to Fit in.  

Note: Ideally, ORide is Cheap, but on Fridays, it’s cheaper! 

Tomvad ORide
A Typical Look of an ORide Map.

2. Choose Starting And Stopping Point Intelligently. This could be a little bit technical, but if you gently and carefully read, you will get the point. Your starting point and stopping point matters. They are the factors that decide your price range. So, what can you do? 

ORide Tips 

Note: For the sake of clarity, I’ll still use the location I cited earlier. 

Starting Point:

  • Let’s say you live in the estate; surely, there will be landmarks inside the estate. It could be a school, a hospital, or a shop. When picking your starting point, don’t just pick: “Estate” Try and be a little bit specific. Estate could generally give you a price range that covers either short or long distances within the estate. Therefore, choose a starting point based on landmarks. For example, it could be, ‘A Mechanic Shop inside the estate,’ being specific will have an impact on the price tag. 

Stopping Point: 

  • Just like you’d be conscious of the landmark you pick for your starting point, select a landmark that would be accurate. For instance, if the actual location you are heading isn’t located on the Map, but on the Map, BennIRose is a few distances closer. The best and logical thing to do is to pick BennIRose, to save you some cash. 

3. Walk a Few Distances. This point is almost identical with point number II. But precisely, what do I mean by “walking a few distances”? Okay. This is the idea. Let’s get a hold on it. 

ORide Tips

  • Back to our earlier example. Let’s say I’ll be meeting the ORider at a landmark that is one or two minutes trek to my house, instead of directing the ORider to come straight to my residence; I can walk that distance and meet the ORider at the location.
  • For stopping point, you can decide to stop the bike man in a location closer to your destination, and trek the final part. For example, if where I’m heading is BennIRose, and before BennIRose, there is a filling station, that is 1 or 2 minutes trek to your destination, you may decide to stop the bike at that location and then save yourself a few bucks.  

Note: Your charge starts from where the rider picks you up and charges end where the rider stops. 

4. Wait For Their Calls. ORiders will always call their passengers. This call often comes within a minute of picking your order. As soon as your order has been picked, be patient enough to hold on for their calls. If it’s taking longer than a minute, then pull a call across to confirm if he’s coming or not. 

ORide Tips 

Be time conscious. If you have to attend a program at 5 pm. As a rule, you should be there 15 minutes before it starts. If that should be the case, ordering ORide should be around 4: 25pm, provided the distance wouldn’t be more than 15 minutes ride. 

5. Use Special Requests. You may wonder, so ORide has a special request? Oh no! I carved this out myself. I dubbed it a special offer because this is subject to what appeals to a particular Rider. Frankly, nearly all ORiders are friendly. Therefore, avail yourself this opportunity and use it to your advantage. 

ORide Tips

  • If you’d want to get something from someone within a minute, beg the ORider and inform him that you’ll be collecting something on your way. 
  • Immediately tell him as soon as he gets to your place. 

ORide Final Verdict

Did you feel that they are somewhat petty? Alright! It may seem like that, but maybe you’d do yourself a Favour. Go a week without applying these trick, keep a record of the money you spend on transportation, then, the following week, do the same. After that, compare both. I’m sure you won’t need a soothsayer to convince you that it does pay.  Further, students who want to save money can tap into this avenue and get the best out of ORide. Even if you are financially buoyant, you can save your cash and invest them into something worthwhile.


I am a writer and lover of Nature. I dumped my Diploma to pursue writing full-time. I major in writing organization and hygiene tips! As long as you are willing to learn and implement, you can stay organized, enhance your general outlook, and ward off infections with my tips.

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  1. I presume or assume you are an oride agent or you should get paid for marketing them in a positive way. Go and collect your pay check bro. Kudos to you.

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