ORide – 6 Thrilling Reasons to Use ORide

You fit dey reason am say, wetin I wan talk wey go pass if person dey use OPay e go save money, e go save time, and e no go stress imself. Ma tell you: Benefits for Opay no be only these ones. Wait, if you think these three things, you smart o! Come, abih you reason am because you don read  this article wey explain how you fit save money if you dey use ORide?

Well, e fit shock you to know say I no dey mention any of them. I know say you go dey wonder wetin I go qon talk if I no mention these three. Fine! Ah no dey deny am sey ORide no go save you money, time, and reduce stress. In fact, na why I write this article be that. But e still get some other benefit wey get correct ogbonge aroma like these ones?

E good make we first thank Opay for the way dem take design their app – Opay app and ORide system of operation. Na these condition make these six benefits wey I go talk about dey possible. You no fit wait to read am? Oya, make we start now!

Note: Even though I have explained how ORide came to be in my earlier article. I might decide to use OPay and ORide interchangeably. If you need clarification on where ORide stems from, please check the fourth paragraph in this article. 

6 Thrilling Reasons to Use ORide

1. Safety. In Nigeria, boarding a motorcycle is indeed a risky adventure. Poor roads, reckless drivers, reckless riders who are neither conscious of their safety nor that of their passengers make up some of the reasons many frown at the idea of using motorcyclists. Then, how about stopping a bike-man you don’t even know? What if you have to ride late in the evening, especially as we are approaching yuletide season, will you not be scared? How does ORide become a game changer? What will convince you that your safety is guaranteed when you use ORide service?  

How OPay Ensures Riders’ And Passengers’ Safety 

  • ORiders are trained and sensitized – issues concerning safety and customer relations.
  • OPay has every detail of each Rider.   
  • ORiders were given a pair of Helmets and hair net- one for the Rider and the other for the passenger
  • ORiders were given a pair of rain coats. 
  • They have good motorcycles
  • In the app, you can write reviews and rate riders and passengers.

How Practical? 

First, even with a sound motorcycle, an ORider would not over-speed. They will respect the ideal speed limit and yours; the Rider will ride at a speed comfortable for you. They wouldn’t want to have a bad rating or review. Further, most of the regular motorcyclists don’t even have crash helmets. But you can’t find an ORider without his crash helmet worn on his head. With these, aren’t you convinced that your safety is guaranteed? Absolutely!

2. Good Customer Relation. Let me divert a little to the OPay app. In it, you can find these two parts: Chat With OPay Support, Call ORide Support. There was a time they delayed crediting my wallet even after my bank has debited me. That really got me pissed me off. I had to quickly contact them. Sadly, I didn’t get any reply immediately. But guess what? Within 10 minutes, my wallet was funded. But did they eventually reply? Yes! They apologized for replying late and asked if my issue has been resolved.

Issues You Can Report

  • Minor glitches like – billing error, rude motorcyclist, delay in wallet funding, and any issue that you’d wish to discuss with them. 

Hint: They recently upgraded their app on the 14th of October, 2019, and after that, I messaged them. I got a response within five minutes, which was better than my earlier experience. Evidently, they will get better with time. 

ORide OPay Tomvad

3. Friendly Riders. Most regular riders are rude and run their service like their helping you with nothing in return. You may have had your fair share. Unlike these regular riders, ORiders are good at striking conversations with their passengers. Maybe they are using that to be favored when it comes to rating, that I can’t say, but one thing I am sure of is that they will come up with relevant conversation, and if you are ready to strike one, you are good. Have a check at other ways they display their friendliness.

How ORiders Show Friendliness

  • They are always patient when you are describing your pick-up point. 
  • Nearly all of them are cool, and when you demand a special request (one of the points discussed in this article), they won’t yell at you. 
  • Ending each ride with “thank you” is a thrill – what’s a far cry to what you will get from most regular motorcyclists!

4. Comfort. Have you been to an isolated street and it’s getting dark? How easy do you think it will be for you to get a bike? That will be tough, isn’t it? With OPay, you can sit comfortably, make an order, and trek a few distances to your pick up location. Imagine, you don’t have to search, you need not spend minutes searching and no fear of being stranded. What comfort! 

How to Achieve This

  • Always ensure that your battery percentage is nothing less than 15%. 
  • If the ORider can speak your language, quickly switch for quick understanding. (Only a few of them can express themselves better with English) 
  • Since respect begets respect, show a reasonable degree of respect and etiquette. 
  • No price haggling. The work of the ORider is to safely transport you to your destination.

5. Your Adoption of Technology on Another Level. Even if you are at age 50+, you can take advantage of this and broaden your knowledge. The OPay app’s interface is simple and easy for older folks to interact with. Also, if you don’t have a strong network, it might take you a longer time to load Google maps. But that isn’t the case with the OPay app. As long as you can gain access to the app, the rest is solved. 

What to Know

  • Consistent use of technological innovations will make you get better with time.

You can click on the Riders Recruitment, Invitation Reward, and Promo code on your App.

6. Make Money. Do you know? If you refer a friend to download OPay and they complete their first ride, OPay will compensate you. If you are willing to make some extra bucks and money, take advantage of this avenue and make more money. If you can ride, join the recruitment program and become an ORider.

What to Think of 

  • Does anyone in your family complain about his or her expenses on transportation? Tell them about OPay and refer them 
  • Tell your friends and whoever you think will need it.  


Na so! How you take see those six points? E make sense? Correct! E make good make we dey manage wetin we get. Remember say, the Nigeria wey we dey, things no too dey rozzy like that, so e go good make we dey softly do things, and make we dey enjoy beta wey dey happen for our obodo Naijiria. I thank you well-well, shey you read reach this stage. You fit wan tell us something, biko use that comment section wey dey down. Nagode! Eseun! Imela!


I am a writer and lover of Nature. I dumped my Diploma to pursue writing full-time. I major in writing organization and hygiene tips! As long as you are willing to learn and implement, you can stay organized, enhance your general outlook, and ward off infections with my tips.

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